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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 2)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 2)

Posted August 4th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Aight, here's the next chapter! Lemme know what y'all think!



Chapter 2


Kaze’s eyes fluttered open. He noticed that he was in bed, and the Sun was shining brightly through his window. 

“Ughh… it’s way too bright to be morning…” Kaze squinted his eyes as they slowly adjusted to the light. 

Kaze also noticed that he was dressed and was not in his underwear. 

“Why did I sleep with my clothes on…? And why daytime clothes?!” Kaze questioned.

He got out of bed and picked up his alarm clock that was on the floor beside his closet. 

“4:00 PM?!” Kaze exclaimed mentally. “I slept in for that long?!”

He then tried to recall what happened yesterday. But nothing came to his mind. He felt like something was… missing. Like there was an empty gap in his memory. The last thing he remembered doing was purchasing spicy chips for Saturo. 

“Weird… why can’t I remember anything?” He thought to himself. 

Kaze walked out of his bedroom and headed downstairs to the kitchen since he was hungry. 

“Hey Uindo?” Kaze called for his brother. 

“Yeah?” This time he got a response. 

Kaze made it downstairs and saw his brother making some beef and potato stew. 

“Do you have a… gap in your memory? Like, something is missing?” Kaze asked. 

“No, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Uindo replied, mixing the pot of stew. He looked at Kaze with a worried expression on his face. “Are you okay…?”

“I don’t know…” Kaze rubbed his head. “I feel like there’s a gap in my memory…” 

“Ah, I see.” Uindo continued to mix the stew. 

“Also, why did you let me sleep in?” Kaze asked. “That’s not normal for you.” 

“School’s canceled for a while,” Uindo replied. “A few of the gas containers used for the stoves in the kitchen exploded. The students were evacuated and the school’s closed. They’re going to repair it soon.”

The memory gap in Kaze’s head was suddenly filled. He remembered sitting beside Saturo, eating lunch, when there was a sudden explosion in the kitchen. He remembered being told to evacuate by a teacher, and he remembered all the students grabbing their belongings and leaving the school. He also remembered firetrucks and ambulances showing up. 

“O-oh,” He then said. “I remember now.”

“That’s good,” Uindo said. The kitchen alarm then went off, and Uindo grabbed the pot of stew with oven mitts. “Grab the hotpads, will you?”

Kaze grabbed the hotpads from a cabinet and put it on the dining table. Uindo set the pot of stew down on the hotpads before he grabbed bowls and spoons. 

“Ah…” He then took a seat. “Hungry?”

“Oh. Yeah.” Kaze nodded and took a seat as well. 

Uindo poured Kaze and himself some stew. Kaze consumed his stew from his bowl quietly. 

“So…” Kaze then said. “Do I have vacation?”

“Basically. Until they repair the school,” Uindo replied. “Or the school district will just move you guys to another building and resume school from there. They haven’t decided yet.”

“Well that means I have free time. And that I don’t have to do my math homework. Can I go to Saturo’s house?” Kaze asked. 

Uindo looked up at him. 

“You don’t have any reason to say no,” Kaze said. 

“Sure, you can go. Just be back for bedtime,” Uindo replied.

“I’m not a kid.” Kaze rolled his eyes. “I don’t have a bedtime. And besides, I don’t have school so I don’t need to wake up early.”

“Oh, you’re right,” Uindo said. “Well, just be back before midnight then. Saturo’s parents will probably kick you out if you stay too long anyway.”

Kaze then finished eating. “Well then, see you later.” 

He got up and headed to the front door, taking out his phone from his pocket. He sent Saturo a quick text. 


Hey man can I come over rn?


He waited for a response as he put on his shoes. Then his phone got the notification.


Sure my mom said yes


Smiling, Kaze walked out of his house. After closing the door behind him, he turned and began walking towards Saturo’s house. But he stopped when he looked at the school.

There were ambulances and firetrucks parked, but there were no firefighters or ambulance workers. But what really caught Kaze’s attention was the FBI vehicle that was parked. 

He had no memory of seeing one of those before. 

“Why is an FBI van here?” Kaze thought to himself. “It was just a gas tank exploding.” 

Kaze had a suspicion about what happened but decided to forget about it for now and continued his way to Saturo’s house. 

Eventually, he arrived. He rang the doorbell and Saturo opened the door. 

“Sup Satu,” Kaze greeted him with a smile. 

“Sup! Come on in!” Saturo moved out of the way and let his friend in. “So, you wanna play Brutal Fight?” 

“Yeah!” Kaze exclaimed. “Which one, 10 or 11?” 

“11, duh. Always play the newest ones,” Saturo said, as they walked to the living room. “Besides, everyone knows it’s better.”

“But they removed some of the fighters for no reason,” Kaze commented as they approached the couch.

“Still, the new ones are always better than the old ones.”

Kaze took a seat as Saturo pulled up the game. He then tossed Kaze a controller and he caught it. 

The game main screen then appeared on the TV. Soon, the character selection screen appeared. 

“You’re gonna lose,” Kaze said with a grin. He selected the character Freeze, while Saturo selected a character called Scorch. 

The game then began. Kaze started to button mash. Saturo tried to use combos but they didn’t work that well against Kaze’s button mashing. 

The match ended with Saturo’s character losing all of its health. 

“Ha! Told ya so!” Kaze exclaimed. 

“Dude, you were button mashing!” Saturo complained. “That doesn’t count!”

“Totally counts!” Kaze retorted.

“No it doesn't!” Saturo yelled.

“Let’s go for another round.” Kaze grinned. 

“But don’t button mash this time!” Saturo said. 


An hour had passed while Saturo and Kaze were playing. Kaze had won most of the time, but Saturo did beat him a few times. Of course, Saturo did get irritated every time Kaze button mashed.

“I’m starting to get bored,” Kaze then said, dropping the controller he was using. 

“What do you wanna do now then?” Saturo asked him. 

“Wanna play football in your backyard?” Kaze asked.

“No… I just ate so I don’t wanna do anything too active,” Saturo replied. “Maybe after I digest a bit.”

Kaze then remembered the FBI van he saw at the school on his way to Saturo’s house. 

“Well… have you checked the school?” Kaze asked. 

“No… it’s damaged from the gas containers exploding,” Saturo answered. “No one’s there except for the people fixing it.”

“Well, I saw an FBI van parked there,” Kaze said. 

Saturo looked at him skeptically.

“I’m not lying. I can prove it,” Kaze said. 

“Are you sure?”

“Yes! Here, let’s go there right now and I can show you,” Kaze said.

“No, you don’t have t-”

“You don’t believe me, so let me prove it!” Kaze interrupted loudly. He was not happy that Saturo thought he was making stuff up.  

“Okay, if you’re that serious…” 

Kaze got up and quickly headed out of Saturo’s house. Saturo followed him. The two of them walked down the sidewalk towards the school. Eventually, the school came into their sight. 

Kaze spotted the FBI van and pointed at it.


Saturo was quite shocked as he rubbed his eyes.

“Holy crud, you’re right…” He said. 

“I told you I wasn’t lying!” Kaze exclaimed.

“But why would the FBI be here?” Saturo asked. 

“That’s what I was wondering!” Kaze said. 

The two of them went quiet as they looked at the FBI van. 

“Is there something inside the school that they don’t want us to see?” Kaze questioned.

“Most likely…” Saturo said. “We should probably go back no-”

“No. I’m curious on why they’re here. It doesn’t make any sense,” Kaze said, shaking his head. 

Saturo just looked at him worriedly.

“I say we go see what’s going on,” Kaze said. “And if we see any Agents, we can ask them about it.”

“Are there even any FBI Agents around?” Saturo asked.

“We gotta get closer to find out.” Kaze walked closer to the school. 

“I don’t know about this Kaze…” Saturo hesitated but followed his friend.

“Oh come on! Don’t be a baby!” Kaze exclaimed. He then hopped over the barricade. 

“I’m not being a baby! It’s just, we shouldn’t be doing this!” Saturo said.

Kaze turned and looked at him, as he was on the other side of the barricade. 

“Dude, it’s just a gas tank explosion, right? So what’s wrong with doing this?” Kaze said. 

“Hey, kid! Back away from here!” A voice suddenly yelled.

An FBI Agent then walked over to Kaze. He was bothered that Kaze was getting close to the school.

“Oh hey,” Kaze greeted the agent. “Why do I need to back away?”

“It’s not safe for you kids to be here. You could get hurt. Lots of glass shards all over the place,” the FBI Agent said. 

“Okay…” Kaze replied. “But why are you here? Why is the FBI at my middle school? That doesn’t make any sense!”

“I can’t tell you why I’m here, that’s classified information son.”

Kaze found that suspicious. 

“Kaze, we should really get going!” Saturo then said.

“Fine, fine.” Kaze hopped back over the barricade.

“Yeah, go home kid. You won’t have school for awhile,” the Agent said.

Kaze didn’t look back as he walked away. Saturo caught up to him. But instead of going home, Kaze hid behind a car. 

“What are you doing, Kaze?!” Saturo asked him.

“This doesn’t make any sense. Why would the FBI be here? He’s hiding something!” Kaze exclaimed.

“Of course he’s hiding something! He’s the FBI!” Saturo yelled. “And who knows, maybe it was a criminal who caused the explosion and they’re looking for his fingerprint or something!” 

Kaze was silent as he thought about it some more. 

“No…” he then said. “I’m going in from the side.” 

“WHAT?!” Saturo shouted. 

“You don't have to come with me since you’re such a baby.” Kaze peeked out at the front of the school and saw that the FBI Agent was distracted by something at the van. Deciding the coast was clear, Kaze ran off to the side of the school building. There were barricades there too, except they were taller.

Saturo didn’t like what was happening and hesitated to follow his friend.

“Ugh! I really hope we don’t get caught!” He then gave up his hesitation and ran after Kaze. 

Kaze was standing right at the barricade when Saturo caught up to him. 

“Good, you came,” He said. He looked up at the barricade. “We’re gonna have to climb. Help me up.”

“This is the worst idea ever…” Saturo murmured as he helped Kaze up. 

Once Kaze made it up, he saw what was on the other side. 

There were craters in the ground of the cafeteria, and everything was torn apart. But what caught his attention was the lime green spacecraft that was right in the middle of the cafeteria. 

“Holy shoot!” Kaze yelled. 

It was at this moment that his memory returned. He remembered everything that really happened. He remembered the spacecraft crashing into the cafeteria. He remembered watching Lime save his classmates and fight his opponent in the spacesuit. And he also remembered the FBI Agent clapping and putting him to sleep.

“Hnngh!” Saturo then made it up. He gazed around and saw the spacecraft as well. “What in the world?!”

Saturo’s memory returned as well. The two friends just sat there for awhile. 

“What the frick?!” Kaze then exclaimed. “They lied to us! They brainwashed us!” 

“They wiped our memories out…” Saturo muttered. “They wiped out everyone’s memory…”

Kaze jumped down into the cafeteria. Saturo followed him.

“Well, since we’re here already, let’s check out this thing!” Kaze exclaimed, changing the mood.

“I actually agree to that one,” Saturo said as he followed. 

They avoided the craters and made it to the spacecraft. There was a backdoor that was open, and they looked at it. 

“Let’s go in!” Kaze said.

He hopped into the spacecraft, with Saturo right behind him. They looked around. 

The technology was incredible, even though some things were damaged. 

“Woah…” They were amazed. 

“Where is the pilot controls area?” Kaze asked, walking through the ship.

He then entered an area and spotted a seat. In front of the seat were a whole lot of buttons and switches, as well as a piloting wheel.

“Dang…” Saturo came into the area too. “This is sick stuff! Aliens are real afterall!” 

“Yeah…” Kaze commented. “No wonder they tried to hide this and erased our memories…”

“Yeah. We shouldn’t take any pictures too. We shouldn’t tell anyone about this. We’d be in real trouble if we do,” Saturo said.

“Right.” Kaze nodded in agreement. 

“I think we should get out of here now…” Saturo said. 

“Good idea.” The two of them walked over to the door they came through. 

But right before they could exit, the door suddenly closed. 

“What-” They were surprised. They did not expect that to happen.

Suddenly, the sound of thrusters erupted and the spacecraft began moving on it's own.

“Oh shoot, what’s going on?!” Saturo freaked out. 

“The ship is moving on its own!” Kaze was also freaking out. 

The two of them then collapsed onto the floor as the spacecraft began moving at a fast speed, defying gravity and moving straight up into the sky. It went through the hole it had created when it crashed in the first place, so it did no further damage to the school building.

“Oh frick, frick, frick!” Kaze yelled as he and Saturo were stuck on the floor of the spacecraft. 

The spacecraft then stopped its thrusters once it was high enough in the atmosphere and it took off at an extreme speed into space, causing Kaze and Saturo to ram into the back wall of the spaceship. 

Both of them were yelling as the spacecraft traveled in light speed. They almost threw up but couldn’t. The vomit failed to exit their bodies due to the extreme speed the spacecraft was traveling at.

After awhile, the spacecraft left light speed, slowing down. Kaze and Saturo were breathing heavily. 

“*Huff* *Huff*.” Saturo looked over at Kaze. “That was awesome…! But how are we gonna get back home?”

“I dunno man…” Kaze replied. The spacecraft was entering the atmosphere of another planet as they were talking. “I dunno…”

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter...
So, whatcha think? XD

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You wrote a daredevil and a

You wrote a daredevil and a law-abider very well! I hope this dynamic continues in later chapters! 

The crazy middle school adventure vibe is very well done and not cringy. I want to see this as a movie, tbh


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Woo! I also want to see this

Woo! I also want to see this as a movie XD 


<(QuartzMaster)> Read my books!!!! :D

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