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Ultimates 5: (Chapter 12)

Ultimates 5: (Chapter 12)

Posted February 7th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

The 12th chapter! In book six, the plot thickens soooo much...



{Chapter 12}


|  ~~The~Fighting~Continues~~ |


Draco walked back to us while smiling. We congratulated him as he sat down next to us. Everyone was quiet, because the judge was about to announce the next people.

“Next up…” The judge said, “Mehrunes vs. Con!”

All of us, me, Draco, Saturo, Lagi, and Uchiho looked over at Mehrunes.

“Oh it’s your turn!” Saturo said while patting Mehrunes on the back.

“Great. Senseless fighting, can’t wait.” Mehrunes said while walking towards the stairs.

We watched him walk towards the middle, where the guy Con and the ref were waiting.


“Alright, you know the rules. No killing, unsummoned weapons, or cheating. And there is a time limit, you should have known that from the beginning, if you were listening when that guy explained.” The ref told Mehrunes and Con, “got it?”

“Mmhmm.” Mehrunes says.

“Good, now the fight may begin!” The ref said.

The ref exited the arena, and Con looked at Mehrunes. Con was almost an exact replica of Mehrunes, he looked just like him. The same brown hair, the same blue eyes, the same face with only the slight difference. Con was also exactly the same height as Mehrunes.

Con wore similar clothes to Mehrunes too, but istead or dark green, he wore dark blue.

“So how are we gonna do this?” Con asked Mehrunes.

“Poorly, I would guess.” Mehrunes replies.

“Why would we do it poorly? You saw that other dude Draco, was that your friend? He was boring, he sucks. Hopefully you actually can fight unlike him.” Con said.

“Okay, seems rude to say that, but whatever. have at thee!” Mehrunes says, throwing a bunch of purple bombs.

Con, surprised by the sudden attack, dodged some of them, but one hit him and he was knocked back.

Con, while grunting, got back onto his feet.

“What are those?” Con asked.

“Oh, did I mention? I’m not from… around here. That would be Nebula Bombs, so don’t dodge them.” Mehrunes replies, sitting on the ground and putting his hands together.

“Dude!” Con exclaimed, “you aren’t allowed to have weapons! Bombs count!”

“It’s a use of my abilities, they’re summoned and I have made them non-lethal for this occasion, they just hurt.” Mehrunes replies with a smirk. “Now, you should look up.”

Con looked up slowly, and he saw purple stars, just floating right above him. It was as if they were hornets that were looking at Con, who had disturbed their hive.

“Uh oh.” Con said.

Suddenly, the purple stars came right at Con, and an explosion occurred. The dust disappeared after a while, and the arena didn’t get destroyed. Con was there, lying on the floor, hurt.

Mehrunes walked up towards him.

“Do you yield?” Mehrunes asks.

“Y-yield?” Con asked back, while struggling to get up.

“Give up, forfeit, yield. Take your pick they basically mean the same thing.” Mehrunes replies.

“No, I won’t give up, not yet.” Con said.

Con was now on his feet.

“Okay, look out.” Mehrunes says, disappearing.

Con looked around, trying to find Mehrunes, but he didn’t see him. He then turned around, and spotted a yellow and blue orb, floating in mid air, and it seemed to be staring at Con.

“What’s this?” Con asked, looking at the orb, confused.

Mehrunes then appears and punches Con in the back, knocking him down again.

“A distraction, for the time.” Mehrunes replies. “Well served, now, please, I haven’t even given you a chance to attack, by all means get back up and fight me.”

Con got up.

“Well I was waiting for the right moment to actually attack.” Con said, “but thanks, I’ll show you some things I can do.”

“Go ahead.” Mehrunes says, smirking. “We haven't got all day.”

Con the put his hands together, like he was charging something.

“Look behind you.” Con then said to Mehrunes.

“Nice try.” Mehrunes says, disappearing then reappearing next to Con. “Was there something there? Or were you just going to shoot me in the back?”

But Mehrunes didn’t see Con, instead he saw a yellow and blue orb floating in mid air.

Mehrunes muttered something that the judges and the audience didn’t understand, and a purple bubble appeared around him.

But Con was nowhere in sight, there was only the yellow and blue orb floating in mid air while facing Mehrunes.

“May I ask, who are you and how did you do… this.” Mehrunes says gesturing to the orb.

There was no reply. Con was still nowhere in sight. Mehrunes thought that this might be a trick. Mehrunes looked around, studying everything around him. He said a few more things that the judges and audience didn’t understand, and the bubble disappeared. Mehrunes then suddenly exploded!

The dust cleared and Mehrunes stood there, but Con was still nowhere in sight.

“Oh, I see. Haha. Great. Fine then.” Mehrunes says turning around.

He spotted that same yellow and blue orb, still floating in mid air. Mehrunes then decided to punch it, and it fell out of the arena before turning into Con!

“And it looks like we have a winner!” The judge said, “let’s keep this tournament going!”

“Con, what was the point of that? The whole disguise?” Mehrunes asks Con, who was laying on the ground outside of the arena.

“I was trying to find the right moment to attack.” Con replied.

“Ah, but I can’t use stardust and nebula at the same time. That was flawed.” Mehrunes says.

“Well, good game. I lost fair and square.” Con replied, while smiling.

“Yep, good game.” Mehrunes say, also smiling.

Then they both returned to their masters and friends.


The tournament continued. After Mehrunes and Con’s fight, it was that guy in black who’s name is Dander. He fought with this other guy called Pan and he annihilated him, beat him on the first blow.

After him was Lagi, and he fought a guy named Aidan. He beat him when he turned into the Lagiacrus. And after them, was Saturo. He had to fight Uchiho, but Uchiho passed and gave up and left. I don’t blame her, Saturo isn’t really who you want to fight if you were her.

Then, it was my turn again. I had to fight Draco, but Draco didn’t want to fight me, and he passed. For me. So I move on, not him. He’s a pretty nice guy if you are his friend. Now I am off to the finals.

Mehrunes then fought with Dander, and he also lost. But not until Dander used this move to knock him out. I was doing what Mehrunes told me to do, studying my enemies. I’m going to have to fight Dander, because he was going to the finals too.

After that fight, it was Lagi and Saturo. Saturo won after awhile, using a shock wave. Lagi didn’t have time to turn to the Lagiacrus that time.

“Well, it’s almost time for the finals.” Glare told us as we all sat down, “Ich, Dander, and Saturo. You are the people in the finals.”

“Yeah, it starts in five minutes.” Saturo said, “I’m kinda worried, that Dander guy was sort of scary.”

“If you can avoid that one… strange… move he has, you have a better chance.” Mehrunes said, giving me and Saturo some tips. “But I find the move he did, odd. I don’t trust him in the least bit.”

“Just try your best.” Lagi said.

“Yeah, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose.” Draco said too. “Unless you really want that trophy and three wishes, then you would want to win.”

“Oh look, it’s about to start. For the finals, you guys have to go to the bleachers and watch from there.” Glare said to the others, not me and Saturo.

The others walked away towards the bleachers, and me and Saturo walked towards the benches we were sitting in earlier. Glare stood near us.

“They will call one of you when it’s time.” Glare informed us.

I looked up at the judge, and he was about to speak.

“Alright, time for the finals to begin. First up… Dander vs. Saturo !” The judge said in the microphone.

Saturo ran up onto the arena without saying a word. I watched as the ref told them everything. I watched as the ref then told them they could begin fighting.

The fight then began, and instantly, Saturo was knocked out. I sat there, looking at Saturo in shock.

“And it seems that we have a winner!” The judge said, “now we will have Dander vs. Ichoo!”

I walked slowly onto the arena. Dander glared at me in an evil way and he smiled with his arms crossed.

“Alright, I don’t need to repeat the rules, you know them.” The ref said, “so you may begin now.”

Dander looked at me again.

“Are you gonna attack first, or am I gonna attack first?” I asked.

Dander didn’t reply. He only ran at me, and was about to punch me. But I forced him back with the wind. I made it very windy, that Dander couldn’t come towards me.

I watched as Dander tried to get me.

“Ahh whatever.” Dander then said, finally talking.

He then stopped moving, and the wind didn’t have any effect on him… He then walked normally towards me, with the wind still there!

“I have to do something.” I said mentally to Gemil, “should I summon a tornado?”

“It is your choice, you are the master.” Gemil replied.

Then yes. I focused and the wind started to move faster. And then, before I knew it, a tornado was behind me.

I could see the audience’s reaction. They were shocked. I was the first to show something amazing (other than Lagi turning into the Lagiacrus, they were shocked about that too) that made their jaws open wide.

“Woah.” Dander said.

His eyes were glued to the tornado. The tornado stayed put, it was in my command. If I wanted it to destroy something, then I could tell it to, but I’m not that kind of person.

I noticed something too. The wind was moving very fast, but the audience didn’t move, not even their hair. That made me think, there was probably a barrier.

“You are better than I thought.” Dander said while looking at me, “this might be funner than I thought too.”

Dander smiled as he then jumped at me. There was a ball of darkness in his hand, and it was about to hit me.

But I somehow made a ball of wind in my hand, and threw it at that hand, and the ball of darkness disappeared. A look of shock and confusion appeared on Dander’s face.

“Wha?!” Dander exclaimed.

I then moved the tornado towards him. I could do this, Dander isn’t as strong as I thought he was.

I watched as the tornado made its way slowly towards Dander. He just stood there, looking at the tornado. Then, a sudden smirk appeared on his face.

What happened next was so fast. The tornado was somehow cut in half and it disappeared. All I could see was Dander, floating in the air where the tornado used to be, with a sword in his hand.

“Let’s finish this.” Dander said.

To be continued... The chapter after this is the last one in book 5, then I'll post chapter one from book six.

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