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Ultimates 8: (Chapter 2)

Ultimates 8: (Chapter 2)

Posted March 15th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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{Chapter 2}


|   ~~What’s~In~The~Bag?~~   |


We stopped running. Not because we couldn’t find him, it was because we DID find him.

He was standing in front of a big hole. The hole looked really deep, and I didn’t feel very comfortable jumping into it.

The four of us were spying on him from the corner. I had the feeling he knew we were there, but he made it seem that he didn’t.

“So what do we do?” Draco asked, using a very quiet voice.

“We wait.” I whispered, “we wait to see what he does and then go after him.”

“Okay then. I’m gonna ask Plasmus what to do with this while we wait.” Draco whispered back, showing me the dragon scale-like object he found.

I peeked from the corner to look at Nix, and he was just standing there, with the bag in his hands. He was looking at the bag… Was he gonna open it?

“Hmmm…” Nix said.

Then, something sudden happened. Nix… something different happened to him. There were now TWO of him, both with a bag. One of them jumped into the hole and the other ran down the other tunnel.

“Okay what do we do now?” Saturo asked.

“We split up!” I said, “I’ll go in the hole! One of you can come with me and the other two of you can go after the other one!”

I then jumped into the hole. I didn’t see who had come with me since I was falling down. The hole was deep. I could tell it was dark, but I had night vision so I could see.

“Hey Ich!” I heard a voice say.

I looked up as I was falling, and spotted Draco, falling along with me.

“So do you think you could make it that we don’t hit the ground with a splat?” Draco suggested while pointing down. “Because we’re pretty high up and, I kinda have a fear of heights.”

“No worries.” I said, “I’m gonna do it to me anyway.”

I looked down to see if the ground was near but it wasn’t. This hole was really deep.

“Wait.. Ich, now might be a good time to stop us.” Draco then said.

I looked down again and the floor was just a bit far away. I pushed on it with the wind, slowing me and Draco down. Soon we landed on the floor. I looked in front of me and it was a big part of the cave, with large icicles up above. There was also water dripping.

“So where did he go?” Draco asked as he turned on his ‘Draco Eye’ so he could see.

I then spotted Nix just up ahead.

“There.” I said, pointing at him.

“I sure hope that’s the real one.” Draco said. “Should we start going after him?”

“Yeah.” I said back.

Me and Draco walked over to Nix, who was just standing there. Nix wasn’t looking at us, he was facing the opposite direction.

“I am the real one.” Nix said, “the other one is real too. We are both real.”

“Well that totally isn’t confusing or anything.” Draco commented.

“So if your friends succeed on getting the bag from the other me, I still have this one. Now you might want to move out of the way, I am about to call my master.” Nix replied.

I exchanged looks with Draco.

“Uh-oh.” Draco said, looking worried.

“Well I don’t think we should just stand here. Let’s move!” I yelled.

“Ya don’t say?” Draco replied with sarcasm.

Suddenly, the place started to shake! And the large icicles started to fall! One nearly hit Draco!

“Woah!” Draco exclaimed.

“Run!” I yelled.

Me and Draco ran for it, towards Nix. I dodged an icicle and then dodged another one with a flip.

“Man these things are falling fast!” Draco said as we continued running.

Nix was just standing up in front, not moving at all. The icicles weren’t near him, so when me and Draco were ten feet away from Nix, the icicles didn’t reach us.

“Whew! Thank goodness we weren’t hit by one of those.” Draco said.

“But now we have another problem.” I said back.

In front of Nix, someone familiar appeared… Dakres.

“*SIGH* This isn’t gonna end well is it?” Draco asked me.

“Yes, if you talk.” I said back.

“Man you guys just don’t like me talking today do you?” Draco asked.

“Shut.” I said, “up.”

“Oh hello there Nix. I see you have come.” Dakres said from in front of Nix, “but it also seems that you have been followed.”

“I don’t think that’s much of a problem, Master.” Nix said.

“It is a problem. They are Glare’s students. Get rid of them. They can’t know what is inside that bag.” Dakres replied.

My reaction to what Dakres said… Uh oh. Nix turned around to face me and Draco.

“Well I guess I’ll have to fight you, and get rid of you.” Nix said, “master’s orders.”

“Fine.” I said, looking at Draco, “we’ll fight then.”

Draco just nodded.

“Well let’s see…” Nix said, glancing at Draco, “Draco, you should just go. I’ve tried fighting you before you were weak and useless.”

Draco just glared at him angrily.

“So what are you waiting for? Move or I’ll make you move.” Nix said.

Draco shook his head.

“That doesn’t answer my question. Do you want me to MAKE you move?” Nix asked.

Draco motioned with his hands ‘bring it.’

“Fine. Don’t expect me to go easy.” Nix said.

Then, suddenly, Draco disappeared! Out of nowhere!

“W-where did he go?” I asked Nix.

“I made him move. He’s far from here. Now let’s try fighting you, Ich.” Nix said to me.

I glared at him angrily. I would rather have Draco fight with me because it would make me stronger.

“Fine.” I said, “I won’t go easy.”

“Neither will I.” Nix replied, smirking.


Saturo and Mehrunes ran after the other Nix. He was running pretty fast so it was hard for them to keep up.

“Note to self. Nix is a coward.” Mehrunes says.

“How is he a coward? He’s stronger than us.” Saturo said.

“By definition, he’s running away. And when I pushed him over he appeared to be terrified, power has nothing to do with it.” Mehrunes replies.

“Well he was terrified of losing the bag, not from you. Plus, I bet he’ll stop and fight if you say that.” Saturo added as they ran.

“And why would we do that? We could just shoot him in the back.” Mehrunes replies.

“Wait… Speaking of Nix, where did he go?” Saturo asked as the two of them stopped running.

They realized they had reached a dead end.

“Let’s find out shall we?” Mehrunes says, pressing against parts of the wall, “Secret passage, snow, this could take years, we don’t have that long.”

“Why do you want to get to me so badly?” They heard Nix ask from behind them.

They turned around and spotted Nix, just standing there.

“Ask Ich that.” Mehrunes replies, “I don’t really care, they were doing reckless things, chasing you because you took something that we didn’t even know about. And you work for what’s-his-death wish for whatever reason.”

“Well… I can go ask Ich right now. The real me made a clone, but I am still real. Meaning there are two bags. If I wanted, I can disappear and return back to the other me, and the other me will gain all the knowledge I learned from you.” Nix said.

“Interesting.” Mehrunes says, “But it is sometimes a thing that if you make a clone, and someone kills the clone, that a part of you dies as well. You know that right?”

“Actually if I die now, the other me dies as well. But if I am near death I would do something smart so that I don’t die.” Nix said, “I’m not stupid, I’m not gonna tell you what I am gonna do though.”

“That is only partially logical as you believe that we could not beat you that far, am I correct?” Mehrunes asks, elbowing Saturo deesreetally.

“Oh? Oh yeah, if I tried I could beat you.” Saturo said.

“Nnnno you can’t.” Nix said, “I would freeze you solid before you can touch me.”

“Not if I dodge.” Saturo said back, “you know… why don’t you just give us the bag back? There are two and the other you has one so then that would be fair!”

“Yeah except Master doesn’t want Glare to have it. He wants it only to be with him.” Nix said.

“Why don’t you tell us what it is!?” Saturo yelled, “I’ll give you a bag of spicy chips if you tell me! A PARTY sized bag!”

Nix’s eyes widened.

“Ohhhh snap, chips!” Nix said, “sure! No wait… No I can’t get bribed just like that, Master wouldn’t like that.”

“How about six bags of party sized spicy chips and a diamond.” Mehrunes says.

“Sorry I can’t get bribed at all. Master might punish me.” Nix said in an apologetic voice.

“Well fine. We’ll just have the chips then.” Mehrunes says as Saturo took out a party sized bag of spicy chips. “Oh and also, you are so oblivious!”

“Yeah yeah, whatever.” Nix says as Saturo and Mehrunes started eating chips. “I should be off now.”

“Are you sure about that?” Mehrunes asks, eating more chips.

“Yep, I’m gonna go now.” Nix said.

Then Nix disappeared, and in his spot was Draco.

“Hi Draco.” Mehrunes says, “sorry about all the stuff earlier. Oh and also. He left his bag.”

“Wait what!?” Saturo exclaimed, as Mehrunes revealed the bag that looked identical to the one Nix had. “Lets see it!”

“Yeah. Okay I guess that couldn’t hurt. I still can’t believe he didn’t notice that I took his bag and replaced it with an identical bag with sand in it.” Mehrunes says, unzipping the bag a little bit.

Then Mehrunes opened it completely and they saw a box. A box like the ones where people put rings in.

“Open it!” Saturo said.

“Well, maybe whatever’s inside could be deadly or something. Does anyone have X-ray?” Mehrunes logically questions.

“Who cares!?” Saturo yelled, grabbing the box out of Mehrunes’s hands, “I don’t care if it’s deadly I must see what is inside!”

Saturo then opened the box. Draco and Mehrunes came and looked over his shoulder to see what it was…

Inside was a note. It read…


You have been fooled! This wasn’t the real one! Ha! The look on your faces! LOLOLOLOL! -Nix


Saturo looked back at Draco and Mehrunes.

“Yeah… He was smarter than that anyway.” Mehrunes says. “Well let’s go help Ich. We can fly out of this hole and go down the other.”

“Yeah well we better hurry considering that Ich is fighting the other Nix and Dakres is there.” Draco added.

“Well it’s a good thing you were there then. We definitely need to hurry.” Mehrunes says, “Draco quick! Lighten the mood! Make a joke!”

“Hmm… Okay then. Why did fire not like ice?” Draco asked.

“I-D-K, why?” Saturo asked back.

“Because ice always gave them the ‘cold’ shoulder.” Draco replied.

“Great! Now let’s go!” Mehrunes says cheerfully.

The three of them then ran through the cave, trying to find Ich.

To be continued in the next chapter....

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