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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 7)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 7)

Posted August 22nd, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Here's the next chapter!



Chapter 7


Kaze looked over at his best friend, who was trapped between the giant lava snake’s body. Saturo was terrified, too terrified to even speak. Kaze then looked back at the figure of green light that was floating in front of the pedestal with the Ultimate Crystal on it. 

He had to make a decision. Either he would get the Ultimate Crystal and have powers, or he’d save his best friend Saturo from death. 

“Well?” The Ultimate Crystal asked. “What is your decision?” 

Kaze hesitated. “Why… why would you make me decide something like this!?” 

“This is your test,” The Ultimate Crystal said. 

Kaze thought about it. “I really want an Ultimate Crystal so I can have powers… But I can’t let Saturo die! The Ultimate Crystal said that the Dream World is just as real as the Real World, so this could actually be the real Saturo!” 

He looked over at the figure of green light. 

“So I choose Saturo and then he gets freed and you give me the Ultimate Crystal for making the right choice, right?” Kaze asked. 

“There is no right choice. There is only your choice. Do you want your friend or power?” The Ultimate Crystal replied.

Kaze thought about it more. “Is Saturo even real? You said that the Dream World is just as real as the real world… but Saturo is still on that gravel road, right?” 

“The Dream World and the Real World are like two separate overlapping layers in the universe. That’s part of the reason why everything feels real here,” The Ultimate Crystal responded.

“That… did not answer my question.” 

“If I answered you clearly, that would ruin the test. Now choose. Power or your friend?” 

“Okay, fine! I choose Saturo. Even if he is fake, he still did save me.” Kaze finally made his decision. 

The snake suddenly turned into ashes and disappeared, and Saturo fell to the ground. Kaze looked at Saturo and saw that he was safe.

“Then you’ve made your decision. You’ve chosen your friend over power,” The Ultimate Crystal then said. 

“Did I pass?” Kaze questioned.

“Not quite.” 

Suddenly, Saturo tackled Kaze and forced him down onto the floor. Kaze had not expected it and was surprised. 

“Saturo?! What the frick are you doing?!” Kaze exclaimed.

“You said it yourself, I’m just a fake,” Saturo replied. He punched Kaze’s face hard. 

“Ugh!” Kaze then pushed Saturo off of him and got up. “How could you, after I chose you!?” 

Saturo sent a punch at Kaze, but Kaze dodged it and without hesitation, he punched Saturo in the gut with all his might. 

Saturo fell over and fell back onto the floor. Kaze looked at his fist. 

“Yeah, you’re just a fake,” Kaze then said. 

He then looked up at the pedestal with the Ultimate Crystal on it. The figure of green light had disappeared.

Walking up the steps, Kaze gazed at the glowing crystal.

He then grabbed it and picked it up, looking at it in awe.

“Well done, Kaze Vensika,” The Ultimate Crystal then said, glowing as it spoke. “You have passed the test.”

“YES!” Kaze was excited. “So I can get powers now?” 

“Yes. Any power you want, but you will have to learn it and practice it first. If I give you power right now, your body will not be able to handle it. Thus, you should practice it,” The Ultimate Crystal said. 

“Okay, that sounds good to me…” Kaze said. “But uh… do you have a name I could call you?”

“No, I do not. The Ultimate gets to choose the name of the Ultimate Crystal,” The Ultimate Crystal replied.

“Really?! Then I’ll call you… Galex!” Kaze said. 

“Okay. Then your Ultimate Crystal Galex is now in your service,” The Ultimate Crystal said. 

“Sweet!” Kaze smiled. 

He then stood there for a moment. 

“So uh… am I going to return to the Real World now?” Kaze then asked.

“Yes, of course,” Galex replied. 

“So then can we go back now?” 

“Yes. Go ahead and do that.”


“Wake up. This is the Dream World after all.” 


“I wonder how long it’ll be till he gets back,” Draco wondered. He and Saturo were looking at the spot that Kaze was in before he had disappeared to the Dream World. 

“It usually takes a few moments,” Camile said. “Right now he’s taking the test. Let’s see if he passes.” 

Kaze then suddenly reappeared in the exact spot he had disappeared. And he had a green glowing and radiating crystal in his hands. 

“Oh good! He passed, it seems!” Draco then said.

“Woah! Do you have powers now, Kaze?!” Saturo asked excitedly. 

Kaze looked over at them and then down at the crystal in his hands. “Uhhh… I dunno. How do I use powers, Galex?” 

“You gotta absorb me first to use my power until your body gets used to using it,” Galex answered him in his mind. 

“Oh!” Kaze then brought the Ultimate Crystal close to his body. Suddenly, the crystal was absorbed into his body and disappeared. 

Kaze felt an incredible power surge through his body. He felt like he could do anything. 

“Holy shoot, this feels great!” Kaze exclaimed. 

“Well done, Kaze!” Camile said to him. “Now we can search for everyone else’s crystals! Or do you guys want to go rest now?”

Draco looked at a watch on his wrist, checking the time. 

“It’s 3:25, we have time to do some more searching, I’d think,” Draco said.

“Sounds good to me! Well then, since you two didn’t hear anything, your crystals are probably not on this planet. So let’s head on to my spaceship!” Camile said. 

“Okay!” Saturo said, excited to get his own Ultimate Crystal.

“But first, to make things easier…” Camile reached into her pocket and pulled out some sort of machine. 

“What’s that? Draco asked.

“It’s a device that helps pinpoint your Ultimate Crystal’s location. It’s not precise, but it tells us where to look,” Camile answered. She fiddled with the device a bit and then pointed it at Draco. 

A green light came out of the device and it scanned Draco.

Camile looked at the device. “Yours… isn’t on a specific planet.”

“Huh…” Draco said, seemingly not excited, nor disappointed.

“That probably explains why the voice wasn’t clear for you. Could be in floating around space or on an asteroid,” Camile said.

“An asteroid?!” Draco exclaimed.

“Maybe.” Camile shrugged. “Or it could be on a comet or meteor. Though, it’d be hard to reach if it’s near a star.” 

“Hm…” Draco looked a bit worried.

“What about mine?” Saturo then asked. 

“Well let’s see…” Camile then used the device and scanned Saturo. “Oh, yours is on the Tech Planet!”

“The Tech Planet!?” Saturo looked excited. “So then we’re gonna go there now?!”

“Might as well, and afterwards we can find Draco’s,” Camile replied. “Are you okay with that?” She looked at Draco.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” He nodded.

“Alright! Then let’s get back to my ship.” Camile raised her hand and used her powers to make a circle around the four of them with red particles. They were then in a cylinder for a few seconds and then it disappeared. 

Kaze, Saturo, and Draco looked around and saw that they were inside of a spaceship. Camile took a seat to pilot the ship.

“Take a seat!” She then told the three of them.

They then took a seat on the seats provided behind the pilot’s seat. Kaze noticed that this spaceship wasn’t as big as Lime’s and was also missing some features.

As Camile proceeded to pilot the spaceship and leave Ertin’s atmosphere, Kaze was thinking about where Draco’s Ultimate Crystal was. 

“How come I found mine so easily by the side of a gravel road while Draco’s is in space?” He wondered. 

“I wasn’t by the side of that road, I was underground. I moved up so you could find me,” Galex said to Kaze mentally.


“The ride will take awhile, so just be patient guys,” Camile then said from the front, her hands on the steering wheel. “And Draco, if you hear the voice, let me know!”

“Will do!” Draco replied.

Camile gave him a thumbs up without looking back and continued to pilot the ship.

As they were flying, they then heard what sounded like the mewling of a kitten. This caught Draco’s attention as he picked up his backpack and looked at the pocket that was halfway open.

After opening it a bit more, a small orange kitten poked its head out. Its eyes were closed, and it was very small. Maybe only a week or two old.

“Oh, good morning buddy!” Draco said to the kitten.

Saturo looked at the kitten, then at Draco. “Why do you have a kitten in your backpack?”

“Well he was alone when I found him. He didn’t have a mother around or anything. So I took him with me,” Draco answered as it seemed his voice had calmed that kittens mewling.

“Does he have a name?” Kaze asked.

“Technically he has two. One in the universal language and a nickname in rustic Aerthian,” Draco replied.

“Wait, do you speak two languages?” Saturo asked.

“Yeah.” Draco nodded. “But his universal name is Fireball.”

Kaze smiled as he looked at Fireball. “Fireball? Like a fireball? A ball of fire?” 

“Yeah.” Draco nodded. 

“Sick.” Kaze grinned. 

Draco then fished around in his backpack before pulling out a small bottle that resembled the ones used for babies. He then put a kind of formula liquid in it and gave it to the kitten.

“He must’ve been hungry after his nap,” Draco said.

“Sure looks like it,” Saturo commented. Fireball was drinking from the bottle. “He’s adorable.”

“Thanks,” Draco said.

“Are… are you answering on his behalf since he can’t talk?” Saturo asked with a wide smile.

“Well, he’s kinda occupied right now.” Draco smiled as Fireball was still drinking from the bottle.

“I doubt Saturo can understand cats.” Kaze pointed out. “So it wouldn’t matter if he was occupied or not.”

“Well, it’s not like at his age Optimuamicu here will understand either,” Draco said as Fireball finished drinking the whole bottle.

“Oh, so that’s his other name?” Kaze said. “Fireball is better in my opinion, cuz I can understand it.”

“But Optimuamicu is funner to say,” Saturo said. “At least for me.”

“Really I gave him two names for the reason that people would call him by his universal language name, while I would call him by his Aerthian name. As that was the one I gave first,” Draco said as he petted the small kitten with two fingers.

“Oh good, cuz it’s a lot easier to say Fireball than Optim-whatever it is,” Kaze said. 

“I’m not sure why you have trouble saying it when it’s just Ahp-Teh-Muu-Ah-Meh-Cuu.” Draco looked at Kaze, a bit confused.

“Well, I can say it, but Fireball is shorter so…” Kaze replied. “Less effort on my part.”

“Whatever.” Draco rolled his eyes as now Fireball seemed to be sleepy again. Draco put him back in the pocket which could now be seen as having soft pieces of felt and a small blanket to serve as a bed.

Fireball looked relaxed as he quickly fell asleep. 

Draco petted him a few more times before zipping the pocket a bit to make it more secure for the kitten.

Kaze then noticed that the spaceship was slowing down. Looking out the front window, he saw a planet that was covered in large sheets of metal. He also could see other spaceships leaving and entering the planet. It was quite a crowded area.

“There’s the Tech Planet!” Draco then said.

“Yup!” Camile exclaimed. 

As the spaceship descended into the atmosphere, Kaze could see giant skyscrapers of metal everywhere. He also noticed that everything was made of metal. 

The spaceship they were on entered an air traffic lane among other spaceships and speeders. Kaze and Saturo were amazed at all the amazing technology they saw.

“So, Saturo… try contacting your crystal,” Camile then said. “Ask it for a hint so we know where to look.”

“Okay…” Saturo said. “I can do that just in my mind, right?”

“Yep.” Camile nodded, her hand on a lever.

“Hey Ultimate Crystal, where are you?” Saturo then said in his mind. Kaze and Draco watched him. 

“Under…” a voice replied to Saturo. 

“Huh? It said under.” Saturo looked confused.

“Oh, so it’s in the Undercity!” Camile said. “Can you feel where it’s at?” 

Saturo focused and closed his eyes. “Y-yeah… keep going forward.”

Camile then steered the spaceship out of the air traffic lane and descended into a giant hole. After a few moments of descending, a giant underground city was in view. 

“Holy shoot…” Kaze was amazed. Everything he had seen so far was what he had in mind when he thought about other planets. Unlike Ertin, the Tech Planet was nowhere near similar to his home planet.

“Much more rustic down here than up above. Less futuristic,” Draco commented as he looked out the windows. “Maybe it’s the lack of all the glowy lights.”  

Camile piloted her spaceship past a few old abandoned buildings that were covered in rust. Unlike the cities up above, the ones down here weren’t all made out of metal.  

As Kaze was gazing out the window at the old buildings, Saturo tried communicating with his Ultimate Crystal again. 

“Hey Crystal, where are you?” 

But Saturo didn’t need a response as he could feel the Ultimate Crystal’s presence nearby. 

“It’s here! Land the ship!” Saturo said to Camile.

The spaceship’s engine powered down and Camile landed it in a dark area. The back door of the ship opened and a ramp generated. 

“Alright, let’s go get it,” Camile then said, standing up. 

“Okay…” Saturo looked outside at the darkness and felt a chill run up his spine. “Why is it so dark…? And empty…?”

“Well it’s underground. Course it’s gonna be dark,” Draco said.

“Yeah, now go get your crystal!” Kaze elbowed Saturo playfully.

“Okay.” Saturo nodded. He then walked down the ramp. He could feel his Ultimate Crystal nearby so he walked towards it. 

Camile, Draco, and Kaze followed behind him. It was dark but there were street lamps that lit the area up a bit. 

Saturo then entered an alleyway and he saw a glowing blue light.

“I… I see it!” He exclaimed. 

“Awesome! Go get it, buddy!” Kaze said. 

Saturo nodded with a smile on his face and walked faster towards the light. Then he saw the Ultimate Crystal, glowing and radiating, sitting there on the floor besides an empty soda can.

“I take my test once I touch it?” Saturo asked Camile just to make sure.

“Yes, you’ll go to the Dream World to take your test,” she assured him.

Saturo took a deep breathe. 

“Well, here I go!” He then reached down and touched the Ultimate Crystal.

Saturo then vanished from sight. 

“Hopefully he passes,” Kaze then commented. 

“We’ll find out if he does in a few seconds,” Camile said.

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter... where Saturo takes the test!

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