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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 1)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 1)

Posted September 24th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Aye! Book two is here! 


Chapter 1


“Hhhnnngg!” Kaze tried to get back up. But he couldn’t. His arms were extremely tired and he felt like he was going to die. He collapsed onto the golden glowing grass. “I can’t do this…” he muttered.

“Neither-ah!” Saturo also fell to the ground. “It’s too hard!” 

“Yeah…” Draco said, rubbing the back of his head. He was sitting on the ground.

Glare looked down at them. “You’re going to have to strengthen your body before you can move on to mastering your abilities.” 

“But you’re making us do a ton of push ups and other exercises!” Saturo complained. “It’s too much!” 

“Yeah, it’s impossible!” Kaze complained as well. 

“No it isn’t.” Glare looked over at Emiliya, who was standing to the side, watching them. 

Emiliya nodded and got onto the ground, and quickly did a ton of push ups without breaking a sweat. 

Kaze and Saturo just stared at her in awe as she continued doing more. 

“See?” Glare then said. “It’s not impossible.”

Draco then shakily stood up. “Ugh… that’s gonna ache for a bit.” He winced.

“Always does at first,” Emiliya said as she stood back up and dusted herself off. She smirked as she then looked over at Kaze. “Struggling, newbie? Push ups are just a basic easy exercise.” 

“Shut up!” Kaze snapped at her. “It’s exhausting! My arms are so sore!” 

“Alright, alright, you three can rest,” Glare then said. 

“Oh thank gosh!” Saturo laid down on his back, breathing heavily.

Kaze let himself faceplant into the glowing grass.

“I’m gonna go get some water. I’m sure I’ll feel better after a bit,” Draco said as he walked to the house. 

“Can you get some for me too?” Kaze asked, his face still in the grass.

“I could, but I’m unsure on how you're gonna drink it if your arms hurt as much as you say,” Draco replied. 

“They’ll have to manage,” Glare said with a smile. “There’s some bottled water in the fridge.”

“Alright, thank you.” Draco entered the house. 

“What are we gonna do next?” Saturo then asked, still panting and covered in sweat. 

“Well you’ve done your warm up. So now I’ll give you some combat training,” Glare answered with a smile. 

“Combat? How’ll we do that?” Saturo asked. Kaze still had his face in the ground.

“Well first I’ll have you all try to fight against me or Emiliya,” Glare said. “And then we’ll see your current level and have you work on improving that.” 

“That sounds a lot funner than push ups,” Kaze commented from the ground. 

“It tends to be, yes.” Glare nodded. 

Draco then returned with three bottles of water. He gave one to Saturo and Kaze each before drinking the one for himself. 

Kaze got up into a sitting position and drank some water. 

“Ahh, that’s some good water.” Kaze and Saturo were refreshed.

“Alright, you guys ready for some combat?” Glare then asked. 

“As ready as I can be,” Draco replied as he did some stretches, wincing a bit at his still aching body.

“Very well.” Glare then raised his hand and motioned for them to attack him. “Let’s see what you all got.” 

Draco took in a deep breath while closing his eyes, before opening them to reveal his irises had changed from brown to a glowing cyan color, his hands faintly glowing.

“Hah!” Saturo jumped onto his feet, his hands charged with electricity. 

“So we just attack you, right?” Kaze asked, wiping his mouth.

“Yes,” Glare said. “Bring out all the power you got. No holding back.” 

Kaze then pushed off of the ground and went flying towards Glare with a fist. He sent his fist right at Glare’s face. Glare didn’t move. 

Kaze then found out that his attack didn’t reach. Glare had blocked it with his hand. 

“Your strength needs a lot more improvement,” Glare told him. Then he simply poked Kaze. A simple poke sent him flying back. 

“WOAH!” Kaze didn’t expect that. “Glare is extremely strong!” 

Saturo then acted, shooting lightning bolts from his fist right at Glare. Glare dodged the attack easily. 

“Could be improved,” Glare commented.

“Hm, okay,” Saturo said, looking down at his fists, thinking about how he could improve. 

Draco then stepped forward, seeing that this basically meant it was his turn to give it a shot. He had an excited smile on his face.

Glare smiled at him, his arms crossed behind his back. 

Draco then pointed his arms out behind him. He then detonated a sphere of energy in each of his hands, launching him forward at Glare at a high speed. As he flew forward, he sent a roundhouse kick at the side of Glare’s torso, while also charging a sphere of glowing flamelike blue energy in one of his hands. 

Glare blocked the kick with his arm and seemed to be waiting for Draco’s next attack.

Draco used a detonation to put him higher into the air, the sphere from before still in his other hand. It was seemingly getting slowly bigger and brighter.

As it was doing so, Draco propelled himself down at Glare, going into an axe kick pose directed at Glare’s shoulder.

Glare grabbed Draco’s leg and pushed him back with his other hand. 

As he flew backwards, Draco use a detonation to catch his balance and also slow down.

By now the sphere he had made before was about the size of a large basketball, and was glowing brightly and flaring with a flame like aura around it.

“Oh good, now I can test this attack out,” Draco smiled as he held the sphere in his hands, seemingly excited.

“Go on ahead.” Glare smiled back.

Draco nodded before taking the sphere into his right hand, reaching his arm out behind him as if he was about to chuck it as hard as he could.

“Nova…” Draco said to himself, before swinging his right arm out in front of him, his left hand gripping tightly onto his wrist, as if to brace himself. “PULSE!”

The sphere suddenly erupted into a small but focused beam of blue flame like energy and light straight at Glare. Draco was pushed back a tiny bit by the force. His black jacket glowing behind him due to the small gust of wind the attack generated.

But of course, Glare was completely calm as the beam flew towards him. He raised a hand and blocked the attack with his bare hands. 

The attack simply spilt past him, like someone using their hand to stop a garden hose’s stream of water.

“Not bad, Draco,” Glare then commented. 

“Thanks.” Draco smiled, content with the result of his new attack.

“You really can use plasma better than I expected. Impressive.”

“Plasma?” Draco asked.

“Yes. Those spheres of energy you created are plasma,” Glare answered with a smile.

“Oh. Well that’s good to know, I was wondering what element this was,” Draco said. “So… how do you think I should improve sir?”

“At the moment, you all need improvement on everything,” Glare said, looking even at Kaze and Saturo. “So you’ll do training daily, either with me or Emiliya.” He then snapped his fingers and a paper appeared floating in front of him. “This’ll be your daily schedule.”

Kaze, Saturo, and Draco all got closer so they could see the schedule. 

“There aren’t specific times, but you must accomplish all of these tasks as part of your training,” Glare said. 

The first thing on the list was homework. 

“Wait, homework?!” Kaze asked.

“Yes, I’ll be giving you assignments. You think just because you left your planet, you don’t have to go to school?” Glare chuckled. “You still have to go through at least high school.”

Kaze and Saturo’s mouths were wide open in shock. They hated homework back on their home planet, and it turned out that even Masters that train Ultimates give homework. 

“Interesting,” Draco commented, seemingly not upset at all about the homework.

“Oh, and before you go off to do your homework for today…” Glare then said, “have you decided what you want your main Elemental power to be?”

“Main power?” Kaze asked.

“Yes. There are millions of different powers, but they’re classified down to the main Elemental Powers,” Glare said. “And those are Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Terra, Electricity, Rock, Tech, Toxic, Plasma, Light, Darkness, Psychic, Flora, Space, and Healing.”

“Well, I guess I’ll go with plasma. According to what you said, I’m efficient at it considering my current level,” Draco said. “Also plasma, as a state of matter, has some interesting properties I could look into.”

“That would be a good idea.” Glare nodded at him.

Draco looked at Kaze and Saturo. “What do you guys wanna pick?”

“Electricity! I like it!” Saturo beamed.

“Sounds like it’d be pretty useful.” Draco nodded.

Glare looked down at Kaze. “And you Kaze?”

Kaze scratched his chin. “Uhh…” He couldn’t decide considering the list that Glare had just said was quite long and had a lot of choices.

“Well you have good control of the air, so you could consider working with wind,” Glare said. “There’s a lot you could do with wind other than fly and move things without physical contact.”

“Alright, I’ll go with wind then!” Kaze exclaimed.

“Great! Then you three go on to your rooms, I’ve installed desks for you while you were trying to attack me,” Glare said. “You’ll find your homework on your desks.”

“Alright,” Draco said, before doing a bow and heading to the house to go inside to his room.

Kaze and Saturo followed after him, clearly not excited to do homework. As the two of them walked down the hallway of rooms, they went separate ways. Kaze walked into his room and saw many different booklets on the glowing desk that was next to his bed.

“Fricking homework.” Kaze grumpily sat down at his desk and opened the booklet. 

“Finish one chapter a day. I’ll be easy on you and have you do one chapter only, of any subject you want,” Kaze heard Glare’s voice in his head. 

“Okay.” Kaze looked over at the first chapter and saw that it was math. He groaned. 

But he remembered why he was doing this, why he wanted to get stronger and gain knowledge. He still wanted to find his way home. 

“I got this…” He then picked up a pen and started.


A Few Months  Later… 


Kaze stretched his arms above his head, yawning. He looked down at his homework, which he had finally completed. 

“Woo! Finally done!” Kaze said to himself. He rubbed Pebbles’ head with a smile.

Pebbles had always snuck out of his cage and crawled over to Kaze’s room, despite Emiliya’s effort to keep him trapped. Kaze could tell that this hamster really liked him. 

“Wanna go get some food?” Kaze then asked Pebbles. He set his hand in front of the hamster, and Pebbles crawled onto it. Kaze then got up and left his room, heading for the kitchen. 

As Kaze entered the kitchen, he heard the sound of someone crunching on something. Then he spotted Saturo eating a party sized bag of spicy chips. 

“I swear, where do you keep getting those?” Kaze asked.

Two weeks after they had gotten accepted as Glare’s students, Saturo kept getting giant bags of chips from seemingly nowhere and snacking on them. Kaze, Draco, and Emiliya all wondered where he kept getting them from, but he wouldn’t say. 

“I’ve got a secret stash.” Saturo grinned, crunching on some more chips. 

Kaze set Pebbles down on the table and grabbed some food for him. Opening the fridge, he took out an apple. He used the wind to open a drawer and took out a knife, before proceeding to cut the apple into tiny pieces for Pebbles to munch on. He had gotten a lot better with his powers. 

Kaze then put the apple chunks on a plate and took them over to Pebbles, who happily started to eat. 

“Do you know where Draco is?” Kaze then asked Saturo.

Saturo shrugged. “Probably in his room reading.”

“What about Emi?” 

“Last I saw her, she was outside.” Saturo stuffed his mouth with chips. 

“Oh, okay.” Kaze watched Pebbles eat his apples. “I wonder what Emi’s doing.” 

“Say, Kaze…” Saturo then said, holding a chip with two fingers as he looked over at his friend.


“I’ve noticed that you’ve been asking about Emiliya pretty often.” Saturo smirked. “Is it possible that you lik-”

“No!” Kaze immediately shook his head. “She just never interacts with us when it’s not training. I’m just curious about what she does in her free time.”

“Mhmmm, sureeeeee.” Saturo ate a chip. 

“I don’t deny that she’s pretty hot, but I don’t like her,” Kaze said. “So don’t you start with that!”

“Oh fine.” Saturo continued eating his chips silently. But then he had finished them, so he threw the empty bag into the trash. 

As he did, they heard Draco leaving his room and walking into the kitchen. 

“Oh hey Draco,” Saturo greeted him. “Fireball’s napping on the couch, if you’re wondering.”

“Yeah, I know,” Draco said as he walked over to get food for himself.

“Other than that, I think Kaze has a crush on Emiliya.” Saturo smirked evilly.

“You think he does?” Draco looked at Saturo. “I thought it was obvious.”

“Wait, it is?!” Kaze exclaimed, his face a little red.

“Well yeah,” Draco said as he sat at the table with a lathe plate of rice and chicken. “You were pretty bad at hiding it.”

“Crud!” Kaze looked embarrassed. “Do you think she knows?”

“Maybe? I dunno.” Draco shrugged before he started eating his food at a blistering pace.

“She definitely does,” Saturo commented. “You’re terrible at hiding it and whenever she’s around, you seem nervous. And you think we don’t notice that you’re trying to impress her whenever we do combat training?”

“Ah, shoot!” Kaze covered his face, not wanting to be seen. 

His crush on Emiliya had started a month after he had been accepted as a student. He didn’t like her at first since she wasn’t very nice and tried to make him fail the entrance exam, but she became more friendly afterwards and he found her attractive. 

“Ugh, how do I hide it better?” Kaze asked.

“It’s kinda late to try hiding it, buddy,” Draco said as he had finished his food thirty seconds ago.

“But you could try and be more chill about it!” Saturo suggested. “So first step, you gotta stop being nervous.”

“Alright…” Kaze said. He thought that that wouldn’t be too hard. He just had to be chill like Saturo said and show that he’s perfectly normal. 

“Oh hey, there she is now!” Draco said all of a sudden. 

Kaze’s eyes widened. “WAIT, WHAT-” He panicked, thinking that she may have heard them talking. He even startled Pebbles by shaking the table. 

But when he looked around and at the kitchen door, Emiliya wasn’t there.

“Gosh, Draco, don’t do that!” Kaze said. “What if she actually was there?”

“It was to test to see how far you need to progress,” Draco said with an amused smirk. 

“And it seems like you’ve got a lot.” Saturo smirked. 

“Bruh, you’ve got red powder on your face.” Kaze pointed out.

“Coming from the person whose face was actually red,” Draco commented as Saturo put a finger in his face and saw red powder on it.

Kaze covered his slightly red face in embarrassment.

“Ha!” Saturo laughed at Kaze before he went over to the sink and washed his face. 

The Emiliya popped her head into the room. “What’s so funny?” 

“Nothing!” Kaze exclaimed, without facing her of course since his face was still red. “Nothing at all!”

“Everything’s fine Emiliya,” Draco said calmly and coolly. “Satu just got a bit messy eating his chips is all. Kaze even found it so hilarious that his face turned red!”

“Oh. Well, I’m here to tell you that Glare’s gone to the University today, so combat training will be with me,” Emiliya said.

“Oh cool. What type of combat? Is it us against you or are you just supervising us sparring?” Draco asked as he went to the sink to clean his dishes. 

“You guys versus me,” Emiliya answered. 

“Are we doing one at a time or are we doing a team exercise?” Draco asked as he scrubbed his plate.

“Whatever you guys want really.” Emiliya shrugged. 

“Okay then, what do you two wanna do then?” Draco asked to Kaze and Saturo. “You wanna do one-on-one or team?”

“Let’s do team, we haven’t done that in awhile,” Saturo said.

Kaze, Saturo, and Draco usually sparred with each other most of the time, since Glare would be busy with work. And Emiliya would just supervise them. 

“Alright, I still get to test out an idea I got from reading some of the manga I got when Glare took us shopping regardless of which one we picked,” Draco said as he set his dishes out to dry.

“Oh, I wonder what it is!” Saturo said.

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” Draco said before looking over at Kaze. who was still in the same position as before. “You alright there buddy? You’ve been like that for three minutes now.”

“I’m fine!” Kaze exclaimed. 

“Well, I’m gonna go outside and do some stretches,” Draco said as he then left the kitchen.

“If you’re all done here, then all of you come on outside. We’ll do the sparring now since you’re not doing anything,” Emiliya added, before she disappeared from the kitchen doorway. 

“Alright!” Saturo left the kitchen as well, leaving Kaze alone with Pebbles.

Kaze waited a few moments to calm himself down. “That was too close… Darn it, Draco!” 

He gave himself a few extra seconds. Then he got up and went outside to join his friends. 

Once he left the house, he saw Draco and Saturo doing some stretches, and Emiliya was just standing by. 

“There you are Kaze. You weren’t doing anything, why didn’t you just come with us when we all went out?” Emiliya asked Kaze once he came out.

“Uhh…” Kaze came up with an excuse. “I was cleaning up after Pebbles.” He didn’t actually clean after Pebbles, the plate of apples was still there, half eaten.

“Oh, well thanks for looking after him.” Emiliya smiled at him.

“AAGH, GOSH DARN IT, SHE’S CUTE!” Kaze tried his hardest to hide it. 

“Alright, now that Kaze finally decided to join us…shall we do some sparring?” Emiliya asked everyone. 

“Yeah!” Saturo exclaimed as Draco nodded and got into a fighting stance.

Kaze took a deep breath. It had been a long time since he had actually sparred with Emiliya, regardless of it being as a team or not. He was slightly worried that he would be unable to attack Emiliya.

“Nah, you got this Kaze! You need to prove to her that you’re not a newbie anymore!” Kaze told himself.

“Alright, come at me!” Emiliya then exclaimed, getting into a fighting position. 

All of them got into fighting positions, preparing themselves for combat.

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter... Now you see how Kaze and Satu's lives have become XD

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