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Ultimates 6: (Chapter 1)

Ultimates 6: (Chapter 1)

Posted February 9th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Chapter 1 for book 6! Enjoy.



{Chapter 1}


| ~~Following~Gar~And~Dander~~ |


We followed the two of them silently. They didn’t see us, and I hope they don’t sense us either. There was enough light for us to see, but none of us could tell where the light came from.

I was in the lead, walking slowly as Draco was behind me. Behind Draco was Saturo, and behind Saturo was Mehrunes.

“I have a feeling we are being followed, Gar.” Dander suddenly said, looking behind him.

If it weren’t for Mehrunes teleporting us, we would have been busted. We would have been seen, but luckily Mehrunes teleported the four of us just in time.

We were behind a large rock, still nearby Gar and Dander, and we held our breaths so they couldn’t hear us. We could hear their footsteps as they walked.

Mehrunes facepalms, and looks at us like he was disappointed in himself.

“Grr, I forgot to use anything that would help us sneak. And I just realized it.” Mehrunes whispers.

“Well we got to keep following them.” I whispered, “something fishy is going on and I don’t think it’s good. They are probably up to something bad.”

“Well of course, but we need to be sneakier.” Mehrunes whispered back.

“How though?” Saturo asked, still whispering.

“How else? There are a few ways but I was thinking Invisibility and muffled footsteps.” Mehrunes whispers.

“Well we need to turn invisible then.” I whispered back, “how do we do that?”

“Use our Ultimate Crystals.” Saturo whispered, “but use it only when it’s an emergency, so when they look at us. Otherwise, let’s do it normally.”

We agreed and nodded before we got out from behind the large rock. Dander and Gar weren’t far, they were walking slowly.

“WHAT!? GAR?!” A sudden yell was heard.

“Oh no…” Draco whispered, “I recognize that voice, that’s Folly.”

I moved slowly closer to get a better look. Draco was right, it was Folly. He stood in front of Gar and Dander.

“Move it, Folly.” Gar said, “we have something we are trying to get. We need help though.”

“Yeah, do you know anyone who can help?” Dander said, poking Folly like he was threatening him.

“Well, I have seen Broshi with these other two guys who are older. They had katanas and they tried to kill Broshi and his stupid friends.” Folly replied.

“Well do you know where they are?” Gar questioned.

“Yes and no…” Folly answered, “but I realized after awhile that they were looking for Electric Artifacts.”

“I wonder why…” Dander said, scratching his chin, “but if the reason is power, then they would leave that and come for the Elite Stone. The Elite Stone has a lot of power and they would get that instead.”

“Good point…” Folly replied.

“Anyway, move it. Lead us to those two.” Gar said.

“They aren’t alone, they have a master who is really powerful.” Folly says, “he scares me sometimes.”

“Well who cares!? I am powerful, so that doesn’t matter. Lead me to the three of them then.” Gar said.

“But I don’t know where they are!” Folly complained.

“Look, Folly, we had an agreement a long time ago. You agreed. You have to work for me, got it?” Gar threatened, “now take me to them!”

“Dude, I already told you I don’t know where they are!” Folly exclaimed.

“Then who does?” Dander asked.

Folly looked behind Gar and Dander’s shoulders, and spotted me.

“Maybe that boy does!” He yelled, pointing at me.

I couldn’t hide, and the three of them turned and spotted me, Saturo, Draco and Mehrunes. Gar and Dander walked towards us, while smiling.

“Nope, we have no clue, sorry about that we just got lost. We’ll be leaving now.” Mehrunes says, putting up a fake voice and turning to walk away.

But Dander did something, and rocks blocked our path. We had nowhere to go. Gar smiled, his pointy sharp teeth showing.

“Well, Ich, it’s been a long time hasn’t it?” Gar said.

“Yes it has.” I replied.

“I’ve gotten more powerful. Don’t try and fight me, I am stronger than that fool Glare now.” Gar said.

“And what are you doing here?” Dander added, “did you follow me?”

“Yes, apparently we did!” Saturo exclaimed.

“Well then, we’ll have to get them to answer something, am I right?” Folly said from behind.

“No, you will not. We have less information on where the three you are talking about are.” Mehrunes says. “And also, we will still be leaving.”

“You can’t.” Dander said while smiling, “you are in a barrier I made, you are stuck.”

“Okay, whatever. What do you want? This won’t help anything because… reasons.” Mehrunes says looking for said ‘barrier’.

“Tell us what those three’s names are.” Gar said, “I’m tired of referring to them as ‘those three’.”

“Okay, maybe. But first things first. I don’t know your name.” Mehrunes says, smirking.

“I am Gar.” Gar said, “and this is Dander and Folly.”

I realized that Draco wasn’t talking for a reason… Folly. He was staring at Folly, and Folly was staring back creepily. I don’t know what is going on between those two.

“There names are Gagger, Tenker, and Dakres.” Saturo said aloud.

It was fine, because that isn’t any important information, and also I was getting tired of having them being referred as ‘those three’ too.

“Well?” Dander asked, “do you know where Gagger, Tenker, and Dakres are?”

“Nope. Not the slightest clue.” Draco said, finally speaking.

“Fine then…” Dander said, “we’ll just have to scan one of your brains, and find where they are from there, and teleport.”

“You can do that?!” I exclaimed in question

“I can do stuff that you’ve never seen and you might never see.” Gar said, “you don’t know my true power.”

“Now enough talk, let me scan their brains.” Dander said.

I didn’t know what to do. I had nowhere to go, and Dander looked at us creepily, like he was taking away our memory or something. Then he smiled.

“I know where they are.” He said, smiling, “now hold on to me, I’ll take us there.”

“Hmph.” Gar said, grabbing onto Dander.

Folly also grabbed onto Dander and they vanished. At least we didn’t get hurt or anything. That would be bad if we did, we might have died, who knows what could have happened?

Mehrunes says something, but I couldn’t understand it. Then he speaks normally.

“That may or may not have been my fault.” He said, in a language we could understand.

“Well, whatever, at least we are alive.” Saturo replied, “now let’s get out of here.”

“We need to find Glare.” I said, “fast too. We need to know this information.”

“Yes, I was gonna say that too.” Mehrunes said.

“Well, let’s find Glare.” I repeated, “now.”


“Finally Glare. I thought you forgot.” A voice said as Glare appeared in sight.

He was in a small cabin, and there was a small coffee table on the ground. There was no chairs, and there was a man sitting down in front of the coffee table, drinking coffee out of a mug.

“I thought you would know already that I never forget anything important.” Glare said with a smile.

“Yes, yes, have a seat!” The man said.

The man had a beard, but it was short and had a little hair. He had somewhat long hair with a guy ponytail. He also wore tropical clothes, and he had on a hat, that was pointed at the top and slowly went down to the bottom.

Glare took a seat in front of that man, and smiled.

“So…” Glare said, “is there anything new?”

“Not much. I met this kid who had something I haven’t seen before, but nothing much.” The man replied.

“That could be important, tell me more about this kid.” Glare said.

“Well, he sorta looked like a ninja. He had a ninja mask, and a ninja suit all by the color of turquoise. He was interesting because he had cool gadgets with him all in his backpack.” The man explained.

“Interesting…” Glare said, “okay back to the real topic… The reason why we are meeting.”

The man’s face turned from a smiling welcoming face into a serious face. He put both his hands in front of his face, covering his mouth.

“When I found that gem and brought it with that staff, something happened.” Glare explained, “this guy named Gar was trapped in it in the first place, but somehow the staff was just replaced, and it went somewhere else.”

“So…?” The man asked.

“There was something else in that staff. An entity of a beast. It entered Gar and became part of him. And it is looking for something…” Glare said.

“What?” The man asked.

Glare looked serious when he said this.

“The Elite Stone.” Glare said, straight forward, “the last one. Out there waiting to be found.”

“That is some pretty important stuff, but I have a question.” The man said, “what did you do with that staff?”

“I hid it. Somewhere safe. Dakres is after the artifacts still, he wants all the power, but when he hears about the Elite Stone, he’ll change his mind.” Glare said.

“But the other artifacts…” The man said, “where are they?”

“One of my students kept one with him. The beast, that is. It became attached to him, and appears whenever he needs help. I wonder what Elec would think of this…” Glare said.

The man nodded.

“Well…” The man said, “this ‘Gar’. Where is he?”

Glare closed his eyes.

“I’ll have to check, just a second.” Glare said.

He was trying to track Gar down using his senses. It took him awhile before he found him.

“He’s near Dakres.” Glare said, “he is probably trying to get him to find the Elite Stone for him.”

“Well, we’ll have to hope for the best, Glare.” The man said, “if my help is necessary, I will help you.”

“Alright, thanks, Kan.” Glare said while smiling.

“You are very welcome.” The man (Kan) replied.

To be continued in the next chapter.....

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