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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 10)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 10)

Posted November 10th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: This place is currently dead... XD 

But I'll still post for those of you who are still reading.




Chapter 10


Folly sat there quietly, sharpening one of his spikes with a nearby glowing rock. Draco was laying down in front of him, still asleep. Two hours had passed since Filato had helped Folly bring Draco here, and yet Draco hadn’t awoken yet. 

Despite that, Folly was waiting patiently, thinking about methods of torture to use on Draco once he awoke. But a lot of methods sounded fun to him so he couldn’t make a decision. 

“Maybe I’ll just stab him everywhere and watch his blood make a puddle under him, and then watch him drop dead on it with a splash,” Folly thought to himself. 

He looked up at the sleeping Draco. Draco seemed at ease; he was resting peacefully. 

Folly didn’t like that. He wanted to see Draco panicking, petrified, begging for his life. And then he would kill him anyway for revenge. 

But Folly didn’t want to kill him in his sleep. He wanted to fight Draco alone and best him in battle, and then kill him, so that he would feel pride. 


Folly then noticed that Filato had appeared in the cave. He looked to his right and saw him there. 

“Hey Filato. Did you complete the mission?” Folly asked.

“Uhh… yeah. Ki got the rest, she’s the one with the highest rank,” Filato answered. 

“Good…” Folly nodded to himself. “Say, when will Broshi wake up? It’s been two hours and he’s still asleep.” 

Filato shrugged. “I did kinda over do it. So I don’t know.”

“Can you check?” 


Filato then walked over to the sleeping Draco and set his hand on his forehead. His hand let out a little purple glow for a few seconds. 

“It’s gonna be awhile. Maybe an hour or two. Three at most,” Filato then told Folly.

“Hmm… I’ll just have to wait some more,” Folly said. 

“Yeppp.” Filato nodded. 

He then stood there silently for a few moments, looking down at Folly. 

“His friends are coming,” Filato then said.

Folly looked up at him. “What?”

“Broshi’s friends. They’re on their way to try and rescue him. Just thought I would let you know,” Filato said. 

“Wait, what?! How’d they find us?!” Folly exclaimed.

Filato just shrugged. “They’ll arrive in about an hour or so. They’re moving quicker now.”

“Go and stop them! I don’t want them coming between me and Broshi!” Folly yelled.

“Sorry, but I’m gonna be busy with something else. The organization’s calling me for assistance, since I finished my mission,” Filato said. 

“Oh. Well in that case… I’ll deal with them myself.” Folly threw the spike he was sharpening at the cave wall in front of him, and it struck into the wall. 

“Alright. I’ll see ya later, Fol!” Filato waved at his friend before he teleported away. 

Folly then cracked his knuckles as he started thinking of how to greet Draco’s friends once they arrive to rescue him.


Draco was silently listening to Uchiho play her instrument when he suddenly felt a slight warmth on his forehead. 

“Huh… odd. What was that?” Draco thought to himself as he put his hand on his forehead. It didn’t seem to be physically radiating heat. But it felt warm.

Uchiho noticed this. “You okay Draco?”

“I mean… I feel great. My forehead is just warm for some reason and I don’t know why,” Draco replied.

Uchiho looked skeptical. “That’s odd.”

“I know. Maybe it’s something out in the physical world,” Draco said.


“I wonder how Kaze and Satu are doing in terms of rescuing me…” Draco wondered to himself, thinking. “They better be alright…”


Saturo looked down at the glowing terrain below, trying to locate where Draco was with the spell that Encounter had cast onto him. Meanwhile, Kaze and John were holding on as Jagged was flying through the sky at a sufficient speed, having passed by an entire biome.

Encounter was seated at the front in a criss-crossed position, just slightly behind Jagged’s head. He had already told Saturo to be on the lookout so that they would know when to land. 

So Saturo was thinking about Draco so that he would appear to him once they got close enough. 

After a few moments, Saturo spotted a small area in the ground that resembled red mist. Saturo raised his eyebrows as he pointed with his right hand while he held on with his left.

“Down there!” He then exclaimed.

Jagged moved without Encounter himself telling them to, and glided down to the ground, landing lightly about a mile undershot of the mist Saturo saw.

Kaze and John hopped off of Jagged. 

“Where!?” Kaze exclaimed, looking at Saturo as he got off. 

Saturo looked around for the red mist as Kaze and John stood beside him. Encounter casually jumped off of Jagged. 

“Oh yeah, thanks for the ride!” Kaze thanked Jagged as Saturo was looking around the new forest they were in. This forest had tall trees that were ten feet tall, much different than the forests Kaze and Saturo have been in.

Jagged looked at Kaze when he thanked them, but didn’t make much other noise. 

“Is that a ‘you’re welcome’?” Kaze asked, looking at Encounter.

“It’s a skeleton dragon. Yeses and appreciation are always hard to tell, but you’ll know if they don’t like you.” Encounter chuckled. “But yes, yes it was.”

Kaze smiled. “Well, now that we’re here… we can find Draco! How’s it looking, Satu?” He walked back next to his friend, who had walked off a few feet. 

Saturo shook his head. “I don’t see the red mist anymore… I’m sure I saw it from up above.”

“Then maybe it IS up above,” Encounter said, trying to be constructive.

“Should we go double check?” Saturo asked.

“It probably won’t hurt to cover our bases,” Encounter replied.

“Then let’s do that real quick…” Saturo walked back to Jagged and climbed up onto their back. 

Encounter just casually hopped up onto Jagged himself, and they flew up into the air once again.

Kaze and John remained on the ground, waiting for them to return once they’ve double checked. Kaze looked around at the tall trees as John just stood there, his hands in his pockets as he looked over at Kaze. 

“Yes, the trees are taller here,” John told him. “Pretty beautiful, huh? They’re also glowi-” John stopped talking.

“What?” Kaze asked, looking over at John. 

“Someone’s coming,” John said. He then suddenly vanished from Kaze’s sight, slightly startling him. “Be cautious.”

Kaze widened his eyes as he looked around. He knew something was out there, since John had told him, but he didn’t know what.

And he couldn’t see it. 

“I don’t see anything,” Kaze then told John, who was there but invisible.

“Oh, so you are blind?” Kaze then heard a familiar voice speak with aplomb from in front of him. He looked over and saw what John was warning him about.

It was Folly. 

“Folly!” Kaze exclaimed in a hostile tone. 

Folly chuckled, spreading his black bat-like wings out. “Hello there, Kaze! I know that you’re looking to save your friend, but unfortunately, going beyond here is infringement.” 

“Where’s Draco!?” Kaze hissed.

Folly laughed. “Don’t even bother talking to me like that. You callow.” 

Kaze felt himself getting frustrated. “Shut up! Tell me where Draco is if you don’t want to get hurt!”

Folly grinned. “I doubt you can do anything more than inveigh me. Last time I spared you, but if you get in my way with the business I have with Broshi one more time… I exhort you to leave that unattempted.”

“Can you not use big words? That doesn’t make you sound any smarter,” Kaze commented, getting a little bit more frustrated.

“I see your surmise… Well, Kaze. I’ll give you one chance to turn around and leave,” Folly said, cracking his knuckles. 

Kaze thought to himself. He knew that Draco was near here… but he didn’t know where exactly. Folly had appeared before him, so that was definite proof that Draco was here somewhere. 

“I can have a rematch with Folly, beat him, and then have him show me where Draco is, and then I can take him and leave!” Kaze came up with a plan. 

“I’ll give you three seconds to decide.” Folly pointed his hand out at Kaze, which was surrounded by a dark purple aura. “Three.” 

“Let’s do this, Galex!” Kaze thought to his Ultimate Crystal as he got into a fighting position. 

“Are you sure you want to fight him on your own? I’d suggest you at least call your friends for help,” Galex told him.

“Oh shoot, that’s probably a good idea…” Kaze thought. 

Suddenly, a spike came right at Kaze’s forehead. Kaze wasn’t paying attention and therefore didn’t see it coming, until it was no more than a foot away. 

“Sho-” Kaze panicked.

Suddenly, Kaze was shoved out of the way of the spike by something that felt like the force from an explosion, and it flew past harmlessly.

Something crashed in front of Kaze by a few feet, and Encounter stood up smiling at him, in a second, smaller crater.

“You should DODGE those things,” Encounter said.

“Y-yeah…” Kaze replied as he flew back up onto his feet. “I was just distracted, talking to my crystal, so I forgot about his countdown…”

“Still don’t know what that means, but I was listening the whole time, so I knew you were about to get… well, messed up.” Encounter chuckled. “No wonder Emiliya thinks you’re newbies.”

“Oh, someone new?” Folly then noticed that his attack on Kaze had failed. 

“On a scale from one to ten, how much were you aiming to kill him?” Encounter asked casually, probably to Folly, as he turned around to look at Folly.

“Around… 3.5,” Folly replied. “I was giving him a chance to run away.”

Kaze grumbled quietly to himself, since it was obvious that he was the newbie here among the five of them. Well, he wasn’t sure about John since he’d never seen him fight. 

“That’s polite,” Encounter said.

“But not because you tried to kill my friend!” Saturo exclaimed, appearing beside Encounter.

“Well to be fair, if Kaze was paying attention…” Encounter said very simply, then stopped. “Eh whatever. This guy gonna cause trouble, you two?”

“Yes, he’s the one who’s been trying to kill Draco!” Saturo exclaimed, pointing at Folly who was just standing there silently.

“Got it,” Encounter said sullenly, changing his demeanor. “Tell us where he is, no-name.”

“I’m called Folly,” Folly said. “And no.”

“If you insist,” Encounter said. He then put his arm out sideways and straight up, before resting it back down.

That’s when Jagged crashed down right next to Encounter with a loud crash, and straightened up, letting out a thundering and terrifying roar.

“Tell us where he is, or I’ll let my dragon take the marrow from your bones. And also your bones. While you’re alive,” Encounter said bluntly.

Folly looked up at Jagged for a few moments, and then smiled. 

“Smart of you to bring someone that’s not as callow as you, Kaze!” He laughed. “But seeing as you are all trying to get in my way, I’m gonna have to get rid of you.” He then looked over at Encounter as Kaze grumbled. “You’re much better at threats than Kaze.”

“I’d say I’m much better at a lot of things than Kaze is,” Encounter replied. “With the whole, him being utterly under experienced.”

Folly nodded as he smiled. “Yes, yes… Sorry though, I have personal matters to resolve with Broshi, so I can’t give you his location. I can only promise to return him when I’m done.”

“Pretty sure his name is Draco. You need to work on your listening.” Encounter chuckled, as he crouched down a little. “Come on, let’s get this over with. I got a hot date at seven and a nice bit of saving people’s friends later, so if you’re not gonna give anything, I’m gonna take it.”

Folly surrounded himself in a dark purple aura. “You shouldn’t get involved with personal matters that don’t concern you. You’re interlopers.”

“I might agree with that, if it weren’t for the fact that you had your friend help you. And also Draco isn’t Broshi, there’s like two letters that are the same, plus you’re trying to kill him, and also your name literally means ‘lack of good sense’,” Encounter replied coolly. “You shouldn’t get involved with intelligent debates when you have no floor to stand on.”

“I know Broshi more than anything else,” Folly said. “And I can assure you that this Draco fellow is Broshi. He just wants to be called Draco, but I call him by the name he used to be called.”

“This sounds like one of those situations where someone is like ‘AH YES! I know this like the back of my ha- hey when did that mole get there?’ and it’s honestly the best.” Encounter laughed. “Have you tried talking to them? Like, asking them a question only Broshi would know. But of course, they wouldn’t wanna be Broshi, so you’d ask them a question only Broshi would know and say you’d let them go and not kill them if they got it right, them not knowing it’s something only Broshi would know. So then if it was Broshi, you’d have lied and kill them, and if they aren’t Broshi, you’ve had lied and not kill them, because it’s not Broshi. You seem comfortable enough with lying, so that shouldn’t be an issue, and it would be a very good way to… avoid this conflict.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t follow,” Folly simply replied. “Since we can’t settle this with words, and you won’t go away, shall we settle this differently?”

“We could settle this with words, if your actual intellect matched the words you’re using,” Encounter said. He then gestured around him for some reason, suddenly making Folly realize that Kaze and Saturo had left. “But instead, let’s do this one to one while those two try finding the person you snatched.”

“Hmmm…” Folly thought for a moment, before he smiled, extending his hands out and charging them with some sort of dark energy. “Alright. Let’s do this.”

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter....

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Hey! It's been a while...

Hey! It's been a while... remember me?

You're right when you say that this place is dead... I remember back when I first made my account, there were so many more recent stories...

I'm impressed that you've stayed active for this long though, keep it up man. It's really out of context for me, but your writing's improved a lot. This is a really cool series.

Posted by CatKeeper on Wed, 11/13/2019 - 13:23
Hey! Yeah, I remember you,

Hey! Yeah, I remember you, but you were hardly ever on XD

Yeah, I have a lot of things to post so I just post, which makes me active. XD I have a few years left before I'll leave, when I'm an adult. 

Yes, my writing has improved XD That's why I decided to rewrite the Ultimates Series, because now it'll be much better and less cringy. Glad you think it's cool!


Posted by QuartzMaster on Thu, 11/14/2019 - 08:09

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