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Ultimates 6: (Chapter 5)

Ultimates 6: (Chapter 5)

Posted February 13th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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{Chapter 5}


|   ~~Found~And~Kidnapped~~   |


While falling down the hole, Kan was frowning. The hole was deep, and it took one whole minute to make it all the way down.

Kan landed on the floor with both of his feet, having no struggle at all. He looked in front of him, where he saw Draco, and a red creature holding him, covering his mouth so he couldn’t speak.

“Eh heh heh heh heh…” The red creature laughed.

Kan glared at it.

“Let the boy go.” Kan said.

“Now now…” the creature said, “why would I let the boy go?”

“Why do you want him in the first place?” Kan asked.

The creature smiled, an evil smile indeed. It’s drool was all over in it’s mouth, and it had many rows of sharp teeth.

“Master wants him.” The creature said.

“Well you aren’t gonna get him!” Kan yelled.

He was about to attack the creature, but it disappeared, taking Draco along with it. Draco had been kidnapped.


It was hard to just leave, and not help. Draco was in trouble, but Kan told us to keep going, and Kan went to help him himself.

We listened to him, and moved on.

“Where do we go?” Saturo then asked as we walked.

We made it to two separate tunnels.

“Which one?” I asked Mehrunes.

Mehrunes looked at each tunnel, thinking of which one to go through.

“I think it would be logical to send something to scout each, because then we would have a better idea of where we need to go.” Mehrunes says.

“But Kan said to never split up!” Saturo exclaimed.

“Something, not someone. Thus meaning not one of us, following Kan’s direction.” Mehrunes calmly responds.

“Can you explain that in a way I can understand? With simple words?” Saturo asked.

“Sure. We’re going to send something other than us. I’m gonna summon something, two of them, and have them check which path is correct.” Mehrunes explained.

“OH!” Saturo exclaimed, “well then what are you waiting for? Summon them and let them go check.”

Mehrunes created two creatures that look like mice, but blue and gold. separate

“So we are just gonna wait here?” I asked

“Yep.” Mehrunes replied.

Then we were silent for about five minutes before the two mice creatures returned.

“Alright, this way.” Mehrunes then said, entering the right tunnel.

Me and Saturo followed.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” We then heard a sudden laugh.

We slowed down and continued walking, and we reached a small part of the cave, and we spotted two familiar figures.

“D-dude… That laugh wasn’t necessary.” A voice said.

We peeked and spotted… Gagger and Tenker.

“What?” Gagger said to Tenker, “I’m just practicing my evil laugh so the next time I get into an epic fight, before I kill the enemy, I laugh!”

“Yeah, but also… You still owe me a new deck of cards by the way.” Tenker replied.

“Well it’s not my fault that you didn’t have the last five I needed to win. That’s your own fault for not shuffling the cards so that way I win.” Gagger responded.

Then they went quiet.

“What are you going to do the next time we find those new students of Glare?” Tenker then decided to ask.

“That’s an easy question.” Gagger replied, “kill em’ of course. They replaced us.”

“Speaking of which…” Tenker said, looking over at where we were spying on them from.

We hid as fast as possible, so they can’t see us. The only thing we did was listen.

“Are you bored, Gagger?” I heard Tenker ask, while I was hiding in the shadows.

“Yeah, I want to kill someone.” Gagger replied, “let’s just find someone to kill or somethin’ like that.”

They went quiet then, and I felt as if at any moment they would strike and kill us just like that.

“You know…” Gagger then said.

Then he went quiet. I turned to peek a bit, and saw Gagger’s face, right in front of me.

“Yo.” he said, with an evil smile on his face.


The red creature appeared in a lab. It had Draco, who had passed out from some chemical that the creature forced him to swallow.

“Master, I’ve got em’.” The creature said.

It walked closer to a guy, who was three times the size of the 3 foot 4 creature.

“Put him in the chamber with the other guy.” The guy said.

The creature listened and threw Draco inside a chamber, and he wasn’t alone. There was another boy his age with him, who wore ninja-like clothing that was turquoise.

“Huh?” the boy said, looking at Draco.

“Ugghhhh…” Draco made a noise as he slowly woke up.

Draco looked around, and saw where he was.

“W-where… am I?” Draco asked, clearly confused but still slightly woozy.

“We are in a lab, we were both kidnapped and are now about to be tested on.” The boy told Draco.

“Wait. TESTED ON?!” Draco exclaimed. “There’s gotta be a way out of here! Right… uh… what is your name?”

“Vivofit. But if you want to call me Vivo, then that’s fine.” The boy replied.

“Oh well okay but how do we get out of here? I don’t want to be tested on!” Draco said.

“We kind of can’t get out. There is some sort of barrier that blocks us from exiting. And this glass is unbreakable.” Vivofit replied.

“Oh…” Draco was silent for a second. “Well… Fudge Buckets.”

“But we don’t know, we might be able to escape.” Vivofit said.

“Yeah but I wonder why they captured us specifically.” Draco said while thinking.

“The leader watches people with special powers of their own and wants to test some things out.” Vivofit replied, “but I don’t know what is special about you.”

“I’m gathering you didn’t mean it like this but that kinda sounded like an insult, not gonna lie.” Draco said.

“Yeah, no what I mean is, show me what is special about you.” Vivofit said, rewording what he had said before.

“Uhh… Well I can do this.” Draco said before his left eye looked as if it was covered in a cyan-turquoise flame.

Vivofit studied Draco’s ‘Draco Eye’.

“Yeah that’s probably why.” Vivofit then said, “he wants to test on that.”

“But what’s so special about this? All it does is make a bit stronger and make my eye look like I dipped it in a flammable substance and then to a match to it.” Draco said.

“Well maybe because you are the only person who has it, is what makes it special.” Vivofit says.

“Well it’s doesn’t seem very important. There are probably things similar to this that are stronger or cooler looking than an eye on fire.” Draco said back.

“Well, are we gonna try to get out now?” Vivofit asked.

“Sure… I guess.” Draco replied.

Then, the guy from before came and looked at the two of them inside the chamber, and he smiled creepily.


“MUAHAHAHAHA!! Glare, let me show you what I have learned! Let me show you what I can do! Let me show you how I’m gonna kill you!!!”

Glare stood in front of Gar, who has now become Dakrus.

“Before I kill you, would you like to say anything?” Dakrus asked.

Glare just looked at him, and didn’t say a word. He just looked at him, silently.

“I don’t want to beat you easily Glare. Use your real power.” Dakrus said.

“Fine.” Glare replied.

Glare then teleported behind Dakrus, before stabbing him in the back with his sword. Dakrus then smiled.

Suddenly, in a millisecond, Glare was knocked straight into the floor.

“W-what!?” Glare exclaimed in his mind.

Dakrus smiled.

“Surprised?” Dakrus asked, “you should be.”

Then, all of a sudden, Glare was knocked back again!

“How is he doing this!?” Glare thought to himself.

Dakrus landed in front of Glare, who was on the floor.

“I can explain what I am doing if you like.” Dakrus said, “I, stopped time for 6 seconds, which gave me enough time to hit you.”

Glare tried to attack Dakrus, but he was knocked back again. He couldn’t do anything.

“Dang it… If I try to attack him, he’ll just stop time and attack me first.” Glare thought to himself, “what to do… What to do…”

“Good bye, Glare.” Dakrus then said, “I never liked you anyway…”


To be continued in the next chapter.

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