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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 13)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 13)

Posted September 17th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Here's the next chapter!


Chapter 13


Draco looked around at the next room he had entered. According to Emiliya, he just had to get to the door that revealed Glare in order to pass. He wondered how many doors and rooms he had to get passed to get to him.

“I wonder what the next test will be…” Draco said to himself as he looked around the room he had entered.

He saw that he was in a sort of column-like room which was a tall narrow rectangle shape that continued upwards. He could see that there were button-like switches all over the room, one on the floor, one all the way up on the tall ceiling and dozens on the walls around him.

“I decided to change this one up, so it could test that strategy you used in the last room,” Glare then said in Draco’s mind. “In order to unlock the door hidden in this room, you have to use that burst propulsion to press all of these switches within a minute and a half! If you don’t press all of them before time runs out, then you have to start all over again. So be speedy! And keep an eye on what’s around you!”

Draco kept that in mind as he looked at where each switch was, looking for what would be the smoothest route. Eventually he could see that the switches went up the walls towards the ceiling in a rough spiraled line shape. Leading to the switch at the top and then probably ending with the one on the floor.

“To make this fair, let me know when you’re ready to begin so I’ll start the timer,” Glare told Draco.

“Okay.” Draco nodded before taking in a deep breath and focusing, his irises glowing cyan once again. He made a sphere of energy in each hand and got them ready so he could propel himself with their detonation. “Okay… I’m ready.”

“Alright then. I’ll start it on three. One…… Two…… THREE!” Glare did a countdown. A siren like those at sport games played after Glare had finished the countdown.

Draco immediately detonated the spheres in his hands, launching himself upward to the first switch. He swiftly pushed it with one hand, using the other to make another sphere, which he used to launch himself to the next switch. He kept at it, climbing up the room switch by switch until he finally reached the ceiling switch. As he pushed it he looked down at the floor, the final switch resting at the center of the room.

He rotated himself midair, so his body was facing downward.

Draco then made a sphere in each hand and detonated them, making him rocket down towards the floor at high speed.

As he approached the floor he used another sphere detonation to slow down.

Then, he did a sort of somersault so his feet were facing the ground, and landed with one foot on the switch, pushing it.

As he did, a buzzer went off.

“Hmm… a minute and nineteen. Not too shabby, Draco. Though you’ll have to work on your speed,” Glare then said.

“Yeah…” Draco said. “But I passed, right?”

“Yes, you did! Well done,” Glare replied as the wall next to Draco shifted and opened up, revealing a door.

Draco smiled as he walked to the door and opened it.

“I hope Saturo and Kaze are passing their tests,” Draco thought as he entered the room.


“Woah…” Saturo was in awe.

He had entered the next room, and saw that it was huge. He was standing on a small platform. The door he had to reach was way up high, and there were dozens of tall platforms leading up to the door. 

But beneath all this was a relatively deep pit. If Saturo were to fall, he would be greeted by long sharp spikes. Saturo saw this as he looked down. 

“So I have to do parkour to get to the door?” Saturo asked himself.

“Indeed. Good luck,” Glare’s voice answered him.

“Alright!” Saturo jumped onto a platform before he continually jumped up onto more and more in order to reach the door. 

But as he was halfway through the course, the platforms suddenly started to move, some of them going up, some going down. Saturo stumbled and almost fell.

“Woah!” He caught himself quickly. The platform he was standing on went all the way down. And all the other platforms were up high, impossible to reach. Saturo noticed this.

“Well that’s just great… I can’t get up there!” Saturo complained. 

But then the platform he was on began to rise.

“Oh, now’s my chance!” Saturo exclaimed. He waited until the platform was high enough and jumped to another. 

Once he landed, he noticed something. All the other platforms had descended down low. The one he was on was the only one that remained high.

“Huh?” He also saw that the door was still far away. Unreachable. “Ugh! What do I do… should I wait until they rise again?” 

Saturo thought about what he should do. 

“You’re running out of time!” Glare suddenly commented in his head.

“Huh?” Saturo looked around. He then saw that there was a wall of spikes coming towards him from behind. “Shoot!” 

He looked over at the door, the finishing line. The platforms were still all the way at the bottom with the spikes.

Saturo panicked. The spike wall was getting closer and he needed to move. But there wasn’t a place for him to move. 

“Oh gosh, what do I do?!” Saturo looked around desperately for a path he could use. But there were none. 

As Saturo was panicking, sparks of electricity generated around his body, as if it were caused by his panic. Saturo remembered that he had powers, thanks to his Ultimate Crystal Pulse. 

“Pulse! Am I able to use my powers to pass this?” Saturo questioned in his mind. 

“Go ahead and find out,” Pulse replied.

Saturo nodded and focused, trying to use his powers. He stuck out his hand, seeing all the static electricity on it. 

“So my powers are electricity?” Saturo asked. He then thought about how he could use his powers to pass this section of the test. 

He also almost forgot about the wall of spikes behind him. He quickly looked back just as he remembered, and the wall was only a foot away! 

Reacting quickly, Saturo zapped the wall with electricity. The electricity spread throughout the wall, and shortly after, it stopped moving. 

Saturo beamed. “I did something!” 

He then tried out his discovery on the platforms that were below with the spikes. Upon zapping them with electricity, the platforms ascended up high.

“YES!” Saturo then continued making the platforms rise and jumped onto them, slowly reaching the door. 

Eventually, he made it. With a smile, he opened the door and walked into the next room.


Kaze looked at Emiliya, a shocked yet confused expression on his face. She had a sword pointed right at him.

“W-what’s the meaning of this!?” Kaze exclaimed.

“Simple. I don’t want you to continue on,” Emiliya replied, her face expressionless.


“You’re a newbie. All three of you are newbies. I don’t want newbies to be sleeping under the same roof as me.” Emiliya kept her sword pointed at Kaze, but remained in the middle of the room. There was quite a distance between her and Kaze. And Kaze stayed right at the door.

Kaze was uncomfortable with that sword pointed at him.

“If I stop one of you from passing the entrance exam, then your friends will probably go with you,” Emiliya then said. “So. You’re not passing.” 

“Emiliya, what are you doing?” Glare’s voice then asked inside Emiliya’s head. 

“Sorry Master. I don’t want them to be accepted,” Emiliya thought. 

“Emiliya, just wait a-!” Emiliya then cut off Glare’s voice in her head and looked over at Kaze. 

“Give up,” she then demanded.

Kaze hesitated. He even started to sweat a bit. 

“……no,” he then said. “I promised you that I’ll pass. I’m not about to give up just like that!” 

Emiliya sighed. “Then I’ll make you give up.” She then suddenly appeared right in front of Kaze, her sword at his neck.

Kaze was startled and reacted by pushing the air in front of him, moving himself back. Emiliya went to attack him, but he dodged and zipped past her to the door. 

He thought he could reach the door and avoid having to fight her. 

But Emiliya just appeared in his path and tripped him. Kaze fell, but caught himself and floated back up onto his feet. He was getting better at controlling his powers! 

Emiliya then tossed her sword aside. “I wanted to do this the easy way and just scare you off… but I guess I have to get violent.” 

“Huh?” Kaze said. He suddenly was punched in the face and went flying into the wall. “OW!” He crashed into the wall and fell. 

As he rubbed his face where he got hit, Emiliya suddenly was about to kick him in the face. And her attack came fast.

But her attack didn’t land. Kaze had blocked it with his arm, his body surrounded in a green aura. He grinned. 

Then he pushed the air in front of him, pushing Emiliya back into the other wall. Then he stood up.

“Gotta be honest, but I don’t think I’m a newbie anymore. I can use my powers, see?” Kaze then said with a grin.

Emiliya just frowned. “You’re not experienced enough. You just learned to control it. Still a newbie.”

Kaze looked down at his hands, which were also covered in a green aura. 

“You know, I doubt that the reason you don’t want us passing is because you don’t want to live in the same house as newbies,” Kaze then said. He then grinned as he looked up at her. “It’s because we’re all guys, right?” 

Emiliya didn’t answer. She just looked at him. 

“Aha! See! I knew it!” Kaze exclaimed. “C’mon, Emi, it’s fine, we won’t invade your privacy!” 

“Do not call me Emi! You do not have permission!” Emiliya snapped.

“Okay, okay!” Kaze put his hands up in front of him. “But! You didn’t deny! So that is the reason, huh? Doesn’t seem very fair to me. Kinda sexist.” 

Emiliya sighed. “Fine. I don’t care.” She walked over to her sword and picked it up. She then looked back at Kaze. “I’ll be nice for now. But you all still annoy me. Newbies.” Then she disappeared, leaving behind yellow sparkly particles.

Kaze just sort of stood there.

“Sorry about that.” He then heard Glare’s voice in his head. “I’ll talk to her.” 

“Alright then…” Kaze said. “But uh… what about the test for this room?” 

“Emiliya deactivated it so just move on to the next room,” Glare replied.

“Oh, sweet, so basically I got to skip.” Kaze grinned as he walked over to the door. “Gonna have to thank Emi for making this easier then.”

He opened the door and walked through. Looking around, he saw that he was inside of an arena. It was the same color as the rooms Kaze was in, dark blue. The arena wasn’t glowing either.

“Oh hey!” Kaze then heard Saturo’s voice.

Confused on why he had heard his best friend’s voice, Kaze looked around. To his left he spotted Saturo, surrounded in electricity. Kaze’s eyes were wide open. He was impressed and surprised that Saturo was surrounded in electricity.

To Saturo’s left, Kaze also spotted Draco. Draco was normal, his irises had returned to their natural state.

Saturo and Draco looked and spotted each other and Kaze, who was still covered in a green aura.

“What the?” Kaze then spoke. “Why are you two here!?” 

“It seems that for the last test, we’ll be working together,” Draco said with a smile.

“That’s right!” They all then heard Glare’s voice coming from a speaker that was in the ceiling. “The last test will require the three of you to work together!”

“What do we have to do?” Saturo questioned.

Suddenly, the floor began to shift and move, and out came a huge green armored mechanical knight robot. It had futuristic looking battle armor, sturdier than the small robots’ armor that Saturo and Draco had seen. This robot also had a bright blue glowing mono eye on the center of its head that glowed brightly. 

The three of them looked up at the huge robot in awe. 

“We have to fight a giant freakin’ robot!?” Kaze suddenly exclaimed. 

“Indeed! Good luck!” Glare said through the speakers. 

The three of them prepared themselves quickly as the robot approached them, its eye glowing.

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter...

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When I first read about Emiliya being rude to them, I thought it would be for some really complex reason with powers and stuff. I had a feeling the newbie thing was a little sketchy but I definitely didn’t expect it to be because they were guys!
Enjoying this and can’t wait to
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