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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 13)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 13)

Posted November 30th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Hello dead site, here's another chapter.




Chapter 13


“You’re all weak callows. Not as weak as before, but still nothing compared to me.” Folly had his spike pointed right at Kaze’s terrified face. “Now I will get rid of you insects, so that you will never stand in my way ever again.”

“That’s right, they’re little buggy’s after all.” John suddenly appeared right behind Folly, a hand on his shoulder. “But they’re not the only insects standing in your way.”

Folly turned around, and John punched him in the face hard enough that it knocked Folly across the cave, breaking part of his face in doing so. 

John cracked his knuckles as Folly got back up, rubbing his damaged face which was crumbling off like it was made of clay.

“You’re also dealing with a wasp.” John smirked. 

Folly growled, throwing the spike at John. John suddenly vanished, and Folly appeared to being punched by something invisible. 

He was attacked everywhere, as more parts of him started to break. A whole chunk of his stomach fell out like a chunk of clay. 

“And unfortunately for you…” John then said, before Folly crashed into the ground from seemingly nothing, cracking the floor. “My time is now!” 

Kaze watched, amazed by John’s ability. 

“Curse you!” Folly yelled from the ground, surrounding himself in dark purple aura. He shot out a barrage of dark orbs, and all of them just hit the cave’s ceiling. 

“You missed.” John’s voice then spoke from seemingly behind Folly.

Then Folly was picked up by the invisible John, and was flung into the ceiling before getting hit in the chest, smashing his chest into little clay chunks. 

“Ugh!” Folly grunted. There was a small crater in his chest, which was still crumbling. 

“Your time is up, chump,” John said. “And my time is now.”

Half of Folly’s face then crumbled from another hit, and his chest was obliterated. Folly fell to the ground, unable to move since his entire body had been damaged. 

“Ugh… you scumbag…” Folly then crumbled entirely, becoming a pile of dust. John then reappeared, looking down at the remains of Folly.

“You… you beat him!” Kaze then exclaimed. 

John then looked over at Kaze with a grin. “Yep!” 

Kaze tried to get up, excited. But then he winced and fell onto his knees, forgetting about the stab wound in his back.

“Oh shoot, you should have that treated,” John said to him. He then looked down at Saturo, who still wasn’t moving. “He needs treatment ASAP too. Let’s get moving!”


“You’ll wake up soon, Draco…” Draco heard Quazaros speak to him in his mind. 

“I will? Good to know.” Draco thought to himself before turning to Uchiho, “Quazaros just told me I’m about to wake up soon.”

“Oh, that’s good.”

“Yeah, but it’ll be harder for us to talk,” Draco said.

“If you want to talk, you’ll just have to visit Mizura Town on Ertin. That’s all,” she said calmly with a slight smile.

“Okay. Then I guess I’ll visit you sometime soon,” Draco said. “This was a nice experience.”

“Yeah.” Uchiho nodded.

Draco then felt a strange groggy sensation. Like he was tired. He then noticed that his hands were starting to become a tad transparent.

“Looks like you’re starting to wake up now,” Uchiho said as the transparency started to spread across Draco, starting with his arms while his hands started to get more see through.

“Then I guess this is goodbye for now. I’ll see you later then, Uchiho.” Draco said as he felt even more sleepy. His hands were now completely see through, and the transparency had spread across most of his body.

Uchiho nodded. “See you.”

Draco then practically fell asleep as he faded from Uchiho’s sight, and from the Dream World.

Draco remained unconscious for a few moments, unable to hear a sound.

But then, he could faintly hear the sounds of nature, birds chirping and trees swaying in the wind. 

He then opened his eyes a bit. Sunlight that had broke past the tall glowing trees shone on his face, making him squint a bit.

“Ahhhh… I’m awake.” Draco thought as he realized he was lying on the forest floor. He sat up to survey his surroundings.

Once he looked to his left, he spotted a boy with simple torn clothes and a shirtless scar covered chest with a design on it. It was Encounter.

“Who is that?” Draco asked himself mentally as he watched Encounter.

Encounter then looked down at Draco, noticing that he had woken up. 

“Oh good!” Encounter said cheerily. “You’re awake now!”

“Yeah, who are you? Do you work with Folly?” Draco asked as he stood up, a bit on edge as he didn’t know Encounter.

“I’m Encounter!” Encounter said. “The number of times I’ve had to say that as of recently is kinda dumb. And no, I don’t work with Folly.”

“Oh… okay… do you know Kaze and Satu then?” Draco asked.

“Yep. I know the ‘newbie callow weakling’ people.” Encounter chuckled as he used air quotes. “Really I know Folly too. And John, and I’ve heard about you.”

“John?” Draco asked mostly to himself before looking around. “Wait, where are Kaze and Satu anyway?”

“Last I heard, looking for you, and then getting beat up by a Folly flesh golem,” Encounter replied.

“They are?!” Draco exclaimed, clearly a bit worried. “I gotta go help them! Or do something!”

Encounter shook his head. “You’re not goin’ anywhere bud. John’s helping them, and I’m supposed to be protecting you. So you’ll stay here with me until they come back or I hear them in more trouble myself.”

“I can’t just wait!” Draco exclaimed as he then turned to go and look for them. But he then ran right into a giant rib bone and fell to the floor.

“Ugh…” Draco rubbed his head as he looked up at what he ran into. He saw a giant dragon skull looking back at him.

Jagged snuffed at Draco, disapproving of his leaving. To Draco, though, giant skeleton dragon. Enough said.

“AGGGHHHHHH!” Draco yelled out in terror as he then leapt back a good few meters, his irises glowing. He stood in a martial arts stance as he watched Jagged very cautiously, but also was a bit shaky due to nervousness. “Why is there a skeleton dragon here?!”

Encounter laughed. “That’s Jagged, and he does not approve of your running into their rib trying to run away from my hospitality.”

“Wait, its a boy? How can you tell?” Draco asked. “Or do you just call them that because?”
“I’m gonna level with you, I haven’t the slightest clue if it’s a he or a she,” Encounter replied. “Sometimes I don’t manage to say ‘they’ when referring to the clearly unclear skeletal dragon. Don’t worry about it, I just suck at speaking.”

“Okay, well. So I just wait then?” Draco asked in a bit of a disappointed tone as he then sat down with his legs crossed in the grass, seemingly having lost a bit of steam.

“Unless you’re planning on beating me and Jagged, yes. You just wait for now,” Encounter reinforced.

“Alright…” Draco looked down at the ground.

“Hey guys!” They then heard John’s voice calling them. Encounter, Jagged, and Draco all turned their heads towards the source of the voice. They spotted John, carrying Saturo who seemed to be out cold, and helping Kaze walk.

“Well. You guys look messed up,” Encounter commented as they got closer.

“You don’t say,” Kaze retorted. “I got brutally stabbed in the back. And Satu… isn’t moving-”

“HE’S WHAT?!” Draco yelled.

Kaze looked over at Draco. “Yeah, he took a lot of hits…”

“Well we gotta get him patched up somehow!” Draco exclaimed.

“Problem is that we’re in the middle of wilderness,” John said. “It’ll take too long to find a hospital.”

Draco just looked distraught and frustrated as he held his head and seemed to be angrily mumbling to himself. 

Kaze looked over at Encounter wearily. “Do you have any spells that can help?” Kaze asked him.

“I mean, I’m not specialized in healing magic, but I’m sure I can heal this enough, it isn’t that bad, the issue is that it’s all happened at once…” Encounter said, drifting off into mumbling as he took out and leafed through a book.

Draco, Kaze, and John watched him, waiting for him to find something that could help Saturo.

Encounter flipped through, paused, flipped some more, and then finally stopped on something.

“Alright, full heal, Jagged; leaves,” Encounter told the skeleton dragon, who promptly flew up to rip glowing leaves from the trees around them.

Meanwhile, Encounter took Saturo from John and placed him on the ground, and seconds after he placed a few of the leaf clumps around Saturo, making a satu-shaped leaf outline, that glowed.

“I really wish I had better catalyst for this…” Encounter mumbled, mostly to himself.

Encounter then took his small knife and, very carefully, made a tiny mark on Satu’s chest resembling a sort of rune, glaring at the three onlookers so they’d behave while he did. Draco and John behaved, and Kaze just looked a bit skeptical but stayed silent.

Encounter then stood up and put his knife away, finally speaking in his magic language. A bright green glow came from Saturo’s chest where Encounter made the mark. Green runes appeared on the leaves, and they rose in a flurry, obscuring Saturo.

Encounter stepped back, apparently done with his part, but the leaves stayed, obscuring Saturo in a flurry of blur.

“It’ll take a minute,” Encounter said reassuringly.

Kaze nodded. “Can you also heal me? This freaking stab wound has been bothering me for awhile.”

“I can use the same enchantment I used on Saturo in a minute, if you’re alright with that,” Encounter replied.

Kaze hesitated. “Is there nothing else other than that…?”

“You’re worried about the mark, aren’t you?” Encounter chuckled.

“Yep.” He nodded.

“It’s a rune knife, the wound is superficial, and it won’t hurt very much at all, it won’t even be there afterwards,” Encounter reassured. “I don’t specialize in healing magic, if you prefer I can numb it with floral remedies, but other than that this is the best I have for healing.”

“Well… fine. Please heal me,” Kaze said.

“Lay down, if you will,” Encounter replied, before turning again to Jagged. “Jagged, leaves.”

Jagged flew back up to snatch some more leaves as Kaze laid down on the forest floor, beside Saturo, who was still being obscuring by leaves. Shortly after, Jagged returned with more leaves.

Encounter proceeded in doing what he did to Saturo unflinchingly, taking out his small knife and carefully marking Kaze’s chest. Kaze was bothered by it, but forced himself to ignore it, thinking about the stab wound in his back. 

Encounter continued, and soon Kaze was engulfed by the leaves. 

A few seconds later, Saturo came back into view, and the leaves around him appeared to be dead. The large cut that was on Saturo’s back was no longer there. Encounter’s spell had successfully healed him. 

But despite being healed, Saturo was not awake and remained on the floor.

“I-is he okay?” Draco asked worriedly.

“He’s more stable than he was before!” Encounter chuckled. “Again, not a healer, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine.” 

“He looks fine,” John said. “I’ll wake him up.” 

He then walked over to Saturo, picked him up like a doll and shook him. 

Saturo was then awakened, and John put him down. 

“Ugh…” Saturo rubbed his head and examined his body. “Huh? What happened to my injuries…?”

“Encounter healed you,” Draco answered.

Saturo then noticed Draco. “Draco! You’re awake!”

“So are you,” Draco replied. “You were completely out. I couldn’t even tell if you were breathing!”

“Really?” Saturo thought to himself. He remembered fighting Folly and getting hit by a dark orb. “Oh yeah, I remember now…” He then looked around and saw the leaves that were floating around Kaze at a pretty fast speed. “What is this?”

“It’s the healing spell Encounter used. He’s using it to heal Kaze now. Just make sure to keep a good distance,” Draco said. “His look tells me he would be upset if we got close.”

Saturo backed off. “Uh… okay…” 

Then, Kaze came back into view and the leaves fell to the ground. Kaze glanced past his shoulder at his back, seeing that his wound was gone. 

“Hey! It worked!” Kaze then exclaimed.

“It appears so.” Encounter smiled.

Kaze then spotted Saturo. “Saturo! You’re okay!” 

“Yep!” Saturo smiled. 

Kaze then looked over at Draco. “And we saved Draco! We completed the mission!”

“Mission?” Draco seemed a bit confused.

“Oh yeah,” Kaze said. “After you got kidnapped, me and Satu went to Glare for help, and he said we were on our own and that our first mission was to rescue you.”

“Huh. Then I guess we better get back to him then,” Draco said.

“Probably.” Saturo nodded.

“Okay, so we’re gonna go back home and tell Glare we succeeded…” Kaze turned to John and Encounter. “What about you guys?”

John smiled. “I have things to do. I’ll keep in touch, and continue to stalk you guys anyway.” 

“Hold on whaaaaaaat?” Draco said.

“Oh yeah. He has a power, where he can close his eyes and see through other people’s eyes,” Saturo told Draco. 

“That’s… a bit worrying,” Draco said.

“A bit? I think it is worrying,” Kaze commented.

“I think it’s an invasion of privacy, and someday he’s gonna see something he didn’t want to see.” Encounter laughed.

“Haha…” John laughed a bit and rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. “Yeah… but anyway, I’ll see you guys later!”

“Alright. Cya John!” Kaze waved.

“Bye!” John then disappeared from their sight. 

Kaze, Saturo, Draco, and Encounter all stood there silently for a few moments. 

“So…” Kaze then said, looking over at Encounter. “What about you?”

“Well, with being a new arrival in the galaxy, I have a lot to get used to. I have nowhere else to be until I do what I came here to do. So I mean… if I might be able to chill with you folks, that would be cool,” Encounter said.

“Have to go over it with Glare, but I don’t see any problem with that,” Draco said.

“Yeah, you can come back with us!” Saturo added. “We’d probably need a ride anyway.”

Encounter smiled. “Sweet!”

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter.... 

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