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Ultimates 6: (Chapter 8)

Ultimates 6: (Chapter 8)

Posted February 16th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Here's the next chapter. Things get more interesting, at least in the last chapter **COUGH COUGH** Gagger and Tenker **COUGH COUGH**





{Chapter 8}


|    ~~Wizord~The~Wizard~~    |


He stood in front of Draco, the guy who had broken him free. The guy had gray clothes on, and he had short dark brown hair, and blue eyes.

“So… who are you?” Draco asked the boy.

“I’m the guy who saved you, now come on, Vivofit is waiting for us.” The boy replied.

“Wait what? Uhh… okay?” Draco said as he followed the boy out of the chamber.

The boy lead Draco into a hole in the ground, and he jumped into it, followed by Draco. They saw Vivofit after a while, leaning against the wall and looking at his watch.

“Just in time.” Vivofit said.

“Yep.” the boy said, “let’s get out of here.”

“Wait, where are we going?” Draco asked.

Vivofit and the boy turned to look at him.

“Well, I need to get back to my friends.” Draco said.

Vivofit exchanged looks with the boy. Vivofit shrugged.

“I guess we can go to your friends.” The boy then said, “where are they?”

“Somewhere on the Ice Planet.” Draco said, “I was there too at first.”

“Alright, we’ll need to go somewhere to get there. Maybe use a spaceship or something.” Vivofit said.

“Yeah, let’s go.” The boy said.


It didn’t touch him, Glare was fine. He looked in front of him and saw a man with a staff in his hands.

This man wore white and green robes, and he had brown hair.

“Huh? Who’s this!?” Dakres exclaimed.

The man looked at him, and smiled.

“Who are you?!” Dakrus yelled.

The man looked at him.

“ABACKOFF A MAJJIGA!!!” The man shouted, pointing his staff at Dakres and Dakrus, and they were knocked back.

The two of them looked at him, confused at what the man had done. The man smiled at them.

“TELL US WHO YOU ARE!!” Dakrus demanded.

“Fine.” the man said, “I’m Wizord. It’s spelled W-I-Z-O-R-D, but it’s pronounced WEEzord.”


“I do, otherwise you won’t say it right, and it’s important that you say it correctly.” Wizord said.

“Fine.” Dakrus said, “why are you here, Wizord?”

“I’m here to retrieve the Elite Stone.” Wizord replied.

Before Dakrus or Dakres could say anything, the Elite Stone appeared in Wizord’s hand. Wizord smiled.

“I’ll be going now.” Wizord said, “but first let me get rid of you two.”

Glare noticed what Wizord was doing right away.

“ACASTAWAY A MAJJIGA!” Wizord exclaimed, pointing his staff at Dakrus and Dakres.

The two of them disappeared, or rather they turned into a weird spirit. Then, they disappeared into the cave.

Wizord turned to face Glare.

“I’m going to go now, Glare.” Wizord said.

“Where are you going exactly?” Glare questions.

“To return the Elite Stone to the council. There are other things out there though, so do whatever it takes.” Wizord said.

“Who said you would be going!?” A monstrous voice suddenly asked.

Glare and Wizord turned to look behind them, and they spotted a figure. It was someone in purple robes, and his head was a green pumpkin, with eyes and a frown carved into it.

“YOU AIN’T GOIN’ ANYWHERE!” The figure yelled.


The three of us stood there, looking at Uchiho and Dander. We just stood there, none of us moved.

“Dander.” Mehrunes says “What do you want to let her go?”

Dander smiled.

“Nothin’ I’m just here.” Dander replied, still smiling.

Mehrunes smiles also. It was an intelligent smile, like he knew something.

“What is it, Mehrunes?” I asked Mehrunes.

“It’s flawed.” Mehrunes replies.

“Please explain.” Saturo said.

“Okay.” Mehrunes says.

He then found a better platform to stand on.

“So! Dander has a hostage right?” Mehrunes asks us, rhetorically. “And He’s probably going to be all like ‘if you come over here I’m going to kill her’ or whatever. But the reason it’s flawed is: Everything.”

Mehrunes looks around smiling before he continues.

“You see, if we go closer, and he kills her. Then we have no reason to not attack, if we stay here, and he leaves with her, that will make it easier to track him. If we attack him, and he kills Uchiho, we can win against him. Basically, if he doesn’t want to lose. He has to leave her with us.” Mehrunes says, smiling.

“So then what do we do?” I asked, while looking at Uchiho and Dander.

Mehrunes then fires one shot at Uchiho and Dander, that passes through Uchiho not harming her, and hitting Dander. But it didn’t have any effect on Dander either.

“Umm… why isn’t Dander moving at all? He’s not even breathing!” Saturo said, looking at Dander.

“Why don’t you go check?” Mehrunes asks Saturo.


Saturo looked, and Dander then moved slightly closer, along with Uchiho, the sword still near Uchiho’s throat.

“No need to check…” Saturo then said.

“Give up, Dander.” Mehrunes says.

“Give up? Give up what?” Dander replied.

“Give us Uchiho.” Mehrunes says.

“And why should I do that?” Dander asked.

“Because, if you were not paying attention, you will lose.” Mehrunes replies.

“I don’t lose to the likes of you. You can’t even beat me.” Dander replied.

“Yes, we can.” Mehrunes responds. “Hey, team. Let’s go over here, and talk about a strategy.”

“There’s no time for that.” Dander said, smirking. “You have to react now, you don’t have time to talk.”

“Well fine then.” Mehrunes says. “But, will you actually kill her?”

“Who said I’d kill her?” Dander asked.

“Well, you have an exaggerated knife against her throat, so if you won’t we have no reason to fear.” Mehrunes says.

“Well first of all, this is a sword, not a knife.” Dander said back, “and second of all, you can have her.”

I expected Dander to push Uchiho towards us, but he did something else. He pointed at her with his hand, and did something that made Uchiho vanish.

Mehrunes sits down and looks bored.

“I’ll be going now.” Dander then said, turning and walking away.

Mehrunes then suddenly throws a katana at Dander’s back. But Dander, without turning around, caught it by the handle.

“Do you hate me?” Dander then asked Mehrunes.

But Mehrunes didn't say anything, but instead he appeared behind Dander. Mehrunes takes out another katana.

“Kind of.” He replied, slashing at Dander.

But Dander slashed him first, and there was a large cut on Mehrunes’s stomach, his whole abdomen in general.

Mehrunes looks at Dander like he just got a paper cut.

“Next time, I guess.” He says, appearing next to us again, on the ground.

Dander then disappeared, and Uchiho started healing Mehrunes’s wound.

“Well, at least Uchiho gets some practice.” Mehrunes comments.

“I’ve already got practice.” Uchiho said, “I practiced a lot of different things with Leeva.”

“Who’s Leeva?” Saturo asked.

“Oh right, you haven’t met her. I think you might know though.” Uchiho replied.

I then remembered when Kan teleported Uchiho to where we were last time, he said something about his daughter.

“Is it Kan’s daughter?” Mehrunes asked, probably thinking of the same thing.

“Yeah.” Uchiho replied, as she finished healing Mehrunes’s wound.

“Anyway…” Saturo said, as Mehrunes got up onto his feet, “let’s go find Glare.”

“I wouldn't advise that.” Mehrunes said. “Last time I checked, he was fighting Gar/What's-his-face.”

“What?” I asked, “what about Gar?”

“Yeah, apparently he was possessed by something while in the staff. So that kind of sucks.” Mehrunes answers.

“But how do you know that?” Saturo asked.

“Well, how do you think?” Mehrunes replies.

“You never saw Gar getting possessed or anything like that.” Saturo said.

“Well, he talked about it. Have a better idea?” Mehrunes asks.

“When did you hear him talk about it though?” Uchiho asked, joining in.

“Yeah, we never heard him talk about anything like that.” I said.

Something about Mehrunes right now is suspicious. We never heard anything about Gar being possessed at all or seen anything like that.

“OH COME ON!!” Mehrunes yells. “I used the bugs? Remember? They’re all oblivious to those little things.”

“Oh, well okay then…” Saturo said, “but anyway let’s get moving and find Glare.”


“Come on, Draco, get on with it.” The boy said as Draco entered the spaceship along with Vivofit.

It was small and only had two seats, but there was room for cargo, and that’s where Draco sat.

“Seriously though.” Draco said to the boy, “you haven’t told me what your name was.”

“Yeah, alright, I’ll tell you. My name’s Vulgon.” The boy said.

“Vulgon?” Draco asked, “what kind of name is that?”

“Don’t question it.” Vulgon replied, “and Vivofit, you know how to fly spaceships, right?”

“Yeah, I don’t have a licence, but I know how it works.” Vivofit replied.

Then, the spaceship took off into the sky.

“Alright, here we come!” Vivofit exclaimed as they exited the atmosphere of the green and blue planet.

Then the three of them were silent for about ten minutes before they approached a white planet, far from the sun.

“This is the Ice Planet.” Vivofit said, turning to Draco, “your friends are here?”

“Yes.” Draco replied, “I’m not sure where they are exactly, but yeah.”

“Well we can drop you off.” Vulgon said.

“Alright I guess that’s fine.” Draco replied.

Next chapter coming soon...




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