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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 3)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 3)

Posted August 13th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Here is the next chapter!!! Enjoy!



Chapter 3


The speed of the spacecraft decreased dramatically as it descended further down into the atmosphere of a colorful planet. Kaze and Saturo exchanged looks with each other. They had walked over to the pilot area of the spacecraft in order to see what was happening outside.

And as the spacecraft descended into the atmosphere of this mysterious colorful planet, the two friends watched from the front window. 

“This is incredible…” Kaze commented. “Space travel is possible…”

“And we just traveled to another planet…” Saturo also commented. 

The spacecraft entered the atmosphere and passed through the vagrant, white and puffy clouds. Kaze and Saturo could see the landscape out of the window. Tall mountains, trees and bushes, all of them vivid in color. The colors were unnatural to Kaze and Saturo. The mountains were bright red and orange, and the trees were an unusual color of light purple. The soil seemed outlandish in its texture, it didn’t look like normal soil to Kaze and Saturo.

“Wow…” Saturo was enjoying the view. “This planet is amazing…”

Kaze just nodded in agreement. 

The spacecraft flew right past the landscape that they were admiring. A giant building came into view. It was colorful, just like the landscape. 

Kaze and Saturo saw multiple other spacecrafts parked outside and in large metal sheds in an area right beside the giant building. The spacecraft that they were on descended to that area. The landing gear deployed all on its own and the spacecraft landed.

Kaze and Saturo exchanged looks yet again.

“What do we do now?” Kaze asked.

“I honestly don’t know…” Saturo shrugged.

They then heard the door behind them opening. “Hey! Who’s in there?!”

“Shoot!” Kaze said, a little too loudly. 

A man dressed in yellow clothing entered the spacecraft. He resembled Lime almost perfectly. He had black hair and seemed human. 

“Well?” The man said. “Who are you kids? And what are you doing in here?”

“We’re not from around here!” Saturo shouted instantly. “We’re from another planet and we snuck in here just to check it out! We’re not supposed to be here, but the spaceship moved on it’s own!”

The man’s eyes widened. “Uh yes, I made it come back. There are valuables in here that we don’t want to lose.”

“Where are we?” Kaze then asked. “This place is strange.”

“This is the Fruit Planet. My name is Lemon Citrus, and this ship belongs to my brother Lime,” the man answered.

Kaze and Saturo’s faces flashed as they understood who this man was. It all suddenly made sense why the spacecraft moved on its own. It was because Lemon caused it to come back. 

“Well, Mr. Lemon, can you take us back home?” Saturo asked.

“Can do. Which planet you from?”

Kaze and Saturo hesitated. “Uhhh…”

The problem for them was that on their planet, they were not taught their planet’s name. They just referred to it as “the world” and nothing more. They didn’t know what the rest of the galaxy referred to the planet as. 

“It’s a… world…” Kaze tried to explain but struggled. 

Lemon was confused. “What planet are you from?”

“We… kinda don’t know what it’s called…” Saturo said awkwardly.

Lemon blinked once. “Okay…” He found it weird that these random kids didn’t even know what their planet was called. 

Lemon scratched his chin. “Well, I can’t use the radar to trace where it crashed… because that got damaged when Lime was attacked…” 

Kaze and Saturo were worried that they wouldn’t be able to go home. 

“Well… what’s your planet like then?” Lemon asked. “Try to explain quick, because I do have work to do.”

“Uhhh…” Kaze thought. “Well, the tree leaves are mostly green, stone is normal gray… there are deserts! Sand comes in many colors though… uhhh… most of it is ocean!”

“Okay, that’s enough.” Lemon raised a hand. “I know what planet you’re talking about.” He turned around and walked out of the spacecraft. “Come with me, I’ll get you a quick ride.” 

Kaze and Saturo beamed. They were finally going home! 

“Great! Let’s go, Kaze!” Saturo exclaimed. 

The two of them happily followed Lemon out of the spacecraft. Lemon lead them to a different spacecraft, one that didn’t look like it was made for battle. It didn’t have any weapons in its design and was used strictly for transportation. 

Lemon raised his hand and the doors of the spacecraft opened. 

“Alright, get on in. It’ll drop you off,” Lemon said to Kaze and Saturo.

“Okay…” Kaze and Saturo got into the spacecraft. 

“Next time don’t wander into other people’s spaceships,” Lemon advised them. 

“We won’t,” Saturo said. 

The door then closed. Kaze and Saturo turned and looked at the front of the spacecraft, seeing the pilot's seat. 

There were two seats right behind. Kaze and Saturo approached them.

“How do we put on the seatbelt? We really need it after what happened last time,” Saturo said as he took his seat.

Right when he sat, seatbelts automatically wrapped around his waist.

“Oh. They’re automatic.” Saturo smiled. “That’s so cool…”

Kaze took his seat as well and the seat belt wrapped around him. 

“There’s no pilot,” Kaze pointed out. 

“I think that’s automatic too. Lemon has some great technology!” Saturo exclaimed. 

The spacecraft then used its thrusters to leave the ground. Lemon left to do his work as the spacecraft shot off into space. 

Kaze and Saturo just sat there as they watched through the front window. They could see the bright stars passing by them as the spacecraft moved. The spacecraft then went into light speed.

“I probably will,” Kaze then said.

“What?” Saturo asked.

“I probably will get on a spaceship if I see one again.”

“Why?!” Saturo exclaimed.

Kaze shrugged and grinned. “This was an awesome experience! I would definitely do it again!”

“But dude! We left our planet!” Saturo shouted. “There’s a chance that we run into someone who’s not nice like Lemon and gives us a ride back! Who knows what’s out there!?”

Kaze sighed. “I guess you’re right… I just thought this was a nice change… you know… going to space…”

Saturo was silent. 

“We haven’t experienced anti-gravity though. I wanted to do that,” Kaze said.

“Yeah… but we gotta get home,” Saturo replied.

“You’re right. We do have to go home.” Kaze nodded. “But this still was awesome.”

“Yeah. It really was,” Saturo said. 

The spacecraft then left light speed. Kaze and Saturo could see a planet that looked like a blue marble with white swirls. Some parts of the planet were brown, while the others were yellow, green and white. It looked like their home planet. 

“We’re back…” Kaze said. “We should still stay quiet about this…”

“Agreed…” Saturo nodded.

They waited patiently as the spacecraft they were on descended into the atmosphere of the planet. Soon the spacecraft landed next to an empty highway. 

“Oh yeah, so we don’t attract attention,” Kaze commented. “Well, Saturo, let’s go. We gotta find our way home.”


The two of them unbuckled and exited the spacecraft. Right after they were out, the spacecraft took off back into space. The two of them watched it as it disappeared. 

“That was a great experience,” Kaze commented. “Well, it’s still daytime, so that’s a good thing. Your mom won’t yell at you.”

“Yep. We should get back quick,” Saturo said. “But we’re kinda in the middle of nowhere… hold on…” 

Saturo took out his phone and pulled up a Maps App. Kaze waited in front of him patiently. 

“What…?” Saturo looked confused. “My mobile data isn’t working. I don’t think we’re in an area where it’s in service.”

“Huh? Let me try…” Kaze took out his phone and pulled up the same app. “Mine isn’t working either. We should just keep walking until we get in service.”


After putting their phones back in their pockets, the two friends began walking along the highway. Kaze had his hands in his sweater pockets.

They walked silently for a few minutes. 

“You know, Kaze…” Saturo then said. “I don’t like the fact that we’re in the middle of nowhere… and we don’t have cellular data…”

“It’s fine, Satu. We just gotta keep walking until we find a city or a town,” Kaze assured his friend. “We can’t call your parents since we have no cellular data… but even if we did, we shouldn’t, because we would definitely get in trouble. So we’re on our own. But don’t worry, I got this.”

“Okay…” Saturo said, trusting his friend. 

The two of them continued walking.


“Kaze…” Saturo complained. “We’ve been walking… For an HOUR now… And we’re getting nowhere!” 

Saturo was starting to get tired, but Kaze was just fine. He was more athletic than Saturo anyway. 

“Yeah…” Kaze said. “We still haven't gotten anywhere…”

Suddenly, a car passed right by them. Kaze looked back at Saturo.

“A car… we’re probably close to a town!” Saturo exclaimed. “Let’s go!”

Kaze nodded and the two of them sped up. Soon, a town appeared in their field of view. 

“Finally!” Saturo exclaimed. “Do you have any cash? We should buy some water and snacks cuz I’m hungry.”

“Alright, let’s go to that gas station,” Kaze said, pointing at a gas station. The brand name was unfamiliar but they didn’t care since they wanted food.

The two friends entered the store. 

They looked around and didn't recognize any of the food brands either. 

“Uhh…” Saturo then said, scratching his head. “What part of the world are we on?” 

“Not sure. Let’s just grab something to eat.” Kaze shrugged. 

They grabbed two bottles of water and some snacks and took it to the cashier. 

“Will that be all?” The cashier asked. He wasn’t a very thin man and had a brown mustache. 

“Yeah.” Kaze nodded, as Saturo stood beside him. 

“That’ll be 12,” the cashier said.

Kaze took out his wallet and pulled out the right amount of cash. He gave it to the cashier. 

The cashier looked at the money. He blinked once. Taking it, he looked down at it and then at Kaze.

“Is there a problem, sir?” Kaze asked, annoyed that this man wasn’t doing his job properly.

“Uh yes, there is.” He handed the money back to Kaze. “We don’t accept this currency. We only accept Ertin Credits or Ultims.” 

Kaze took the money with a confused look on his face. 

“Ertin Credits? Ultims?” He asked. “Wait…” 

He then realized. Saturo did as well as his mouth was open wide. 

“What planet are we on?!” The two of them asked at the same time. 

“Uhhh, Ertin?” the cashier answered, seemingly confused by their question.

Kaze and Saturo looked at each other. 

“We’re not home?!”

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I bet Lemon was really

I bet Lemon was really concerned about his brother and that's why he didn't really investigate the kids to see what planet they were really from. If that's what you were thinking, maybe you can make it part of the plot. When these two kids show up in his brother's ship (WITHOUT HIS BROTHER) wouldn't he interrogate them as to where the heck Lime is? And also fail to interrogate them very well as to their own source? Wait, he says later that he knows Lime was attacked. How would he? Are/were there transmissions from the ship? Surveillance equipment? I think some clarification needs to happen there. 

Too bad the ship's radar was broken, lol. Neat way to make sure there wasn't a plot hole there, I'm impressed. 

This chapter was good! Especially loved how long it took Kaze and Saturo to realize they weren't at home, and how they reacted when they did realize xD


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Posted by *Snow* on Tue, 08/13/2019 - 18:02
Nice, I see you've figured

Nice, I see you've figured some stuff out! And yes, two kids show up in Lime's ship, Lemon would interrogate them if they appeared to be dangerous. But he saw they were just two random kids and could tell that they were telling him the truth. 

And yes hmmm... I should clarify some stuff XD I'll try and see if I can do that later on, when and if they run into Lemon or Lime again. 


Glad you enjoyed the chapter! :)


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