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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 8)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 8)

Posted August 26th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Here's the next chap. 



Chapter 8



Saturo awoke to the voice of his Ultimate Crystal saying his name. He instantly sat up and looked around at his surroundings. He was in a small wooden cottage, in front of a fireplace. The building looked old to Saturo. 

“Hey, you finally woke up, Satu.” Saturo then heard Kaze’s voice. He turned and spotted his friend sitting on a couch.

“Huh?! Why are you here with me, Kaze?!” Saturo asked. 

“Cuz, I’m gonna help you. I’ve taken the test before, and to pass all you have to do is find the Ultimate Crystal here in the Dream World. And I already know where it is, so I’m gonna help you and lead you right to it!” Kaze exclaimed with a smile on his face.

“Really!?” Saturo beamed.

“Yeah! Let’s go!” Kaze exited the cottage. 

Saturo followed behind him, excited to get his Ultimate Crystal. When they exited the small cottage, they saw that they were in a forest. And the sun was shining brightly down on them.

“It’s just right this way.” Kaze pointed down at a pathway of dirt. 

“Then let’s go!” Saturo exclaimed. 

The two of them walked along the pathway of dirt. Saturo was happy that he wasn’t on his own and that Kaze was here to help him. 

“With Kaze here to help, this test will be super easy!” He thought to himself. 

He had no clue that the Kaze he was seeing was not the real Kaze and was just a Dream World version that Saturo’s Ultimate Crystal was using to test him. Saturo was convinced that the Kaze he was following was the real Kaze. 

As Saturo followed Kaze, he noticed that the forest was slightly changing… a black cloud appeared above them, blocking the sunlight. In front of them, fog appeared, making it harder to see. It had also gotten dark. 

“Uhh… this doesn’t look so good, Kaze…” Saturo said, noticing how the forest just became spooky.

“It’s fine, nothing’s in here. It’s just a normal forest. It just got dark, that’s all,” Kaze said reassuringly. 

“Okay… if you say so.” Saturo continued following him.

But then Saturo could hear something moving. He looked over at the noise and saw a skeleton walking towards him.

“Uhh… Kaze…” Saturo said, slightly panicking. 


“There’s a skeleton… coming right towards us!”  

But then Saturo noticed there were a lot more skeletons right behind it. A hundred of them. And they were all heading right towards them. 

“KAZ-” Saturo was about to yell, but the skeletons all jumped onto him, dragging him to the ground. “AHH!” 

Kaze was unable to help Saturo since he was also on the ground, with skeletons on top of him. 

Seeing this, Saturo tried to shake off the skeletons on him. He got some of them off of him, so he quickly got up, kicking one of the skeletons back. He then grabbed one of the skeleton’s heads and smashed it onto a tree. 

“C’mon!” Kaze said. Saturo looked over at him and saw that he was free and was running down the path. 

Saturo caught up with Kaze. And the skeletons were still after them. 

Luckily, they were quite slow so Saturo and Kaze made distance very easily. 

“*Huff* *Huff* Huh… they’re *Huff* not that fast…” Saturo said, slowing down as he caught his breath, looking back at the skeletons.

“Yeah, seems so. Well, we should just keep going. We’ve almost made it to the crystal,” Kaze said.

The two of them then made it to a mountain. 

“It’s… up there?” Saturo asked, looking up at the big mountain. It didn’t look very easy to climb to him. 

“Yep.” Kaze nodded. “Ready to climb?”

“I dunno… it doesn’t look very safe,” Saturo said. Not only was the mountain steep, but there were creatures that resembled goats with sharp teeth spread around on it. 

“That’s part of the test. It’s not supposed to be easy,” Kaze said. He reached up and started to climb up the mountain. 

Saturo watched him climb for awhile. 

“Dude, are you coming?” Kaze asked, looking down at him.

“I dunno… it doesn’t look safe,” Saturo said, hesitating to climb the mountain.

“Dude, it’s your crystal.” Kaze looked disappointed. “I’m helping YOU out! And it isn’t supposed to be safe, you’re after a crystal that gives you mother freaking powers for crying out loud!”

Saturo looked down and thought about it. 

“I guess you’re right… I gotta do this.” Saturo looked up at the mountain. “Alright, I’ll do it!” 

He then approached the rocks and climbed them until he was beside Kaze. Kaze smiled at his friend. “Good choice, bud.” He then continued to climb up the mountain. 

The two of them climbed for a bit until they reached the creatures that looked like goats. There were quite a few of them, about five, scattered across the mountain. And they all were watching Kaze and Saturo as they were climbing. 

“I don’t like that,” Saturo thought to himself. “I do NOT like that…!”

The creatures did not approach them, however. They just stood still in their spots and watched them. Eventually, Kaze and Saturo passed them. The creatures continued to watch them as they looked up at them.

“Why are they not attacking us?” Saturo then decided to ask. He was creeped out by the creatures since they were just watching and not doing anything else. Saturo didn’t even know if they were breathing or not! They were like mannequins. 

“Who knows.” Kaze shrugged. “But if they aren’t attacking us, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just keep on climb-” Kaze stopped talking.

Looking up, Saturo saw that there was one of those goat creatures standing in their path, looking down at them with its yellow eyes. 

“Uhh… Mr. Goat… could you please… move?” Saturo asked cautiously. The goat looked down at him, slightly opening its mouth. Its sharp spike-like teeth could be seen and Saturo was terrified of them. He could imagine being bitten by this goat… 

The goat then turned around and nodded its head at its back. 

“Huh?” Saturo asked. 

The goat repeated the same movement.

“I think it wants us to ride it!” Kaze then pointed out. 

“Really?” Saturo didn’t believe it. 

“Yeah.” Kaze then climbed up to be parallel with the goat and hopped onto its back. The goat then looked down at Saturo. “See? Come on!”

After Saturo saw what his friend had done, he nodded and climbed onto the goat’s back as well, sitting behind Kaze. The goat then started to climb up the mountain with ease. And it was moving at a much higher speed than Kaze and Saturo were. 

“Woah!” Saturo was impressed with this goats skills. 

The goat then jumped three times its height, multiple times in a row. 

“HOLY SHOOT!” Kaze exclaimed. 

Then, the goat stopped moving. They had reached the top of the mountain. 

Kaze and Saturo got off of the goat. Saturo petted the goat’s head. 

“Thanks for the ride!” he smiled.

The goat smiled back. “No prob bro.” Then it jumped off of the mountain.

Saturo and Kaze just stood there for a few moments. 

“D-did that goat just…” Saturo started. 

“Y-yes… it did…” Kaze scratched his head. 

The two of them were silent once again for a few moments.

“Well,” Saturo then said. “We gotta get my Ultimate Crystal now.”

“Right. It’s over here…” Kaze then lead Saturo towards the middle of the mountain… and that’s when Saturo found out that this wasn’t a mountain.

It was a volcano. 

“Woah…” Saturo looked down into the volcano. There was lava sitting down at the bottom. But there was also a small area of normal stone in the middle of the lava… and on it was a blue glowing, radiating, Ultimate Crystal. 

“There it is!” Saturo pointed at it. 

“Yep. Now you just have to reach it,” Kaze said. “So go ahead and jump.”

“JUMP!? Into a volcano!?” Saturo exclaimed.

“Yeah. You want your crystal, right?” Kaze asked. “I’ve taken this before, dude, remember? You gotta do risky stuff like this to pass.” 

“Heck no! I am NOT jumping!” Saturo shook his head. 

“What? You gonna be a baby about this?” Kaze mocked. 

“What? No! Anyone in their right mind would refuse to jump into a volcano!” Saturo protested. 

“Well, you gotta do it if you want powers!” Kaze yelled. 

“Well I am NOT doing it!” Saturo turned around and walked away from Kaze and the volcano hole.

Kaze didn’t stop him. 

“Well done.” The Ultimate Crystal’s voice then spoke. “You didn’t let peer pressure get the better of you.”

“Huh?” Saturo turned around. Kaze had disappeared and in his place was a figure of blue light. 

“You’ve passed the test, Saturo Kanshiro,” The Ultimate Crystal’s voice said. In front of the figure of blue light was the Ultimate Crystal, floating there. 

Saturo approached the crystal and grabbed it. He looked down at it in awe. 


He then looked up at the figure of blue light.

“Is that all? That’s the test…?” Saturo asked.

“Yes. And you’ve passed,” the Ultimate Crystal replied. “So you can use my power now.”

“Awesome!” Saturo was excited. 

“You can also choose a name for me,” the Ultimate Crystal added. “Since we don’t have names. The Ultimates we power choose our names.”

“Oh, really? Well then hmm…” Saturo thought of a name. “I’m gonna call you… Pulse!” 

“Very well, if you wish to call me Pulse, you may,” Pulse said. 

“Awesome!” Saturo said. “Okay then, Pulse… Do I go back to the Real World now?” 

“Yes,” Pulse replied.

“Okay! Let’s go then!” Saturo exclaimed. 

He then waited for a few seconds. But nothing happened.

“Uhh…” Saturo then said. “How do we get out of here?”

“Simple. You wake up. This is the Dream World after all,” Pulse replied.


“Hopefully he passes,” Kaze commented. He, Draco, and Camile were all looking at the place Saturo used to be at before he had disappeared to take his test in the Dream World. 

“We’ll find out if he does in a few seconds,” Camile said.

Saturo then reappeared in the exact place that he had disappeared. And with him was a blue Ultimate Crystal.

“Aye!” Kaze smiled at his friend. “You did it!” 

Saturo was excited. “Yeah! You did lead me to it though, so thanks!”

Kaze raised an eyebrow. “What? I lead you to it?”

“Yeah… wait, you don’t remember?” Saturo asked, confused.

“That wasn’t Kaze,” Camile then said. “That was just your Ultimate Crystal testing you using him. So the Kaze you saw wasn’t really Kaze.”

Saturo’s mouth opened wide. “What!? I didn’t know that! I thought that that was actually Kaze!” 

“Nah, he’s been here the whole time,” Draco said.

“Yeah.” Kaze nodded. 

“Huh…” Saturo realized that he had been tricked. “Well, now we’ll go get Draco’s crystal, right?”

“Yep,” Camile replied. “Let’s head back to my ship.”

The four of them then walked through the alleyway to get back to Camile’s ship. But as they were walking, they heard footsteps. 

Then someone appeared, blocking their way. It was a tough-looking man dressed in futuristic armor. But he didn’t have a helmet so his face was visible. He had a scar on his left cheek, and his hair was dirty blond and was cut short. 

The man looked over at them and smirked, gripping the blaster he had tightly. 

“You ain’t from around here, are ya?” The man asked them.

Kaze, Saturo, and Draco stayed silent as Camile stepped up, shielding the three of them from this man. 

“No, we are not. We just came here to find an Ultimate Crystal. I work with the UCIC, you see,” Camile said. 

“Oh? So then y’all must be pretty wealthy.” The man pointed his blaster at Camile’s head. “Yer ultims. Give ‘em.”

Camile stayed still, unbothered that a blaster was pointing at her face. She gave the man a warning look. 

“Boys…” she then said. “You three run to the ship, okay?”

“O-okay…?” Draco said, nervously looking at the man.

“When you get the signal, go.” Camile then raised her hand, and it was surrounded by a red aura. 

The man suddenly shot her, and a laser attempted to hit Camile in the head. But Camile blocked it with her energy covered hand.

Camile then hit the man in the chest, knocking him back into a brick wall. The man fell to the ground but then got up, shooting at Camile as he did. 

Camile blocked all of the lasers that bombarded her.

“I think that’s the signal…” Kaze then said. “Let’s go!”

Draco and Saturo nodded before the three of them quickly sprinted to the ship, as Camile continued to block the man’s attacks. 

“You ain’t getting awa-” The man tried to shoot at them, but Camile knocked him right through the brick wall. 

“Holy shoot, she’s strong!” Kaze exclaimed. 

The three of them then made it to the spaceship. But there were three men in the same armor and blaster as the previous man standing in their way. 

“Oh no…” Saturo muttered, gripping his Ultimate Crystal tightly.

“Oh, no no no,” one of the men said. “You three aren’t getting away. Not without any payment.” 

“Huh. Well sucks to be you then, because none of us have any money. Not ultims, but I do have other currency,” Kaze said. 

“Those won’t do. Hand over ultims.” The three of them found blasters pointed at their heads. “If you don’t, we’ll sell you for ultims.”

The three of them stayed still. They were also pretty scared, as their lives could be snatched away from them in seconds. 

“Ugh! This isn’t good!” Kaze thought to himself. 

“We’re gonna die!” Saturo thought.

“Hurry up and hand them over!” One of the men got closer to them, yelling. 

Kaze thought quickly and walked forward in front of the man, digging into his pocket as he did. 

“Fine! I’ll give you them…” He said as he walked over. 

Except he didn’t pull out anything. Kaze then punched the man in the face with all his might. The man went flying into the other man, knocking him down. 

“You’re dead!” The remaining man shot lasers at Kaze. 

The laser missed Kaze by a millimeter, but he did feel its heat. And he didn’t want to be hit. 

Kaze then made a fist to punch the shooter, and the shooter suddenly crashed into a brick wall. 

“Woah!” Saturo exclaimed.

Kaze had used powers… he didn’t even touch that man and he knocked him back. And his punches were stronger than normal too.

“Dang…” Kaze looked down at his fist. 

“It’s a good thing that happened,” Draco commented, before noticing that the two shooters from before were stirring.

“We should go now!” Saturo then ran into the spaceship. 

Draco followed behind him. But Kaze didn’t enter yet. He looked over at the men, as they were getting back up. He then pointed his hand at them and pushed it forward, and they went flying into a wall. 

“Holy shoot… this is sick…” Kaze looked down at his hands, amazed at what he had just done. 

Then he entered the spaceship, finding Draco and Saturo seated. 

“Where’s Camile?!” Saturo asked once Kaze entered. 

They then heard the spaceship’s back door closing. Turning, they saw that Camile had returned. 

“Alright, we’re out of here!” Camile said. She quickly took her seat and activated the thrusters of the spaceship, causing the ship to quickly leave the ground. She steered the ship and headed up towards the giant hole they had come through. “Is everyone’s seatbelt fastened?”

Draco and Saturo nodded. Kaze, who didn’t have the seatbelt on, quickly put it on. “Yes!” he then said. 

Camile then pushed a lever forward and pressed some buttons. The spaceship then took off in lightspeed, leaving the Tech Planet in less than a second. She then pulled the lever back and the ship exited light speed. 

“Okay,” Camile then said, turning her chair around. “You’re all okay, right?”

“Yeah, we are.” Draco nodded.

“Oh good.” Camile sighed in relief. “Sorry about that. I forgot to mention that most of the crime on the Tech Planet happens in the Undercities. Since it’s a lot easier to get away with them down there.” 

“It’s okay,” Saturo assured her. “We made it out. So we’re all good.”

“Yeah.” Camile smiled. “Well, now we can look for Draco’s Ultimate Crystal. Want to try a scan again?”

“Yes please.” Draco nodded.

Camile then took out the device from before and scanned Draco. She looked down at the results. “Still nothing. It’s not on a planet.” 

“Darn,” Draco said. 

“It’s possible that it isn’t even in the Elemental System,” Camile said. “Yours might be a bit more difficult to find.”

“Oh…” Draco’s mood seemed to have dampened quite a bit.

“How about you try contacting it?” Saturo then suggested.

“May as well…” Draco closed his eyes and seemed to focus. 

“Dr…o…li…pla…” he could faintly hear the murmuring of a voice. 

“I can hear something… just not very well. I could make out some words vaguely though,” Draco said.

“What’d it say?” Kaze asked.

“Well it said the first part of my name, the rest was just something that had ‘li’ and ‘pla’ in it,” Draco replied.

“Maybe it’s the Light Planet?” Camile suggested. “Or near it, maybe it’s orbiting around it.”

“We can go check,” Draco said.

“That’s what we’re gonna do!” Camile exclaimed, gripping the steering wheel. 

The spaceship then drifted through space, heading towards the Light Planet.

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter... Almost all of them have Crystals!

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