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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 5)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 5)

Posted August 16th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Here is the next chapter! 



Chapter 5


Kaze and Saturo were walking right behind the boy they had met, Draco Saurashido. Draco let them come with him since he had money, under the condition that the two of them helped him find out how to find an Ultimate Crystal. And they agreed.

“So, where’s this building?” Kaze asked as they walked.

“Somewhere near the center of the city,” Draco replied.

“And where are we right now?”

“About four miles from said center,” He said.

They had left the downtown district of the city a while ago and were walking in a business district. 

“You do know where it is, right?” Kaze questioned Draco, his hands on the back of his head.

“Roughly. I know what the building looks like and some of the buildings around it thanks to the map,” He said.

“If only the Maps App worked…” Saturo said, looking down at his phone. He was playing a game as they walked. “Then we could use the GPS system and have it lead us there.”

“Satu, we’re on another planet. I doubt it would work even if the app worked,” Kaze said to his friend. 

“Oh. Right.” Saturo went back to playing his game. 

The three of them continued walking. Soon they made it out of the business district and were entering neighborhood areas. 

They could see the large cluster of buildings in the distance. That was where Draco said the center was.

Kaze gazed at the houses as they walked. They were exactly the same as the ones on his planet. Same design, same materials, same everything.

“I still don’t get how everything is the same…” Kaze muttered as they walked.

“Sorry it’s not more alien for you.” Draco shrugged.

“Yeah but… how is that possible though?” Kaze asked. “How can two planets that never interacted with each other be the exact same?!”

“Well it’s not like it’s a stretch to come to these designs for buildings. What did you expect?” Draco questioned.

“I expected like… alien technology and materials! Houses that look weird and cool at the same time!” Kaze said.

“Ertin isn’t very big on flying cars and stuff, it’s much more tame than the other planets. And houses besides these would just seem impractical. Though that never stopped the Tech Planet one bit,” Draco replied.

“Ooooou!” Saturo looked up from his phone. “There’s a Tech Planet?!”

“There’s a lot of them. Fire, water, rock, plasma, all sorts,” Draco said. “The Tech Planet would probably fit your image of an alien world the best, granted it’s still mostly populated by people. At least for organic life. There are a load of robots there though.” 

“Wow,” Kaze replied. “That’s… awesome.”

“Eh, I’ve never been a big fan of super advanced metal utopias personally.” Draco shrugged. “Personally the Light or Plasma planet sound a lot cooler. Everything glows on those planets. Also the Plasma Planet is just the remains of a dead star turned into a planet.

“A dead star turning into a planet?!” Saturo exclaimed. “That does sound a lot cooler!” 

“Yeah, it was one of the more impressive feats of the people in this system. Colonizing the core of a dead star is pretty hard. But they did it. And very well, I might add,” Draco said. The three of them were now reaching the transition between the neighborhood and the central city.

“Why are people in this system so much cooler than on our world?” Kaze questioned, mostly to himself.

“Well, from what you two have told me, it seems your planet is behind the other ones in terms of advancements for some reason. Which is odd,” Draco said.

“Maybe that has to do with the government erasing our memories…” Saturo scratched his chin. 

“Hold on, what?” Draco said.

“Oh yeah. A spaceship crashed into our school and they erased our memory of it. But we snuck into the school and saw the spaceship and our memory came back,” Kaze explained.

“I suppose that explains why you guys don’t know about all of this stuff,” Draco said, his hand on his chin as they walked.

“That’s probably why we don’t know anything about what’s out there!” Saturo commented.

“Seems odd though, you’d think the Council wouldn’t allow that. If they knew at least,” Draco said.

“Wait what? The Council?” Kaze asked.

“The Ultimate Council. They basically are the leaders of the government of the entire galaxy. They’re super strong. Like, stupid OP strong. But it seems weird that they’d either allow, or not know about your planet erasing people’s memories.”

“Yeah… I don’t know. But the Ultimate Council sound awesome!” Saturo exclaimed. 

“Well we can talk about them later, we’re nearing the building,” Draco said.

Kaze and Saturo looked up and spotted the building in the distance. 

It was a mix between a skyscraper and a hotel it seemed. It was shorter than the towering buildings around it, but dwarfed normal houses. It was mainly a deep blue color with bits of light gray on some of the bricks. It also had a sign above the door saying “Ultimate Crystal Information Center” or the UCIC for short.

“That’s it alright,” Draco said as they neared the front entrance.

The front entrance was empty as no one was there. But as the three of them entered through the automatic doors, they saw that the inside lobby was filled with people.

“Oh dang, it’s really crowded in here,” Kaze commented.

“Lots of people want Ultimate Crystals,” Draco said.

“I don’t blame them. Ultimate Crystals give you powers, and who doesn’t want powers?” Saturo commented.

“Well, it’s not entirely just for powers. Many people use them just to make tasks easier. Or to help with health problems. For example, many people with metal or rock powers go into the construction industry,” Draco explained.

“Oh, really?” Saturo said. 

“Yeah, many people use their powers to make jobs more efficient. Like water Ultimates for lifeguards or toxic Ultimates for helping with radiation and poison gas leaks,” Draco said.

“Ohhhh, that makes sense!” Saturo said. “But wait, Ultimates? What are those?” 

“That’s what you call someone who has and uses an Ultimate Crystal,” Draco responded.

“Ohhhh.” Saturo nodded, understanding all of this. 

“I’d like to be an Ultimate,” Kaze said with a grin. He found it very interesting, the concept of Ultimates and Ultimate Crystals. He really wanted to get powers too.

“Most people do,” Draco said. The three of them moved through the crowd and arrived at the front desk.

There was a woman at the desk. She looked down at them with a smile. 

“How may I help you three?” She asked.

“We were wondering where we could get information in this building on Ultimate Crystals,” Draco said. 

“Would you like a book or someone to talk to?” The woman questioned.

“A person please,” Draco answered. “Oh, and we would like to find some too.”

“Alright.” The woman typed something on the computer on her desk. “Will you be staying here tonight as well?”

“Yes, the three of us will stay for the night,” Draco answered.

“Alright…” The woman went back to her computer and typed again. 

“Wait, this is a hotel too?” Kaze then asked. “Why is an information center a hotel at the same time?”

“It takes time to find the right Crystal, so they make it that people can rest here until they can find it. It has connections to other establishments across the system, so that way you can go to other planets in case it’s not on Ertin,” Draco explained.

“Oh, sick,” Kaze commented. 

“Alrighty!” The woman was finished. A different woman then appeared from thin air beside them. She was taller than them by half a foot and had light skin. She also had long brown hair tied up in a ponytail, and the tips of it were blond. She was also dressed in white pants and a black top. “This is Camile, she’ll be your guide.” 

“Hey there.” Camile waved at them. “You guys ready?”

Draco looked back at Kaze and Saturo. The two of them nodded with smiles on their faces. They were definitely ready.

“Yeah, we’re ready.” Draco nodded to Camile.

Camile smiled. “Alright! Let’s move to a quieter place, then we can start looking for your crystals. Okay?”

“Sounds good.” Draco nodded.

Camile then raised her hand and red dust particles rose from the floor, making a circle shape around the four of them. The particles then glowed brightly and the four of them found themselves in a cylinder and could no longer see the other people in the lobby.

“Woah!” Saturo and Kaze were shocked. 

The cylinder then turned back into dust particles and went back into the floor. Looking around, Kaze, Saturo, and Draco found themselves in another room. It was an office. 

“So…” Camile then said, as she took a seat on an office chair. “To start off, all of you are getting crystals, yes?”

“That’s what we planned to do, yes.” Draco nodded.

“Have any of you heard a voice in your head?” Camile asked. She had her legs up on her desk.

Kaze’s eyes widened. He recalled hearing a strange mystical and magical voice in his head back when he and Saturo were in the car with Dell. 

“I mean, kinda? It was pretty warbled though, so it may be somewhere else,” Draco replied.

“I heard a voice,” Kaze then said. “It said my name. Like it was… calling for me.” 

“Bingo.” Camile made finger guns at Kaze. “That was your Ultimate Crystal calling for you.”

“So that was an Ultimate Crystal talking to me?!” Kaze thought to himself, surprised.

“I guess that means Kaze’s is the closest out of the three of us. Unless Saturo heard a voice clearer than I did,” Draco said.

“No, I didn’t hear anything.” Saturo shook his head.

“Which planet did you hear the voice, Kaze?” Camile asked him.

“This one,” He replied. “Ertin.”

“That means yours is most likely on this planet,” Camile said. “So we’ll start with yours since it’s the closest.”

Kaze smiled. He was filled with excitement. He was going to get his Ultimate Crystal! 

“G-great! So how do I find it?” Kaze exclaimed.

“Well, the crystal usually helps out with that. It calls for you. You can communicate with it, it doesn’t always respond, but it helps you pinpoint its location. The closer you are, the more likely it will communicate with you,” Camile explained.

“I was in a town near this city when it spoke to me… does that mean it’s over there? Or near that area?” Kaze questioned.

“Most likely, yes.” Camile nodded. “That’s great then! We know where the first one is, so let’s go get it!” 

“Yeah!” Kaze exclaimed. 

Camile then got up from the office chair. “You said the town was near this city, right? I’m assuming it’s the one that’s 25 minutes away by car?”

“Yeah, I think so.” Kaze nodded.

“Kay.” She then raised her hand again and the same red dust particles came out of the ground, surrounding all four of them. They found themselves inside a cylinder of red light once more, before it disappeared.

Kaze, Saturo, and Draco looked around and found themselves in a small town, specifically in a neighborhood. 

“Okayyy.” Camile then looked over at Kaze. “Try to communicate with it now.”

“Okay…” Kaze said. “Hey Ultimate Crystal! Are you there?!”

“You don’t have to shout,” Camile informed him. “You can just talk to it in your mind and it’ll hear you.”

“Really?” Kaze didn’t expect that. “Well then…” 

“Hey Ultimate Crystal! Are you there?” Kaze spoke in his mind.

“Yes…” The same mystical and magical voice from before replied to him. The voice also echoed through his head.

“Holy crud, it actually replied!” Kaze exclaimed excitedly.  

“That’s great! Now maybe try asking it for directions or a hint to where it’s at,” Camile suggested.

Kaze nodded. “Hey crystal, can you give me directions or a hint to where you are?”

“Gravel…” The mystical magical voice replied.

Kaze looked at Camile. “It said gravel.”

“Oh, maybe it’s near the gravel road then,” Camile said. “Let’s head on over!”


Camile then raised her hand once more. The same red dust particles came out of the ground but this time it formed a small rectangular platform that floated in mid air. 

“Hop on, this’ll be faster,” Camile said. She got onto the platform. 

“Woah! That’s cool!” Saturo commented as he, Kaze, and Draco got onto the platform, standing behind Camile.

The platform then flew across the town. All of them could feel the air pushing against them like a gust of wind as they flew. Kaze and Saturo were amazed and impressed.

The platform then slowed down when it reached a gravel road. 

Kaze’s eyes widened. He could feel something calling to him. Like a magnet, he felt like something was pulling him closer slowly. 

“Something is happening to me… I think I know where it is…” Kaze said.

“That’s good! Go get it now!” Camile exclaimed. 

Kaze then hopped off of the platform Camile made and walked forward along the gravel road. Camile’s platform followed him slowly.

“Kaze…” Kaze heard the voice calling for him again. 

Then he found it. Lying on the side of the gravel road was a bright green crystal. It was glowing and radiating like crazy, and the air around it was thicker than normal. 

“I found it…” Kaze muttered to himself. “I found it!”

“Yes, you did! Good job!” Camile smiled. “Now, do you know what happens next?”

“No… what?” Kaze asked.

“You touch the crystal. But when you do, you will disappear to the Dream World to take your test. The crystal will test you to see if you’re worthy and capable of getting it,” Camile explained. “How long the test lasts varies. But when it’s all over, you’ll be back in the Real World and only a second would have passed.”

“Woah…” Kaze was amazed. “So… I’ll be going to the Dream World… and be taking a test…” 

He mentally prepared himself for this task. Taking a deep breathe, Kaze reached down and touched the Ultimate Crystal.

He felt energy coursing through his body for a moment. But then he just flat out disappeared. 

He had gone to the Dream World to take his test.

“I wonder how long it’ll be till he gets back,” Draco wondered, as Saturo looked very surprised that Kaze just disappeared.

“It usually takes a few moments,” Camile said. “Right now he’s taking the test. Let’s see if he passes.”

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter... 

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I'm liking this!! Ultimates

I'm liking this!! Ultimates being common is something I hadn't thought of. I suppose most of them don't train much, so have basic but still helpful powers? 


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Posted by *Snow* on Mon, 08/19/2019 - 18:24
Basically XD Some of them

Basically XD Some of them want power and train, others just get it to make their life easier. Like they could use powers to clean their room without much effort. Or just as Draco said, for jobs and stuff. 


<(QuartzMaster)> Read my books!!!! :D

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