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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 9)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 1: The Adventure Begins: (Chapter 9)

Posted August 31st, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 9


“Okay… try contacting it again,” Camile suggested.

Draco focused again. Kaze and Saturo watched him. 

Their spaceship had arrived at the Light Planet. Kaze and Saturo were amazed since the whole planet was glowing a golden yellow color. Their spaceship wasn’t on the planet, however, but was floating around the planet, in its orbit.

“Draco… look for a glowing blue cave in between mountains and a desert,” a voice said to Draco, it was significantly clearer now.

“It said to look for a glowing blue cave near mountains and a desert,” Draco told Camile.

“That’s vague. There could be millions of those on the Light Planet!” Saturo commented.

“Well yes, Ultimate Crystals tend to be vague. But it did say that the cave was glowing blue! The Light Planet glows golden yellow usually, so that helps a bit,” Camile said. She then grabbed the steering wheel and descended into the atmosphere of the Light Planet.

Kaze, Saturo, and Draco looked out the front window as the ship passed some clouds. Kaze found the landscape of the planet familiar. The only difference was that everything was glowing! 

“This planet’s awesome…” Saturo commented. 

“Agreed,” Kaze said.

“It looks even nicer at night,” Draco said to them. “Right now it’s still just late afternoon.”

“On this part of the planet, that is,” Kaze pointed out.

“Well yeah. That’s how planets work,” Draco said with a bit of a sting.

“I know that. I learned at least that much in school,” Kaze retorted.

“Anyway, the voice seems to be just as clear as when we were in space, so we must be going the right way,” Draco said to Camile, ignoring Kaze.

“I’m currently moving all over the planet looking for this blue light…” Camile replied. “You’re lucky that I’m a professional at finding things. I can find the location easy.”

“That’s nice to know,” Draco said.

“Here, let me do a quick scan of our area… can you feel the Crystal nearby yet?” Camile asked. 

“……” Draco focused for a few moments before his face lit up. “I can feel something faintly over in that direction there!” He pointed at the right window. 

Camile steered the ship towards the direction that Draco had pointed at. Soon, they could see a glowing blue cave in between two mountains and a desert. The mountains and desert were glowing golden while the cave was blue.

“There, found it!” Camile then said. 

“Hurray!” Draco exclaimed.

Camile then landed the spaceship and the back door opened. The ramp generated afterwards. 

“Alright, let’s go get your crystal!” Camile then said, getting up.

The three of them got up as well and headed outside, with Draco in the front.

They then reached the entrance of the cave. It was glowing a bright sapphire blue.

“I can definitely feel it in there,” Draco said as he stood at the entrance.

“Well then go get it!” Kaze said. “We can wait here, unless you want us to come with you.”

“No, you can stay out here,” Draco said. He then carefully entered the cave, looking around and feeling for the crystal’s presence.

“Over here…” Draco’s Ultimate Crystal’s voice said as Draco saw a dark turquoise light in the wall up ahead.

He ran over to it and saw the crystal embedded in the wall.

He then set his hand on it, bracing himself mentally for the test.


Draco suddenly found himself on a large circle platform, seemingly in the middle of an arena with a large stone brick wall between him and where people would sit to watch. There were also several barred gates with tunnels leading off to who knows where.

Draco was confused as he glanced around the seemingly empty arena. Suddenly, he was struck from behind and was flung onto the floor.

He looked back to see a vague blue figure wielding a plain leather shield and a wooden club approaching him.

Draco quickly got up and looked around him to see if there was something he could use as a weapon. It was clear that this was a test of strength as opposed to Kaze and Saturo’s tests.

Draco soon realized there were no real weapons around him, only rocks and piles of sand on the floor as well as a tile of the floor that had come loose.

The figure was getting closer at a slow speed, which almost seemed to taunt Draco for his unfair position.

Draco looked at what his opponent had, a slightly heavy blunt short range weapon and a basic shield.

Knowing this, he devised a plan right then and there.

Quickly, Draco grabbed some of the rocks and hurled them at the figure, forcing them to block with the shield, making it that they couldn’t immediately see him. He then hurriedly grabbed the loose tile made of stone and a big handful of sand and rushed at the figure just as they were lowering their shield. The figure went to strike at Draco, but Draco managed to duck under the club and threw sand in the figure’s face while covering his own eyes, causing a small cloud of dust to appear. The dust cloud hid Draco’s position for a few moments, and Draco took advantage of this and rolled between his opponents legs, positioning himself behind the figure just as the dust cleared. 

Then, before the figure could react, Draco smacked them in upper back hard with the stone tile, causing them to stumble forward. The figure was losing their balance near the edge of the arena platform. This made Draco realize that he could push his opponent off. So he quickly ran towards the figure as they regained their balance. Draco swung the tile at the figure, but the figure blocked it with their shield. But as that happened, Draco pushed on the tile in his hands, making his opponent stumble backwards and fall off the platform. He had won.

His feeling of victory was short lived however, as he felt the arena shaking. Looking behind him at the center of the platform, Draco realized it was collapsing. If he didn’t do something, he’d fall off as well.

Looking around hurriedly, he saw a long piece of cloth dangling from the wall between the platform and the stands for the crowd. Draco sprinted and jumped off the platform, getting just enough height and distance to grab the cloth and begin climbing up and over the wall as the platform collapsed and fell into a void below. 

Deciding to not wait to see if the collapsing would continue farther out, Draco ran up through the stands to get as far from the center as possible. As he was about halfway up, he heard the wall from before start to crumble away, causing him to hurry even more. He then finally reached the top of the stands. He glanced around, looking for a higher place to go in case his goal was to survive for a certain time. With no better option, Draco started to try and climb up one of the columns holding up the roof over the stands so the crowd would be shaded. He got faster and faster as he heard the collapsing getting nearer until he finally reached the top. The highest and farthest he could get. 

As he sat down to rest, he saw that the collapsing had slowed down. And after a few seconds, stopped entirely. He had gotten away.

By now Draco was exhausted.

And as he laid there, he heard the voice again.

“Good job, Draco Saurashido. You have managed to prove both your physical and mental abilities in combat and escape. You have passed.”

“Great to hear…” Draco said as he caught his breath. He saw a turquoise crystal float down in front of him.

He held it in his hands for a few moments.

“So I can use you for powers now, huh?” He asked.

“With proper training, yes. But before we get to that. You first must give me a name,” The crystal said.

“Alright… I’ll call you… Quazaros,” Draco said.

“Very well then. Now, wake up Draco. The others are expecting your return,” Quazaros said.


“Think he passed?” Saturo asked, as he, Kaze, and Camile stood outside of the cave, waiting for Draco to return.

“Probably.” Kaze nodded.

Draco then walked out of the cave, a smile on his face as he was looking at a turquoise crystal glowing in his hands.

“Hey look! He passed!” Saturo then exclaimed.

“Aye! Nice job, man!” Kaze patted Draco on the back.

“Yeah, the test was pretty high paced compared to what I’m used to,” Draco said. “So I’m glad I managed to pass it. I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment.”

Camile smiled. “You all did very well. Shall we return to Ertin? Or do you want to go somewhere else?” 

“Well, that depends on where we plan to go after this since we have our Crystals. I personally want to learn how to use it better,” Draco said. “With my heritage and all, it’d be a travesty for me not to pick the opportunity to get stronger and face other people!” 

“Will you still take us with you?” Kaze asked. “Cuz uh… we did our part of the deal… you could just call it off and go off on your own now…”

“Well, that depends on where you two plan to go. After all, my part of the deal was to help you guys have food and shelter for at least one day,” Draco said.

“Well, we don’t know what our planet is called… so we can’t go home…” Saturo said. “And we still don’t have any money…”

“I know that, I meant what are you two gonna do with your Crystals?” Draco said, rephrasing his question.


Kaze and Saturo looked at each other. 

“Well, probably use them for powers.” Kaze shrugged. 

“In what way exactly?” Draco asked.

“I dunno. What ways can they be used?” Kaze questioned.

“Almost anything basically,” Draco said.

“Then we do almost anything. We really don’t know, we just got them,” Kaze replied.

“If I may…” Camile then said. She had been quiet and was just watching them for awhile. “I would suggest looking for a master to train you. That way you all can become stronger.”

“A master?” Kaze said. He turned to Saturo. “Well, we can’t go home… so why don’t we just get stronger and learn more about the Galaxy?”

“I don’t see why not. I’m very interested to learn what our planet’s government prevented us from learning,” Saturo replied with a smile. 

“Then that probably means you’ll be sticking with me then,” Draco said.

“Yep.” Kaze nodded. “So then where will we be heading?”

“That depends on a lot of things. Just finding a master could be hard as they may only teach certain things and certain powers, or they may only accept people who are already very experienced with their Crystals. Not to mention that we can’t just look up where they are and what planet they’re on, we’ll have to find them ourselves unless they’re very well known,” Draco explained. “TL;DR, it’s very complicated.”

“So then… what do we do? How’re we gonna find a master?” Saturo asked.

“Well, unless Camile has a suggestion, we may just have to look around for someone. Maybe compete in an event to get someone’s attention. Something,” Draco said.

The three of them looked over at Camile. 

“Uhh… well, masters can be found anywhere. You could probably ask around anywhere for a master,” Camile said. “Ertin’s law prevents powers in public so you probably won’t find anyone there, but the Light Planet does! You could ask around for a master here!”

“Sounds good.” Draco nodded.

“So we’ll ask around for a master? Should we go to a city to do that?” Kaze asked.

“Well, yes. There’s no one to ask out here,” Camile replied. “I could give you a ride to the capital of the Light Planet. You’d probably find more people accepting students there.”

“Okay, then that’s where we’ll split paths. Which reminds me, I’m gonna have to pay you for helping find our Crystals, right?” Draco asked.

“Yep. That’ll be 300 Ultims, including the discount since we almost got mugged,” Camile said.

“Ah, okay.” Draco then reached into his backpack and pulled out a medium sized drawstring pouch. It made a very noticeable clinking sound. And it looked quite a bit full.

“I should have enough to pay for that,” He said as he opened the bag.

This gave Kaze and Saturo their first real look at these ultims people kept talking about. Draco pulled around ten of them out of the bag so he could start counting them. They weren’t paper like the money on Kaze and Saturo’s planet, but they weren’t coins either. At least not coin shaped, it seemed. They were small rectangular shaped metal bars.

Kind of like a penny pressed coin if it lacked the curves.

“Ten… twenty… thirty…” Draco was counting by tens as he had pulled out more ultims.

After a minute or two he had gotten to three hundred. So he had a small pile of metal rectangles in his hands as he finished counting.

“Thank youuuu.” Camile took the money. “And now I shall teleport you to Bright City!”

“Thanks Camile!” Draco did a little bow. Then he tied up his pouch of ultims and put it back in his backpack before zipping it shut. He had his crystal in his jacket pocket until he had finished zipping, before he took it out and held it in his hands.

“My pleasure!” Camile smiled. Then Kaze, Saturo, and Draco found themselves in a red cylinder. After it disappeared, they saw that they were in a glowing city.

They looked around. The city was decently crowded, many people were walking around and were dressed in glowing clothes. There were not a whole lot of vehicles around, Kaze noticed that the people walked to get to places. 

“Wow… it’s so different from what we’ve seen so far…” Saturo gazed around at all the glowy buildings in awe. 

“I suppose so,” Draco said as he looked around. “Now, who to ask about a master…”

Kaze and Saturo looked at Draco silently as he was thinking and looking at the people walking by, probably looking for someone whom he thought would know something about a master.

“So…” Kaze then said. “Why don’t we just ask anyone?”

“You can if you want. I’m just sort’ve taking a mental break from what’s happened earlier,” Draco replied.

“Well, it is getting dark,” Saturo said, pointing at the Sun that was setting. “We could just get a hotel and rest and look for a master tomorrow.”

“May as well.” Draco shrugged before he started walking down a sidewalk towards a row of buildings. With closer inspection, they realized that the row of glowing buildings had a hotel in the middle.

The three of them entered the hotel, and Kaze looked around the lobby. The hotel seemed relatively similar to the ones on his planet, the only difference was that everything was glowing.

“Greetings, travelers!” The man at the desk greeted them. “Would you like a room for the night?”

“Yes please!” Draco replied, walking up to the desk.

“Very well…” The man smiled. “That will cost you 25 ultims.”

Draco paid the man before turning to Kaze and Saturo with a key in his hand. 

“Oh, it’s a key? Our planet had cards,” Saturo commented, noticing that it was a normal key.

“Do your cards teleport back to the front desk and stuff?” Draco asked. “Cause these keys do that so they don’t get lost.”

“Oh.” Saturo blinked a few times. “Nevermind then…”

“So where’s our room?” Kaze then asked Draco. “I personally would like a shower.”

“Room 212. So it’s on the second floor,” Draco said, walking over to the stairway. “We can just take the stairs rather than the elevator since it’s not high up.”

“Oh, so those are the same,” Saturo noticed. “I would be blown away if they had teleporters to get to other floors.”

“I mean, there are hotels with that, but those are like… crazy expensive. Like 350 ultims a night, dude, like luxury hotel things,” Draco said as he opened the stairway door and started walking up the stairs. “Key sized teleporters are far cheaper than human sized ones.”

“Oh, that makes sense,” Saturo said. The three of them then walked up the stairs to the second floor. 

They then located Room 212, and Draco unlocked the door before opening it. The three of them entered the room. The room was all glowy just like everything else. There was some furniture, a desk and an office chair, a television, and three twin beds. It was very similar to what Kaze and Saturo were used to. The only difference was that on their planet, they didn’t have a room with three small beds. 

“Woah. This is a nice room,” Kaze commented as he admired the room. 

“Yeah… very nice.” Saturo agreed as Draco closed and locked the door. 

“I just hope getting sleep won’t be too hard,” Draco said as he took Fireball out of his backpack so that he could move around on the bed freely. After he set Fireball down, Draco pulled out a large bag from a small cooler of some sort with what seemed to be food in it.

“Oh yeah, I’m also pretty hungry,” Kaze said once he saw the cooler. “What you got in there?”

Draco just silently tossed the two of them individual turkey and cheese sandwiches in plastic zipped bags before continuing to look through what he had.

“This’ll do,” Saturo said before he started eating the sandwich. “Though some spicy chips would be nice…”

“Well my brother did give me this, even though I’m not a big fan of it. You can have it if you want.” Draco tossed Saturo a medium sized bag of spicy chips with lime.

Saturo’s eyes expressed clear happiness before he opened the bag and started crunching those chips.

While Saturo was doing that, Draco had finally pulled out what he was going to eat, which was another turkey and cheese sandwich along with a medium sized bag of regular kettle cooked chips.

And Fireball was currently blindly exploring the bed Draco had placed him on, gently mewling as he crawled over little wrinkles in the bed sheet.

“Well, I’m gonna go take a shower,” Kaze said, as he had already finished his sandwich. “I don’t have any clothes to change into though… this is all I got.”

“Oh yeah… same here,” Saturo said. “Eh, it’s fine, just change back into them. They’re not that dirty, are they?”

“Well… no.” Kaze shook his head. 

“Eh, your clothing situation will probably be fixed a day or two after we find masters. They usually help with things like that, but it depends on how old the student is. Since none of us are even old enough to legally drive, they’ll probably get a few clothes for you two,” Draco said as he gently petted Fireball.

“Well that’s good to hear.” Kaze walked into the bathroom to take his shower, closing the door behind him. 

That left Saturo and Draco to sit in silence with Fireball quietly meowing. Saturo continued to munch on the spicy chips Draco had given him. 

“So… tomorrow we look for masters, huh?” Saturo then broke the silence.

“That’s the plan,” Draco said as he took a bite out of his sandwich.

“I wonder how that’s gonna go… today was pretty insane though… getting Ultimate Crystals…” Saturo said, recalling the events that had happened.

“Yeah, but we’re pretty lucky we all managed to find them in the same day,” Draco said as he held his crystal Quazaros in his left hand.

“Yeah, Camile really is a professional, huh… I expected crystals that give you any power to be a lot harder to find,” Saturo said. He had his Ultimate Crystal, Pulse, in his right pant pocket.

“Well, they are most of the time. Which reminds me, when we get a master, we’ll probably have to pick a starting elemental power to train with. At least if it’s battle or just broad power training,” Draco said. 

“I haven’t even used my crystal yet,” Saturo pointed out. “I’ll probably figure out my powers later. When we get a master.”

“I mean, we were already going to do that anyway,” Draco said.

“True.” Saturo nodded. He looked around at the glowing room. He noticed that it didn’t have a light or lightswitch since everything was glowing. “How will we fall asleep when everything is glowing?”

“That’s what those fluffy blindfolds over there are for. So that non natives of the Light Planet can sleep easier due to the constant light,” Draco said. He pointed at the desk. On the desk were three blindfolds. 

“Oh.” Saturo looked at them, as he was sitting on one of the couches. “Well that solves our problem.” He had finished his bag of chips and the sandwich so he got up and threw the empty bags away. “So we gonna start our search for masters right when we wake up, right? And possibly get breakfast along the way?”

“Pretty much,” Draco replied. “We’ll do just that.”

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter...
I hope you enjoyed!

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