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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 15)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 15)

Posted September 22nd, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Here it is... the adventures of Kaze, Saturo, and Draco will finally begin! (Book one was just showing how they got there and got their crystals XD It was just an introduction. Stuff get real after this)



Chapter 15


Emiliya sighed as she locked her room door. Kaze, Saturo, and Draco had passed the nerfed entrance exam and were accepted as students, accepted as her peers.

She didn’t want them to be her peers. They’re newbies, she had said.

“Be nice, Emiliya,” Glare had told her. “Give them a chance.” 

She was quite peeved as she sat on her bed, petting a light purple hamster. She thought back to when she first came to Glare to get trained. She had to take the real entrance exam and struggled. 

“How come they got to take an easy one and get in so easily?” Emiliya thought to herself. “I almost failed my test!”

She didn’t understand why Glare took the time to make an easier test just so that they could be accepted. Why them? They were just newbies. 

Emiliya couldn’t accept this. 

“It’s not fair, Pebbles.” She continued to pet the hamster that was standing on her glowing drawer. “I worked so hard to get Glare to teach me… but they didn’t do anything!”

Pebbles just sat down and rolled around. Emiliya smiled slyly as she looked down at the hamster. 


She looked up and spotted Glare standing there in her room. 

“Oh hey Master.” She was still upset that the newbies were accepted so easily.

Glare could see that as well. 

“You shouldn’t assume, Emiliya,” he then said. “You don’t know where they’re coming from.”

“But it’s still not fair!” Emiliya exclaimed. 

“You know how hard it is to find a master. It’s difficult. Not everyone will accept you,” Glare said. “And you saw what happened to them on the way here. They were attacked. Almost killed.”

“Well yeah, cuz they’re newbies. And they’re weak.”

“And they won’t get any stronger if I left them be. They’re just 13 year olds, like you, only they’re on their own.”

Emiliya looked down at Pebbles, who was now just laying there on his belly. 

“If anything, I want you to help them,” Glare then said. “They’re your peers now and there’s no changing that.” 

Emiliya nodded. “Did you really see potential in them?” 

Glare smiled. “Everyone has potential. Even the weakest of creatures.”

Emiliya then found herself smiling as well. 

“Ultimate Crystals exist to give the weak power,” Glare said. “We are all equal, no living being is superior to another. It’s important to remember that, Emiliya.”

“Yeah…” Emiliya scratched Pebbles’ chin. 

Glare smiled. “Thanks for understanding, Emiliya. Now why don’t you try and get along with your peers?”

“I’ll try, I guess.” Emiliya shrugged. “Oh, and don’t you have to get forms for them?”

“Of course.” Glare then looked through the window. He looked back at Emiliya with a smile before he teleported out of her room. He appeared at the front porch of his house before he started to walk towards Bright City. 

He could easily teleport to his destination if he wanted to. But he liked to walk and gaze upon the nature. It helped him think. 

“They’re alone,” Glare thought to himself as he walked through the small village. 

An old lady who was sitting outside on her porch spotted Glare and waved. Glare smiled and waved back at her. 

After he left the village and was traveling through the glowing  woods, he resumed his thinking. 

“The forms would need a parent signature… but none of them have parents with them. They’re all on their own.” 

Glare scratched his chin as he passed by trees. 

But then he came across a tree that was laying on the ground. He looked around and saw blood and spikes. 

Raising his hand, he reattached the tree to the soil, and rid of the craters in the ground. The spikes and blood disappeared as well. After Glare was finished, it seemed like nothing had ever happened there.

Glare then continued walking towards Bright City, thinking about where Kaze, Saturo, and Draco had come from. When he had looked into them to see if they had potential, he saw more than just that. He knew where they came from and what they have gone through. And he knew what would happen to them if he didn’t accept them. 

“I suppose I’ll have to figure something out to cover up the absence of their parents.” 


Kaze sat at the kitchen table, snacking on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that Draco had made. Fireball was peacefully napping on one of the chairs. Draco had fed him a few minutes before. 

Saturo was also present in the kitchen, searching through the glowing cabinets. 

“There aren’t any spicy chips!” Saturo complained, opening each and every cabinet in search for his favorite snack. “Or chips in general!”

“Guess you’re gonna have to get those when he decides to go get groceries,” Draco said. He was making more sandwiches…. A lot more sandwiches.

“Drat…” Saturo looked over at Draco and saw that he was making a lot of food. “Uhh, why are you making so many sandwiches?”

“Cause I’m hungry,” Draco replied simply.

“But that’s a lot for one person!” Saturo exclaimed. Kaze finished his sandwich and was watching them and listening in on their conversation. 

“For an Aerthian this is a pretty normal amount to eat after doing exercise like we did in the test,” Draco replied.

“Aerthian?” Saturo asked. “Oh, Aerthian isn’t just a language?” He remembered Draco telling him that Fireball had another name in rustic Aerthian.

“No, it’s what you call people from my home planet. Aerth.” Draco brought the plate with multiple sandwiches to the table and sat down beside Fireball.

“Oh yeah. It’s just us that don’t know our planet’s name,” Kaze commented. Biting his lip, he took one of the sandwiches from Draco’s plate. He casually took a bite from it. “What’s Aerth like?”

Draco first gave him an upset look for taking a sandwich before answering.

“It’s a more rustic place than the Light Planet or Ertin. Most businesses there are ones like farming or lumber or steel work. It’s a resource planet,” Draco said as he then moved his plate away from Kaze. “It’s also got many traditions, many either revolving around either sparring and fighting, or showing respect for each other and their elders and such.”

“Oh, that’s pretty interesting.” Kaze took another bite from the sandwich he took.

Since he didn’t need to say anything else, Draco picked up one of the now four sandwiches on his plate. 

“Where do you guys think Glare went?” Saturo then asked.

“Probably to get us registered as his students or something,” Draco said, before taking his sandwich. To Saturo and Kaze’s amazement, he ate it entirely in seemingly only a split second. 

Kaze and Saturo blinked a few times. 

“Did you just… eat that…” Kaze started.

“…In one second?” Saturo finished Kaze’s statement.

Draco didn’t reply as by the time they had finished speaking, the other three sandwiches had also vanished.

“What the actual frick.” Kaze stared at the empty plate.

“Due to us having more physical potential and usually training more intensely than what is normal for other human races, Aerthians eat a lot of food,” Draco said. “Believe it or not, those sandwiches were just a snack for me.” 

Kaze and Saturo were awestruck.

“Wow, I thought it was just a power you suddenly got,” Saturo commented.

“No, it’s just something we do,” Draco said.

“That’s pretty cool, but wouldn’t you get hungry often?” Kaze asked.

“Well, oddly enough, we also have a pretty slow metabolism outside of training and fighting and using powers and stuff. And we have very broad pallets compared to other human races.” Draco stood and took his plate to the sink. He set it inside to wash later.

As Draco turned around, Emiliya had suddenly appeared in front of him.

“You better clean after yourself, that’s one of the rules here,” she told Draco. 

“I was going to clean the crumbs off the table first,” Draco said, simply walking past her back to the table, doing just that. He swiped the crumbs off the table onto his hand before dumping them into the trash can. Then heading back to the sink.

“Alright good,” Emiliya said. She then looked Kaze straight in the eyes. “Kaze, you need to clean up after yourself too.”

“Why, you’re not the boss of me!” Kaze retorted.

“Actually, I am. When Glare’s gone, I’m in charge. And I gotta watch over you all,” Emiliya said. “So you’re gonna get your butt off your chair and are gonna go clean your dish.” 

Kaze shook his head with defiance. 

“You’re going to do as I say, or else there will be consequences,” Emiliya said. “And if you’re too lazy to clean a single dish, you’re going to fail Glare’s training. So as your first task of your training, you gotta clean that dish.”

Kaze groaned. “Fine.” He wanted to do whatever he wanted, but he was scared that Emiliya would hurt him if he didn’t obey her. He was a newbie, and she wasn’t. 

“Good boy.” Emiliya smiled. She watched Kaze clean his dish, groaning as he did, with a smile. Kaze then looked up at her once he was finished. “Now I was instructed to get along with you all, so here I am. I’ll play nice as long as you play nice. I’m sure it won’t be a problem for Saturo or Draco, but you…”

“What about me?” Kaze questioned. “I play nice!”

“Alright. You better.” Emiliya then sat down at the table. “So, since we’re going to be peers, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Emiliya Mei. Nice to meet you all.” 

“Nice to meet you too!” Saturo smiled at her. “I’m Saturo Kanshiro!”

“Yeah, I know already,” Emiliya said. “You don’t have to introduce yourselves.” 

“Oh.” Saturo closed another cabinet that had nothing eye-catching inside, and Draco was washing his dish.

“Well anyway, Glare will be back soon, and he’ll give you all lesson one,” Emiliya then said. “Well, lesson two for Kaze. Your lesson one was to stop being lazy.”

“Hey!” Kaze exclaimed. “I’m not lazy!”

Emiliya raised her eyebrows. “Is that so? Well then it’ll be lesson one for you as well.” Then Emiliya noticed Fireball. “Oh! Whose kitten is this?”

“He’s mine. His name is Fireball,” Draco said from the sink.

“Aww, he’s cute.” She gently patted the small kitten.

He stirred a bit and did a little mew before going back to sleep. 

“I’ve also got a pet,” Emiliya then said. A small light purple head of a hamster popped out of her shirt pocket. “This is my hamster, Pebbles.” 

Pebbles climbed out of the pocket and jumped onto the table. 

“Why’s he purple?” Kaze asked as he slowly reached for Pebbles to pet him. 

“He just is.” Emiliya shrugged.

Kaze then gently rubbed Pebbles’ head. Pebbles looked happy and was enjoying being pet. 

“Huh. He likes you,” Emiliya observed. 

Kaze continued to pet Pebbles with a smile. 

“Oh, does he like me though?” Saturo asked, trying to pet Pebbles.

Pebbles allowed Saturo to pet him but seemed to like it when Kaze petted him more. 

Meanwhile, Draco had finished washing the dishes and putting everything away. As he walked back to the table he did some stretches, as if he was about to do exercise.

Pebbles watched Draco and looked up at him once he sat down. 

Draco just looked at Pebbles for a few moments before reaching his hand out to him a bit, offering to pet him. Pebbles let him, but it still seemed like he enjoyed Kaze petting him more than anyone else.

Draco didn’t seem bothered by it.

“Anyway, if I were you, I’d get prepared for the first lesson,” Emiliya said.

“And how should I do that?” Draco asked calmly.

“Probably go outside and do a few exercises, get warmed up,” Emiliya replied.

“Alright, then I’ll go do that,” Draco said as he then left the kitchen and left the house.

Kaze watched Draco exit the room.

“Shouldn’t we also get prepared?” Saturo then asked.

“I mean, yeah. You’re also going to get trained, right?” Emiliya replied. 

“Well, yes…” Saturo said.

“Then yes, go out and get prepared,” Emiliya said. “This is the very start of your training. You’ll be getting stronger and stronger as you go. So yeah, get your butts out there. Glare will be returning very soon.” 

“Okay!” Saturo then ran out of the room after Draco.

Kaze stayed for awhile. 

“How do you know that Glare’s returning soon? Did he tell you?” Kaze asked.

“No. I can sense him. He’s on his way back right now. He’s just walking,” Emiliya answered. 

“Sense him?” Kaze wondered. “How?” 

“Now go out there and get prepared!” Emiliya said.

“Alright.” Kaze got up and left the kitchen. 

As he walked towards the front door, he thought to himself. Just yesterday he had gotten onto that spaceship… and his life changed drastically. He wondered how his brother Uindo was doing… and what his parents’ reaction would be once they find out that he went missing. 

“The last thing they’d think is that I got onto a spaceship and went to another planet…” Kaze thought. 

He also thought about Saturo. He had dragged him along into the mess. And now his parents are worried sick. 

“It’s my fault,” Kaze thought to himself. “I brought him along with me…” 

Kaze then opened the front door and walked out. Saturo and Draco were doing stretches on the glowing grass right in front of the porch. 

Kaze smiled. “But now we found a master and got Ultimate Crystals… our lives have changed. We’re going to get stronger with the powers we got.” 

Deep down, Kaze wanted to just go back home. But he doesn’t know what his planet is called so he can’t even go back home… 

Kaze thought that he could get more knowledge about the galaxy, and get stronger. And then maybe he and Saturo could find their home all on their own. 

He hadn’t given up on getting back home. Neither had Saturo.

Their plans had just changed. 

“Oh hey Kaze!” Saturo waved at his best friend once he came out. “Come join us! We’re getting ready for our first lesson!” 

Kaze smiled as he joined his friends. This was his very first step on the staircase of power and knowledge. He was excited and eager to climb up all the way to the top. 

“That’s it. I’ll get stronger and get more knowledge and take Saturo back home!” Kaze thought to himself.

He then raised his fist into the air excitedly. 

“Let’s all work hard and get stronger!” He exclaimed. 

“YEAH!” Saturo and Draco exclaimed as well.

The three of them threw their fists into the air, excited to get stronger.


To Be Continued in Book 2...


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Aaand I'm up to date, as far

Aaand I'm up to date, as far as KP goes!

Good on you for pointing out that Kaze and Saturo do plan to get home, they just can't right now because of logistics. That'll be an interesting difference between them and Draco as time goes on-they want to go home. Draco, ostensibly, couldn't care less.


Spero quod via tua est directa et quod tuum onus est levis.

Posted by *Snow* on Sun, 09/22/2019 - 18:33
I have some catching up to

I have some catching up to do but I finished the first book! I'm really liking this story, and I'm really excited to see what happens next. Like Snow said, it'll be interesting to see the differences between Kaze and Saturo vs Draco since the first two plan to go home some time.

One thing I caught while reading though: Near the end you write, "Deep down, Kaze wanted to just go back home. But he doesn’t know what his planet is called so he can’t even go back home…" The first sentence is in past tense, but the second is not, so the whole mini paragraph doesn't sound right. Just a couple small things but otherwise I'm really looking forward to BOOK 2!


“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they'll take you.” - Beatrix Potter

Posted by oof.alem.oof on Fri, 09/27/2019 - 10:30
Oh oof XD  I didn't pay

Oh oof XD 

I didn't pay attention to that. I'll fix it (on the original document where I wrote it). 


But I'm glad you guys are enjoying it :D 


There's a lot more coming your way XD

Posted by QuartzMaster on Fri, 09/27/2019 - 11:20

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