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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 14)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 14)

Posted December 9th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Here's the next chapter! This place is really dead tho.



Chapter 14


Emiliya looked out at the Sun as she sat on the swing in the front porch of Glare’s house. She was gently petting her pet hamster, Pebbles, as she quietly thought to herself. 

But then she sensed something. She looked up at the sky, only to see a skeletal dragon who was none other than Jagged. And Kaze, Saturo, Draco, and Encounter were riding it.

Jagged then flew down and landed in the front yard. Emiliya watched silently, wondering to herself why the newbies were riding a skeletal dragon. 

“Hurray, we’re back!” Draco said as he got off of Jagged and landed on the grass. Kaze and Saturo hopped off as well. 

Emiliya then got up, leaving Pebbles on the swing. 

“Welcome back,” Emiliya then greeted them. “I see you saved Draco.”

“You should have seen them just after!” Encounter said, from on top of Jaggeds head. “I think saved is an overstatement, myself.”

Emiliya looked up at Encounter. “Yeah… who’re you?”

“I’m Encounter!” Encounter said cheerily. “I swear this is the fifth time I’ve said that. Nice to meet you.”

“I’m Emiliya. Nice to meet you as well.” Emiliya smiled. She then looked over at Kaze and Saturo, and then back at Encounter. “Sooo… did you help them save Draco?”

“Only a lot, yes.” Encounter smiled, dropping off Jagged’s skull.

“That explains their success.” Emiliya grinned.

“Hey, I actually did a lot of fighting!” Kaze exclaimed. 

“Yeah. Sure.” Emiliya nodded.

“You also had a large amount of stab wound…” Encounter commented. “And Satu wasn’t even awake enough to realize he was dying… sorry, can’t side with you when you got punked by a fleshy golem…”

Kaze sighed. “Yeah, you’re right…”

“Anyway, we should go tell Glare we succeeded!” Saturo said, patting Kaze on the back.

“Yeah, alright.” Kaze turned to Emiliya. “Is Glare home?”

“Yes, he’s coming right now,” Emiliya answered. 

The front door then opened, and Glare came out with a smile. 

“Nice work, Kaze and Saturo!” He said cheerfully. “You saved Draco…!” He then noticed Encounter and Jagged. “With help, but I never said you couldn’t use help.”

“Yeah… we did use a bit of help,” Kaze said.

A lot of help,” Saturo corrected him. 

“I think it was mostly help,” Encounter added.

Glare chuckled. “Regardless, Draco is back and well.” He smiled at Kaze and Saturo. “And you completed your first mission.”

“Do we get a reward?” Kaze asked eagerly. “Missions always have rewards, right?” 

Glare looked down at him with a smile, before he looked over at Draco. “You already got your reward. Draco is alive and well.”

“You also gained the reward of learning that even Folly’s skin alone is stronger than us,” Draco added. 

“Yeah but… those rewards aren’t… you know… rewards,” Kaze said. 

“I’m here!” Encounter said. “You’d think a skeleton dragon is a pretty neat reward for not sucking and dying to someone trying to kidnap and kill your friend.”

“Oh yeah! Can Encounter stay with us?” Saturo then asked Glare. 

“I don’t mind,” Glare replied, turning to Encounter. “I’ll have a room prepared for you if you’d like.”

That seemed to remind Draco of something. 

“Hey Glare, I wanted to ask you about something,” Draco said.

“Yes?” Glare looked over at Draco.

Draco then walked over and seemed to say something in his ear, as if he didn’t want the others to hear it. The others just watched silently, wondering what Draco was telling Glare.

Glare then seemed to think about whatever Draco said for a few moments.

“Mmmm I suppose so.” Glare then nodded, scratching his chin. “Do you want to go alone?” 

“I could if the others don’t want to come with. Or if you have stuff you need them to do,” Draco replied.

“Come? Wait, where are you going?” Kaze asked.

“Mizura Town on Ertin,” Draco replied, turning to Kaze.

“Wait what? Why?” Saturo questioned, as he and Kaze were both confused. 

“To talk to someone,” Draco answered.

“Talk to who?” Kaze asked. He had no clue what Draco was talking about and was planning to keep asking questions until he understood.

“If you’re so curious, you can just come with,” Draco said, seemingly not in the mood to deal with Kaze’s constant questions.

“Alright, then I’m coming!” Kaze exclaimed.

“How about you Satu?” Draco then asked him.

“Yeah, count me in too.” Saturo nodded.

“Alright, I assume Emi and Encounter are staying here,” Draco said.

“Actually, I’ll come this time,” Emiliya said out of nowhere.

“Huh. Did not expect that,” Draco said before shrugging. “Alright then.”

“You’ll need a ride, no?” Glare asked. 

“Well… yeah,” Draco said.

“And would Encounter like to come as well?” Glare questioned, looking over at Encounter.

“Sure, man. Why not,” Encounter replied.

“Okay, now we just need to actually get there,” Draco said. 

“Wait out here, I’ll get my spaceship,” Glare told them, before he went back into the house. 

The five of them stayed there, waiting for him to come back. Then, a glowing spaceship appeared, seemingly coming from behind Glare’s house. It flew over and landed in the front yard. The side door of the spaceship opened, and a staircase generated. 

“Come on.” Emiliya then walked into the spaceship. 

Draco and Saturo followed after her and got on. 

Meanwhile, Kaze looked over at Encounter. “Are you really going to come? Cuz uh… what about Jagged?”

Encounter smiled. “You watched me summon them before. You think it’ll be any different if I need ‘em wherever we’re going?”

“Oh yeah! I forgot about that.” Kaze chuckled.

“They’ll stay here, and if for some reason I feel the need to have a skeleton dragon, I’ll summon him. So yes. I’m totally coming!” Encounter laughed. “What about you… you gonna be alright?” Encounter winked.

Kaze’s face flushed. “Y-yeah! I’ll be fine!”

“Yeaaah. I’m sure that’s what the blushing is about. You’re just so okay.” Encounter laughed, finally walking into the spaceship himself.

“I am! Believe me!” Kaze exclaimed, walking into the spaceship alongside Encounter. The doors closed automatically after they had entered.

“You’re what?” Emiliya then asked. 

“Nothing!” Kaze quickly said. He took a seat behind Saturo and Draco. Glare was in the pilot seat and Emiliya was in the co-pilot seat, which was located right in front of Saturo and Draco’s row. 

Kaze and Encounter sat in the very back. There were three rows in total.

After they had all sat down and buckled in, Glare started moving the ship again, driving it up into the atmosphere. 

As the spaceship exited the Light Planet’s atmosphere, Glare tapped the screen a few times, figuring out where to go. Then the spaceship drifted off through space, it’s destination being Planet Ertin.


“Which town was it?” Glare asked without looking back.

“Mizura Town,” Draco replied. 

Glare then punched in some coordinates into the spaceship’s computer, before looking through the front glass at Ertin. The spaceship entered the atmosphere, but it didn’t descend to the land. 

Glare let the spaceship hover and turned to Emiliya. 

“Right.” Emiliya nodded and unbuckled her seatbelt, getting up. “Alright, who’s going?” She turned to look back at the four boys.

“I am, of course,” Draco said.

“And we are too!” Saturo pointed out. 

“Why else would we have come in the ship?” Encounter chuckled.

“Right.” Emiliya then raised her hands, which then emitted a little glow. Then she teleported the four of them, along with herself, down to the town. 

The four boys looked around at the town. It was tiny compared to Bright City, since it was a town, and was bigger than the small village that Glare’s house was located in. It also seemed like a normal town to Kaze and Saturo. 

“So…” Kaze then said, looking over at Draco. “What now?”

“We just look around. If we can’t find them today, then we’ll come back some other time when we have free time and Glare can take me,” Draco said as he started walking.

“Who’re we looking for?” Saturo asked as he, Kaze, Emiliya, and Encounter followed behind Draco.

“For a girl named Uchiho. She told me she lives in this town before I woke up from the whole stuck in the Dream World thing,” Draco replied. “We talked a lot during my time out.”

“A girl?!” Saturo exclaimed. “And wait, you were stuck in the Dream World!? With a girl?!”

“I mean yeah, that’s why I took so long to wake up. Also yes, there was a girl,” Draco said, seeming confused why Saturo was making such a big deal out of what he said.

“How’d you get to the Dream World?! That’s where we went for the Ultimate Crystal tests!” Saturo said.

“Filato, I guess.” Draco shrugged as they kept walking. 

Saturo looked like he was in deep thought as he scratched his chin. “And you talked to a girl there… what’d you talk about?” He looked at Draco, raising his eyebrows twice.

“Eh, we spent the three hours I was asleep mainly hanging out, talking about where we were from and our history. Also talked a bit about you guys and Glare. Ultimate Crystals too,” Draco replied.

“You didn’t talk about anything… interesting, did you?” Saturo questioned with a wink.

“Well…” Draco leaned next to Satu’s ear and lowered his voice. “I did tell her about Kaze’s crush on Emiliya. But nothing much besides that.”

“Hey! I want to hear this too!” Kaze said.

“What? The part I told just Satu? Cuz if so then I’m afraid that’s personal stuff I can’t tell you,” Draco said with a slight smirk.

“That’s not fair man!” Kaze was slightly upset.

“Ehhhh… I dunno, do you think it’s fair, Satu?” Draco asked him.

“Very.” Saturo grinned evilly. Kaze just shook his head, slightly frustrated.

“Anyway, it might be a bit before we see her. I’ll keep an eye on our surroundings, you all can just talk if you want,” Draco said.

“Okay… did she not tell you where she lives?” Kaze asked.

“She might’ve if I asked before I woke up. Granted, she told me where on Ertin she lived like, a minute before I woke up,” Draco said. “So this might take a while.”

“Will it? Just ask around,” Emiliya said.

“Sure.” Draco then glanced around for someone to ask. He saw a few people on the streets, the closest one to him being a man carrying groceries. “Hey excuse me sir, do you know anyone that lives in this town named Uchiho?”

The man looked over at Draco and shook his head. “No, sorry.”

“Oh. Okay, thanks.” 

The man then walked off as Draco looked around for someone else to ask.

“Oh, you’re looking for Uchiho?” a boy with dirty blond hair and blue eyes appeared before Draco.

Draco turned to face the boy. “Yeah.” he nodded.

“She lives in that house over there.” The boy pointed at a house right across the street. “Are you a friend of hers?”

“Yeah.” Draco nodded.

“And you uh…” He looked back at Kaze, Saturo, Emiliya, and Encounter. “All of you are visiting?”

“They came with so they could meet Uchiho. Or something like that,” Draco replied.

“Huh. Well okay then…” The boy said, scratching his cheek. “That’s… unusual.”

“Yeah probably,” Draco said.

“Well anyway, I’m not sure if all of you would be allowed inside, Uchiho’s sis doesn’t like her inviting a lot of people over,” the boy informed Draco.

“Then I’ll just go, they can stay out here,” Draco said. 

“Huh!?” Saturo exclaimed. “But I want to meet her too!” 

“Then just the two of us will go in,” Draco said.

“Hey, what about me?!” Kaze exclaimed. “Don’t leave me out!” 

“If I were Uchiho’s sister, I wouldn’t let you into the house,” Emiliya commented. 

“W-what’s that supposed to mean?!” Kaze said, looking over at Emiliya.

“Exactly what I just said,” Emiliya replied, with a serious face. 

“I think we should all back off and let Draco see his friend by himself,” Encounter said. “Especially if his friend’s sister doesn’t like company regardless.”

“Aww…” Saturo said.

“Yeah, that guy has a good point,” the boy said. “You guys just wait out here.”

“Well, see you guys in a bit then I suppose,” Draco said as he then started walking over to the house, the boy following behind him.

Kaze was pretty grumpy as he looked down, his hands in his pockets. Saturo patted him on the shoulder. 

“Sorry Kaze. This isn’t much of our business, so…” Saturo said.

“I know, dude. I just don’t want to be left out,” Kaze replied.

Draco and the boy then reached the front door and rang the doorbell, waiting to see if someone would answer. 

“Who is it?” A voice of a girl spoke, and footsteps were heard until the door opened. An older girl stood in front of them. Her face and eyes resembled Uchiho, except her hair was black. 

The girl looked at the two boys who were at her door. “Oh, hey Tango. Who’s this?” She then asked the boy. 

“Uh… I don’t know, but he says he’s a friend of Uchiho and wants to meet her,” the boy, Tango, answered her. 

“You’re a friend of hers?” The girl looked over at Draco skeptically. “I’ve never seen you before in my life.”

“Well, that’s cuz we met earlier today, in the Dream World and stuff. We hung out for like, three hours. And we had a nice time so I wanted to talk to her again,” Draco said, “my name’s Draco by the way.”

The girl still seemed pretty skeptical as she looked down at Draco. She also noticed Kaze, Saturo, Emiliya, and Encounter across the street, who were watching. 

“Yeah no. I don’t know any of you, so you can go home,” the girl then said, shaking her head as she slowly began closing the door.

“Yeah, guess I should’ve expected that reaction…” Draco said, a bit gloomy.

The door then closed. 

“Well, I guess we can get going then,” Draco said mostly to himself. He then turned from the house and started walking back to the others, Tango walking along with him.

Once they made it back to the others, Kaze asked, “hey, where’s this Uchiho girl?”

“Still inside her house. Her older sister didn’t want me to talk to her because she’d never seen me before. So we can just go now,” Draco replied.

“Oh. That sucks,” Saturo commented.

“Yeah,” Draco said, a slight frown on his face. “Can you call Glare, Emi?”

“Yes, I can.” Emiliya nodded. “He’s just in the ship hovering out of sight, so I can just teleport us back there whenever you’re ready.”

“Now works for me, unless there’s something any of you want to do here on Ertin,” Draco said.

“Well, no, we only came here because of you…” Kaze said. 

“So we’ll be going then.” Emiliya raised her hand to teleport them, while Draco still seemed fairly sad. 

“I guess I won’t get to talk to her again…” Draco thought to himself.



A/N: To be continued in the next chapter... 

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