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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 6)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 6)

Posted August 20th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 6



Kaze awoke. He looked around himself as he got up, seeing that he was in a forest with tall dark trees. He noticed that he was all alone. Not a single living creature was in sight. 

“So this is the Dream World?” Kaze wondered to himself. “It seems so real…”

He looked down at his hands. Curious, he tried to pinch himself. 


It did hurt. And it felt very real.

“Okay, that felt real…” Kaze then said.

“You are in the Dream World,” he then heard the voice, the Ultimate Crystal’s voice, speak to him. “But everything here is real. It is just a parallel reality to the Real World. Everything here is just as real.” 

“Oh.” Kaze thought that that was really interesting. He was also a bit confused on the subject. “That… sounds confusing…” 

The Ultimate Crystal didn’t say anything else. It remained silent.

“Hello?” Kaze called to it. But it still didn’t reply. 

“Huh… do I have to take the test now?” Kaze questioned in his mind. “Am I already taking it?” 

He began walking around the forest, looking around. It all seemed normal to him. He still couldn’t believe that this was the Dream World. 

“To pass the test, you must find me,” the Ultimate Crystal said.

“Seems easy enough…” Kaze said to himself. “All I have to do is find you?”

The Ultimate Crystal didn’t reply.

“Hello?” Kaze asked. After not getting a response again, he sighed. “How the heck am I supposed to find you if you’re not gonna help me?!”

He didn’t get a response yet again. 

“So I’m on my own then, huh?” Kaze said. “Well frick that!” 

He kicked a rock that was on the ground in front of him angrily. The rock went flying past two trees before it seemingly vanished.

Kaze’s eyes widened. He was confused on what just happened. He blinked a few times. Then he reached down and picked up another rock carefully. He then proceeded to throw it in the same direction. 

The rock vanished again. 

“What the heck?” Kaze said. “What kind of weird magic is this?”

Noticing that he was still not getting a reply from the Ultimate Crystal, Kaze sighed and walked slowly towards the area that the rocks vanished. He reached his hand forward cautiously.

His fingertips vanished. And they felt cold. 

“Holy…!” Kaze whipped his hand back, and his fingertips warmed up. Looking at his hands, he saw that they were fine. 

Looking over at the direction, he realized that there was some sort of invisible barrier there. 

“That’s very weird…” Kaze said to himself. “But… I think that’s where the crystal is.” He took a deep breath. He then ran right through the barrier.

He suddenly tripped over some tree roots and fell face first into snow. 

“Oh frick, that’s cold!” Kaze used his hands to get his face out of the snow. Looking around, he saw that he was in the same exact forest, only there was snow everywhere. “What the frick…?”

Kaze hugged himself as he shivered. Wind was blowing snow onto his face. It didn’t help that he was wearing shorts. 

“I don’t like this test… I don’t like it at all…” Kaze muttered to himself as he walked through the icy forest. 

He could hardly hear his own voice as he spoke due to the wind being so loud. He was alone in a snowy forest in the middle of a blizzard. 

“Well frick this, I’m going back to the warmth!” Kaze shouted. He turned around and went back to the barrier. 

When he attempted to go back, he noticed that the barrier was gone. 

“FRICK!” Kaze cursed loudly. 

He stood still, shivering, as snow blew into his face. 

“I’m gonna have frostbite… I need to get warm! IT’S FRICKIN’ FREEZING!” Kaze yelled. He then faintly heard a sound in the distance.

He looked forward at the direction he heard it from. 

“WHO’S THERE?” Kaze yelled out. 

The sound then got louder and louder, and Kaze could tell that they were footsteps. As the footsteps got closer, Kaze noticed that the ground was shaking a bit.

“What…?” Kaze was confused on why the ground was shaking.

Then, in the distance, he spotted a large ice armored thing running towards him. It was ten feet tall and had shiny icy armor on. Its helmet had horns that were pointed up, similar to that of a bull. The ice monster was also weilding a giant ice double sided axe in its right hand.

Kaze remained in his spot as he watched the ice monster approach him at an impressive speed. It wasn’t until the ice monster was getting really close that Kaze freaked out.

“HOLY FRICK!” Kaze jumped to the side right before the ice monster struck its axe at Kaze’s old spot. 

The ice monster lifted its axe up and aimed at Kaze, gripping the axe with both its hands. Freaking out, Kaze got up as fast as he could and ran for it. 

The axe slammed into the floor where Kaze used to be, shaking the ground and causing Kaze to fall. 

“FRICK!” Kaze got up as fast as he could and began sprinting away. Once he was at least a meter away from the ice monster, the monster chased him. 

Kaze dashed past many trees in an attempt to throw the ice monster off. The ice monster just chopped down all the trees with its axe as it chased Kaze. Kaze tried his hardest to get away, but the ice monster was simply too fast. 

The monster then chopped down a tree violently, and the tree fell in Kaze’s path. Kaze stopped running, breathing heavily as he looked back at the monster since the tree was too big to jump over. 

The monster raised its axe, ready to strike Kaze. Kaze bolted in between the monsters legs, barely dodging the attack. He then sprinted as fast as he could, making as much distance as possible between him and the monster. When the monster turned around and picked up its axe, Kaze was at least ten meters away.

“I gotta get the frick away from that thing!” Kaze yelled in his mind as he continued running. “It’s gonna fricking kill me!”

Kaze could hear the monster chasing after him, chopping down even more trees. He didn’t look back. He was too scared to. It was as if his body was moving on its own, trying to get itself to safety. 

The monster was slowly catching up to Kaze, and Kaze was starting to get tired of running. 

Kaze also noticed a ravine in the middle of the forest. It was quite deep, and Kaze definitely didn’t want to fall into it.

No more than a meter behind him, the monster swung its axe at a large tree. The tree fell on top of the ravine, forming a bridge. Seeing this, Kaze jumped for it right as the monster behind him was about to smash him with its axe. 

As Kaze was running across the log to get to the other side, the monster suddenly jumped into the air, its axe aimed right at Kaze. The monster then smashed right through the log, descending at a fast speed right into the ravine. At the same time, the log Kaze was on was in mid air for a moment.

Kaze found himself flying, before he crashed into snow on the other side of the ravine. He was breathing heavily as he got up and looked behind him.

The monster was gone, having fallen into the ravine. 

“*Huff* *Huff* HECK YEAH!” Kaze exclaimed, making a fist and pulling it downward. 

After Kaze caught his breath, he turned back around, deciding that he’d continue walking. Just as he turned around, he spotted something familiar in front of him… 

It was his house. The same one on his planet. It was just there in the middle of the forest. 

“What the frick?” Kaze said. He approached the house cautiously, in case another monster appeared out of nowhere.

He walked onto the front porch and reached for the door. Cautiously opening it, Kaze then entered the house. 

Everything on the inside was the same as he remembered. The living room, the kitchen… 

Kaze looked around with wide eyes.

“How’s that possible…?” He questioned. 

“Oh, hey Kaze!” Kaze then heard a familiar voice… his brother Uindo’s voice. 

Turning around, Kaze then spotted his brother. 

“Uindo!? What!? How are you here!?” Kaze exclaimed. He was shocked that his brother was here. 

“Ha! How am I here? This is the Dream World, literally anything can happen here.” Uindo laughed.

“Oh yeah, that’s right, this is the Dream World,” Kaze said, thinking to himself. “Wait! Is the Ultimate Crystal messing with me? Is it using my memories to test me?”

“What do you think?” Uindo replied.

“I’m sure it is. It makes sense,” Kaze said. 

Uindo smiled. “Well then there ya go.” 

Kaze smiled back. But Uindo suddenly pushed Kaze back and grabbed his neck, choking him. Kaze struggled to breath as Uindo continued to smile.

“Quite the test, huh Kaze?” Uindo said. “Let’s see how you do!”

Uindo then took off, flying upwards, crashing right through the ceiling and roof of the house, taking Kaze along with him. 

They continued moving upwards at a pretty impressive speed, leaving the atmosphere of the planet they were on. Kaze struggled to breath as he and Uindo soon were in space. 

Uindo continued to smile as Kaze’s face turned red due to lack of oxygen. It didn’t take long before Kaze passed out.


Kaze’s eyes opened and he saw the ceiling of a cage. Kaze quickly sat up. Looking around, he saw that he was in a metal cage that was hanging from the ceiling. And right beneath him was a pool of lava.

“What the heck!?” Kaze said. One moment he was in space and the next he’s suddenly a prisoner. Kaze was quite confused on what was going on. “Why am I in a cage?”

“Becaussssssse, you will be my mealsssssssss.” Kaze heard a strange voice speaking. Then he saw a giant red scaly snake emerge from the pool of lava. It flicked its tongue at Kaze. 

Kaze was disturbed and shaken. If there was one thing he hated most, it was snakes. And giant snakes were even worse. 

“Ohsss? Are you sssssscared, little one?” The snake asked, flicking its tongue.

Kaze remained silent as he was sweating. He backed off from the snake, hitting the edge of the cage he was in. 

“How the heck am I supposed to get out of this one?!” Kaze questioned himself.

“You don’tssssssss,” The snake replied.

Kaze’s eyes widened. “You can hear my thoughts?!”

“No. I can sssssmell them,” the snake responded. It got really close to the cage Kaze was in, flicking its tongue into it between the bars.

Kaze tried to back off more but couldn’t, and the snakes tongue flicked right in front of him, inches away. 

“You’re nasty!” Kaze said. He knew this was a test, and was thinking of ways to pass it. “You can do this, Kaze… Snakes are nasty and scary, but you got this! You can beat it!” 

Kaze tried to mentally prepare himself for what he was about to do. Meanwhile, the snake was watching him curiously, flicking its tongue to smell Kaze’s thoughts.

“Ohssss? You really think you got thisssss?” The snake questioned.

Kaze was still disturbed by the snake. He was struggling to get over his fear. 

He was breathing hard and his heart was beating faster. He closed his eyes. He had an idea but wasn’t sure if it would work. He needed to get out of the cage he was in.

The snake looked at Kaze curiously from outside. 

“Ohhh? What you planssssss to do will not work…sssssss…” The snake flicked its tongue, smelling Kaze’s thoughts.

“I thought you were going to eat me,” Kaze said. “What happened to that?” 

“I never ssssssaid that. I ssssssaid you will be my mealssssss…” The snake replied, flicking its tongue as it spoke.

“Oh yeah? Well I think part of the reason that this cage isn’t locked is because you don’t have hands to lock it.” Kaze pushed the door of the cage open. 

The snake just looked at Kaze. 

“You got over your fearssssss…” The snake then said. “You passssss thissss one… but will you passss thisssss?”

Kaze cocked an eyebrow. The snake suddenly opened its mouth, revealing its large fangs as it quickly attempted to eat Kaze.

Kaze acted quickly, dodging. The snakes fangs sank right through the metal of the cage. The snake’s right fang almost wounded Kaze, but it missed by a centimeter. 

And Kaze was currently holding onto the bars of the cage. He was scared of falling, since there was a pool of hot lava beneath him. He could also see that the rest of the snakes body was in the lava… 

“Holy frick.” Kaze was amazed on this… giant lava snake thing. 

As Kaze was busy being amazed, the snakes fangs escaped from the metal and the snake was about to attempt to devour Kaze once more. 

“FRICK!” Kaze barely dodged the attack again, but this time the cage shook violently from the force of the snakes attack, causing him to lose his balance. Reacting quickly, Kaze leaped off of the cage.

Below him was the pool of lava, which he did not want to fall into. As he was being pulled down by gravity, he noticed the snakes scales were grabable. He would be able to use its body to keep him from falling. 

And so that’s what Kaze did. He grabbed the scales of the snake and stopped himself from falling. The lava was two meters below, Kaze was safe. 

The snake suddenly turned and spotted Kaze climbing its body. It wasn’t going to try to eat him, as it didn’t want to injure itself. So the snake decided to descend its body back into the pool of lava.

Seeing this, Kaze began to freak out. He looked around and saw that there was a cliff beside the pool of lava, that was six feet high. 

“I have to make this jump…” Kaze thought to himself. Quickly, he kicked off of the snakes body, moving swiftly through the air, trying to get to the small cliff.

But as Kaze was being pulled down by gravity, he could tell that he was not going to make it. He was about to hit the side of the cliff and then fall into the lava. 

“FRICK, FRICK, FRICK!” Kaze shouted mentally as he was about to ram right into the side of the cliff.

Kaze panicked and could feel the heat of the lava beneath him. But he didn’t fall. Looking up, he saw that someone had grabbed his hand.

It was Saturo.

“SATURO!?” Kaze was stunned.

Saturo helped Kaze up onto the cliff as the snake didn’t look happy. 

“You can’tssss esssscape me!” The snake hissed.

Kaze immediately took off into the cave, and Saturo ran with him. The snake slithered after them. 

“This way!” Saturo then said, taking a sharp turn to the right. 

Kaze followed after him. The two of them entered what seemed like a temple. There were steps that led up to a stone pedestal. And on it was a green glowing, radiating Ultimate Crystal. 

Kaze’s eyes locked on the crystal. 

“There it is! Now I just have to get it and then I’ll pass!” Kaze thought to himself. 

He quickly ran up the stairs to grab the crystal. But a figure of green light suddenly appeared in front of him, stopping him from grabbing the crystal. 

“You’ve done well,” the Ultimate Crystal’s voice then spoke. “You’ve passed two of the tests that I have given you. But it’s not over yet.”

Kaze stepped back a bit. “Then what else do I have to do to pass?!”

“I,” the Ultimate Crystal replied. The voice was seemingly coming from the figure of green light. “Am an Ultimate Crystal. I can give you any power you want. I can make you extremely powerful. With my power you could break the laws of the universe, and even break the universe itself!”

“And that all sounds epic! I want that power!” Kaze exclaimed.

“Then,” the Ultimate Crystal said.

To the side of Kaze, the giant snake had its long body wrapped around Saturo and was ready to devour him. Saturo looked petrified. The look in his eyes… he was screaming for help. 

“What will you choose? Will you take the Ultimate Crystal and receive its power? Or will you save your best friend from death?” The Ultimate Crystal asked.

Drops of sweat fell down Kaze’s face as he hesitated to make a decision.

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