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Ultimates 9: (Chapter 10)

Ultimates 9: (Chapter 10)

Posted April 18th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Here's the chapter after that! ENjoy! Tell me what you think!




{Chapter 10}


|        ~~Fighting…~~        |


“Are you sure about this?” asked Kan.

Glare was back at Kan’s house, inside sitting at the table while drinking some tea. Glare took a sip from his cup before replying.

“It’s for the best.” Glare replied, “with the war and all, and since their parents don’t know where they are. To avoid any trouble, I’m planning on sending them back.”

“You’ve already told them?” Kan questioned.

“Yes…” Glare answered, “but… they are special, I have to say, in their own way. And they are the only ones who really do have real families. I’m 100% sure there parents wouldn’t want them in a war, especially one that doesn’t have to do anything with them.”

Kan nods. “I get your point, Glare.” He says, “I agree, honestly. But the others…”

“Since they have no families… No one who wants them back… I’m having them stay with me.” Glare replied, “but, I know what you are going to say, and I’ll train them. Hard. So they survive the war.”

“The only problem is we don’t know what to expect. There has never been a war in the Ultimates Galaxy… This is the first…” Kan said, “but… what even is the reason for the war?”

“I don’t think anyone knows…” Glare replied.

“Yes, we should just wait to find out then.” Kan said, “it was nice speaking with you for awhile.”

“Yes, now I have to take my leave, I need to teach my students something.” Glare said.


The three of us, Draco, Mehrunes, and I walked past many buildings in the Digital World. It was pretty cool, I felt I was… Not in the real world obviously, and it was… It’s hard to explain.

“Hey Ich.” Draco said. “I wonder if they have exterminators here.”

“‘Exterminators’?” I asked.

“Yeah you know, to deal with all of the ‘bugs’?” Draco said with a snicker.

“Umm… Wait, what even are exterminators? Are they like, people who exterminate things?” I asked.

“Well they are people who deal with insects, rats and other kinds of pests. That’s why I made a joke about bugs as in a glitch or problem.” Draco explained before letting out a sigh. “But the joke is kinda wasted now.”

“Ohhh NOW I get it!” I said.

“Yeah but now I wish I could Control-Z the joke and try again.” Draco said.

Suddenly, we heard a loud siren, “INTRUDER! INTRUDER! INTRUDER!”

Followed after the siren was the sound of footsteps. We turned around, and we spotted a man, wearing dark armor who had black hair and blue eyes. He was looking right at us.

“Ahahahaha!” laughed the man, “looks like I found someone.”

“No you didn’t.” Mehrunes replies. “The siren did.”

I decided to let Mehrunes do all the talking, he appears to be better at that than I am… I think Draco did the same.

“The siren? No the siren found someone else. The siren found me.” The man said, “yeah, what I am saying is that I am the intruder.”

“Why?” Mehrunes asks. “Let me specify, cause I would have to anyway… Why are you an intruder to whatever this is?”

“Well there are certain people who are considered intruders…” The man said, “and I’m one of them, like I said before.”

“So you are an ‘intruder’ for whatever reason, why are we not…” Mehrunes asks.

“I don’t know, who even are you kids? And wait… Stupid me I’m just talking to kids…” The man said in ashamed tone.

“Yes. We could be classified as ‘kids’, but don’t say we’re ‘just kids’.” Mehrunes replies. “Anyway is there some kind of punishment or whatever for being an ‘intruder’?”

“Well duh of course there is.” The man replied. “So if you stay with me you’d be considered an intruder as well.”

I took a step back, and so did Draco.
“Well okay then we’ll just be going now.” Mehrunes replies, also stepping back.

“Good idea for you. I also should get going.” The man said.

The man then began walking away, and when he was ten feet away he stopped. He turned around.

“Wait, what are you kids even doing here in the Digital World?” The man asked.

“We pressed a button.” Mehrunes replies. “And then we came here.”

“Huh.” The man responded, “well you wanna get out of here before something happens to you. Your parents would be worried.”

“Great advice.” Mehrunes replies.

“Where do your parents live?” The man asked.

“That’s not a great question.” Mehrunes replies. “In the real world… on a planet…”

The man’s eyes brightened. “You’re from the REAL WORLD?”

“Maybe.” Mehrunes replies.

“You just said you were… Dudes, what are you doing in THIS Dream World?!” The man exclaimed.

“I said we pushed a button.” Mehrunes replies. “From a different Dream World, because we were looking for our friend, who’s looking for his dead dad.”

“PHHT!” The man laughed, “you are confused… Let me tell you… There are TWO Dream Worlds. The one where you go to in your sleep, and the one that you are in right now… There is a big difference between those two.”

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replies. “I’ll specify. We went through a portal from the real world to the Dream World, where we found ourselves in an office with a bunch of moving paintings and a computer that asked if we wanted to enter the Digital World, we selected okay and it took a while before the computer sucked us into the Digital World, where one of our friends ran off.”

“Yeah. You are in the other Dream World. You are not supposed to be here.” The man said, “it’s dangerous, people like me are wandering around.”

“Does that mean you’re dangerous?” Mehrunes asks.

“Well… Yes…” The man said, “but I am wanted for a crime… That’s why I am an intruder.”

“Interesting…” Mehrunes replies. “Mind sharing that crime?”

“I can’t just tell what I did to random kids! You’re not supposed to be here so… Skedaddle! Skedaddle!” The man shouted.

“You're not supposed to be here either though. So you really don’t have the authority to say that.” Draco replied.

“Yes I do have the authority. You can stay, but then you’d be a criminal like me. I’m not supposed to be here, but I am, so I am a criminal. Same goes to you, YOU aren’t supposed to be here, YOU could be considered criminals as well.” The man responded.

“We’ve been looking for an exit anyway.” Mehrunes replies. “Do you, or the siren know one?”

The man laughed. “I know everything!... At least most of it, it’s not possible to know everything… This is the Dream World! You could find exits anywhere! … Also I’ll mention something to you, there are people in the Dream World who are Masters, they can make anything happen here, in the Dream World, ANYWHERE in the Dream World. They can control anything! …. Yeah, they are now after me, they probably would get me since they have more power here… I’ll have to escape, Ultimate Master Darth probably can take me. I’ll be safe from the Dream World Masters if I am with him…”

“AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEN DEN DEN DEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!” Suddenly we heard a loud familiar sound.

“Oh no…” Draco said. “I recognize that annoying song anywhere…”

Suddenly, Draco was right onto the floor, randomly, like someone had ran right into him.

“OW!” shouted Draco. “Was that really neca-”


We turned and spotted a boy our age who wore a nice leather black jacket and jeans with a white shirt. He had brown hair, and next to him was someone who looked exactly like him, and wore the same things, except he had black hair.

“*SIGH* More little kids…” The man said, face palming.

“You just called us little kids? Dude, we’re 13.” The guy in black hair said.

As I looked closely at the two guys, I kind of recognized them… And the fact that they cared about John Ceno… No mistake, they are Ronald and Donald (or Ron and Don for short) (Don is the one with black hair, Ron is the one with brown hair).

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, whatever doesn’t matter you’re still little kids.” The man said.

“We may be 13 in shape, in size, but not in abilities.” Ron said, “anyway, we came to take Ichoo and Saturo!”

“There’s more people here that need to go someplace other than here.” Mehrunes says. “For example. Me.”

“Who are you? John didn’t tell us there were others.” Don said. But then he spotted Draco who was getting up from the floor, “oh, but he did say something about Bushy Haired Kid.”

“Ah. Yes. I get who you are now.” Mehrunes says. “Either way, we are missing 3 people, one among them being Saturo.”

“Aw dang.” Ron said, “well, wherever he is, we need to get him, eh Ich?”

“Umm… Yes.” I replied.

“Okay, well who is that man?” Ron asked, pointing at the man from before.

The man smirked.

“I’m Krimen, and I am wanted by the Dream World Masters for breaking the rules… I stole something…” The man (Krimen) said.

“Oh okay cool.” Don said.

“DON!” shouted Ron.



All of us were watching as Ron was shaking Don rapidly.

“You’re a little oblivious.” Mehrunes says. “Which is to be expected, but still. Let’s just go.”

“SHUT UP NO ONE ASKED YOU!” Don snapped, “hey Ron let’s just take Ich and the Bushy Haired Kid, this guy bothers me.”

“Fine with me.” Ron replied with a shrug.

“Why is everyone bothered by me?!” Mehrunes asks. “I don’t even want to know. You really annoy me too now let’s leave.”

Don beamed. “Good. I don’t like you and never did anyways.”

Don then came over to me and Draco and put his arms around our necks.

“We’ll be taking these two back with us and leaving you here.” Don said to Mehrunes.

“Is that so?” Mehrunes asks, smirking.

“Ha, just kidding. John wants you too.” Don then said with a chuckle, “c’mon all of you, we have to go find Saturo.”

I looked around and I realized something… The man, Krimen, disappeared. That’s good though, because… He said he was wanted…

“Okay…” Ron then said, as he took out a device.

“What is that?” I asked him.

“A machine. Hunter designed it for John, it leads right to you or Saturo, I just have to flick it the switch.” Ron replied, showing me.

I saw that there was a switch, it was flicked onto ‘Saturo’ and the other one was ‘Ichoo’... That’s creepy… But it explains how John pops up all of a sudden whenever…

“Ummm how does it work?” I asked, somewhat afraid that I did.

“The big red button activates it. Then a beam appears that leads right to him… Unless he’s somewhere else in a different realm… Then we need switch it to teleport mode, and it will teleport everything that I am touching with me.” Ron explained. “So come on everyone! Hold onto each other's shoulders like we are playing conga!”

“Okay then…” I said, as I grabbed onto Don’s shoulder, who was grabbing onto Ron’s.

Draco was behind me, and Mehrunes was behind him.

“Let’s go then!” Ron exclaimed.

Then, just like that, we disappeared. And were somewhere else, in a cave with a slightly big lake in it. It wasn’t dark, we could all see.

I looked around, and I spotted three familiar people… Saturo, Lagi, and Ivory. They hadn’t realized we were there until five seconds after we had appeared.

“Oh, hi guys! And two other people who I don’t know!” Lagi said.

“Aye, Saturo! C’mon we’re going!” Ron shouted towards Saturo. “Get in the Conga line!”

“Where is Saturo going?” Lagi asked.

“To our base, John wants to talk to him and Ich.” Ron answered.

“Oh, okay.” Lagi replied.

“Aaaaaand who are you?” Ron asked Lagi.

“I’m Lagi.” Lagi replied.

“No no, not your name, like WHO are you? A enemy? Friend? None?” Ron asked again.

“I’m a friend who is looking for my dead father.” Lagi answered.

“Here?!” Ron exclaims, “dude, when someone dies, they're dead, there’s no getting them back!”

“I was told that I could find him here. And this guy told me I was looking in the right place.” Lagi responded.

“Who is this guy?” Don asked, getting out of the conga position which caused us all to get out of the position.

“The cave I was just in.” Lagi answered.

“AYE! DUDE! YA STILL HERE?!” Don then suddenly shouted.

“SHUT UP! I’M TRYING To TAKE A SHOWER HERE!” a dark creepy voice yelled back.

“Oh sorry.” Don replied.

“Anyway, hello there. You entered my realm. I know everything about you now. EVERYTHING.” The voice said.

And as it said that, I heard evil whispers that I didn’t understand, like there was someone whispering in my ear who was right next to me.

“Wait, if you know everything about us know then answer this. How did I meet my pet cat Fireball?” Draco asked.

“I don’t care, so… Shut up.” the voice replied.

“Well not only are you a jerk I also don’t believe that you know all about us now.” Draco said back.

“Yeah, he does lie a bit, but I know when to trust him.” Lagi said.

“Anyway can we just get Saturo, Lagi and Ivory and then leave? I don’t want to be here anymore.” Draco asked Don and Ron. “Or should we wait until Lagi is done looking?”

“You can’t leave once you enter, not without my permission.” The voice said.

“We just have to annoy him until he makes us leave.” Ivory said.

“No, if you annoy me, I kill you.” The voice replied.

“No kidding.” Mehrunes replies. “When will you let us leave then?”

“Oh well hello Mehrunes, welcome back.” The voice then said.

“Thank you, anonymous voice.” Mehrunes replies. “Do you have another book? Or do we need to do something for you?”

“You don’t need to do anything. Chillax, spend some time here, why such a hurry? You just got here.” The voice responded.

“And you still say I just got here.” Lagi said. “After who knows how long of, hug and cry or die.”

“No it’s not you who just got here, those other fellers.” The voice said, “anyway… Would you like anything to drink?”

“Yes.” Ivory replied.

“What would you like, Ivory?” The voice asked.

“Water.” Ivory responded. “Or something sweet.”

“How about TNT Juice then?” The voice asked again.

“I guess.” Ivory replied.

Then, a table appeared, with dynamite-looking juice containers on it. Ivory picked one up and drank out of it.

“Umm we really need to get going.” Ron said, “John is waiting.”

“Nonsense! You can stay for as long as you’d like! … Time here doesn’t apply in the Real World. You can stay for a hundred years, and when you go back it would have just been a minute!” The voice exclaimed.

“So can I leave and go find my dad now?” Lagi asked.

“Your dad is dead, you can’t find him.” The voice answered.

“You just told me I could find him in this world!” Lagi yelled.

“No, I didn’t say that.” The voice replied.

“Yes you did, you said it could just take a really long time!” Lagi said.

“I don’t know what you are talking about…” The voice responded.

“You said it like, ten minutes ago!” Lagi yelled.

“No, I didn’t. Your Father wouldn’t be here… Unless he is, but he isn’t. Because of the rules, once he dies, he’s dead, there’s no getting him back, but then again, there are other rules that apply here as well. But it depends on how your dad acts, and what he chooses to do.” The voice replied.

“That made no sense, please explain that in a more understandable way.” Lagi replied.

“Has your dad ever spoken to you about what he would do when he is dead?” The voice asked.

“No, he would have lived for about a thousand years.” Lagi answered.

“Your dad didn’t tell you, where to find him when he dies. That means one thing…” The voice started, “he doesn’t want you to find him.”

“No, that’s not true!” Lagi yelled. “Why would he not want me to find him?”

“Based on your memories… I don’t know for sure, you had a sucky life to be honest.” The voice said.

“I had a great life until I saw you!” Lagi responded.

“OHHHH SNAAAAAAAP!! BUUUUURN!!!!!!” The voice replied, “nice one, dude!”

“Umm, thanks?” Lagi said.

“You’re welcome.” The voice replied.

“So, how how would I find my dad otherwise?” Lagi asked.

“Hmmm…” The voice said, “OH! I KNOW! You can go to the Water Planet, where your dad is buried, and you might still be able to talk to him there! I saw that temple he was guarding in your memories… He… Is kind of…”

“So he is still alive? Or will some portal open up?” Lagi asked.

“No, he’s dead. But that doesn’t mean you can’t exactly talk to him.” The voice answered.

“So how do I talk to him?” Lagi asked.

“Go to your actual home on the Water Planet, find where he is buried, and then you should be able to talk to him.” The voice said.

“Okay… I will leave now if that’s all I have to do.” Lagi said.

“I can help and open a portal to the Water Planet for you.” The voice said.

“Thank you.” Lagi said.

“But who’s gonna come with you? Or are you going alone?” The voice asked.

“If Ivory wants to come, she can.” Lagi said.

“Sure.” Ivory responded.

“Alright then, the portal is right there. Behind you.” The voice said.

“Thank you.” Lagi said as he and Ivory walked backwards and went through a portal.

“Alright and we will be going to John.” Ron said, “Saturo, c’mon get in the conga line.”

“Okay.” Saturo said.

We all then got back into the conga line, and then we teleported.

To be continued in the next chapter.
Hope you enjoyed.

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