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Ultimates 9: (Chapter 8)

Ultimates 9: (Chapter 8)

Posted April 15th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Here's the next chapter! The series will end soon!



{Chapter 8}


|    ~~The~Test~Results~~    |


And just like that we were back. I recognized the place, it was Glare’s house. And my room was just there outside.

Next to me was Saturo, Mehrunes, Draco, Uchiho, Draelin, Vulgon, Vivofit, Lagi and Ivory.

“Well it’s all over.” Vulgon said, “I guess Vivofit and I will be going.”

We were silent, as Vivofit and Vulgon entered Vivofit’s spaceship, which had just appeared out of nowhere at Vivofit’s command. They then took off, leaving us.

“Well…” I then said, “we should look for Gagger and Tenker, then look for Glare.”

“Where should we start looking?” Lagi asked.

“In their rooms.” Saturo said.

“Oh, but wouldn’t that be kinda rude just walking into their rooms without asking?” Lagi asked.

“No I mean we knock on their doors!” Saturo exclaimed.

Lagi face palmed.

“Seriously! You didn’t get it the first time?” Saturo asked as he then walked over to Gagger’s room, and knocked on the door.

The door then opened, and we saw Gagger in pajamas, looking sleepy.

“*YAWN* What do you want?” Gagger asked in a sleepy tone.

“Can you tell me how to get into the Dream World?” Lagi asked.

“Me? I don’t know how to tell, I just do.” Gagger replied.

“Would Tenker know?” Lagi asked.

“Yeah. But Tenker isn’t home right now, he’s visiting his father.” Gagger answered, “but why do you want to go to the Dream World? It’s dangerous.”

“I need to see my dad…” Lagi said.

“What? Doesn’t your dad live on the Water Planet? Why didn’t you ask Vivofit to drive you there?” Gagger asked.

Lagi started to cry as he said, “he-he’s dead…”

Gagger looked sleepy still, he showed no emotion. “So… You want to go through the Dream World to find him? Dude, you might not even find him, the Dream World is the universe's hardest maze.”

“I don’t care, it’s my dad.” Lagi replied, “How would you feel if you lost your dad? What would you do to see him again?”

“Well, my dad is just my dad. He… is just my dad.” Gagger said, “I’m already a man, I am independent, I just visit my dad whenever I feel like it. If I lost him, I’d accept it. It happens all the time.”

“Well…” Lagi said, “I’m not like you, and you wouldn’t understand how I feel, so please, could you help me get to the Dream World?”

“Sure.” Gagger then said, before doing something with his hands, “entrance is right behind you. Hope you don’t die there.”

“I hope I don’t die there either…” Lagi muttered as he walked backwards and vanished from sight. Ivory then charged past us and jumped in after Lagi.

“That’s done.” Mehrunes says. “Now we need to find Glare.”

“Yeah… And what are we gonna say?” I asked.

“That we technically stopped Ungu, but Elec has been summoned, probably.” Mehrunes replies.

“Well I’m just going to go to my room.” Uchiho said, walking towards Glare’s house and followed by Draelin.

She then disappeared into the house as I exchanged looks with Saturo, Mehrunes and Draco. Suddenly, Listy then appeared in front of us.

“Oh hey! I forgot about you.” Saturo said to her.

“Wow.” Listy replies. “How nice.”

“Sorry it’s just that you barely talk. Only when you’re spoken to.” Saturo replied.

“That’s because I very recently met you.” Listy replies. “Also, you seemed to be doing something important that didn’t include me in any way.”

“Yeah well…” Saturo was saying but he stopped.

He was looking behind me, I turned around and spotted Glare. We all looked over at him as he looked down at us.

“Looks like you passed… Sort of.” Glare said.

“Explain.” Mehrunes replies.

“You didn’t really need to fight. Some of you did, but not all of you. First off, Mehrunes and Draco. Draco you do not want to go back home so you will stay and train with me.” Glare said.

“Okay…” Draco said, “what exactly do you mean?”

“Ichoo and Saturo will be leaving. They are going back home to Hindro.” Glare said. “Because of the war. They are safer there.”

Wait… What? I’m going home?

“So they are going, Draco is staying. What about you Mehrunes? Would you like to return to your galaxy? Back home? Or stay with me like Draco?” Glare asked Mehrunes.

“May as well stay.” Mehrunes replies.

“Alright, well I’ll talk to Lagi and Ivory later then.” Glare said.

Then Glare caught his eyes looking over at Listy.

“Oh and who may you be?” Glare asked her.

“I’m… Listy.” Listy replies.

“Where are you from Listy?” Glare asked.

“A planet.” Listy replies. “Or someplace I can’t go back to. Either way.”

“So you don’t have a temporary home?” Glare asked again.

“...Yes.” Listy replies.

“Well Listy, if you’d like you could stay here. I could give you a room, would you like that?” Glare asked.

“Yes.” Listy replies.

“Okay then…” Glare replied, “sooner or later I’ll give you your room… But now, Ichoo, Saturo, you are going to go home.”

“I don’t really want to… I like to be here, exploring and adventuring all the time. Missions, you know all that sort of stuff.” I said.

“Yeah…” Saturo agreed.

“I’m sorry, but… In the beginning you didn’t even ask, you just ran away.” Glare said, “it’s now the right time to return. Back to your home, back to your family. Because of the war too. Attacks have been all over the main cities on the planets… You need to go home.”

“Fine.” Saturo said, “I kind of am home sick anyway. And I want to see my family again.”

“Well… Tomorrow then. I will have Lime come and take you back.” Glare said, “for now. Enjoy your last time with your friends…”

Glare then left, with Listy behind him to show her her room.

“Well…” I said to Draco and Mehrunes, “what should we do before Saturo and I go back home?”

“I don’t know.” Mehrunes replies.

“Well…” Saturo said, “I don’t know either…”

I felt kind of sad that I had to leave. And I was worried about how my mom would react when she finally sees me after a long time.

“We should do something right?” Mehrunes says.

“Yeah that’s what we just said. We wanna do something fun, something good before we leave.” I said, “Hindro is boring, for your information.”

“We should… I don’t know! IT’S A HARD DECISION! I don’t want to really leave.” Saturo said.

“I dunno.” Mehrunes replies.

“Well great. We can’t think of anything to do.” Saturo said.

“Wait! I have an idea!” Draco shouted.

Draco then ran to his room, opened the door and then… Out came Fireball, riding on Zephyr. Zephyr looked much bigger, he’d grown to be twice as big as he was before.

“FOR HONOR!!! AND CATNIP!!!” shouted Fireball as he rode Zephyr like a knight on a horse.

“This is already interesting.” Mehrunes comments.

“Good! Because the last time we spoke, you insulted me by calling me basic!” Fireball shouted at Mehrunes.

Mehrunes doesn’t say anything.

“So do you guys want to know why I brought these two out?” Draco asked us.

“Sure.” Mehrunes replies.

“Okay then now let’s get on Zephyr’s back real quick.” Draco replied as he hopped onto Zephyrs back before looking at us.

“What are you going to do? Fly like last time?” Saturo asked.

“Of course! And I want you guys get on too! So c’mon! Get on!” Draco replied.

“No thanks… I don’t really feel like it, plus Zephyr’s back won’t fit all of us…” Saturo said.

“Hmm… there’s only enough room for three people so do one of you want to stay on the ground?” Draco asked.

“You fly by yourself. We’ll watch first.” Saturo said.

“*SIGH* Fine. Zephyr let’s go!” Draco said as he grabbed onto Zephyr’s horns before Zephyr took off into the air.

“Do a trick!” I shouted. “Flip or something!”

“You got it! Zephyr let’s go!” Draco exclaimed before Zephyr rushed forward.

Draco suddenly did a backflip off of Zephyr before Zephyr caught him by flying under him, they did it near flawlessly!

“How was that?” Draco asked.

“Wow, you even did it on your first try!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah to be honest I wasn’t sure that was even gonna work.” Draco said.

“Well it did, congrats!” I said.

“I’ve got a better trick.” Fireball said. “Draco! Come down here and get off of Zephyr! It’s my turn!”

“Actually how about you just jump on when we fly by?” Draco asked. “I have an idea…”

“No! I need to do this one alone, Zephyr and I practiced it a lot!” Fireball shouted.

“Fine…” Draco muttered.

Zephyr then landed in front of Fireball, and Draco hopped off. Fireball hopped onto Zephyr, and immediately, Zephyr took off. Lots of tricks were seen. Flips, 360 Noscopes, Side Flips, everything you could think of!

“Woah.” Saturo said in shock as Zephyr landed on the ground, “that was sick.”

“Thank you!” Fireball exclaimed, hopping off of Zephyr, “it took a lot of practice!”

“That's definitely not been done before.” Mehrunes comments.

“Exactly, and you suck at doing cool things, unlike me and Zephyr!” Fireball shouted at Mehrunes while laughing.

“Yeah yeah, insults insults. I never called you basic anyway, nor did I ever insult you.” Mehrunes replies. “Also, insults--”

“Shut up, no one wants to hear you talk!” Fireball shouted.

Suddenly Fireball fell onto the floor and began to roll and do weird moves.

“AHAHAHAH AHAHAHAH HEHEUHEHAHEAHUEH!” Fireball laughed very weirdly as he rolled around Zephyr, who sat there, going like, “what?”

The four of us were silent for awhile, just watching Fireball.

AHAHEHAHEHAHAEHHEAHAHEHAHEAHAHHAH!!!” Fireball began to laugh louder.

“What are you doing?” Mehrunes asks Fireball.

“Laughing at your face!” Fireball replied, “AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“What did I do to you?!” Mehrunes asks Fireball.

“AHEHAHEHAHAEHEHAHAEHAHAHEHAHEAHAEH!!” Fireball only continued laughing in response.

“He’s not very nice is he?” Mehrunes asks rhetorically.

“I think he’s had way too much catnip…” I said. “Wait when we were gone, Uchiho took care of him… This is Uchiho’s fault then, that he had too much catnip.”

EHAHAHEHAHAHEHAHEHAHAHE!!!” Fireball laughed even louder, and he began to run around us all like a crazy chicken.

“Because this is fun.” Mehrunes says. “CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!”

EHAHEAHHAHAHEHAHEHA!!” Fireball laughed even LOUDER!

“Why don’t we just leave?” Mehrunes asks.

“And go where?” Saturo asked, as Fireball laughed in the background.

“Not here.” Mehrunes replies. “Do you have goodbyes to make? Friends to reunion with?”

“Umm… Not exactly. But I have an idea if we need to go somewhere else.” Saturo said as Fireball was still laughing in the background, “we could enter the Dream World and go after Lagi.”

“That’s probably a good plan.” Mehrunes says. “We need to make sure Fireball doesn’t go though. It’s dangerous enough in the Dream World we don’t need to lose him.”

EHAHEHAHEAHEHAH!!” Fireball continued to laugh loudly.

SHUT THE FRICK UP!!” a loud voice then yelled.

We turned and spotted Gagger at his front door, looking mad.


But Fireball ignored him and continued laughing crazily, he started to somewhat break dance in his spot. Zephyr was just lying down, watching Fireball silently.

“Now that you’re up, Gagger, we were needing to go to the Dream World anyway.” Mehrunes replies.

“Oh were you?” Gagger asked in a grumpy voice as Fireball laughed in the background, “well alright then… As long as you take THE STUPID ANNOYING CAT WITH YOU!”

AHEHAHEAHEHA!!” Fireball laughed.

“Or I could give you sound blocking headphones.” Mehrunes replies.

“WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!?” Gagger yelled, over the sound of Fireball laughing.



“Come on! Let’s go.” Mehrunes says, starting to walk backwards.

The four of us turned around and entered, and just as we entered, we were not able to hear Fireball’s laughing anymore… We had escaped.

We looked around. We were in office, in a skyscraper. It was empty, and there were papers all over the floor. There was a computer on the desk, with the words, ‘Digital World’ written on it.

When we all looked at it, a pop up appeared. It read, ‘Would you like to enter the Digital World?’ it had two choices under it. ‘Okay’ and ‘No thank you’. I exchanged looks with the others.

“Umm… What should we do?” I asked, “press ‘okay’?”

“Considering the situation… no.” Mehrunes replies. “If this is for adventure… yes.”

“We have to decide now, otherwise…” Saturo said, pointing to the screen.

We all looked at the screen, and it showed a time limit. There were ten seconds remaining.

“We have ten seconds to decide! Quick!” Saturo exclaimed.

“For the sake of an interesting story, if someone ever writes one, CHOOSE OKAY!” Mehrunes says.

“OKAY!” Saturo replied.

Just when there was five seconds remaining, Saturo put his hand on the mouse and pressed ‘okay’. The pop up disappeared, and a new one appeared, which showed that there was something being downloaded, and it also said, ‘Do not turn off the system’.

And it was 15% complete. We were gonna wait to see what will happen when it finally finishes.

To be continued in the next chapter...
LOL Fireball tho, lol.

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That was really funny! My

That was really funny! My favorite part was when Mehrunes was saying, "For the sake of an interesting story, if someone ever writes one, CHOOSE OKAY!"
This is a story, and an interesting one at that! :)

Just some CC:
Draco said this earlier, when he was riding Zephyr: “Of course! And I want you guys to come with! So c’mon! Get on!”
The sentence, "And I want you guys to come with!" seems to be missing a word :)


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Oh I didn't see that....

Oh I didn't see that.... Okay, I'll fix that!


<(QuartzMaster A.K.A. Osaid)> Read my books!!!! :D

"Uuuuuuuuurr Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrrr Uhhrrrrr Ahhhrrrr Aaaaarrrggghhh..." - Chewbacca

Posted by qU@Rt2M@2teR on Fri, 04/21/2017 - 09:33
There! I fixed

There! I fixed that!


<(QuartzMaster A.K.A. Osaid)> Read my books!!!! :D

"Uuuuuuuuurr Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrrr Uhhrrrrr Ahhhrrrr Aaaaarrrggghhh..." - Chewbacca

Posted by qU@Rt2M@2teR on Fri, 04/21/2017 - 09:53

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