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Ultimates 6: (Chapter 3)

Ultimates 6: (Chapter 3)

Posted February 11th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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{Chapter 3}


|    ~~Waiting~For~Glare~~    |


We sat around the small table as Kan smiled while drinking from his mug. It was quiet, and I was bored.

“Care for a drink?” Kan asked.

“No thanks.” I said, “I don’t drink coffee.”

“Not coffee, anything else. I have orange soda and lemon soda in my freezer.” Kan said, pointing back at a small freezer.

“I don’t drink soda.” Saturo says.

“You mean the soda from your home planet, not the ones here. Here they are healthy, Ultimate Chef's make it healthy.” Kan explained.

“Really?” Saturo asked, “then sure I’d like one!”

Kan got up and walked to the freezer, and came back with four soda cans that looked like Sprite (the ones on my home planet).

“Here you guys go.” Kan then said.

I took a can and opened it before taking a sip. It tasted so much better than the ones I’ve had on Hindro!

Mehrunes, Saturo and Draco also enjoyed their can of soda. We were quiet for awhile while drinking our soda.

“Wait…” Draco then said, “where is Uchiho?”

“I don’t know.” I replied, “I was the first to jump in the portal.”

“I know though.” Mehrunes said, “she is probably at Glare’s house by now.”

“Is this Uchiho a girl?” Kan then asked.

“Uh, yes.” Draco replied.

“I’ll bring her here. She must be very bored alone all the time. I have a daughter your age, she might enjoy hanging out with her.” Kan said.

“Yeah, I think she would like that.” Saturo said.

Kan smiled.

“Alright, I just teleported her to my daughter. And I informed my daughter about it.” Kan then said.

“What!?” I exclaimed, “that fast!?”

“Yes, now…” Kan said, “would you four like something to eat?”

“Yeah, I’m hungry.” Draco responded, his stomach growling.

Kan then snapped his fingers and a plate with four sandwiches appeared in front of us. Draco took a sandwich right away and bit from it.

“This…” Draco started, while chewing, “is. The. Best. Sandwich. I’ve. Ever. HAD!!!!”

I took a bite, and right on the spot, I agreed with Draco.

“How do you make it taste so good!?” Saturo asked.

Kan grinned.

“My wife is an Ultimate Chef. She’s pretty good at it, but I’ll let you know there are much better chef’s out there who make food that you would die for.” Kan said.

“You mean that metaphorically right?” Draco asked.

“Yep.” Kan said, smiling (he smiles all the time, I’ve noticed).

It was a bit silent as we ate our sandwiches, until Mehrunes spoke up.

“Hey Kan, how can we contact the Ultimate Council?” Mehrunes asked.

Kan looked over at Mehrunes.

“Contact them?” Kan said, “to contact them you have to go to their temple in the capital city of the Light Planet.”

“And how would we find an… Elite stone… Before our enemies?” Mehrunes keeps asking.

“We aren’t going to find it. We are just mere normal people, leave it to the professionals. Or we can interfere and try to do it ourselves, and be thanked later on.” Kan said.

“Okay.” Mehrunes said.

Kan looked at us.

“You seem bored.” Kan said, “how about this… If Glare needs help I will allow you to go to help him with me.”

“YES!” We exclaimed.


“Man… I can’t believe it…” Gagger muttered.

He was walking in the back along with Tenker (Dakres, Dander, and Gar were in the front), and they were on the Dark Planet. The sky was dark gray and the ground was black, everywhere is black. This was the planet of Darkness after all.

“We are literally going to the most powerful villain in the galaxy's castle!” Tenker exclaimed.

“Yes, so be on your best behavior, we don’t want to die.” Dakres said. “If the stories are true, he can kill us by just blinking.”

When Dakres had said that, Gagger became scared. He remembered the stories, of those who were so brave that they faced the King of Darkness, and killed themselves.

“Yeah those people who faced him… They were stupid. They thought they could win, but they basically committed suicide.” Tenker said, shaking his head as they walked.

“We have to be very careful… The King of Darkness is very powerful, and we don’t want him as an enemy. We need to persuade him to help us.” Gar said as they continued walking.

“Yeah…” Dander said, “and keep in mind he has an army inside his castle, and they walk all over the place, doing what they were told to. We have to prove we are guests. We have to be very careful.”

“We shouldn’t talk about it.” Tenker said, “it’ll only make us have fear.”

“Yes, you are correct.” Gar told Tenker.

They then spotted a giant huge castle made of black stones. It was so tall, that it passes by the dark clouds.

“Let’s go.” Dander said.

They walked along the path, until they were at the gates of the castle.

“Halt!” A voice yelled.

They spotted a man in a dark suit who had a sword in his hand. He pointed his sword at them, frowning.

“We come peacefully.” Dander said, putting his hands in the air.

“Yeah, we were wondering if we could speak with the King.” Gar said as well.

The man brought his sword closer to Gar’s neck, and Gar stood still.

“The King doesn’t just let people come in.” The man said, “go. Go away or else.”

The five of them looked at each other.

“Fine.” Dakres then said, turning to the others, “let’s go.”


Glare walked slowly. He knew what he was looking for, and where it is.

“I still have time.” Glare thought to himself, “they don’t even know where it is at the moment.”

Glare continued walking until he spotted the giant castle.

“Not a good idea to get close to there.” Glare thought, “I’ll set a trap and fight them later.”


“How are we going to find the Elite Stone by ourselves?” Gagger asked.

“That’s the problem.” Gar said, “we need a tracker of some sort. But we can’t get one of those.”

“We could use our Ultimate Crystals. We can track it down that way.” Dakres said.

“Yeah, let’s do it that way.” Dander said, agreeing.

Then, the five of them walked into a circle. Once they did, they disappeared all of a sudden, and were somewhere else. They suddenly felt cold, as snow was all around them. It was a blizzard.

“What the fudge!?” Gagger exclaimed, “how did we all of a sudden appear in the Ice Planet?!”

Glare appeared in front of them, looking down at them.

“Glare.” Dakres said.

Dakres immediately leaped at Glare, and punched him in the face. Glare didn’t budge.

“Dakres, I won’t let you do what you are planning.” Glare said.

“You don’t know what we are planning.” Gar said, “Dakres, take Dander and your two students with you. I’ll take care of Glare.”

Dakres frowned. He doesn’t like running away, but he did anyway. They left Gar alone with Glare.

“It’s been awhile.” Gar said.

“When I first saw you you were weak. Now you are stronger. What happened to you?” Glare asked.

“Did you think that I was gone? No, I am not gone. I never was.” Gar replied.

Glare didn’t say anything.

“Let me show you my power.” Gar said.

Gar then ran at Glare, and shot out tons of black blasts. Glare dodged them, and took out his sword.

“LET ME OUT!!” Cried a voice inside Gar, “LET ME FIGHT HIM!!”

Then, Gar’s face changed.

“So I was right.” Glare said, “you are Dakrus.”

“Yes, and I will destroy you. I will have my revenge.”

Gar (who is now Dakrus) took out a sword of his own and clashed with Glare.

“Oh no…” Glare thought, “I can’t stop Dakres… Kan, I hope you hear this… Go after Dakres.”

To be continued in the next chapter..

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