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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 4)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 4)

Posted August 14th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Here is the next chapter! The title of the series makes sense now! (:



Chapter 4


“This isn’t our planet!” Saturo exclaimed. 

“Yeah! It just looks like it, but it’s not our planet!” Kaze exclaimed as well. 

“No wonder our phones didn’t have any service! Oh my gosh, Kaze, what are we gonna do?!” Saturo was worried. 

“I don’t freaking know!” Kaze yelled. “We’re stuck!”

“Umm, excuse me, but if you don’t have any Ertin Credits or Ultims, I’m gonna have to return these items to their spots,” the cashier said, interrupting. 

“Uh yes, excuse you!” Kaze yelled at him. “We’re on another planet and we can’t get back home!!” 

“Sure you can. Just go to the spaceport and get tickets for a ride back,” the cashier said.

“But we don’t know what our planet is even called!!” Kaze shouted. 

The cashier blinked and thought about what Kaze had just said. 

“Well, I can’t help you there. You’re on your own then. Probably not gonna return to your planet for a while.” He put the snacks and water bottles in a bag and handed it to Kaze. “Here, you can have these for free. I wish you good luck on returning home.”

“O-oh.” Kaze didn’t expect this kindness. “T-thank you…” He took the bag with an awkward smile. “Let’s go, Satu.”

Saturo nodded and followed Kaze out of the gas station. 

“What are we gonna do, Kaze?” Saturo asked. “How are we gonna get home?”

Kaze sighed. “Saturo, I don’t think we’ll be going home. We’re just gonna have to survive on our own.”

“What?!” Saturo exclaimed. “No, there must be a way! There has to be!”

Kaze looked at his friend with sadness. “I’m sorry Saturo, I don’t think we can do anything.”

Saturo was silent and surprised.

“We’ll just have to adapt to this planet. The man called it Ertin, huh? Ertin isn’t too different from our planet, shouldn’t be too hard,” Kaze said calmly, looking up at the blue sky. 

But Saturo wasn’t calm. “W-why are you giving up so easily?! Can’t we find a spaceship?!” 

“But we don’t know what our planet is even called. That won’t help us at all.”

Saturo knew that Kaze was telling him the truth. He just refused to accept it.

“But my parents… Mom… Dad…” he almost started crying. “I won’t see them ever again…”

Kaze set his hand as Saturo’s shoulder. “It’s okay Satu… we can survive on our own, me and you…”

Kaze was also about to cry. He was thinking about everything he would miss. His brother… his video games… his room… his bed… 


Kaze and Saturo were then interrupted by a honking sound. They turned and saw that a truck was behind them. 

“Hey kids, move out of the way, I’m tryna get gas here!” A man yelled at them. 

They realized they were blocking the entryway of the gas station.

“We’re sorry, sir!” Kaze said. He and Saturo moved out of the way. The man driving the truck just shook his head and muttered something under his breath as he drove past them. 

Kaze then turned to Saturo. “We should find a place to rest.”

“But we don’t have any money!” Saturo complained. “We can’t get a motel!” 

“Oh shoot, you’re right…” Kaze thought to himself. “Shoot! How are we gonna survive if we have no money?!”

“I don’t know!” Saturo exclaimed. “But hold up, gimme some water.” He dug into the bag Kaze was holding and took out a bottle of water. Opening it, he took a sip. “Okay, anyway, we should ask someone for help.”

“Ask for help?!” Kaze questioned.

“Yeah. That man at the store was nice, maybe other people will be nice too,” Saturo said.

“I mean, I think that’s the only choice we got,” Kaze said. 

“Yeah. But who do we ask is the question.” Saturo took another sip of water. 

“We’re in a small town, it seems. We should probably go to a city and find help there. If we need to, we can also get jobs and make some money,” Kaze said. He had thought up of a little plan that he thought would work.

“Can we even get jobs? We’re thirteen!” Saturo pointed out.

Kaze shrugged. “It’s a different planet, I doubt they have the same laws.”

“Oh right. Well then, how’re we gonna get to a city?” Saturo questioned. 

Kaze smiled. “We’ll just have to find a ride.” 


“Thanks for the ride!” Saturo said. 

Saturo was sitting in the back of the car while Kaze sat in the front. They had gone back into the gas station and asked the cashier if he could give them a ride to a city. And the cashier agreed as he saw how needy they were. 

“You’re welcome. I could see that you needed help, and this is also the least I can do,” the cashier said, his hands on the steering wheel and his right foot on the gas pedal. 

“Yeah and we really appreciate it. We would have been doomed if it weren’t for you,” Kaze said. “What’s your name, anyway?”

“Dell. What are yours?” He smiled. 

“I’m Kaze, and that’s Saturo,” Kaze said, introducing himself and his friend. 

“Pleased to meet you Kaze, Saturo.” Dell smiled. Kaze and Saturo smiled as well. Dell was a nice man.

Dell’s car moved along the highway as they spoke.

“So, what’s your planet like?” Dell asked. 

“It’s a lot like this one,” Kaze answered. “Just the money and brands are different. How is that even possible? Everything else is the same.” 

Dell shrugged. “It’s a big galaxy. There are millions of systems out there with life on it. It’s very likely that Ertin isn’t the only planet similar to yours.”

“That’s amazing…” Saturo commented from the back. He was eating a bag of spicy chips. “By the way, these chips are WAY better than the ones back home!” 

“Oh, that’s not even the best kind!” Dell exclaimed. 

Saturo’s eyes widened. “I must try the best ones.” 

“Sure, you can do that after we get settled down,” Kaze told his friend. 


Dell chuckled. “Well the city isn’t very far away, so we’ll be arriving soon.”

“That’s a relief,” Kaze commented.

“Question,” Saturo then said. “You don’t look like an alien, Dell. Are you a human?”

“Yeah, I am. I’m an Ertinian human. You two are humans from whatever planet you came from,” Dell answered. “You’ll find aliens every once and a while. Not a lot of them come to the Elemental System though.”

“Elemental System?” Kaze questioned.

“Yeah, that’s the Solar System we’re in. There’s the Light Planet, The Dark Planet, the Fire Planet, the Ice Planet… the planets based on elemental stuff,” Dell explained. 

“Okay, those all sound frickin’ cool,” Kaze commented. 

“I wanna visit all of them at some point!” Saturo said excitedly in between his crunching, as he was eating chips.

“I don’t know if you should at the moment, you need to get yourselves situated,” Dell said.

“Oh yeah. What are we gonna do when we get to the city, Kaze?” Saturo asked. 

“I honestly don’t really know.” Kaze shrugged. “I was thinking of maybe trying to find someone that could house us, so we have a place to sleep tonight.”

“Well it’s 2:00, so you have plenty of time,” Dell said. 

Kaze looked at the car clock and saw that it was 2:34 P.M. 

“Oh frick, we’re gonna have jet lag Saturo,” Kaze groaned. 

“If you had money, you could solve that problem… I think the first thing you should do when you get to the city is to try and get some money,” Dell said. 

“That’s probably a good idea… Wait, how can money solve jet lag!?” Saturo exclaimed.

“You can buy pills or gummy candy that help with it,” Dell said. “Ha, so I see there are still a lot of things different, eh?”

“Yeah… we don’t have medicine that gets rid of jet lag on our world…” Kaze said. “Saturo, I’m gonna be honest with you here, but I don’t really want to go back home anymore. I want to explore this world and the galaxy to the fullest!”

“I mean… Okay! Why not?” Saturo beamed. “Maybe one day we’ll be able to find our way home…”

“Yeah.” Kaze just nodded. Part of him still wanted to return to his home, but the other wanted to explore the galaxy…  


Kaze looked around. He had just heard a strange voice… it sounded mystical and magical and it echoed into his mind… it did not sound human. 

“What the heck was that?” Kaze thought to himself.

He looked over at Dell, and he was just looking at the road and was driving. Kaze looked back at Saturo, and he was just eating his spicy chips. 

“Did any of you hear that voice?” Kaze asked.

“What voice?” Saturo asked back.  

Kaze was surprised. 

“Why was I the only one who heard that? Was that just my imagination?” Kaze had many questions. 

Shaking his head, he decided that that was just his imagination. 

“Hey Dell, are we there yet?” Saturo then asked.

“Almost.” Dell nodded his head forward. Saturo looked out the front of the car and could see the city up ahead. 

“Oh hey! We are!” Saturo exclaimed. 

“Where do you want me to drop you off? I do have to get back to my store,” Dell said. 

“Drop us off at…” Kaze said, thinking, “downtown. You guys have downtowns, right?”

“Yep, we do.” Dell nodded. “It’s not that far, so we’ll be there in a few minutes.” The car had entered the city by now and was heading towards downtown.

Soon, it arrived. Dell stopped the car next to a sidewalk. 

“Thank you so much for the ride,” Kaze said. “You’re a kind person. I hope there are more people like you.”

Dell smiled. “Good luck on getting back home. And exploring the galaxy.”

Kaze smiled back. Then he opened the door and exited the car. Saturo opened the door in the back and came out as well, bringing the bag of snacks with him.

Dell opened a window. “Goodbye Kaze, Saturo! It was nice meeting you!” 

“Bye!” Saturo and Kaze waved. Dell waved back with a smile. Then he put his car on drive and drove off. 

Kaze and Saturo watched him drive off in silence.

“He was pretty nice,” Saturo commented. 

“Yeah. Anyway, we should try and figure stuff out. Now that we’re in the city, I’m thinking of maybe getting jobs or finding some way to make money.” Kaze took out his wallet and looked down at it. “Maybe we can exchange the money we have for Ertin Credits or Ultims.”

“Let’s try that first,” Saturo said.


“Hmm…” The worker at the Currency Exchange store Kaze and Saturo found in downtown inspected the cash Kaze had carefully. “Nope. Never seen this in my life.” He looked up at Kaze. “What planet is this from?”

Kaze shrugged. “No clue what it’s called. That’s why we can’t go back.”

“Oh, I see.” The worker handed the cash back to Kaze. “Well, you can have this back. It’s worthless here. If you don't have any relevant money, then you should leave.”

Kaze took the cash and put it back in his wallet before putting it away. He then turned around and walked out of the store. Saturo followed him. 

“Welp,” Saturo said, walking next to Kaze. Kaze had his hands in his pocket. “What do we do now?”

Kaze sighed. “I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve thought this through well enough.”

“Well then what are we gonna do? How are we gonna survive?” Saturo asked.

“I told you, I don’t know!” Kaze yelled. 


“SATURO, I SAID I DON’T FRICKIN’ KNOW!” Kaze yelled. “Stop asking me that stupid question!”

Saturo went quiet. “Sorry… you just said we could survive on our own. I’m starting to doubt that we can. We’re just two kids after all.”

Kaze shook his head. “No! I’m grown up and independent now! I can take care of myself!” 

“Are you sure? You don’t have any money,” Saturo said. “I don’t think you’re independent yet.”

Kaze sighed. He knew that Saturo was telling him the truth. He just wanted to be on his own for once and not have to rely on the adults. “You’re right… I’m only thirteen, I’m not ready to be on my own…” He clenched his fists. “I didn’t ask to be stranded on an alien planet… Neither of us did… But it’s all my fault for letting my curiosity get the better of me!” 

He was starting to get angry at himself. He blamed himself for what happened to him and Saturo. If he hadn’t gotten on that spaceship back then, they wouldn’t have arrived to Ertin in the first place. They would still be home and have money, food, and shelter. They would have their families. 

“We should have never snuck onto Lime’s ship!” Kaze yelled. The people around him just walked by, thinking he was just some random crazy kid. And Kaze wasn’t watching where he was going.

Suddenly, Kaze fell forward and knocked Saturo down. 

“Ugh!” Both of them fell over. A boy had run into them. 

“Ow…” The boy got up, rubbing his head. “S-sorry about that…” 

Kaze and Saturo got up and looked over at the boy. 

He seemed about their age, maybe a tad younger. He was around their height of about 5’ 9’, maybe a bit taller. He had slightly long and spiky brown hair and eyes to match and his skin was a tad paler than them. He was wearing a black zippered hoodie with a white shirt underneath and also had blue sweatpants and turquoise shoes on. In terms of build he was a bit thin and scrawny. But overall, he didn’t seem to be in too bad of shape. 

The boy also had a large dark green backpack with him, along with a water bottle hanging on the side. One of the smaller punches of said backpack was open a bit at the top.

“Oh, you’re fine,” Kaze said to the boy. Kaze had calmed down pretty quickly. “It was my fault. I was a little mad and wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“Oh, okay,” The boy said as he dusted himself off. He sounded a bit meek.

Kaze then had an idea. He thought that maybe if he made friends with this boy, he might help them and they could find a place to stay, and get food to eat.

“Say, what’s your name?” Kaze asked the boy with a friendly smile. 

“Oh! Uhhh… it’s Draco… D-Draco Saurashido to be exact,” He said, a bit caught off guard by Kaze’s question.

“Nice to meet you, Draco. I’m Kaze Vensika.” Kaze moved a bit so that Saturo was in Draco’s view. “And this is my bud Saturo Kanshiro.”

“Well… it’s nice to know you guys names…” Draco said. He seemed a bit nervous.

Kaze noticed that Draco was pretty nervous. But he continued talking to him. 

“So, where are your folks, Draco?” Kaze asked.

This made Draco’s eyes widen, and he looked away from the two of them.

“I’d… rather not talk about it…” he said. 

Kaze raised his eyebrows. “Did you run away from home?”

Draco didn’t say anything in response.

“Kaze, he just said that he’d rather not talk about it!” Saturo pointed out. 

“Oh, sorry,” Kaze said. “Well uh, what are you doing here then?”

“Looking for a place to stay the night,” Draco said. They noticed that he was starting to walk away, clearly he wasn’t the most comfortable with this conversation.

“Woah woah, wait! So are we!” Kaze then exclaimed. He didn’t want this chance to disappear. 

“Okay…?” Draco looked back at him confused as to why that mattered.

“*SIGH*” Saturo sighed. He walked forward. “We’re on an alien planet and don’t have any money, shelter, and this is all that’s left of our food.” Saturo lifted up the bag and showed it to Draco.

“What? Are you not from around here? Ertin isn’t exactly alien. It’s actually pretty normal besides the natives having psychic powers,” Draco said. He was looking suspiciously at them.

“Well yeah, it’s not very alien, it is pretty similar to our home planet. But it’s still different for us and we’re trying to survive,” Kaze said. “I was wondering if you could help us.”

“I dunno…” Draco said. “I have to be careful on what I spend, I don’t have a ton of Ultims as is.”

“But we could work together to make more, right?” Kaze asked. 

“We’re kinda desperate…” Saturo added.

“I mean…” Draco seemed at a loss. “Fine, you can come with, but then you two have to help me with something.”

“That’s fine! We’ll help!” Kaze said. “What is it?”

“Help me find out how to find one of these,” Draco said as he then reached into his backpack and pulled out a book with a glowing gemstone/crystal on the front cover. The title of the book was ‘Ultimates Information Index’.

Kaze and Saturo looked at the book. 

“What the heck is that?” Kaze questioned.

“An Ultimate Crystal,” Draco replied. He seemed less nervous on this subject.

“What’s an Ultimate Crystal…?” Saturo asked. Both he and Kaze looked very confused.

“You don’t know?” Draco seemed surprised.

“Uhhh… no… we came from another planet,” Saturo replied.

“I don’t see how that could be an excuse in this circumstance. Ultimate Crystals are known about all over the galaxy. Heck, the galaxy itself is named after their users!” Draco exclaimed.

Kaze and Saturo exchanged looks with each other. Then they looked back at Draco, confusion still written on their faces.

“Well, we never heard of anything like that,” Kaze said. “Can you tell us what they are?”

Now Draco just seemed even more confused at them.

“Okay well basically, they’re crystals that when acquired and after passing a test, allow you to use superpowers. At least that’s the simplest description.”

Kaze and Saturo’s eyes widened. When they heard “superpowers” they got excited. 

“A crystal that can give you superpowers!?” Both of them exclaimed at the same time. 

“Well… more like, mild powers at first. You have to train to get better,” Draco said.

“That still sounds pretty cool. So we’re helping you get one of those?” Saturo asked. “What about us? Can we get some too?!”

“If you guys find ones, then sure.” He shrugged.

“Well then heck yes!” Kaze exclaimed. He and Saturo both were excited about getting these crystals so that they can get superpowers. “Alright, we accept. We’ll help you find an Ultimate Crystal, and in exchange you help us with food and shelter. Deal?” He stuck his hand out for a handshake.

“Sure,” Draco replied, before cautiously shaking Kaze’s hand.

Kaze smiled. “Okay, so how do we find them?”

“Kaze, that’s what we’re supposed to help him with. Finding out how to find them,” Saturo pointed out. Kaze wasn't paying attention when Draco said that he needed help figuring out how to find an Ultimate Crystal.

“Oh.” Kaze scratched his head. “Well… how do we figure that out?”

“Well we’d probably need to ask someone where deposits of Ultimate Crystals are. As I can’t afford a radar,” Draco responded. “That’s why I came to this city actually, the news here says there is a building that is willing to show people where Ultimate Crystals are.”

“Oh, so that helps us out,” Saturo said. “Is that where we’ll be heading?”

“Basically,” Draco said. 

“Alright, then let’s go!” Kaze exclaimed.

A/N: That's all for this chapter! Hope you enjoyed!

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I just love the image of

I just love the image of three strangers looking over a book about ultimate crystals.

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