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Ultimates 9: (Chapter 9)

Ultimates 9: (Chapter 9)

Posted April 16th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Guys are you reading this? You should this is awesome and the series is ending, this is the last book... And one of the best.




{Chapter 9}


|    ~~The~Digital~World~~    |


“Umm…” Draco said, as we glanced at it.

“This looks… like a portal of some kind… now that I look at it.” Mehrunes says.

“Really?” Draco asked as we saw that it was now 19% complete.

“Yeah…” Mehrunes replies. “Original as it may be, this looks like a portal…”

“What makes you see it that way?” Saturo questioned.

“Well, we’re in the Dream World, notorious for having portals, considering it’s called Digital WORLD, and it’s ‘downloading’ even though normally it would already be on the computer…” Mehrunes replies.

“Wait, are you saying we’re going to enter a computer?!” Saturo exclaimed in question.

“Possibly…” Mehrunes replies.


Then we looked and saw that the download was 27% complete.

“Yeah, this will take decently long.” Mehrunes says. “We have some time.”

“Then what should we do until then?” Draco asked.

“I don’t know.” Mehrunes replies. “There’s not a lot to do.”

“Hmmm… You guys want to tell each other jokes or something? Because besides that all we can do really is talk or sit down on the ground quietly.” Draco suggested.

“That’ll get tiring pretty fast.” Mehrunes replies.

“Fine then, wait quietly it is.” Draco said, sitting down on the ground.

“There’s other stuff we can do.” Mehrunes replies.

“Like looking through some of the papers on the floor? Or making a paper fort? Or having a paper ball fight?” Saturo suggested.

“We never even checked if the papers are blank.” Mehrunes replies. “They could have something useful on them. Like a warning or something.”

“Hmm… let’s see…” Draco said picking a paper off of the ground.

We all surrounded Draco, and looked at the paper. It was a picture of… A door. A regular door, that is halfway open, in the middle of a desert.

“Umm… So…” I said.

“This is definitely an interesting picture. Especially for one in an office room.” Draco said as he looked at the paper.

Suddenly, the picture began to move, and the door opened, and we saw a hooded figure there, who had a scythe.

“Okay… that probably isn’t good.” Draco said.

“Well… I think this might be a riddle or something.” Saturo said.

The hooded figure in the picture then broke the door with his scythe, and looked back at us. It was like the picture was alive.

“Odd.” Mehrunes says. “It might mean no escape.”

“Okay… Hey look at this picture!” Saturo said, showing us another paper.

On that paper was a mountain, just a mountain like any ordinary mountain. But, it took me awhile as I looked at it… That mountain had a face.

“What’s with these weird pictures?” I asked.

“I dunno.” Saturo replied.

“Guys! The hooded guy disappeared!” Draco suddenly exclaimed.

We all looked at his paper, and it just showed an empty desert.

“Where did he go?!” I asked.

“Umm…” Saturo started.

We then looked at his paper, the one with a mountain with a face, and we saw the hooded figure standing on the mountain’s nose.

“Umm…” I said, as we looked at the hooded figure.

The hooded figure then pointed at something, behind us. Mehrunes looked back.

“Oh! The download is 99% complete!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“OH YEAH FINALLY!” Saturo exclaimed as well.

We all walked up to the computer, and just as we were close, it had finished. Suddenly, a blue hole appeared in the computer, and it sucked us in like a black hole.

We yelled, and after we entered, when I opened my eyes after I had landed on the ground, I was amazed…

Everything was… Digital-like… There were blue lines, and a lot of numbers all over… And there were skyscrapers as well, made of lines and numbers.

“Called it.” Mehrunes says. “Now what should we do?”

“Explore the place!” Saturo exclaimed, “this is awesome!”

“We should stay together though.” Mehrunes says. “We don’t know what dangers could be in here.”

“Well yeah!” Saturo responded, “but what kind of dangers? It depends on what kind to see if we should stay together or not.”

“Considering it’s a digital world, nearly everything could be here…” Mehrunes replies.

“Umm…” Saturo said, “eh. Well then, bye! Gonna go explore!”

Saturo then began to run off, and he was already thirty feet away. Soon he was out of our sight.

“Don’t run off like him please.” Mehrunes says, looking at me and Draco.

“I don’t really need to.” I replied, “Saturo is excited that’s why he ran off. I’m not too excited… Although this place is amazing.”

“That is true.” Mehrunes says. “Wait… if this world is digital, does that act like, a computer program or stuff like that?”

“Maybe.” Draco said. “Everything has ones and zeroes on them so it definitely has the aesthetic down.”

“Well what are we doing, just standing here?” I asked, “let’s go explore!”

“Hmm… but where to first?” Draco asked.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care! Let’s just go anywhere!” I exclaimed.

“How about that building over there?” Draco said, pointing.

“Sure I guess.” I replied, as we began walking towards it.


Lagi looked around. He was in a cave, a dark cave with no light at all. Ivory was right next to him. They both had passed many places to get here. They passed a desert, a forest, and they nearly fell into a huge hole filled with… Evil beings.

Lagi looked around. The place was empty. The emptiness made Lagi shiver.

“Well, I wonder where we will find my dad…” Lagi said, “I hope it’s soon.”

“Yeah, this place can be a little creepy sometimes.” Ivory replied.

“Also, is there any way to get some light in here?” Lagi asked.

“I’m not sure, but if there is, I hope we find it soon.” Ivory replied.

Suddenly, they heard a loud growl.

“Is that you dad?” Lagi suddenly asked.

Then there was another growl, this time louder.

“Who is that?” Ivory asked.

Then, it was a roar. A loud one, which could make someone lose their hearing. Lagi and Ivory were forced back a bit because of how loud the roar was.

“We need to see what that thing is!” Lagi yelled.

Lagi then shot electricity all over the room to try and set something on fire. But nothing in the room was flammable, so nothing was lit on fire.

“Dangit!” Lagi yelled in defeat.

“Maybe we should just walk backwards?” Ivory suggested.

“Why would we do that?” Lagi asked.

“I don’t know.” Ivory replied.

She started walking backwards. And nothing happened, at all, whatsoever. Lagi then sent a beam of water right at where he heard the roar come from. But the water only touched the wall, and bounced right off onto the floor.

“Why is nothing working?” Lagi asked.

“Maybe because I made it that way…” said a dark, creepy voice.

“Why would you make it that way?” Ivory asked.

“Stupid girl, no one questions me.” the voice replied.

“That’s not very nice!” Ivory replied.

“So is your face.” the voice replied with a chuckle.

“What do you mean?” Ivory asked.

“What does your ‘face’ mean? Hmm?” the voice asked. “It’s in a different language, I can’t read it.”

“This makes no sense.” Lagi said as he shot a bolt of lightning at where he heard the voice came from.

Then, suddenly, a figure appeared right in front of Lagi. The figure was all made of darkness, he looked just like a shadow, except he wasn’t stuck to the ground like an actual shadow. But then, suddenly, a light glowed on the ceiling of the room, and they were able to see him.

“Who are you?” Lagi asked.

“Who are you? You should tell me, since YOU are the intruder.” The figure said.

“My name is Lagi, and this is Ivory. We were just looking for my dad, who is dead.” Lagi explained.

“Stupid! Your dad wouldn’t be here, plus since he’s dead, OF COURSE HE WOULDN’T BE HERE!!!!” the figure shouted.

“I was told by Elec that I could find my dad in the Dream World, and we have been looking everywhere for him! So I’m sorry for coming here and disturbing you!” Lagi shouted back. “Now, if you could tell us where the exit is, then this would be a lot easier!”

“Hey, no one said anything about you leaving.” the figure said.

“Why won't you let us leave?” Ivory asked.

“Because, look at the sign at the entrance.” the figure said, pointing behind them.

They turned around and saw a sign which read, ‘Enter and die’ which was also written in blood.

“Well, that seems bad.” Lagi muttered.

“Why do we have to die?” Ivory asked.

“You really are a stupid girl.” the figure said, “this is my duty!”

“Don’t call me STUPID!” Ivory yelled as she turned into a Lagiacrus. She then charged the shadow, shooting electricity everywhere.

“Still stupid. Girl, you are nothing here. This is my realm, I have power here.” the figure said.

Ivory roared. The figure stuck both his hands out.

“I just realized, you are more ugly now than before.” The figure said.

“Don’t talk to her like that!” Lagi yelled as he turned into a Lagiacrus and charged the figure as well.

They both went right through him.

“Dude, I’m a shadow, you go through me.” The figure said.

Lagi tried to claw the figure, only to have his claw go right through him. Then, Lagi and Ivory turned back into humans and sat down. “Why do we have to die and why are you calling us stupid?” Lagi asked.

“You have to die because those are the rules. And I’m calling you stupid because it’s the truth.” The figure said, his eyes glowing bloody red.

“Well, can’t we just change the rules?” Ivory asked.

“No, of course not! You have ten minutes now. Before you die. Use it wisely.” the figure said.

“How will we die?” Lagi asked.

“It will just happen fast. You won’t feel pain, at least if you impress me in these last ten minutes.” the figure answered.

“But, will it be you killing us? Or someone else? That’s what I meant with my question.” Lagi said. “And how would we impress you?”

“I will be the one to kill you. And you have to impress me in any way. Now the ten minutes have begun. No questions, you have your last words now.” The figure said.

Ivory fell asleep. Lagi laid down.

“Are you serious right now? You just sit? Talk to each other, you aren’t gonna see each other again for crying out loud!” The figure shouted.

Lagi closed his eyes. Ivory began snoring.

“Wow. You are the worst ever.” The figure said, “you are supposed to be hugging and crying for mercy to me.”

Lagi fell asleep. Ivory continued snoring.

“Wow. Well… Then I guess you’ll just die earlier.” The figure said.

Lagi started snoring.

“Do you want to live or not?” The figure asked.

Lagi and Ivory continued sleeping.

“You aren’t actually sleeping. You are awake. Don’t ignore me.” The figure said. “You can’t sleep in the Dream World, you are already sleeping in the Real WOrld. Stop faking.”

“But why? I’m tired!” Lagi complained.

“DO YOU WANT TO DIE OR NOT!?” The figure yelled.

“I just want to see my dad!” Lagi answered.

“So the answer is no.” Ivory added.

“THEN IMPRESS ME! OR BEG TO LIVE! CRY! DO something!” The figure yelled.

“Would giving you a lot of food impress you?” Lagi asked.

“No. You need to beg me. Beg for mercy, cry, hug each other and cry for dear life! DO SOMETHING USEFUL OR YOU’LL JUST DIE!” The figure yelled.

“Please give us mercy wah wah!” Lagi said as he hugged Ivory.

“What he said.” Ivory said as she hugged Lagi back.

“Wow, very realistic.” The figure said sarcastically, “you are not really crying.”

“So, I don’t think I can take you seriously. We can’t touch you and I think that means you can’t touch us!” Lagi said.

“Actually I can. This whole place IS me. I am already touching you.” The figure replied.

“That is very strange. Well, I guess I should ready myself to die or something.” Lagi said.

“You seem not to be scared. Well, maybe if I show you… Or wait… MAybe if I TELL you…” The figure was saying, but he stopped.

“Tell us what?” Ivory asked.

“Can I hear what you have to say?” Lagi asked as well.

“What if I told you, that I was the one who killed your father?” The figure asked, “would you then, be afraid?”

“If you had some way to prove it then we would probably be afraid.” Lagi said.

“Proof isn’t needed. You came to want to talk to your father, right? Well you are in the right place, but since I am here…” the figure said, as a smirk appeared on his dark face.

“Yes? Continue on…” Lagi said.

“I am sorry to say this, but I have just contacted the hunter that wants your kind extinct. Prepare to die. And perish.” the figure then said, before he disappeared.

“Dying and perishing are the same thing!” Lagi yelled as he jumped to his feet in a fighting stance.

“I know… You obviously DO want to die though.” The figure said, “remember, boy, I am the ruler here. If I wanted you could be dead right now.”

“So, you obviously don’t want me dead! Why are we still here?” Lagi asked.

“I’m giving you a chance to ask for help! The hunter is on his way. You are being hunted, and have been your entire life.” the figure said.

“Yes, but still… Why call the hunter when you could have the pleasure of doing it yourself? And anyways, you said you killed my father, but you just called the hunter. How can I trust you?” Lagi asked.

“You don’t.” The figure said, “in reality, I’m not real.”

“That makes no sense so I’m just going to sit here until you show me where the exit is.” Lagi said as he sat down.

Suddenly, the figure then disappeared. He was nowhere in sight.

“Hello?” asked a voice.

“Yes?” Lagi asked back.

Lagi and Ivory turned their heads and they saw someone standing there… It was Saturo.

“What are you doing here Saturo?” Ivory asked.

“Hey Ivory… If what that shadow guy was saying was true then we should probably run.” Lagi said, taking a step back.

“Run? Why? Is there something behind me or something?” Saturo asked, turning around but seeing nothing. “Guys there’s nothing, I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Listen, we were told that this shadow dude called the guy who almost killed our entire kind, and I think it may be you because you just randomly showed up.” Lagi explained.

“Umm… Well I was just with Draco, Ich, and Mehrunes in the Digital World IN the Dream World…” Saturo started, “I ran off and found another portal so I hopped in. And I found you! But you could just be fake, and not real and just my imagination…”

“How can we trust you?” Lagi asked.

“Umm…” Saturo said, before a smirk appeared on his face as he began to look at the two of them weirdly.

“I think we should run too.” Ivory said as she took a step back.

“Well how about this for proof…” Saturo said as he walked up to Lagi, “remember that we made a deal? Because you… you know…”

“Yes, we made a deal…” Lagi said.

“Exactly. That’s proof.” Saturo said, “now… Did you find your father? Where is he?”

“Well, we didn’t find my dad, but still… You could still be the hunter, waiting for the perfect moment to finish the job…” Lagi said, taking another step back.

“Well. I’m not.” Saturo said, “the hunter doesn’t know you personally, and he never met you so he wouldn’t know these things… I am not that hunter.”

“But how do I know that you know these things?” Lagi asked, taking a few steps back.

“Umm, I was the one who… You know what, forget it then I’ll just go back to the others.” Saturo said before he turned around and began to walk back from where he came from.

“Hey Saturo, wait up!” Lagi yelled as he ran after Saturo, “I’m sorry, that guy from before just scared me a little. Can you help me find my dad?”

“Oh by ‘guy’ you mean me?” the same voice from before asked.

“I don’t care about you anymore, leave us alone!” Lagi said as he walked away.

“Remember you are in my realm. I just messed with you a bit, because once you enter, I know EVERYTHING about you.” The voice said, “before you came, there was this guy named MEhrunes who came before you.”

“Oh, we know that guy!” Lagi said.

“Yeah, wait… Mehrunes was here? When?” Saturo asked.

“When you were looking for your master Glare, he got that book from me.” The voice said, “and now Lagi wants to speak with his dad…”

“What are you saying? Because I think there is more to what you are saying than what you just said.” Lagi asked.

“I can give you what you want, that is what I am saying.” The voice said.


“You already have that…” The voice replied.

“Duplicating doesn’t count.” Saturo responded.

“Shut up.” The voice replied, “you don’t need any help.”

“Wait, you can duplicate things?” Ivory asked. “Why didn’t you tell any of us?

“Here let me prove it.” Saturo replied.

He then pointed at Ivory. And before any of them knew it, there were TWO Ivory’s.

“Oh no…” Lagi muttered.

But then the other one disappeared, left with blue dust effects.

“See? But it’s dangerous to duplicate people so I did it and then undid it.” Saturo said.

“Okay… Anyways, what is the cost to see my father?” Lagi asked.

“I never said anything about a ‘cost’.” The voice answered.

“So, you can tell me how to talk to my dad?” Lagi asked.

“Well I can’t just tell you. It’s much more than something you tell.” The voice replied.

“Then how do I get to my dad?” Lagi asked.

“The process is hard, and it will be harder than you think… I don’t know how long it would take, but it could take years to find your father.” The voice replied again.

“Well then, I guess I’ll be here for years. Tell me how to get started!” Lagi demanded.

“I don’t know these things, they are hidden from me…” the voice replied.

“Then how can I learn how to?” Lagi asked.

“I don’t know that either! Besides, it’s not my duty, my duty is something else.” the voice responded. “Also, you have to leave pretty soon. Or else you would die.”

“Goodbye then!” Lagi yelled. “Come on, let's leave.”

“Umm… there is no exit…” Saturo said. “Only an entrance.”

“But I can just kick you out.” the voice said, “goodbye.”

This chapter is one of the funniest ones XD.
Hope you enjoyed, and I want you all to read the series from the begining.
To be continued in the next chapter.

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LOL this chapter was

LOL this chapter was hilarious. Thx!





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