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Ultimates 8: (Chapter 3)

Ultimates 8: (Chapter 3)

Posted March 17th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Here's chapter 3, book 8! Enjoy!




{Chapter 3}


|       ~~Ichoo~Vs~Nix~~       |


I was gonna fight him. But for a reason… Nix made whatever was in the bag seem very important. I need to get it then, because Dakres wants whatever it is, and Dakres is evil, at least he showed that he was.

“So…” I said, “are you gonna attack first or am I?”

“Me.” Nix said, “I was asked to get rid of you. Can I take my time, Master?”

“Alright fine. I’ll go get Dakrus, when I get back he better be gone.” Dakres said, before he disappeared.

Nix glanced at me.

“So…” Nix said, as he threw the bag up before catching it, “try and get it.”

Wow. That isn’t really smart of him. But he doesn’t know I have wind powers, he doesn’t know I can just bring the bag towards me using the wind.

That’s what I did. While the bag was in mid air, I brought it towards me with the wind. Nix looked surprised, and he stopped me by catching it.

“So you have wind powers?” Nix questions, putting the bag in his pocket, “good to know.”

Then Nix shot icicles towards me, and my sword appeared in my hand. Using my sword, I chopped up all the icicles.

Then, suddenly, a spiky ice monster appeared behind Nix.

“Alright Elsa…” Nix told the monster while pointing at me, “sick em.”

Then, the monster started to hum something as it froze everything around it. Soon the floor was all frozen, so I flew up into the air two feet above the ground.

I flew towards the monster, chopping off it’s left arm.


The monster let out a very weird sound as I then chopped off it’s other arm, plus it’s two legs.

“YEARG! YEARG! YEARG!” The monster cried.

The monster fell to the floor, and I blew a lot of wind towards it, and it turned into snow as it blew away as small snow particles.

“Wow.” Nix said, “poor Elsa. How about I use my other pet then?”

“Sure.” I said.

Then a large snowman appeared behind Nix. It was two times the size of me, and it was glaring at me angrily.

“Sick em’ Olaf.” Nix said.

Then the giant snowman ran at me, picking me up with it’s brown stick hands. I chopped off it’s hand, and it let me go. I then shot a wind beam from my sword, which made a small hole inside the snowman.

Then I blew that snowman away just like the last monster.

“Your technique is good.” Nix commented, “but now I am going to do something different.”

“Are you gonna fight me yourself now?” I asked.

“Nope.” Nix said before I saw something behind him.

It was a bunch of those monsters, some ice and snowmen.

“Alright my Elsa and Olaf army…” Nix said, his hands out, “SICK EM!”

All of them came at me at once. I knew what to do… I focused and then made a tornado appear. The tornado wiped all of them out, one by one, and the monsters just looked confused.

Soon they were all wiped out.

“Bravo.” Nix said, clapping his hands, “good work.”

“When are you gonna actually fight me?” I asked.

“When you attack me.” Nix replied.

“Fine then.”

I then flew towards Nix, and swung my sword towards him, but he blocked it. He blocked it with an icicle.

I then punched him in the face, but only hurt myself. He was as cold as ice, and hard as rock!

“Ow…” I muttered.

“Well what do you expect? I have armor on.” Nix said.

“Really? I didn’t see it.” I replied.

“That’s because it’s invisible. But it’s always on.” Nix responded.

“Oh… I wish I had armor. But I wouldn’t want it invisible because then it wouldn’t make me look as cool.” I said.

Then, I was knocked backward about ten feet. I then spotted that Nix has a battle axe in his hand.

I was about to move but I couldn’t. I looked down and saw that my legs were trapped in ice.

“Oh dang it.” I said.

Then, I was hit in the face by the battle axe, and then the ice that was attached to my legs broke, and I went flying. I ran right into a wall, and the ice cracked into pieces.

“What’s the matter? Aren’t you stronger than that?” Nix asked.

Then I had an idea. I remembered what Gagger and Tenker did, making waves of darkness. Those were good moves and did a good amount of damage.

“Hey Gemil? Help me do what Gagger and Tenker did.” I said to Gemil in my head.

“Alright then…” I heard Gemil say, “there, all done.”

I then ran at Nix, and swung my sword and a wave of darkness was sent towards Nix. It hit Nix, and he looked shocked as he was knocked backward into the other side of the wall.

Nix then got back up, and he glared at me angrily.

“So you can fight pretty well.” Nix said, as I then spotted icicles floating around him, “but you’ll be defeated.”

The icicles then came at me in an intense speed. I grunted as I couldn’t dodge, and the icicles jabbed into my skin, like needles. It hurt a lot, and the icicles were all over.

“Urrgh…” I grunted as I struggled to stay up.

Nix smirked.

“See?” Nix says, “you can’t fight me.”

“Y-yes I can. I can defeat you.” I said.

“Then show me you can.” Nix said.


I then threw my sword at him, but he just dodged. Now my sword was across the cave. Dang it. That was a bad idea.

Then suddenly, Nix kicked me into the air, and I was knocked upward. I then spotted Nix next to me in the air.

“See you next fall!” Nix shouted, before he hit me all the way back to the floor with his battle axe.

My landing was rough. I was in pain, it felt horrible. I wish Uchiho was here so she could heal all my injuries.

I tried to get back onto my feet but I couldn’t. I was in too much pain to move. The icicles were getting deeper into my skin, causing me more pain.

Then, something happened. The icicles melted. I was no longer in much pain. I don’t know what happened there, but somehow the icicles melted.

Then, I shot two wind beams, one coming from each hand. It was about to hit Nix, but it was blocked by a shield made of ice.

“How do I make a giant wind beam that will wreck Nix?” I asked Gemil.

“Simple. You JUST DO IT!” Gemil replied, “don’t try to do it, you just do it.”

Then, I started to charge a wind beam using both of my hands. Nix looked at me and watched me charge.

“I see what you are doing there.” Nix said. “I’ll just dodge it.”

Then, I somehow teleported behind him, and I unleashed the giant wind beam on his back. He looked shocked when I did that.

Nix was knocked all the way to the other side, and he looked injured.

“Ugh…” Nix muttered as he got back up and faced me, “should've seen that coming.”

I smiled. I landed a hit on him, I’m starting to figure this out… Figure out how to fight with good techniques and strategies.

I picked up my sword now that I was near it.

“You are pretty good actually.” Nix said to me, “but I am better.”

“If you say so.” I replied, “I’ll just beat you. As Gemil said, not try to beat you, I just do it and beat you.”

Nix smirked. I then ran at him with my sword, and I aimed at his head but he blocked it with his axe.

“You know…” Nix said, “I am holding back.”

“You are? I kind of knew that.” I replied. “Because I’m still here.”

“Fine. Now I’ll go all out.” Nix said.

Then I was knocked onto the floor before I was kicked away. When I got back up I saw that Nix had shot ice towards me.

Before I knew it, I felt as if I was asleep. I couldn’t move and my eyes were closed. I realized that I had been frozen.

Then, I felt as the ice melted, and I was back. I looked around and I spotted two people. It wasn’t any normal people, it was Vulgon and Vivofit.

“Vulgon! Vivofit!” I yelled.

“Yo! We are here to help you!” Vulgon said.

“Yeah!” Vivofit agreed.

I spotted their spaceship behind them afterwards.

“Umm… why did you bring your ship and how did you bring it here?” I asked.

“It’ll be useful.” Vulgon said while nodding.

“Umm… Okay.” I said. “You didn’t answer my second question but okay…”

“Oh so I am going to fight three people now?” Nix questions.

“Yep.” Vulgon said. “All three of us, versus you.”

“Fine by me, I’ll beat you all.” Nix said.

Nix made himself seem stronger than us. Although I think we are stronger than him, I mean, it’s three vs. one, we’ll probably win.

“So come on then.” Nix said, “what are you waiting for?”

“Yeah, what are we waiting for?” Vulgon asked, “let’s fight him already!”

“NIX!!” I suddenly heard Dakres’s voice yell, “I said I wanted them gone when I came back!”

I turned and spotted Dakres, and next to him was… It looked like Gar.

“You can just send them off, easily, Dakres.” Gar said.

“Actually…” Vivofit said, grabbing me, “we’ll be off on our own.”

Vivofit pulled me and Vulgon into his spaceship. I guess it was smart to just go. Because if I had stayed to fight, Dakres would wreck me…

“Where are the others? Draco, Mehrunes, and Saturo?” Vivofit asked as he turned on the spaceship.

“I don’t know.” I replied, “where are we going?”

“To Glare.” Vulgon answered, “I think you should first talk to him about what Nix took before trying to get it from him.”

“And we are going to pick up the others, right?” I asked.

“Of course! Why wouldn’t we?” Vivofit replied, “but only if they are outside of the cave, because in some parts of the cave this spaceship doesn’t fit in.”

We then flew through the cave, looking for any signs of our friends Saturo, Draco, and Mehrunes.

Did anyone catch the 'Frozen' refference? XD

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This was nice.  I see lots

This was nice.  I see lots of potential in your writing ability.  You seem to pay attention to details that can easily be looked over.

I liked the Frozen reference.  I was just wondering what the significance of the different colored phrases is?

Posted by Garrett on Fri, 03/17/2017 - 23:49
Thank you for your comment,

Thank you for your comment, Garrett. For the colored phrases.... I type Ultimates on Google Docs and sometimes, for different characters or voices (such as when an Ultimate Crystal speaks) I use a different font and color. To me it just helps me know when they are talking while I am reading it, until it comes to the end where is says, 'so and so said'. Yeah... That's it, if you want I can share with you the whole series on google docs so you can see what I am talking about. :)


<(QuartzMaster A.K.A. Osaid)> Read my books!!!! :D

"Uuuuuuuuurr Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrrr Uhhrrrrr Ahhhrrrr Aaaaarrrggghhh..." - Chewbacca

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