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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 12)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 12)

Posted November 22nd, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 12


Folly was still slightly shaking once he got back onto his feet, his hand aimed at Encounter. Encounter watched him. Folly then reached over to his face with his other hand and tore off his skin. The gray skin came clean off of his face, revealing his normal skin color. Folly then reached down into his shirt, before pulling out the rest of the gray skin since he was clothed. 

It seemed like Folly had just… shed his gray skin. 

Folly then tossed his shedded skin to the side, and it suddenly came alive. It looked and dressed like Folly, the only difference being the gray skin. 

Jagged growled at it disapprovingly, while Encounter watched, intrigued.

“Since you don’t want to leave me to do as I wish, I guess I’ll have to fight you,” the real Folly said. He then looked over at his shedded skin. “You know what to do.” 

The gray Folly nodded before it hastily turned and ran off.

Jagged growled at the skin, and Encounter growled back.
“You let the others take care of the flesh golem, we have a different fish to fry, Jagged,” Encounter told the skeletal dragon. “Your move, Folly.”

Folly then shot out the dark orb he was charging at Encounter, following the attack with a whoosh of his wings that shot out spikes at Encounter as well.

Encounter dashed to the side of the barrage of attacks, avoiding them deftly, and started to prepare his own attack, white runes appeared on his fingertips as he spoke in magical language. 

Folly dashed forward towards Encounter, charging more dark orbs in his hands.

Encounter’s fingertip runes exploded into light, and Jagged roared as it drove it’s claws into the ground up to its shoulders, the bony claws appearing from the ground just in front of Folly and swiping at his knees and legs.

Folly jumped up, using his wings to fly as he shot the dark orbs down at Encounter. 

Encounter looked at what was happening through the light on his fingers and frowned. It was a little late to dodge… he could avoid taking damage from this attack, but he refused, and crossed his arms in front of him to brace the impact, the light and runes dissipating.

Folly noticed that Encounter wasn’t going to dodge, so he shot spikes at the dark orbs he had fired, causing them to dematerialize. 

Encounter hesitated. “What was that for…?” he asked.

Folly flapped his wings as he was floating in the air. “You should dodge those things.”

“I couldn’t dodge those, it was a little too late. I was fully intent on taking that hit,” Enchounter said, pulling out a knife and slicing his tattered burnt shirt, ripping it off. “You should have let it hit me, why didn’t you?”
Encounter threw the scrap of fabric on the ground carelessly, leaving his chest exposed. It was coated in scars of multiple variations, some worse than others, and right in the middle of his chest was a massive runic inscription circle, with a massive rune in the center of it, glowing a slight blood red throughout it.

Folly noticed all the scars that Encounter had.

“You’ve got scars of your own. Been through a lot, just like me, huh?” Folly commented, flapping his wings.

“Yes, I have. It’s unlikely they’re similar, but I’ve been through a good amount,” Encounter said dryly. “Opposite of love, y’know.”

“Yes, I do know.” Folly nodded. 

Encounter smiled weakly. Folly looked down at him quietly for a few moments.

“What do you plan to do after we’re done here?” Folly then asked him.

“Depends on the outcome, I guess…” Encounter replied noncommittally. “I came looking for a friend, I know he’s hiding somewhere in this galaxy, but he’s hiding from everyone, including me. I guess if the callow end up getting culled, I’ll go my separate way. Otherwise, I’m probably gonna align with them, and assuming they save their friend, might try to figure out this whole situation, unless you have an objection,” Encounter said thoughtfully.

“I do not. My goal is to kill Broshi, all on my own. And I have to be alone to do that… so I can’t do it this time, since his friends came in my way again…” Folly said.

“Heh… I mean the conflicting ideals both sides have, buddy,” Encounter replied. “I have a little soft spot for revenge, it irks me that someone would torment someone to the point they swear vengeance. It’s a breaking point… one of four. And that’s unacceptable. I would help you in a heartbeat, if you could prove that Draco and Broshi are the same person, really. So good luck I suppose.”

“I appreciate you. But I won’t be after Broshi for awhile now. I need more preparation.” 

“Of course,” Encounter said simply.

“Things will go differently next time,” Folly said. “For now, I need to return and give my superiors a report on my mission.”

“Alright man. Take care.” Encounter smiled.

“I might see you again later. Hopefully you won’t stand in my way again,” Folly added.

“I can’t promise that, buddy. But if I do, know it’s for good reason,” Encounter replied wryly.

“If you do, I won’t hurt you. Not too much at least,” Folly said. “Oh, and you can tell my clone to give up. Or kill it. Either one works.”

“Will do, man. Good luck with your goals,” Encounter said. “Maybe we’ll be friends someday.”

“Maybe… unlikely, but maybe. I wouldn’t suggest getting too close to me. You’ll get involved with bigger things that you can’t do anything about.” 

Encounter smiled. “People can do things about everything, when the crushing weight of time means the once-impenetrable walls buckle and crack. Anything can happen in due time.”

Folly shook his head. “No. No one can do anything about my situation. Thousands of people have tried but they all fail. It sucks, but it’s how things go. Broshi got me into it… that’s another reason why I want to kill him.” He then landed onto the ground beside Encounter, since he was flying the whole time. “Trust me when I say that you don’t want to get involved. You also just came to this galaxy. You have a lot to learn.”

Encounter smiled, and nodded. “I agree. I have a lot to learn and a long way to go. I trust your word, I won’t get involved for a while, if at all. But I can’t promise I won’t in the, admittedly probably far, future. Sound good?”

Folly nodded. “Yeah. Sounds good.”

“Alright. See ya,” Encounter said.

“Oh hey, you guys are getting along!” a voice then said. Folly and Encounter looked over and saw Filato standing there with a smile, his hands in his pockets.

“More or less, yeah,” Encounter replied with a smile.

Filato looked pretty happy. “That’s good to hear.” He then turned to Folly. “Huh, you gonna go back now?”

“Yes.” Folly nodded. “Goodbye, uh… I don’t think you’ve told me your name.”

“I’m Encounter,” Encounter said. “Yeah, guess it slipped my mind to tell you, what with everything else.”

“Encounter? Interesting name.” Folly smiled. “Well then, goodbye Encounter.”

“G’bye Folly, Filato,” Encounter said.

“Cya.” Filato saluted Encounter as Folly turned around and flew away. 


Folly was breathing heavily, his eyes fully yellow. Kaze, Saturo, and John- who was carrying the sleeping Draco- remained in their spots. 

“You… you got in the way of my plans two times now…” Folly said, shaking as a dark aura began to build up around him. “I will kill you all this time!” 

He then took no time to attack, punching Saturo in the face and knocking him into the cave wall. Kaze tensed up, startled by Folly’s sudden attack. But then he got slashed across the face with a spike, giving him a cut. 

Kaze then backed off from Folly, flying backwards about ten feet. 

“Look out Kaze!” John then exclaimed.

“Huh?” Kaze looked over at John, not noticing that Folly was behind him. 

Folly then stabbed him in the back with the same spike, digging it deep into his skin. 

“AAGH!!” Kaze screamed in pain as he started bleeding profusely, falling to the ground. 

“KAZE!” Saturo exclaimed. He was worried about his friend… but his expression quickly shifted from worry to anger. “How dare you hurt my friend!” He ran at Folly at full speed, surrounding himself in electricity, glowing with sparking bolts. 

“No, Saturo, be careful!” John became worried and started shouting. 

Saturo sent a powerful shockwave at Folly in anger. But Folly appeared behind Saturo, avoiding the attack completely. 

Folly then slashed Saturo in the back with the same spike, making a large cut appear. 

“SATURO, YOU IDIOT!” John yelled as Saturo fell to the ground as well. Folly then looked over at John, gripping his spike tightly. 

“Oh heck to the no. Stay the frick away from me,” John said. He then vanished from sight, taking Draco along with him. 

Folly looked around for John, but couldn’t find him. He couldn’t sense him either. 

“Crap!” Folly yelled. “Broshi got away…” 

But then he looked over at Kaze and Saturo, who were bleeding and wincing on the ground. Kaze noticed Folly looking at him and looked kind of scared.

“N-no…” He muttered.

Folly laughed as he approached them. “I’ll get rid of you here and now… and next time I can kill Broshi without you roaches getting in my way!” 

“N-no! Stay away from us!” Saturo said, wincing from the large cut on his back.

Folly raised a hand above his head and a large dark orb generated. “Die, filthy callows!” He then launched the orb at them. 

“NOOO!” Saturo and Kaze yelled as the dark orb approached them at a pretty fast speed. 


John sprinted through the forest, carrying Draco in his arms. He was invisible and was in his stealth mode. 

He had gotten out of the cave using a small hole he had made, and then ran out before the insane Folly could hurt him or Draco. 

But then John stopped running once he saw Encounter and Jagged. He made himself visible and approached them.

“Yo Encounter!” John exclaimed. 

Encounter looked over towards John, having previously just been idly standing and looking at the few wounds he had, and smiled. “Yo!”

John then made it to him and stopped in front of him. “This is Draco. Can you protect him? Folly’s down in the cave beating Kaze and Satu, and I gotta go help them.”

“Oh that’s where the flesh golem went. That’s not Folly, it’s like a husk of his skin or something,” Encounter said. “And sure, I’ll protect Draco. If you bring Jagged with you to hunt. They’ve wanted to kill that golem since Folly made it.”

“Uhh…” John looked up at Jagged. “Can’t. They don’t fit in the cave.”

Jagged snuffed in disapproval, followed shortly by an irritated growl.

“Why would you fight in the cave? That’s an awful idea,” Encounter commented with a small chuckle. “Bring the big lug anyway. Can’t hurt to have ‘em, and luring the flesh thing out of the cave would be a better idea anyway.”

“You think so? I think it’d be better to keep him in the cave, so that his space is limited,” John said.

“That means your space to dodge is limited, and runs the risk of making the entire floor fall in your head self-destructively, and because the thing is probably fast, you want room to dodge as well,” Encounter replied. “But hey, whatever. I won’t argue with you. Leave Draco here, it won’t be too hard to protect ‘em.”

“Alright.” John then turned and ran back the way he came from, disappearing from sight as he did. 

Encounter then looked down at Draco, who remained asleep and was laying down on the ground. Jagged, who was behind Encounter, also was looking down at Draco. 

Neither of them noticed Folly, who was floating in mid air fifty feet away. Folly saw Draco, and clenched his fists. But he didn’t make an attempt to capture him. 

“Next time, when I’m more prepared,” he thought to himself as he flew away.


Folly launched the fairly large orb of darkness at the injured Kaze and Saturo. The orb was approaching them at a fast speed, and they were yelling. 

“NOOO!” They screamed.

But despite their verbal defiance, the dark orb hit them straight on, causing an explosion to erupt. 

Folly stood there for a few moments, looking down at Kaze and Saturo. They were hurt even more, their bodies covered in ash and dust. They were wincing even more now, feeling pain all over their bodies.

“Neither of you died from that?” Folly asked them. “Huh. I guess you’re tougher than you look.”

Kaze raised his hand up, trembling as he did. 

“Y-you…” he muttered, his other hand gripping his chest as he tried to get up. “You son of a-” 

Folly then kicked Kaze in the face, knocking him back into the ground. He then looked over at Saturo, who looked angry, and picked him up by his shirt. 

“What’s wrong?” Folly said. “You aren’t mad that I hurt your friend? Or can you just not do anything about it?” 

Saturo grabbed Folly’s shoulder, wincing as he did, and released volts of electricity from his fingertips. 

“Ah!” Folly threw Saturo at the cave wall, grabbing his shoulder where Saturo had shocked him. 

His shoulder was coming apart, like crumbling dry clay. Kaze noticed this. 

“Saturo…! Shoot him with electricity!” Kaze exclaimed to his friend. 

Saturo pushed off of the ground, struggling to get up. But he was successful and made it onto his feet, breathing heavily. He looked over at Kaze, who nodded at him. 

Saturo then put his hands together, generating some electricity, before he pointed both his hands out at Folly. 

Folly just stood there, waiting for Saturo to attack. 

“Take… this!!” Saturo then shot out a blast of electricity at Folly. 

Folly raised his hand, generating a dark orb almost instantly and chucked it through Saturo’s attack, hitting him right in the chest. 

Another explosion occurred, and Saturo was left on the floor, as still as a statue. It wasn’t even clear if he was breathing.

“No… Saturo!” Kaze was alarmed. He forced himself to fly over to him, ignoring the pain it caused. 

“You’re all weak callows. Not as weak as before, but still nothing compared to me,” Folly rasped. He pointed his spike out at Kaze. “Now I will get rid of you insects, so that you will never stand in my way ever again.”

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter... 

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