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Ultimates 6: (Chapter 6)

Ultimates 6: (Chapter 6)

Posted February 14th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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{Chapter 6}


|   ~~Dakres’s~True~Enemy~~   |


Dakres walked underground. He was alone, he had left Gagger, Tenker, and Dander behind, but Dander went off to do his own thing.

“I can feel it…” Dakres said, “it’s around here somewhere.”

Dakres then saw something in the distance. It was a round orb, floating in mid air.

“Yes… There it is… The last Elite Stone…” Dakres said, walking towards it.

Then, he saw his reflection in the stone, and he just looked at it. He didn’t take the stone yet.

“Dakres…” Dakres then heard a voice say.

“Who’s there?!” Dakres snapped.

Dakres looked around, but he didn’t see anyone.

“Show yourself, whoever you are.” Dakres said.

He looked around, until he looked directly into the stone, and saw his reflection again. He noticed something, his reflection wasn’t his reflection, and it was moving on it’s own, like a separate person.

“I am your true enemy…” The reflection of Dakres said.

“Ha! Oh really? Well, I’ll just take this stone and…” Dakres said, taking the stone in his hand.

He stood there, and nothing happened.

“......... Finally…” Dakres said, smiling like crazy, “I’ve got the stone… I’ve got the power… Muahahahahahahahahaha!!!!”

Suddenly, a dark figure appeared in front of Dakres. He looked and a surprised look appeared on his face… He saw himself, an exact replica of himself, standing in front of him.

“THE STONE’S MINE!!” The replica of himself shouted.

“NO IT’S MINE!!!!” Dakres shouted back.

The replica of Dakres reached to grab the stone, but Dakres moved out of the way. Dakres tried to blast the replica away, but the replica did the same, causing nothing to happen.

“I do the same as you.” The replica said, “I am the same as you.”

“No, you are just a trick!” Dakres shouted, taking out his sword and clashing swords with his replica (his replica took out his sword at the same time).

“Give me the stone.” Dakres’s replica demanded.

“No! It’s mine! Now go away or else I’ll kill you!” Dakres yelled.

“Go ahead and try.”

Dakres then swung his sword and cut off his replica’s arm, and suddenly, his arm was cut too!

“W-WHAT!?!?!” Dakres exclaimed.

“Any damage that you do to me, is done to you. I feel no pain. You are the only one that feels pain.” The replica said.



Gagger and Tenker stood in front of us. We were no longer hiding, there would be no use to hide now.

Gagger smirked.

“Thanks for coming, but may I ask you why you came?” Tenker asked us.

“Oh you know, tasked with following you and what-not.” Mehrunes says “BUT! I would much rather talk this out than just flat out fight. We can work out this mistake, without violence.”

Tenker looked at Gagger, and Gagger frowned.

“But I love violence!” Gagger exclaims.

“Do you want to go back Glare or not.” Mehrunes simply puts.

“What?” Gagger asked.

“You think we replaced you, but we didn’t. And I for one don’t. I’m sure we can work this out peacefully.” Mehrunes says again.

“No, peacefully doesn’t work.” Gagger said, “I need to kill you three. And that other one who isn’t here.”

“No you really don’t.” Mehrunes says. “That’s not how most everything works. I’m a logical person, and you are not, but you can understand that violence won’t work as well as some other solutions.”

“SHUT UP!” Gagger snapped, “or I’ll just kill you now and not wait!”

“Haha…  Calm down. Work out what I said.” Mehrunes says, sitting down.

Gagger took out his katana and pointed it at Mehrunes’s neck.

“I don’t care what you say, you aren’t my friend.” Gagger said, “you are my enemy.”

“But am I really? I might be hope for you. I asked Glare if he would train me, he said yes. I didn’t replace you. I’ve made my own spot.” Mehrunes says.

“It’s not your fault that you are gonna be killed by us.” Tenker said, “it’s Glare’s fault. He accepted you all.”

“And? You. Former students of Glare, kicked out temporarily, told you could come back, never did. It’s your fault.” Mehrunes says.

“And how do you know he said we could come back? What’s your proof?” Tenker asked, as Gagger’s blade slowly made it’s way closer to Mehrunes.

Mehrunes smiles.

“It’s on both stories, Glares and Dakres’s, they both know that you could have gone back.” Mehrunes says.

“Did either of them tell you ‘their’ stories?” Tenker asked.

Mehrunes holds up a little robotic device.

“Technically no. But I heard them, and read them, all the same.” Mehrunes says smiling.

“Prove it. Turn it on.” Tenker said.

“Okay.” Mehrunes says, taking out another device.

‘Prove it. Turn it on.’ Tenker’s voice comes from the device.

“See?” Mehrunes asks.

“No, let me hear their voices.” Tenker said, rewording what he had said earlier.

“Those are old… but okay.” Mehrunes replies

Glares voice, telling his story comes from the device. Mehrunes stops it after he says ‘I told them they could come back…..’


“Are you sure?” Mehrunes says. “Mabey Tenker cares?”

“Not much.” Tenker said, “Gagger’s my best friend, but you, you three are still my enemies.”

“Quite contrary. Look at your hand, you will see another one of those bugs.” Mehrunes says.

“Can I just kill them already?” Gagger asked Tenker.

“Sure.” Tenker replied, “no more talk, we fight now.”

Mehrunes then suddenly disappears.

“Eh, I’ll handle that one later.” Gagger said, turning to look at me and Saturo, “let’s do the ones who are brave enough to fight first.”

“I’ll go first.” Saturo said, stepping in front of me.

“I like this one.” Gagger said to Tenker, “he’s very brave.”

Then, before Gagger could attack, Saturo blasted him backwards with electricity, knocking him into the wall of the cave.

“Oh…” Tenker said, smiling, “you guys have gotten better.”

“What? Are you scared now?” Saturo asked.

“Nope, we are stronger than you little kids. Let me guess… You were in the Beginners Tournament before, am I right?” Tenker asked.

“How did you know?” I asked.

“Because, the tournament grounds basically store a bunch of energy and power into you, so when you compete, even if you lose you get much, much stronger.” Tenker explained.

Then I noticed something. To the left of Tenker, a mass of purple was appearing, purple stars. They looked as though they were looking at everyone, just sitting doing nothing until told to.

“Oh cool, a surprise attack.” Tenker said calmly.

Then, Tenker disappeared, leave black ashes behind in his spot. The stars went after Gagger, who was standing near the wall.

“Bruh.” Gagger said, swinging his katana and making a black wave deflecting the stars.

“I hate that word.” Mehrunes appears and says. “Good luck dodging this.”

Mehrunes takes out something that resembles a minigun. It looks like a dolphin.

“Is that a dolphin, bruh?” Gagger asked.

“This is The S.D.M.G. Have fun!” Mehrunes says, rapidly firing green projectiles.

But Gagger deflected them all very quickly, and looked at Mehrunes like he was bored.

“That was a trick. Those are homing.” Mehrunes says, as the projectiles come back at different angles.

Then, like what Tenker did before, Gagger disappeared, leaving black ashes behind in his place.

“Mmhmm.” Mehrunes says, disappearing as well.

I looked at Saturo, who just shrugged. But then, suddenly, Saturo got knocked all the way into a tunnel, which I didn’t realize was a hole until I looked.

I turned around to see who had attacked Saturo, and I spotted…


“What are you doing here?” Dander asks.

“What are YOU doing here?” I asked back.

“I have reasons to be here.” Dander said.

I noticed something that he hid behind his back, that was flashy and gold.

“Great job at hiding that.” I heard Mehrunes say from behind Dander.

“Hiding what?” Dander asked, walking back so he can face me and Mehrunes.

“Don’t play stupid with me, I saw it.” Mehrunes says.

“Saw what?” Dander asked again, pretending he doesn’t know what Mehrunes was talking about.

“I will not hesitate to stab you, cheater and helper of the evil.” Mehrunes says.

“Weaklings like you won’t be able to touch me.” Dander said back.

“Show your shame!” Mehrunes says, visibly mad.

“Actually, I’ll be going now. Gagger and Tenker will fight you, more like kill you, but yeah I’ve got to go.” Dander said, motioning himself in a position to walk away.

But Mehrunes took out his katana and blocked his path.

“No. You will not be leaving.” Mehrunes says, turning to look at me. “Well? Do something.”

“Alright.” I replied. “But what do I do?”

“Something. Just attack him. Keep him here. At this point we need every up we can get. Get the thing he has maybe? Kill him? I don’t know.” Mehrunes says.

“Kill him? No, I won’t kill anyone!” I said.

“Just attack him!” Mehrunes yells, another Katana appearing in his other hand.

When I turned to attack Dander, he was already gone. Instead, in his place, was Gagger, who smiled creepily.

“YEAGH!!” Mehrunes yells, stabbing at Gagger.

Gagger stood in his spot, and showed no pain as the katana of Mehrunes was in his body.

“Do you feel it?” Gagger asked Mehrunes.

“No.” Mehrunes says, repeatedly stabbing Gagger with both katanas. “Don't know what your talking about.”

Gagger smirked.

“Bye.” he then said, before he flicked Mehrunes’s nose.

Mehrunes was knocked all the way across the cavern, and he hit the wall before falling onto the ground.

Then, Gagger flicked me, and the same thing happened to me.

“Got a new skill?” Mehrunes asks.

“What skill?” I asked back.

“Exactly.” Mehrunes replies.

Then, Tenker appeared in front of us. But Gagger was nowhere in sight.

“Let’s just finish them already.” Tenker said.

To be continued in the next chapter....

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