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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 11)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 11)

Posted November 14th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Thanks to CatKeeper for commenting on the previous chapter! 

And here is the next chapter. I usually will just wait until I have a decent amount of reads on the previous chapter, or if someone comments. That way I know I can continue it on here. XD


Chapter 11


Folly shot out a dozen of spikes from his wings at Encounter, and Encounter moved, but one of the spikes still grazed his arm, drawing blood. He shuddered slightly, but other than that, largely ignored it.

Folly noticed this, but ignored it and launched more spikes at Encounter. Encounter sidestepped them in a flash, and a slight red glow could be seen through his tattered shirt before it dissipated. He looked amused. 

“You aren’t an Ultimate?” Folly then asked, as he continued shooting spikes at Encounter. 

“Is that what you call people with these mystical crystals I keep hearing about?” Encounter asked casually, practically letting his other arm get cut but dodging all other spikes. “No, I only got to this galaxy recently. I’m not an ‘Ultimate’, but I’m powerful in my own respect.”

“I can see that. You have a different source of power,” Folly said. “Why have you decided to help callows such as Kaze and Saturo?”

Encounter smiled warmly. “Everyone had to start somewhere. Newbie, callow, inexperienced, call it whatever, let it be true, but in the end they’ll learn and gain experience. It’s like a blank canvas, taking the opportunity to imprint your own experiences and abilities onto someone who’s vulnerable in the aspect of learning is really what I’m doing. If they learn what someone else had to learn the hard way, with warning of mouth, it means they’ll learn faster. Plus, the friend thing hits a tad close to home for me, and newbies on a mission against someone competent as yourself doesn’t work out. Why do you want to kill Broshi or Draco or whoever?”

Folly had stopped attacking Encounter as he had a lot to say. 

“Broshi did terrible things to me in the past. And I want revenge,” Folly said, his hands charged with dark energy. He aimed at Encounter, but didn’t shoot.

Encounter smiled dryly, getting ready to dodge. “Yeah, I get that. I wouldn’t mind some revenge myself. Not all scars are yours, y’know?”

Folly nodded, and then fired two dark orbs at Encounter.

Encounter growled, and Jagged batted the orbs out of the sky like a cat bats at string.

“Don’t wanna talk about what Broshi did to you?” Encounter asked coolly.

“No, I do not,” Folly answered. He launched a larger dark orb at Encounter.

Encounter made some movements and spoke in his magical language, and the orb froze in mid air, before it reversed it’s velocity completely, flying back at Folly. 

Folly caught the orb and it disappeared. 

“Yeah, I get that too,” Encounter said sadly. “I would like to know though, if you’d be willing to tell me at some point. A little insight into your anger, a method to the madness, y’know? Trauma is hard, and you probably just want to get your revenge and move on. So I won’t ask again. But I admire a reason for morally grey areas. Makes it easier to see it in a better light.”

“You understanding some of me makes me not want to fight you,” Folly said, recharging dark orbs but not firing them.

“I find even though sometimes it appears to be very one-directional, talking with someone is just a strictly better option opposed to acting on revenge. Now sometimes that’s blatantly untrue, like by all means I would totally get revenge in my case if given the opportunity, but if this Broshi/Draco kid is as bad as you say, it’s hard to believe he’d have friends out here about to die to try and save him,” Encounter said. “Now of course, people can change and/or lie, and I don’t know him or you or really Kaze and Satu, so I can’t exactly say you’re in the wrong either. I’m simply here because some newbies wanted help, I’m not really a part of this as a whole problem.”

“More reasons why I don’t want to fight you,” Folly said. “Broshi is the only one I want to kill. I don’t have a problem with anyone else, unless they stand in my way.”

“Yeah. You’re not necessarily the villain here, you’re just trying to get revenge for something Broshi did,” Encounter agreed. “Now, that doesn’t mean Draco is Broshi, that’s a little bit of a jump if I do say so. Maybe they’re clones, or golems, or something. It’s hard to say, the universe is a pretty weird place.”

“You know not of what I know of Broshi, and from what I’ve seen, I know that I have Broshi kidnapped back in the cave. So you can only make assumptions,” Folly said. 

“Yeah, exactly,” Encounter agreed. “But again, from MY standpoint, all I see is two people going out of their way, and risking their lives, to save this person, and you trying to kill them because you want revenge for something that you want to keep undisclosed. You both claim drastically different things and both come from different perspectives at a different time frame from knowing this person, and have different experiences as a whole as a result of that. I completely get revenge, you said you know him very well. You don’t even seem like an awful person yourself, and your friend was super chill. But I can’t effectively takes sides, because it’s dubious at best for who’s in the wrong. I’m helping the newbies because I like to believe that people are better. The two don’t appear to see anything horrible about Broshi/Draco, so I’m a little leaned towards their side, Draco, as lying and hiding things like that is difficult, and second chances are good. Even with your word that you know him very well. If he turns out to actually be who you claim, Broshi, well, I can step off pretty easily. Let you do you. It’s a split issue, y’know man?”

Folly had lowered his hands and stopped charging his attack. He then walked over to a tree and just sat down quietly, thinking to himself. Encounter said nothing, letting Folly alone for the time. Instead, he looked at his cuts and tattered shirt, basically maintenance on himself and Jagged. 

Folly suddenly started to shake a little bit, his skin being permeated slowly by the color gray. 

Encounter didn’t appear to care, but he glanced at Folly occasionally. 

Folly then stood up after his skin had completely turned gray. His eyes had also entirely become yellow, as if there were yellow orbs in it.

“Sorry,” he then said to Encounter as he raised his hand, pointing it at him. “I can’t have you stand in my way anymore.”


Kaze ran after his friend Saturo, leaving Encounter behind with Folly. Their plan was to find Draco while Encounter distracted Folly. 

They had ran quite far by now, since they couldn’t see Encounter and Folly when they looked back. 

“Where is he?!” Kaze then exclaimed to Saturo. 

Saturo then stopped running, which led Kaze to slow down as well. Saturo glanced around the tall trees, searching for the red mist. 

“I can’t see him… but I’m sure he was around here!” Saturo said.

“Maybe Folly moved him… no… he definitely moved him.” Kaze shook his head, thinking to himself.

“Well that’s just great,” Saturo muttered. “What do we do? We don’t know where he moved him.” 

“We have to keep looking,” Kaze said. 

“No need.” John suddenly appeared beside them. “I’ve already found him. He’s still in the same cave.”

“Really!?” Saturo exclaimed. “How’d you find him?”

“Uh. You’re just blind and couldn’t see,” John replied. “I looked through your eyes, and since Encounter had the spell cast on you, I could see the red mist and found Draco.”

“Oh. But I’m not blind though!” Saturo retorted.

“Mmm yeah, I suppose not. Maybe the spell just transferred over to me when I looked through your eyes… or you just couldn’t see the red mist when I was seeing it… eh, either way I saw where he was.” John turned and pointed down at the ground. “He’s right under here, in a cave.”

“That’s good!” Kaze exclaimed. “How do we get down there though?” 

John shrugged. “I ran around the place but didn’t find an entrance.”

“That’s because I chose a cave without an entrance-nya,” they then heard a voice. All of them turned and looked over at the source of the voice, finding the girl with cat-like features, Ki. Ki grinned at them. “I thought I told nyu not to follow me. It’ll only bring nyu trouble! Nyaa!”

“We weren’t following you though,” John told her. “I don’t even know who you are.”

Ki scratched her cat-like ear. “Yes, nyu’re right… I don’t remember seeing nyu before.” She then pointed at Kaze. “But I remember nyu! I told nyu not to follow me!”

“Yeah uhh…” Kaze rubbed the back of his head. “I didn’t… You went one way, I went the other.” He remembered following her, but then Filato had told him which direction to go to reach Draco, which was not the same direction that Ki was moving in.

Ki looked at him suspiciously as she thought to herself. Then she said, “Nya! Okay, nyu don’t seem to be lying…” 

She glanced over at Saturo and John. 

“Nya! What are nyu doing here?” She then asked. 

“Uhh… rescuing our friend,” Saturo answered. 

“Ohh. Nyu all are after the same person?” Ki questioned. “That’s all? Nyu aren’t trying to get in my way?”

“Nope. We have nothing to do with whatever you’re doing,” John said, his arms crossed. “We just want to get down in that cave to rescue our friend.”

“Oh! Nyu guys are Broshi’s friends?” Ki then began to realize and understand what their situation was. 

“Y-yeah.” Kaze nodded. “Even though that’s not his name…” 

Ki tilted her head to the side curiously. But she didn’t make any comments about his name. 

“Well, Folly is gonna kill him when he wakes up. Nyu should get down there fast if nyu wanna save him,” Ki then said. 

“How are we supposed to do that when there’s no entrance?” Saturo asked. 

“I can help nyu if nyu promise to never get in my way,” Ki said. 

“Sure! No problem, can do!” Kaze replied. 

Ki smiled. “Good! Then I can just take nyu guys down!” 

She then lifted her hands up and waved them around in circles while Kaze, Saturo, and John watched silently. Then, they noticed that they were inside a glowing cave. 

And they saw Draco laying down near the corner, beside a small spaceship, sleeping rather peacefully despite his situation.

“Draco!” Kaze and Saturo both ran to him. 

“He’s asleep,” John commented, walking behind them. 

“Uh, yeah. We can see that,” Saturo said bluntly. 

Kaze shook Draco in attempt to wake him up. “Draco! Wake up! We gotta get you out of here!”

But Draco made no reaction and continued to rest. 

“He’s not waking,” Saturo observed. 

“Uh, yeah. We can see that, lil’ buggy,” John commented. Saturo just looked at him with narrowed eyes in response. “Other than that, why wait for him to wake up? I can just carry him and leave.” 

“Oh, that’s right! Let’s get out of here then!” Kaze said. 

John then leaned down and picked Draco up. 

“Alright, now let’s get out of here…” Saturo said. 

“Not so fast…” 

The three of them turned their heads… and they spotted Folly. 

Except he wasn’t… the same as they remembered. His skin looked very dry and it was gray. And he didn’t have wings for some reason. 

“You’re not going anywhere with Broshi,” Folly then told them, charging his energy and forming a large orb of darkness, “not alive, at least.” 


Draco was listening to Uchiho play music once more, since they didn’t have anything much to do. But then he suddenly felt himself shaking. 

Kinda like being strangled, only he could breath.

“Oh god, what is happening?!” Draco exclaimed as he was shaken vigorously for a few seconds and then stopped.

“Are you okay?” Uchiho asked.

“I’m fine. Just confused,” Draco responded. “What’s going on in the real world? Did they find me?”

“You can only wait and see.” Uchiho shrugged.

“Yeah… I still wonder how much more time I have here. If there’s a time limit at all.”

“Only the person who put you in here would know that. Which just adds to you having to wait to see what happens,” she said, going back to playing music.

Draco simply looked up at the sky, continuing to wait for something to happen while listening to Uchiho play her instrument.

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter....

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