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Ultimates 9: (Chapter 13)

Ultimates 9: (Chapter 13)

Posted April 20th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy



Craziness. Death. Blood. This chapter is INTENSE.


I'm hoping you are excited. It's finally here....




{Chapter 13}


|    ~~Dropping~Draco~Off~~    |


“So… Draco? Do you have any friends?” Potato asked.

Potato and Draco were in space, while Draco was eating potato chips. It was still a matter of time before they would arrive at their destination.

“Yeah most of them are apprentices of Glare too.” Draco replied. “There’s Ich, Saturo, Mehrunes, Uchiho and some other people like Gagger, Dander, Vulgon and Vivofit, Lagi and Ivory and even my little sister lives at Glare’s house.”

“Oh neat.” Potato said, “perhaps I can take you to your friends instead of Glare if you would like.”

“I don’t know. I don’t even know what planet they are on and there’s also the fact that I think some of them are still angry at me.” Draco said back.

“Oh well. I’ll take you to Glare then.” Potato replied.

“Okay. How much longer before we get there anyways?” Draco asked.

“About… 30 minutes. But if you want, I could use Light Speed and we could arrive right now.” Potato said.

“Then let’s do that.” Draco said.

“Okay.” Potato replied.

He then began to press a couple of buttons that were shaped like potatoes before the spaceship suddenly went at an extreme speed. Then, Draco spotted the Light Planet through the front windows.

“Okay great now we just have to land.” Draco said.

“Yep.” Potato said.

“And this time me coming back shouldn’t be announced with a CRASH!” Draco said with a snicker.

“What do you mean?” Potato asked, as the potato spaceship made it’s way into the Light Planet’s atmosphere.

“You see my friend Vivofit, despite having a pilot license can do pretty much anything a pilot can do, except land. At least not without the ship getting a wing torn off, nearly exploding due to a gas spill or just suffering some scratches.” Draco replied.

“Ahhh, I see.” Potato said.

“Anyway looks like we’re almost there.” Draco said looking through the window again.

“Yep.” Potato replied. “By the way, where on the Light Planet does Glare live?”

“I don’t exactly remember.” Draco said.

“Well then how am I supposed to get there?” Potato asked. “I can’t drop you off if I don’t know where Glare lives.”

“Hmm… I know!” Draco said. “Just give me a sec.”

Draco then closed his eyes for a few seconds.

“Hey Plasmus, can you contact Glare’s Ultimate Crystal?” Draco asked his Ultimate Crystal.

“Ummm… No… But I can give you the ability to speak with him telepathically.” Plasmus replied.

“That’ll do.” Draco said, “Let’s do that.”

“Okay, you can speak now, and he’ll hear you.” Plasmus said.

“Okay. Hey Glare? It’s me Draco.” Draco said aloud.

“What are you doing?” Potato asked.

“Draco! I meant in your mind!”

“Sorry Potato I’m trying to talk to Glare. Just a sec.” Draco said.

“Okay, now can you hear me Glare?” Draco said in his mind.

“Oh hello Draco.” a voice replied.

“I have a question. Where exactly do you live on the Light Planet? I need to know so I can get dropped off.” Draco asked in his mind.

“Ummm… Who’s dropping you off?” Glare asked.

“A guy named Potato. He’s a friend of Lemon and Lime.” Draco replied. “You see I was with Ich and the others but then I got teleported to the Vegetable Planet and Potato decided to fly me here.”

“And I was looking for you! Why did you even leave in the first place?” Glare asked, “I was giving Listy a room, and then I came back to take Ich and Saturo home but you were all gone.”

“Well you see Ich and Saturo decided that the four of us should go into the Dream World to find Lagi and Ivory and on the way Saturo got separated from us and ended up with Lagi and Ivory then me, Ich and Mehrunes met John and his two friends who were looking for Ich and Saturo to take them home anyway then we found Saturo, Lagi and Ivory before Lagi and Ivory got teleported to the water planet by some voice person THEN the rest of us exited the Dream World on some planet before John and his friends teleported me to the Vegetable Planet because I didn’t like their theme song and now I have no idea where Ich and the others are.” Draco explained quickly.

“Okay… Tell Potato that it’s near Bright City. Then tell him to look for a big forest next to Bright City. There is a house there, that’s where I live. Tell him that.” Glare replied.

“Okay. see you.” Draco said, “Hey Potato, I know where we need to go now!”

“Okay. Where?” Potato asked.

“Okay so look for a big forest next to Bright City, there should be a house there. That’s where Glare lives.” Draco replied.

“Ah, I know where that is.” Potato said.

Then the potato spaceship began to lower towards the ground. After a couple seconds, it landed.


“Well, thanks Potato.” Draco said.

“No problem.” Potato replied, as the doors opened.

Draco then exited the potato spaceship, seeing Gagger staring at the potato spaceship in shock. Afterwards, Potato took off.

“Hello Gagger!” Draco said as he walked past him.


“Getting brought back to here.” Draco replied, “Why do you ask? Is riding in a giant potato spaceship strange?”

“Yes!” Gagger yelled.

Draco looked at the house. It had changed. There was a deck and a path, and a lot of flowers, all over. Draco saw Draelin, Uchiho, and Listy planting more flowers.

“Well looks like you were busy while we were gone.” Draco said as he walked up to them.

“Well this place looked horrible, and flowers make it look better. So I planted some flowers, Draelin and Listy helped me.” Uchiho said.

“Okay but who built the deck?” Draco asked.

“Tenker did.” Draelin replied, “he also planted all the other flowers, we just planted these ones.”

Draelin pointed at one pot, with three flowers.

“Yep, Tenker did all the rest!” Uchiho said.

“So Gagger didn’t do anything that had to do with this?” Draco asked turning towards Gagger.

“Nope. I don’t like gardening. I like fighting, and exercise, that’s why I have a six pack.” Gagger replied, “Tenker, he does the same as me, but he also likes flowers. I don’t think that’s manly, but I don’t really care, he’s still my best friend cause he gets me.”

“Okay then. Anyway where are Zephyr and Fireball?” Draco asked.

“Oh. Yeah… Umm… Well…” Uchiho started, “Gagger… He… Did something…”

“And what was this ‘something’ he did?” Draco asked, looking at Gagger suspiciously.

“That Cat was frickin annoying, I kicked him all the way to space.” Gagger said, his arms crossed like it was not a big deal.

YOU DID WHAT!?” Draco yelled.

“Kicked him into space, and that dragon went after him.” Gagger replied.

“Gagger I swear you better not have killed both of my pets.” Draco said, his face scorn.

“They maybe died, maybe didn’t. I don’t know cause I don’t care.” Gagger responded.

“Well of course you wouldn’t because it seems that all you care about is your power and body image.” Draco snapped, a glare on his face.

“Basically yes, and I also care about my health, happiness, and all that sort of stuff. But not just mine, also Tenker’s and Glare’s.” Gagger replied. “But seriously, that cat was annoying, it kept laughing, I could have sworn the whole Planet would’ve heard him. One of the neighbors almost called the pest control, but I got rid of him before that.”

“And you didn’t bother to think: ‘Hmm… I wonder how the owner of this cat would feel about his cat getting KICKED INTO SPACE.’ But wait I just remembered. You don’t care about me and the others except for Glare and Tenker anyway!” Draco said. “Because to you I guess that anything could happen to one of us and, unless it was Glare or Tenker or yourself, you wouldn’t give two fudges about it!”

Draco then turned around and started walking towards his house. “Because we’re just expendable to you I guess.”

Draco then entered his house and closed the door.

“I guess not only is his CAT annoying but so is he.” Gagger said with a snicker.

“Gagger, why do you have to be so mean?” Uchiho asked.

“Reasons.” Gagger said, “do you have a problem with it?”

“N-no…” Uchiho replied.

“Good.” Gagger said, “I’ll be going into my room, if you need anything else just knock.”

Gagger then went to his house, and entered it, closing the door behind him. Uchiho sighs, going back to planting some flowers.

“Wait if Draco is here, and he was with the others before… Where are the others?” Listy suddenly asked.

“I don’t know, maybe they are still in the Dream World?” Uchiho asked back. “Lost? Something. Should we go look for them?”

“Probably.” Listy says. “Although, they probably won’t be in the Dream World. They seem to stick together more than not, so Draco being in the Real World would probably mean they are to. Also I don’t like the Dream World…”

“Well… First off, you are smart, figuring all that just now. Second off, what made you not like the Dream World?” Uchiho asked.

“It’s basically a maze.” Listy replies. “With a whole lot of nope.”

“Yeah but… When I went there things were… AMAZING. And the place I was at was really beautiful!” Uchiho responds.

“Like I said. It’s a massive maze, with portals, leading to other mazes or the Real World.” Listy replies. “I’ve only been there once. Found a book about it afterwards.”

“Okay… So wait, are we gonna go look for them or not?” Uchiho asked.

“Well… yeah. Just not in the Dream World.” Listy replies.

“Alright but… We’ll have to figure out where they are first.” Uchiho said, “hmmm… How are we gonna do that?”

“Do we know anything about them that could help us?” Listy asks, “Tracking devices… travel…? Maybe Draco could help, but he seems mad.”

“I can go talk to him.” Draelin said, “he’s my brother after all… Even if he is mad he wouldn’t slam the door in my face…”

“Yeah, you go tell him, Draelin.” Uchiho said back.

“Okay then…” Draelin replied, getting up.

She then walked over to Draco’s house, and knocked the door.

“Who’s there?” Draco asked from inside.

“Draelin! Your sister!” Draelin replied.

“What do you need Draelin?” Draco asked.

“Well… The rest of us were talking about… You were with your friends, Ich, Saturo, and Mehrunes, but then you came back so we were wondering where they were… And we wanted to go look for them, but we wouldn’t be able to do it without you. Besides, you know them more.” Draelin explained.

“Yeah but I have no idea where they are anyway.” Draco said back.

“Well, you're an Ultimate! You can use your Crystal to find them! … Right?” Draelin asked.

“Me? An Ultimate? Except that out of me, Ich, Saturo and pretty much anyone else I’m the definition of the underdog of underdogs.” Draco replied.

“Um… But you can still do it! You can still find them!” Draelin said.

“Sure but it would probably be easier if you just asked Tenker to help you or something.” Draco responded.

“No! We need you! You know them better!” Draelin replied, “we want you, not Tenker or anyone else!”

“You’re pretty persistent.” Draco said before the door opened. “Fine. I’ll come.”

“YAY!” Draelin exclaimed, grabbing Draco’s hand. “Then let’s go!”

She pulled him all the way back to Uchiho and Listy.

“I got him! Now what is the plan?” Draelin asked.

“We probably need a way to get there.” Listy replies. “And if they're in danger we should find a way to avoid… whatever it may be…”

“Well they’re on one of the planets in the Ultimate’s Galaxy but there’s dozens of them and the most I saw of where we were was a base so they could be practically anywhere.” Draco said.

“Well… how did you get here?” Listy asks. “Besides… potato-ship.”

“They are on Ertin.” Draco heard Plasmus say in his mind. “That’s where we were before we were teleported to the Vegetable Planet.”

“Now you tell me that? Would’ve been useful to know that when I was talking to Glare.” Draco said in his mind. “But thanks for telling me either way.”

“Okay I know where they are. They’re on Ertin.” Draco then said to the others.

“Oh! We can go there then!” Uchiho replied.

“But how?” Draco asked.

“Umm… Spa--” Uchiho was saying but she got cut off.

EHAHEHAAHEHAEHAH!!” it was the familiar sound of Fireball laughing like a lunatic.

All four of them looked up in the sky, and they saw Lagi as a Lagiacrus, with Ivory, Zephyr, and Fireball riding on him.

“Oh hey! It’s Lagi and Ivory! And the have Fireball and Zephyr!” Draelin said.

“Yeah but Fireball is still laughing.Which reminds me, who was the one who gave him so much catnip anyway?” Draco asked.

“Umm… I don’t know…” Uchiho replied.

Then, Lagi landed onto the ground, and Zephyr, Ivory, and Fireball got off of him before he turned back into human. Fireball was still laughing crazily.

“Okay, who the heck made this cat do that? It’s freaking annoying!” Lagi said as he covered his ears.

AHEHAHEHAHEAH!” Fireball continued laughing like a lunatic, causing EVERYONE to close their ears.

“SOMEBODY SHUT HIM UP!” Ivory yelled.

AHEAHEHAHA!” Fireball continued laughing.

“DRACO! DO SOMETHING!” Uchiho yelled.

“Okay I got it.” Draco said as he walked over to Fireball and picked him up before doing something with his hands that caused Fireball to suddenly fall asleep.

“Well… That worked.” Lagi said.

“Thank… You… That was really loud and annoying.” Uchiho said.

“Try having to go through space hearing that.” Ivory said.

“That sounds… Horrible.” Draelin commented.

“It was.” Ivory said.

“Did you grab any attention? Was there even anyone else out there?” Uchiho asked Ivory and Lagi.

“What do you mean by, grab any attention?” Lagi asked. “But no, no one was out there if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Ah, because there are a lot of people in space…. There was before but now with all this war and stuff… Less people are going to space.” Uchiho said. “OH! And by the way, Lagi and Ivory, do you want to join us? We’re about to go to search for Saturo, Ichoo, and Mehrunes.”

“Sure!” Ivory said.

“Alright.” Lagi said.

“Alright we need to come up with a way to get to them, they are on Ertin.” Uchiho said, “we need a spaceship or something.”

“You are forgetting, you all have me!” Lagi said.

“Yeah but you can’t carry ALL of us and watch out for ALL of us.” Uchiho said back.

“Well then, why don’t some of you ride me and some of you use planet hopping?” Lagi suggested.

“Umm… We can’t planet hop.” Uchiho said.

“Why?” Lagi asked.

“Mehrunes is the only one who knows how, plus. If anything goes wrong, then we’d just be doomed and floating around in space.” Uchiho replied.

“Where’s Vivofit when you need him…” Lagi muttered.


“There he is!” Ivory said.

They all turned and spotted Vivofit’s spaceship, it had just crashed.

“That was very convenient.” Draco said. “Wonder why they are here though…”

“I just think I should mutter hopeful things more often!” Lagi said.

“I guess… I wonder if that would work if you tried again.” Draco said.

Then they walked over to the spaceship, and Vivofit got out of it, and waved at them.

“How’s my timing?” Vivofit asked.

“Pretty on point. Lagi was just muttering about how we needed you to help us.” Draco replied.

“Lemme guess… Ya need a ride to get to Ich and the others?” Vivofit asked.

“Yep.” Lagi said. “But not me and Ivory, we’ll just ride me.”

“Alright, everyone else hop on!” Vivofit exclaimed.

Actually, the intense thing and death happens in the next chapter. Hope you enjoyed!


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Legit, i went to sleep after reading this and i dreamed about a huge potato in my yard.

Posted by F@de578 on Fri, 04/21/2017 - 08:29
LOL that's funny! XD I

LOL that's funny! XD

I sometimes also dream about the Ultimates Galaxy, my favorite one... The Sugar Planet.


<(QuartzMaster A.K.A. Osaid)> Read my books!!!! :D

"Uuuuuuuuurr Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrrr Uhhrrrrr Ahhhrrrr Aaaaarrrggghhh..." - Chewbacca

Posted by QuartzMaster on Fri, 04/21/2017 - 09:55
Once there was a man who had

Once there was a man who had a horrible lawn..............

"What happened to your lawn?" the landscaper asked.

"Oh...nothing...just a huge potato came crashing down here last night. Hey...do you think my insurance will cover it?" the man answered

Posted by F@de578 on Fri, 04/21/2017 - 10:32



<(QuartzMaster A.K.A. Osaid)> Read my books!!!! :D

"Uuuuuuuuurr Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrrr Uhhrrrrr Ahhhrrrr Aaaaarrrggghhh..." - Chewbacca

Posted by qU@Rt2M@2teR on Fri, 04/21/2017 - 11:03

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