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Ultimates 6: (Chapter 7)

Ultimates 6: (Chapter 7)

Posted February 15th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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{Chapter 7}


|    ~~Saved~From~Testing~~    |


The creature forcefully grabbed Draco out of the chamber, and threw him into a different chamber that had a lot of tubes attached to it.

When Draco was thrown inside, he was grabbed by a machine that kept him from moving. The machine snatched Draco’s arms and legs tightly.

“Oh this isn’t good.” Draco said. “This doesn’t look good at all.”

Then, the man from outside pressed some buttons, which controlled a large needle. The needle slowly made it’s way closer to Draco.

“Okay. Why the fudge would anyone need a needle that big?! What is it for, giant dinosaurs or something!?” Draco exclaims in question.

“It may or may not be to get more samples of your DNA.” The man outside said, as the needle made it’s way even closer.

“Okay but do you have to use a needle that is as tall as me?!” Draco yelled at the man. “That just seems like overkill!”

The man didn’t respond, and the needle was just ten inches away from Draco’s skin.


He struggles as he tried to break himself free, but he couldn’t escape. The needle was about to enter his skin, and soon it did.

“........ OW! THAT HURTS!” Draco yelled.

Draco felt his blood exiting his body, but at the same time he felt some weird liquid enter his body.

“Grr… GAHH!!!” Draco yelled.

The process happened for about one minute.

“Just 20 more minutes and we’re done.” The man outside the chamber said.

“Twenty minutes?! What the fu-GAHH!!!!” Draco exclaimed.

“Yeah, it’ll take time to replace all of your blood.” The man said while smiling creepily.


“Nothing.” The man replied, “I just need to test some things on you.”

“YOU FREAK!” Draco yelled.

The man smiled. But then his smile turned into a frown as he spotted someone else inside the chamber along with Draco.

“Huh? Who are you? OW!” Draco asked the person.

The person didn’t reply, and he became blurry, and hard to see. Then, everything that was holding Draco broke, and Draco was freed.

“YESSSSSSSSS!” Draco exclaimed.

“NOOOOOOOO!” The man outside the chamber yelled.


“I know… I’ll just escape and find Dakres.” Glare thought to himself.

“DIIIIIIIIIIIIEEE!!!!!!” Dakrus yelled.

But Glare vanished. He had teleported to Dakres. Glare looked around and he saw Dakres… and he had the stone.

But Glare saw something else, or rather someone else. It was another Dakres, there were two of them.

“THE STONE IS MINE! MIIIINE!” Dakres yelled.

“Alright, all I have to do is take away the stone.” Glare thought to himself, “Dakres is struggling against himself… It seems the stone does that. It won’t let you use it, but I will take it and not use it.”

Glare walked closer to the two Dakres’s. Then, the original Dakres turned and spotted Glare. His reaction wasn’t positive.

“IT’S GLARE!” Dakres yelled, “let’s team up on him!”

“No!” The other Dakres said, “the stone is mine!”

“But you are me, then Glare should be your enemy.” Dakres said.

“I’m not necessarily you, I’m just the entity of the stone disguised as you, I’m supposed to make you lose. You can’t fight yourself.” The other Dakres replied.

Dakres looked confused.


“Now.” Glare thought.

Glare acted. He leaped over and grabbed the stone from Dakres, who looked at him in a shocked way.

The other Dakres disappeared, and Dakres looked at Glare, disgusted.

“GIVE ME THAT!” Dakres snapped, leaning over to grab the stone, but Glare moved out of the way.

“No.” He simply said.

“Where is the replica of you?” Dakres then asked Glare.

“I’m not trying to use it’s power, I’m only taking it.” Glare answered.

“Well I’m sorry to say that you are failing.” A voice behind them said.

Glare turned around, and he was punched in the gut which caused him to fall back. He hit Dakres, and Dakres went flying along with him.

The stone was no longer in Glare’s hands, it was with the guy in front of them… Dakrus.

“The stone is mine.” Dakrus said, “you can’t take it from me.”

Dakres walked up next to Dakrus, and smiled evilly at Glare.

“This is bad… Dakrus is very powerful, I can’t take him on alone. And Dakres is helping him too… This is bad… Really bad…” Glare thought to himself. “I’ve got to do something.”

“Say goodbye Glare.” Dakres said, smirking.

He aimed to blast Glare, and Dakrus did too. Then, they fired, and a dark skeleton head was released and it made it’s way towards Glare, with it’s mouth open.


Just as it began, it was over…


I stood in front of Tenker, with Mehrunes at my side, and Saturo, who had somehow just appeared out of nowhere.

“So which one of you wants to die first?” Tenker asked.

“HA! So you're stronger than us, and you want us to one verse one?! Sounds like a horrible time.” Mehrunes says.

“I’ll repeat, which one of you would like to die first?” Tenker said again.

“Not me.” Saturo replied.

“Well, since you spoke about it, then you’ll go first.” Tenker said, taking out his katana.

He was about to chop off Saturo’s head but he was tackled to the ground all of a sudden! And then I spotted who had tackled him… It was Glitter, the beast.

“Welp, that an up for us.” Mehrunes comments “Quick, do something. Subdue him.”

“Too late for that.” We heard a voice behind us say.

Before we could turn around, we were stabbed in the back, all of us. I turned to look behind me, and it was Gagger, who had a weird looking sword that stabbed all three of us at the same time.

“I really dislike you, Gag.” Mehrunes says.

“Same here, bruh, I never liked either of you.” Gagger replied, before taking out the sword from our backs.

The sword then suddenly changed and looked like Gagger’s normal katana. I felt pain in my back, and I couldn’t move.

But somehow, the pain started to fade away, and then my wound completely healed. Not just mine, but Mehrunes and Saturo’s too.

Then, Glitter attacked Gagger.

“Ah, curses.” Gagger said, before turning and running.

It was awhile before I realized they both were gone. Glitter had scared them away.

“Nice job, Glitter!” Saturo said, when Glitter returned.

“Yeah, you were amazing, they just ran off.” I said as well.

Saturo then patted Glitter on the head.

“Wait a minute…” Mehrunes then said, “how did Glitter get here?”

“Yeah…” Saturo agrees, “he wasn’t in my pocket, I had left him at Glare’s house with Zephyr, Draco’s dragon.”

“CAW!” Glitter suddenly yelled.

We looked at him, surprised. Glitter had suddenly yelled.

Glitter started saying something in bird language, but I didn’t understand a thing.

“Do you get what he’s saying?” I asked Mehrunes.

“Well, I brought the bird translator, that might help.” Mehrunes says, taking out a device that looked a lot like a microphone.

Mehrunes then brought it closer to Glitter’s mouth, and Glitter kept speaking. We understood his every word this time.

“-it was Uchiho. She has Zephyr and she brought me from home. Remember when you left her to go home alone? She found us and we were with her before we were teleported and that’s what happened.”

I exchanged looks with the others, and Glitter had stopped talking now.

“Did Glitter always know bird?” Mehrunes asks Saturo, “if so, then this would have been much more useful than talking to birds.”

“Well he also kind of roars like a tiger.” Saturo said, “so he knows two languages, bird and cat I guess, what difference does a roar of a lion and tiger make?”

Then, I got an idea.

“Hey Glitter, where is Uchiho?” I asked Glitter.

He started saying stuff in bird language, so Mehrunes brought the microphone closer so we can understand.

“-not far, she’s in this cave with us.”

I looked at the others again.

“A useful source of information, we can’t understand Glitter half of the time but this is very interesting.” Mehrunes said. “Also, that would explain the healing.”

“Oh yeah! Uchiho has healing powers!” Saturo said, “then she’s close by, otherwise she can’t heal us!”

“Right!” I exclaimed, “let’s look for her!”

“Haha.” Mehrunes laughs. “Why do WE need to look for her? First off, already sent some things to look for her.” Mehrunes says.

“We don’t need to look for her anyway, she’s right there.” Saturo said, pointing behind me.

I turned around and saw Uchiho, standing there. But she wasn’t alone…

Dander was there, with a sword near her throat.

To be continued in the next chapter....

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