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Ultimates 8: (Chapter 4)

Ultimates 8: (Chapter 4)

Posted March 19th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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{Chapter 4}


| ~~Information~From~Glare~~ |


“So how is it going to go then?” Gagger asked.

Gagger and Tenker were walking in a cave on the Ice Planet. They weren’t alone, Dander was with them.

“Well… We all know it’s gonna happen soon. But we are all pretending nothing is happening.” Dander said.

“Yeah.” Tenker agreed while nodding, “anyway Ichoo chased that guy all the way here. I think we should find out what that guy had.”

“I think that sounds good. We should all team up.” Gagger said.

“We already have.” Dander said, “we are on the same team now. Forever, I hope.”

“Yeah. So… Let’s find this guy.” Gagger said. “Except where is he?”

“With Dakres. You know, Gagger, that guy is Dakres’s true student. I think we’ve seen him at some point… If he has ice as his main power.” Tenker explains as they walked.

“I just found Dakres’s energy.” Gagger said, “he’s not alone. There is another HUGE energy with him and one smaller one.”

“That huge one is highly likely to be that guy Dakres spoke about to us before. The one he said he had a close relationship with.” Tenker said, “but let’s see… Us three… We are probably going to do well enough.”

“‘Well enough’. That means you hesitate to say that you will win against them.” Dander realized, “that means you know there power. And you know your own abilities too.”

“Yeah…” Gagger says, “let’s just steal the stolen item and get going.”

They walked some more though the cave.

“WHAT THE WHAT!?” A sudden voice said.

The three of them looked and spotted Vivofit’s spaceship. It was coming right towards them.

“DA FRICK!?” Gagger yelled.

All of them dodged, and watched at the spaceship passed by them.

“Well… Didn’t realize they were leaving.” Tenker said, “well come on then.”


Draco, Saturo and Mehrunes were walking through the cave. They were looking for Ich.

“This is ‘fun’.” Mehrunes comments.

“What do you mean ‘fun’?” Saturo asked.

“Ehh.” Mehrunes replies.

“Well do you know where Ich is right now? Can’t you teleport us to him? That would save us a bunch of time.” Draco said.

“Well I mean I haven’t really been in their new ship…” Mehrunes says.

“What ship?” Saturo asked.

“Spaceship.” Mehrunes replies, “you know, the one they CRASHED again.”

“Oh, by ‘they’ you mean Vulgon and Vivofit? Well can’t you just trace Ich’s energy and then teleport to him or something like that?” Saturo asked.

“How do you know so much about this?” Mehrunes asks.

“About what? Teleporting?” Saturo asked back.

“Duh.” Mehrunes replies. “Eat your chips for a little while I try to do just that.”

Saturo took out a bag of chips and started eating. Draco just looked at Saturo, unamused that he was eating chips. Mehrunes was trying to trace Ichoo’s energy so that he could teleport himself and the others to him.

“Well that wasn’t hard.” Mehrunes says.

“So you found him? Where is he?” Saturo asked while chewing on his chips.

“On a spaceship.” Mehrunes replies.

“Well can you teleport us all there?” Draco asked.

“Probably.” Mehrunes replies.

“So then c’mon let’s go!” Saturo exclaimed, putting away his chips.

“Okay.” Mehrunes replies.


We had finally exited the cave, but I felt like we had everything we needed… Although Saturo, Draco, and Mehrunes were not here.

“Hey Ich!” I heard a voice say.

I then suddenly spotted Saturo, Draco and Mehrunes sitting in the seats next to me.

“Woah! When did you guys get here!?” I asked.

“About 20 seconds ago.” Mehrunes replies. “I teleported us here.”

“Well that’s good, now let’s go. We need to tell Glare about this.” Vulgon said as Vivofit drove us upward towards the horizon.

“I wonder where Uchiho and Draelin are.” Draco said.

“Yeah where even are they?” I asked.

“And also what are we gonna tell Glare? And also how is he gonna react to what we did? I mean we chased a thief to another planet!” Draco added.

“Well none of us know the answer to that. Except for the ‘how we are gonna tell Glare’ part.” Saturo said, “we can just walk up to him and tell him everything straight forward.”

“I guess but he may not be very happy.” Draco said.

“I guess…” I said.

“So how long before we get to the Light Planet?” Draco asked Vivofit.

“Not long, it’ll just take awhile for us to get there… I still haven’t upgraded my spaceship to have light speed yet.” Vivofit said.

“And I bet if he ever does upgrade it, he’ll probably break it by crashing.” Vulgon commented.

“I wonder if there is a Planet where not even Vivo can crash on it.” Draco added.

“I doubt it though.” Saturo replied.

“I don’t like you guys very much right now…” Vivofit muttered.


“Hey we are here now!” Vivofit said.

We were now entering the Light Planet’s atmosphere.

“Okay this time you better not crash!” Vulgon yelled.

“Why would I crash? For goodness sake I’ve got a license!” Vivofit exclaimed as we were about 100 feet away from landing.

We were about to land in front of Glare’s house.


Vulgon face palmed and sighed at the same time. Vivofit crashed again… For the millionth time.

“I’m not gonna even say anything this time.” Vulgon said, as he exited the spaceship, “but you have to get seat belts installed. Your spaceship doesn’t even have seatbelts.”

All of us exited the spaceship, and I wiped the dust off of me. I kind of got used to crashing now, since Vivofit is crashing so many times.

“Okay now we find the others.” Saturo said.


“Alright, give it to me, Nix.” Dakres says.

Nix handed the bag to Dakres, while Gar (or Dakrus, who was trapped inside him) watched silently.

Dakres opened up the bag, which revealed some sort of egg… It’s color was all sorts of colors, but they were dark shades of all colors combined.

“Finally…” Dakres says, “finally I get something that can be my pet.”

“So whatever is inside that egg will be your pet?” Nix asks Dakres.

“Yes. It shall fight with me. And this one WANTS me. Unlike that other one that hides with that one student of Glares…” Dakres said.

“What about me? Me as Gar I mean… What do I do now?” Gar asked.

Dakres turned to face him, and Nix looked at Gar too.

“Oh you. I forgot you were not Dakrus. Fine then, Dakrus, return to me and leave this weakling.” Dakres said.

“What? NO--” Gar was saying before he was interrupted by another voice that came from him, “yes Dakres… Let us come as one again.”

Suddenly, a dark spirit exited Gar’s body and entered Dakres. Nix watched in silence. Gar fell onto the floor afterwards.

“We don’t want you anymore. Leave.” Dakres said to Gar.

Gar looked at him, then at Nix, before he then ran away. Dakres smirked as he crossed his arms.

“I have a lot of power now. I can destroy Glare with this power. Thanks Dakrus.” Dakres said, “but let’s get busy now. Nix, how does the egg hatch?”

“I don’t know sir. But I read some things about it written in a computer that a man that goes by the name of Kan has the information.” Nix replied, “he has a book that tells you how to hatch it.”

“Well we should hurry up and go after Kan. Do you know where he lives?” Dakres asked.

“Yes, it said he lived on Ertin, away from the cities, in a small town. He lives with his wife and daughter, according to the information on Glare’s computer.” Nix said.

“Alright then… What else can you tell me before we go after Kan?” Dakres asked.

“The thing inside the egg… It’s called, as I understand it… Nogarg.” Nix said, “I have no idea what that is supposed to be.”

“Okay, let’s go get the Nogarg to hatch.” Dakres said.


I was standing right in front of the partially broken spaceship of Vivofit with the others. Me, Mehrunes, Draco, and Saturo were watching Vivofit fix his spaceship. Vulgon went to look for any others who were there.

“I wonder how it crashed this time.” Draco said from next to me.

“Vivo can I see your license?” Mehrunes asks from next to Draco, “I would like to verify that this is legitimately a series of unfortunate events.”

“Umm… sorry but my license is… Busy.” Vivofit said while doing something with a metal tool that I could not describe.

“Something happened to it in the crash didn’t it?” Draco asked.

“Yeah.” Vivofit said, “that’s it.”

“*SIGH* Where did you even get your license from?” Draco asked.

Before Vivofit could respond, we heard a female voice yell from behind us, “Draco! Draco!”

We all turned around and spotted Draelin, with Uchiho behind her.

“Oh hello. Where were you two?” Draco replied before asking.

“That doesn’t matter! Anyway, I have something to tell you!” Draelin exclaimed.

“And what is that?” Draco asked.

“Uchiho--*MURPH!!*” Draelin was saying but her mouth was covered by Uchiho.

“She doesn’t have anything to say…” Uchiho said, her face bright red as she was blushing, “nothing at all.”

The two of them walked away nervously as we exchanged looks with each other.

“So… that was weird.” Draco said, looking confused.

“Yeah… wonder what that was all about.” Saturo said as well.

“Does it really matter.” Mehrunes comments, “whatever that was about, it’s something either important, personal, misconception or something we need or needn't know.”

“Yeah.” I agreed. “Now let’s look for Glare.”

“Looking for me?” We heard a voice say.

We turned and spotted Glare just standing up ahead of us.

“Oh there he is. Okay Mehrunes!” Saturo said, “you are the best at explaining, explain what had happened!”

Glare had put his attention on Mehrunes, who coughed before explaining.

“So… We were looking for you in your lab, when some thief we later found out to be Nix, stole something in a bag and froze us. Fireball the melted the ice and we took pursuit, not gaining until we use a cat-propelled sled. Also known as Fireball shooting a bunch of fire. We crashed into a wall shortly after and ‘Nix’ stole your ship. Ich grabbed on for some reason and so did Saturo and Draco, they were almost in space when I helped them in, where we spied on ‘Nix’ and found out he was apprentice to Dakres and the other one. We used space suits that were thermal-locked on the Ice Planet and followed Nix outside when Vivofit CRASHED into where he was going. Draco had a ‘fight’ and whined, whereupon Nix ran and jumped into some holed by making clones of himself. Me an Saturo found one, but the bag didn’t have the thing in it. I don’t know what happened on Ich’s side besides Draco appeared with us. We then wanders through the caves split up and I’m pretty sure Ich had some cool showdown with Nix. I then teleported me, Draco, and Saturo to Ich and we flew back here, and ‘looked for you.” Mehrunes explains.

“Okay…” Glare said, “got that all down. Okay, but you don’t know what he stole, right?”

“I couldn't identify it, yes.” Mehrunes responds. “But if I’m not wrong, I had bugged Nix last I saw him. So that might be of some help.”

“I know something about it.” I said aloud, “it was round, the thing inside the bag.”

Glare’s eyes widened.

“Okay I know exactly what he took.” Glare said, “and it’s NOT good.”

“Well great.” Mehrunes replies. “This is REALLY NOT GREAT!”

“Well can you tell us what was inside the bag?” I asked.

Glare turned to us.

“An egg.” Glare said, “an egg which within it is a monster.”

“What’s it called?” Mehrunes asks.

“It’s called a Nogarg. And it’s not found very often, it is an endangered creature.” Glare answers, “and I know exactly why Dakres wants it. And I know exactly what his next move is.”

“And what is that?” Saturo asked.

“He’s going to Ertin. He’s going to try and get the information on how to hatch the Nogarg out of the egg.” Glare answered, “we have to go now and fast before they get there.”

“Hmm… If only we have some sort of way to figure this out right now…” Mehrunes comments mysteriously.

“Are you trying to be cryptic or do you just not know what to do?” Draco asked Mehrunes.

“I have a hunch. Mythical creatures or artifacts or endangered species in this system seem to know a lot about each other.” Mehrunes says. “We just happen to have one of those.”

“Enough talk we need to move.” Glare then said.

To be continued in the next chapter....
Any thoughts about what just happened? I'm always being sneaky, but I don't know if you found something out if you don't tell me....

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