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Ultimates 9: (Chapter 11)

Ultimates 9: (Chapter 11)

Posted April 19th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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{Chapter 11}


|          ~~Abyss~~          |


Right after Lagi and Ivory walked backwards into the portal, they felt water all over their bodies. They were in the ocean.

“We should find the temple.” Lagi said, turning into a Lagiacrus to swim faster.

“Good idea.” Ivory said as she turned into a Lagiacrus and followed Lagi.

They swam for a while before they saw the temple. Lagi stopped in front of it, and looked inside. It was empty, filled with nothing but water… But then Lagi spotted something, it was a switch; a lever. Lagi swam over to it and flipped it up.

Suddenly, the place began to shake but at the same time a door in the ground was opening. It was small, enough to fit one person through, and for some reason the water wasn’t emptying into the hole.

“Your father is probably inside there… Buried in his grave.” Lagi heard his Ultimate Crystal say in his mind.

Lagi turned back into a human, followed by Ivory who did the same thing.

“In there, my crystal says he might be in there.” Lagi said.

“Alright, lead the way.” Ivory said as she followed Lagi down into the hole.

They jumped into the hole, and realized there was a barrier that didn’t allow water to enter. When they landed, they saw a grave… In fact, it was TWO graves.

“Why are there two graves?” Lagi asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe we should look at who they are for?” Ivory suggested.

Lagi walked up to one of the graves, it was just a stone, with a name on it. Lagi read what the stone said aloud.

“Abyss.” Lagi read, and then said. “Yeah, this is my dad alright.”

“Who’s in the other grave then?” Ivory asked.

“I’m not sure.” Lagi said.

He then walked over to the other grave.

“Snow. That’s all it says.” Lagi said as he read the other grave.

“Who would that be?” Ivory asked.

“I don’t know, I never knew anyone named Snow. And Abyss never talked about anyone like that either.” Lagi explained.

Suddenly, Lagi heard something… It sounded like someone speaking, but he couldn’t hear it clearly.

“What is that?” Lagi asked.

“I’m not sure what it is, but it’s a little creepy.” Ivory replied.

“Who goes there?!” A voice then asked, clearly this time. “Who entered my temple?!”

“Nobody!” Lagi yelled.

“Lagi!” Ivory yelled from behind Lagi.

“Lagi? Is that so?” The voice asked.

“Umm, I guess…” Lagi said.

“Yes!” Ivory yelled.

“Well what brings Lagi here?” The voice asked.

“I came to find my dad.” Lagi answered.

“Oh, your dad. Umm…” The voice said, “go on downstairs… I have to do something real quick…”

“Where are the stairs?” Lagi asked.

Suddenly, the place began to shake again, and stairs appeared right behind the graves. Lagi walked over to them with Ivory right behind him. He walked down there, and he saw a room that was empty.

“What could this room be for? And why would a temple even have a downstairs?” Lagi asked as he walked to the center of the room.

“I’m not sure, I’m still wondering about that voice from earlier right now.” Ivory replied.

“I’m not sure, but I think it may have something to do with the two corpses up there.” Lagi said.

Ivory walked over to where Lagi was standing and sat down. “Do you want to do anything while we wait?” Ivory asked.

“Sure.” Lagi said.

“So… Who do you think that Snow person was?” Ivory asked.

“I’m really not sure, I think they might have known my dad or been close to my dad, but he never said anything about a Snow.” Lagi replied.

“I have a random guess, and don’t get mad at me for guessing it.” Ivory said, “Maybe, they were your mother?”

“It could be, but I’m not sure.” Lagi said as he sat down.

“It is…” said a voice.

“What is?” Lagi asked, a bit surprised on hearing the sudden voice.

“Snow was your mother.” the voice replied.

“Well, random guess, one. Mystery solving, zero.” Ivory said.

“Who are you?” Lagi asked.

“You don’t recognize my voice?” the voice asked back.

“No, I’ve never heard that voice before. And if I had, I don’t have the greatest memory for voices.” Lagi responded.

“Oh, well that means I must sound different after I am dead…” the voice replied.

“Wait, are you…” Lagi started. “My dad?”

“Yes. I am Abyss, your father.” The voice (Abyss) replied.

“I, I’m really talking to you?” Lagi asked.

“Well sorta, I’m still buried upstairs but… I can talk for a while.” Abyss replied.

“I, can’t believe it! After all that time we spent searching, we finally found you! And dad… I’m sorry for running away…” Lagi said.

“Ah, it’s fine, Glare is pretty good to be around with. He can teach you a lot of new things.” Abyss responded with a chuckle.

“Oh, good… Anyways… If I ever come back here after this time would I be able to talk to you?” Lagi asked.

“Probably…” Abyss replied.

“Okay, good… That’s better than a no.” Lagi said. “So… I have a question for you… Why did you never mention Snow to me?”

“Ummm… Well I didn’t want you to freak out, since she is dead and all… And I didn’t want to tell you that you are being hunted.” Abyss said, “you were too young, but now you are old enough.”

“So… I guess there is nothing really important to talk about…” Lagi said.

“Wow… You never stop to consider ME? I’m not important? I’m pretty sure you would think of me as important!” Ivory yelled.

“Sorry! I forgot all about you!” Lagi replied.

“Oh and Ivory! Well you grew a LOT. The last time I saw you, you were like… Tiny tiny, you were just a baby.” Abyss said.

“Oh, so you know her! That saves me a lot of explaining…” Lagi said.

“Why would you not want to explain me to your dad?” Ivory asked.

“I don’t know.” Lagi replied.

“Well… Umm… Is there that kind of relationship between you two yet?” Abyss asked.

“What do you mean, that kind of relationship?” Lagi asked.

“Seriously Lagi? Grow up will you?” Abyss said.

“What do you mean by that?” Lagi asked.

“*SIGH* Lagi… I think it’s time we have ‘The Talk’.” Abyss answered.

“What do you mean by that?” Lagi asked.

“Lagi, stop being stupid. You know what I mean.” Abyss replied, a bit ticked off.

“Holy crud, I was just joking around! I know exactly what you mean and no, we aren’t like that.” Lagi said.

“Okay well… Why are you still here?” Abyss asked.

“I’m not sure, I just got here hoping I could talk to you. So… I guess I’ll get back to Glare to train or something…” Lagi said.

“Yeah you should train with him. For a bit, but then you should go out and explore places… Just make a plan for your life. You’re on your own now.” Abyss said back.

“Okay, thank you for being able to talk to me. I’ll make you proud.” Lagi said. “Now… Do you have a teleporter or a portal or something?”

“No, you’ll have to take the long way back.” Abyss replied.

“Dangit… Well, let’s get to space Ivory.” Lagi said, walking towards the stairs.

“Umm, I can’t fly in space…” Ivory said.

“Well, can you breathe in space?” Lagi asked.

“No.” Ivory replied.

“Can you planet hop with your Ultimate Crystal?” Lagi asked.

“I don’t have one.” Ivory replied.

“Well, I think I need to call someone to pick us up…” Lagi said.

“Or use YOUR Ultimate Crystal and just carry Ivory.” Abyss said.

“Why did I not think about that?” Lagi said. “Bye dad, it was nice seeing you!”

Then, he and Ivory walked up the stairs and left the temple.


“Hey John! They’re here!” Ron shouted.

We had just teleported, we were in a room with shiny gray tiles all over. Draco, Mehrunes, Saturo and I were standing behind Ron and Don.


“Ughh… not again…” Draco muttered, barely hearable over the sound of the ‘song’.

Don elbowed Draco in the stomach.

“What? I can’t have an opinion? I can say what I want about the song dude!” Draco snapped back at Don, his left eye looking as if it were about to be covered in cyan fire.

“No. Not unless you are an enemy.” Don snapped at him.

“Oh so I’m an enemy now just because I think that song is annoying? That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.” Draco snapped back. “If that’s how it's gonna work that that would mean you guys are enemies because you find Mehrunes annoying!”

“Nah, Mehrunes is fine, but you seem not to be.” Don said, “if you have a problem with the song, then you don’t deserve to be here. Do you have a problem with it or not?”

“Yes I do.” Draco said before he suddenly disappeared.

“Then you don’t deserve to be here.” Don then said.

“Well that’s his own fault.” Saturo said, “the song is sickly cool.”

“YEAH! Atta boy, Saturo!” said a voice.

We turned and spotted John, standing there looking over at us.

“Sup John. You said you wanted to talk about something?” Saturo asks John.

“Yes.” John replied, “you know… Glare probably told you all about this war and how dangerous it will be… We should go back. Back to Hindro.”

“I thought about it, but… Hindro is boring!” I said.

“We can make it fun.” John said, “but seriously though, your parents are mad that you were gone from home for like… Three months.”

“Yeah.” Saturo said, “what are we gonna do then?”

“Go home.” John said, “all five of us.”

“Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?” Ron asked.

“Sorta.” Saturo said, “but then what will be our way back?”

“I dunno, a spaceship or something?” John suggested.

“I guess…” I said, “well then… When are we going to go then?”

We were all silent. I thought about it… I didn’t want to leave right now…

“We should leave. Let’s go home.” I heard Gemil say.

“..... Fine. I kind of miss home anyway…”

“We can go right now.” Saturo then said, while smiling, “I have a plan to do something when we get back.”

“Okay.” Ron said, “let’s call Hunter to drop off there.”


Suddenly, we heard a loud explosion coming from outside. We all looked up as dust fell from the ceiling.

“Oh no… We are in big trouble.” Gemil said in my mind.

“What is it? What made that explosion?” I asked.

“We;ll have to go see for ourselves!” Gemil replied.

Suddenly, John ran out a door, along with ron and Don. Saturo and I began to follow them, with Mehrunes behind us. What was that explosion? We need to find out.

Warning, in the next chapter, things will get CRAZY! People might die, I'm just Saiyan. (lol dbz pun)

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† My dog has four legs

† My dog has four legs †

wwOOOOW. Don't just leave me hanging like that! All jokes aside, great chapter.

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LOL, well the next chapter

LOL, well the next chapter is gonna come really soon so you won't wait long ;)


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