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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 12)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 12)

Posted September 14th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Here's the next chapter!


Chapter 12


Kaze, Saturo, and Draco were still outside, waiting for Glare to return. They were sitting down on the glowing grass, readying themselves mentally for the test they were about to take. They were going to give it their all so that Glare would accept them as students and teach them and train them to become stronger! 

“Alright, thank you for waiting,” Glare then finally came back outside.

“Do we take the test now?” Saturo asked, standing up.

“Yes, but since you’re beginners, you won’t be taking the same tests that other people take,” Glare said. “I’ve prepared a special test for the three of you.”

“Oh, neat! I wonder what it is!” Draco said.

“It’s a test that tests both your skills and teaches you skills at the same time,” Glare replied with a smile.

“Ooh! That sounds pretty cool!” Kaze commented.

“Yes, quite.” Glare nodded. “It took some time to set up, but it will work efficiently.”

“Took some time? You were only gone for like five minutes!” Kaze pointed out.

“Five minutes was all I needed. Now, are you ready?” Glare questioned. 

The three of them nodded. “Yeah!”

“Very well. I shall teleport you to your testing stations now, and then the test will begin,” Glare said. He then snapped his fingers and the three of them were teleported. To separate places.


Draco found himself in a small white room. But it wasn’t glowing. Looking around, Draco saw a door in front of him. 

“Get through all the doors. The final door will reveal Glare. Get to it and you’ll pass the test.” Emiliya suddenly appeared in the room. 

“Oh, okay,” Draco said, walking to the door.

“If this was a normal test, you would fail. But Glare’s being easier on you for some reason,” Emiliya said. “But good luck passing, either way.”

Draco still couldn’t understand why she had a problem with Glare testing them. But at least she wished him luck.

He walked in through the doorway, closing it behind him. He inspected the new room he had entered. It wasn’t glowing either.

It was very barren, mainly just clean dark blue walls, floor, and ceiling, with one high up platform leading into a hallway on the opposite side from him.

There was seemingly no obvious way to get up there.

Suddenly, panels in the walls shifted around, and a trio of green armored mechanical knight robots were deployed. They looked formidable. They were easily over six feet tall and had futuristic looking battle armor as well as a bright blue glowing mono eye on the center of their head that glowed brightly.

Despite their looks, the robots seemed pretty calm.

Draco just watched them for a bit before a man’s voice spoke in his head. It was the voice of Glare!

“So your task is simple on paper. You have to reach that platform and move to the next room,” Glare said.

“Okay,” Draco said.

“But…you must use your powers to get up there,” Glare added.

“Makes sense.” Draco nodded.

“And here’s an extra rule to make it harder so I can really see your potential. You must reach the next room while avoiding the robots at all costs. You may not touch them in any way,” Glare said. “But that also goes for…”

As Glare was about to say another word, one of the robots shot a small blue laser at Draco from its mono eye. He rolled out of the way, noticing that the trio of robots were actually slowly charging lasers from their eyes.

“As I was saying, you also may not let them hit you, or else you’re out and you fail. Do not worry though, I have set the lasers to be harmless. If you get hit, it’ll just stun you until you’re teleported out. Now then, try and find a way to escape without coming in contact with the enemy or getting hit by their attacks!” Glare exclaimed.

As he finished speaking, the other two robots fired their lasers at Draco, forcing him to dodge again.

As he was doing so, he evaluated his surroundings.

“Alright, so I can’t hit or touch my opponent, so I can’t use that to escape, but I also can’t let them hit me. So I have to escape by myself without being hit or hitting something,” Draco thought to himself. His thoughts were then cut off as another laser was shot at him. Draco dodged it with a sidestep.

“Now, how could I get up there?” Draco asked himself. “I don’t know how to fly yet with my crystal so that’s out of the question, and I don’t know how to teleport.”

Draco then dodged another laser as he continued thinking.

He thought back to the fight with Folly. He had gotten super focused and was able to use a bit of his Crystal’s power, right? Maybe he could tap into that again somehow.

He tried to think of how he did that against Folly as he had to dodge yet another laser.

“It happened due to the stress and anger I had, right? Maybe I can tap into it by emulating that feeling,” Draco thought.

He then tried to think about how he felt. He felt… powerless. Frozen. As if he couldn’t move. And that made him angry. Angry at himself.

Draco then ducked as he had to avoid another laser.

“That feeling combined with the stress of him wanting to kill me along with Kaze and Saturo being hurt must’ve caused that rush of adrenaline and focus,” Draco concluded. He then focused on emulating that feeling. That anger and stress.

He could faintly feel a buzz of energy coursing through his body.

He tried to heighten the feeling.

To make it feel like there was nothing he could do.

He thought of it harder and harder as he avoided two more lasers. He also absorbed Quazaros, as he had unabsorbed him earlier.

He could feel the energy build, like a static shock throughout his body.

“C’mon… concentrate… concentrate…!” Draco said as he strained to think about the feeling harder.

He could feel the energy build more… almost like he was pushing something and it finally gave way. He felt a surge of energy and adrenaline through his body. Everything around him felt slightly slower as he dodged a pair of lasers by jumping across the room and over the robots. 

But it still wasn’t high enough to reach the platform, he needed to boost himself upwards after jumping somehow.

He then thought of the spheres of energy he had made before. They had exploded, right? Maybe he could make them explode in a way to propel him upwards.

He quickly ducked under another laser as he thought about his idea. It could work.

He then made a small sphere of energy in his hand and tried to see if he could make it explode without throwing it, as that would risk him failing the test.

He focused on the sphere, clutching his fingers together, nearly making a fist. His hand movements caused the sphere to shrink and glow brighter. Maybe he could make it rupture from the pressure and explode.

He tried to add more pressure to the sphere as he then dashed out of the way of all three of the robots lasers.

The sphere became tiny and was glowing white rather than light blue like before. Then, with just a tiny bit more pressure, it burst into a small explosive blast in his hands. It didn’t harm him, but it pushed him back a bit. His idea had worked. Now he just needed to apply it.

He made a larger sphere in his hands this time, adding pressure to it with his hands as he then moved around the room, positioning himself to jump upwards.

As he did, he pressured the sphere into a small tennis ball sized white sphere. It was close to exploding.

He then leapt off of the wall right as the robots shot at him, and as he reached the high point of his jump, he moved around so his arms were pointing away from him and the platform. He made the sphere explode into a large cloud of smoke and energy, propelling him up and backwards. He also landed on the platform successfully. He had done it. And without hitting or getting hit by the robots!

Draco smiled as he did a little fist pump, getting off the ground and dusting himself off at the same time.

“That technique is gonna take some work, but it seems useful,” Draco said to himself as he then walked down the hallway towards the next door, feeling a bit proud of himself, but also wondering how Kaze and Saturo were doing.


Saturo looked around at the new location he was teleported to. It was a small white room with a singular door placed in front of him. 

“So this is the test, huh?” Saturo asked himself as he looked around. 

“Yep.” Emiliya suddenly appeared beside him. “You gotta get through all the doors. The final door will have Glare in it. If you reach that door, you will have passed. Which is unlikely for a newbie like you but… Glare made it easier. So good luck.” She then disappeared right after informing Saturo what he needed to do.

Saturo blinked. “Uh… okay…” He then looked over at the door. “I will pass this test though! You’ll see, Emiliya!” 

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll see, whatever.” Saturo heard her voice replying but didn’t see her. 

“Wait, you’re still here?” Saturo questioned, looking around but finding nothing.

“Shush, I gotta tell the other newbie what to do.” 

“Oh. Uhh…okay.” Saturo then decided to proceed in taking the test. He walked over to the door, opened it, and walked through. He looked around at the new room. Instead of white, the room was dark blue. 

He walked through the room. 

“Hey Saturo, this is Glare speaking,” he then heard a voice in his head. “I haven’t really seen what you could do, so I’m going to test you by sending all sorts of things at you. Sound good?” 

“Woah! You can talk to me in my own head!?” Saturo was rather surprised that he could hear Glare’s voice in his head. 

“Yes, I can. Now you should focus on getting to the next door,” Glare replied.

“Okay! I got this!” Saturo said to himself. He then looked forward and saw the door that led to the next room. 

He thought it was going to be easy, as the door was right there in plain sight, unguarded. So he approached the door. 

That was when a trio of green armored mechanical knight robots were deployed from the ground. The robots were over six feet tall and had futuristic looking battle armor. They also had a single eye that was glowing bright blue which was shaped as an upside down triangle. 

“Oh… that doesn’t look good.” Saturo stopped walking and looked at the robots cautiously. 

The robots’ eyes glowed as they charged up a laser. Saturo was alarmed. 

The lasers suddenly shot at Saturo, and he barely dodged them. He noticed that the lasers didn’t damage the floor, but he still did not want to get hit by them. 

He also knew that he would not be able to dodge all of them. And as he realized that, a laser hit him in the chest. 

“Agh!” Saturo was stunned as he fell to the floor.

He felt a mix between numbness and pins and needles when a body part wakes up after having blood flow cut off.

Saturo struggled to get up. But he forced himself to as he saw the robots were about to shoot him again. 

“Pulse, help me out here!” He said to his Ultimate Crystal as he absorbed it. Once his Ultimate Crystal was absorbed, the feeling went away. Saturo stood up. 

The robots shot their lasers at him, and he was able to dodge. With his Ultimate Crystal absorbed, Saturo’s strength, speed, and agility all increased. 

Saturo then thought about what he had to do to reach the second door. 

“The robots are in the way… I can’t get past them, because then they would shoot at me… I’ll have to beat them somehow!” Saturo thought to himself. 

He then decided to try and fight against the robots. He approached them, and they shot their lasers once more. Saturo ducked under the lasers before getting up and pushing one of the robots back a bit. The robot didn’t fall, however, and was only pushed back by an inch. It looked down at Saturo.

The other robots stopped charging their next attack and looked down at Saturo. 

“Uhh…” Saturo was confused on why they didn’t attack him. 

The robot he had pushed then grabbed him and smashed him into the floor all of a sudden, quite quickly and effortlessly at that. 

“Ow!” Saturo was hurt. He grabbed the robot’s metal hand and tried to loosen its grip. But the robot’s grip was strong and he failed. “Pulse! It’s too strong! I need more power!” 

“It’s not that easy, Saturo. You have to earn the power, work for it. I can’t just give it to you, your body cannot handle it,” Pulse replied. 

Hearing what Pulse had told him, Saturo tried to loosen the robots grip. He felt his body shaking from how hard he was trying. 

The robot’s grip was also loosening a little. But not enough. 

“Maybe you should think of something you are capable of doing with the little power I’ve given you to get out, rather than just asking for more power,” Pulse then said.

Saturo continued to shake as he pushed against the robot’s hand. He then pulled himself up, and got himself out of there quickly as the robot’s hand smashed into the ground. 

Saturo stopped shaking and was breathing hard now as he looked over at the robots in front of him. He knew he had to be cautious now, or else he would be put in that situation again. 

The three robots looked over at him and started to charge lasers again. But this time they seemed to be charging for a longer time. 

“Uh oh…” Saturo could tell that that wasn’t good. 

He prepared to dodge. The robots then shot their lasers… or so Saturo thought. The substance that came out of their eye wasn’t a laser. 

It was a lightning bolt. 

An arc of glowing blue electricity.

It moved so fast, Saturo was struck by it in less than a second. Saturo felt his body burning from the heat and he fell to the floor, steam seemingly coming off of his body. 

“Ugh…” Saturo felt like he couldn’t move as he was on the floor.

The robots then zapped him with electricity again, this time all three of them individually. Three arcs of glowing blue electricity hit Saturo’s body. He felt even more pain as his body temperature rose.

Saturo refused to take any more pain. He forced himself to stand up, his body shaking as it was still being hit with electricity. 

“Hrraaaahhh!” He moved his hands in front of him, stopping the electricity from hitting his chest directly. 

Then something unexpected happened. 

Saturo felt his body doing something… it stopped getting burned from the heat. He still felt hot, but it was a different kind of hot. From the inside. 

“What?” Saturo noticed that he wasn’t feeling pain anymore. He then noticed that his body was surrounded by sparks of electricity. “What’s happening?!”

“You’ve absorbed the electricity and harnessed it,” Pulse explained.

“Woah!” Saturo smiled. Then he looked over at the robots, who were still shooting electricity at him. He grinned. “Take this!” 

Saturo then attempted to attack. He ran towards the robots and jumped, hitting the ground with his hand, causing a small shockwave to take the robots out. The robots were knocked back and collapsed on the floor, seemingly stunned.

“Oh heck yeah! I did it!” Saturo was excited. “That was awesome!”

“That sure was, Saturo! Well done! I didn’t expect that out of you!” Glare commented in Saturo’s mind.

“Oh! You saw that?” Saturo asked.

“Indeed I did. You’ve passed the first section, now move on to the second. The test is far from over,” Glare replied.

“Okay!” Saturo then happily walked past the robots, who were turned off, and through the door that they were guarding.


“What the frick? How come this room isn’t glowing?” Kaze asked immediately as he saw that he was teleported. He saw that this room was white and plain, not glowing golden yellow like everything else was. 

Kaze then spotted a door. 

“So I just have to go through there. Seems legit.” Kaze walked towards the door. He then opened it and walked through, assuming that that was what he had to do to get to the test. 

Inside the room he saw a hallway. And it was all covered in sharp spikes. Across from him, he saw the other door. But there were many spikes on the ground, ceiling, and walls. 

“The frick!?” Kaze exclaimed. “How am I supposed to get past that!?”

“You gotta figure it out.” Emiliya appeared besides him. “Are you giving up already, newbie?” 

Kaze was unhappy with her sudden presence. 

“No! I never said I gave up!” He exclaimed, an angry look on his face. 

“Good, ‘cuz then you’d break that promise.” Emiliya grinned. “You promised me you’d pass. But you don’t look like you’re passing at the moment.”

“I didn’t even start!” Kaze exclaimed. 

“Better get busy then,” Emiliya said. “You already know what to do. Get past all the doors, last door has Glare in it. Otherwise, bye, wish you luck.” She then disappeared, leaving yellow particle effects behind. 

Kaze growled in annoyance and then looked over at the obstacles he had to get past. 

“How the frick am I supposed to do this? I’ll get hurt trying to get passed this!” He thought to himself.

He then brainstormed ways he could try to pass this first section. He didn’t want to fail the test. The only thing he wanted right now was to pass so he could laugh in Emiliya’s face later on. 

As he brainstormed, he recalled his fight with Folly. He had triggered something in him that gave him power, mainly what seemed like control of parts of the air. 

Kaze then decided to do some little tests before trying to pass the spikes. He focused his power. He did do it before, so he was sure he could do it again. He just needed to be able to do it on command. 

“Alright, Galex… help me out here,” Kaze then said. He cracked his knuckles as he faced towards the spikes. He inspected the distance he had to jump. It was about ten yard sticks away, an impossible jump. 

After thinking about it, Kaze noticed that back during the fight with Folly, he was able to use powers since it was desperately needed. He was going to try and do the same here. 

Kaze took a deep breath. He was about to risk it and jump. He really wanted to prove Emiliya wrong and this was all he could think of. There was no help to be given. He was on his own. 

Kaze backed up all the way to the previous door in order to get a running start. Then he ran as fast as he could, jumping off of the very edge. He tried to trigger his powers as he fell. 

“Oh shoot, frick, FRICK!” Kaze yelled. He wasn’t moving much. He was just falling and was about to face plant into spikes. 

Kaze closed his eyes as he didn’t want to see this. But he didn’t feel any pain. Opening his eyes, he saw that he was floating right above the spikes. 

“HECK YEAAAAH!” He was really excited. He had done it! He had triggered his powers! 

Kaze then tried to control it. He flew forward towards the door he needed to get to. Then he tried to move up and floated up a little higher. 

He was flying. 

“Oh, well done Kaze!” Kaze then heard Glare’s voice in his head and was startled.

“OH WHAT THE FRI-” He lost control and almost fell for a second. But he gained control and flew back up again. “How are you speaking in my head?!”

“I simply have the ability to do so. And I see that you’ve started to gain control over your powers. Well done,” Glare said. “Now move on to the next room!”

By now, Kaze had flown over all the spikes and made it to the door. He landed on the floor and looked over at the door. It didn’t have a doorknob, though. There was just a spike there. 

“The frick?” Kaze didn’t expect that. But he also didn’t think the test was going to be that easy. 

Kaze tried to push the door open but it didn’t work. He had to pull it, not push. 

Kaze then tried to pull the door without touching it. And he did it. Using his powers, he had opened the door! 

“Sweet, I’m getting the hang of this!” Kaze smiled as he entered the next room, ready to take the next part of the test. 

Looking around at the next room, he saw it was exactly like the previous room, except without spikes. 

And in the middle of the room stood Emiliya, a sword in her hand. 

“Wow, you actually made it, newbie.” Emiliya then pointed her sword at him. “But that’ll be as far as you’ll go.”

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter...

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Hmm, I don't think Glare and

Hmm, I don't think Glare and Emiliya are evil, but I think there IS something a little off about them. Guess it will be revealed eventually...

lol i already kno who broshi is so im enjoying folly bein foolish and goin after draco

Dude, there's so much in this story to interest people, this is great!!


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