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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 15)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 15)

Posted December 14th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 15


Uchiho laid on her bed in her room, staring up at the ceiling. She was busy staring off into space, thinking about all kinds of things. Her instrument laid against the wall next to her bed, as sunlight poured through the window, giving the room a faint, almost glow-like effect. 

She was thinking of other planets, stuff in space. Adventure and Ultimate Crystals.

She wouldn’t be thinking of this if it weren’t for that boy she met in the Dream World. Her chat with him made her interested. 

“I wonder if he’s okay…” she thought to herself.

Something about their interactions piqued her imagination. The idea of adventuring, training on the planets of the Elemental System, meeting new people… making friends.

Her interactions with that boy, Draco. They made her feel… more inspired, more adventurous.

But those feelings clashed with her current life in Mizura Town. She was always kept close to home and her sister, not getting to make many of her own decisions. Her sister claimed it was for her safety. 

“But surely if I had a crystal, and friends to help me, I’d still be safe like she wanted… right?” She asked herself mentally.

She was then snapped out of her thoughts by the sound of the doorbell ringing. She sat up, wondering who would be at their door now of all times, especially since her friend Tango had just left a few minutes ago to head back to his house.

“I got it!” Uchiho heard her sister head towards the front door. 

She got up and walked into the living room as her sister arrived at the door, trying to listen to who was there.

“Who is it?” Her sister asked before she opened the door. “Oh, hey Tango. Who’s this?” She waved her hand back at Uchiho, telling her to go back to her room. 

Uchiho obeyed and left the living room, but instead of going to her room, she instead looked out of a window in the hallway that gave her an almost full view of their front yard, except for right in front of the front door. This way, she should get to see who was there when they left. 

Though she could see four people, three boys and a girl, standing on the other side of the street. Their gazes seemed to be focused on the people who were at the front door.

None of them were familiar to her. But they had a different air to them. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

But then someone came into view, walking away from her house. 

It was Draco, who had Tango walking next to him back over to the group of four people, he seemed… sad in some way.

“So he did get out okay! I gotta go talk to him!”

Uchiho quickly ran to the front door, which her sister had just closed.

“Hey, what’re you doing?” Her sister questioned her, noticing that she was in a hurry.

“That boy and Tango, I gotta go talk to them!” Uchiho replied. “Before he leaves!”

“Whyyyyy…?” Her sister asked. “You don’t even know those people!”

“But I know him!” Uchiho replied, pointing out the window at Draco.

“Then how come I don’t know him? He’s never been around you!” Her sister exclaimed.

“Because I met him when I went into the Dream World earlier today!” Uchiho exclaimed back.

“Dream World? You went alone?!” Her sister exclaimed.

“What do you think?!” Uchiho said back.

“How many times have I told you?! That place is dangerous! What if you ended up in a nightmare?!” 

“You can’t keep acting like I have no idea what I’m doing, Miyo! We’ve been training me for the past seven years! I can control where I appear!” Uchiho said, seemingly just getting more and more frustrated.

“But you’re still not ready to go off on your own!” her sister, Miyo, said.

“Maybe I would be if I were taught by a master like he and his friends are!” Uchiho pointed out at Draco again.

“Are you saying that I’m not a good teacher?!” Miyo exclaimed. 

“You’d be a better one if you didn’t keep me cooped up inside my room all the time!” Uchiho replied. “I want to explore, Miyo! To see the Galaxy! Meet people! Not just lay on my bed for my whole life!”

“But the Galaxy is dangerous!” Miyo said. “Monsters like… them could appear and kill you!”

“Well maybe I’d be safe if I had a crystal! And be with a group of friends like his with powers!” Uchiho said.

“You’re safe with me!” Miyo told her.

“Well I’d rather be safe with them! People who can inspire me, and not keep me cooped up all the time!” Uchiho replied.

“They’re strangers! You won’t be safe with them! You can’t trust them!” Miyo said.

“And how do you know that?! I bet all you said to Draco was give him a weird look and then tell him to leave! You probably barely even tried to talk to him!”

“I don’t need to talk to him! He’s sketchy, appearing out of nowhere!” Miyo said.

“Like you’re any better! Before today, Tango and Nova were my only friends because everyone else tries to avoid us because you’re suspicious of everyone!” Uchiho retorted. 

“Not everyone, only people that somehow know you and where you live!” Miyo said. “I’m keeping you safe! I’ve never seen these people before and they’re sketchy!”

“You know what? Fine! Have it your way. Keep me cooped up here for the rest of my life. Just know that I don’t like it.” Uchiho started walking back to her room in anger.

Miyo sighed. “Fine, you can go talk to them. Just be careful!”

Uchiho stopped and walked back over, a slight smile on her face as she then opened the door and headed outside, where Draco was talking to the group of four people he was with.

“Oh, hey Uchiho!” Tango was the first to notice her and greet her.

Draco, hearing what Tango said, immediately turned around. The four people with him all looked at her, the five of them seemingly surprised she had shown up.

“Ooo! This is the girl?” Saturo asked.

“Yeah…” Draco said to him before looking back at Uchiho. “I thought I wasn’t going to get to see you.”

“I had a talk with my sister, she says I can talk to you all for a bit.”

“What, is she like, very protective of you? Like Saturo is with his chips?” Kaze questioned before Satu gave him a slight smack on the head. Kaze chuckled in response.

“That may be an understatement. She’s very skeptical and suspicious of people she’s never met before, especially ones who happen to know where we live. Though, that’s probably more because of Tango than you five,” Uchiho answered.

“He just showed us where, but Draco is the one who knew which town,” Kaze said.

“Well that’s only cause I told him,” Uchiho said. “So who are you four anyway?”

“I’m Saturo!” Saturo beamed. “And this is Kaze, Emiliya, and Encounter!” He was pointing at each person when he said their names. He grinned as he then pointed at Draco. “And that’s Draco.”

“She already knew that,” Draco said to him. 

Saturo chuckled.
“I feel like Draco’s slightly completely right,” Encounter commented.

“Oh! So you three are the people Draco was talking about!” Uchiho said, pointing at Kaze, Satu and Emiliya. “He never mentioned you though, Encounter.”

“That may be because I met him like half a second before he woke up from bein’ in the Dream World and we didn’t know each other previously,” Encounter said with a smile.

“Ah yeah, that explains it,” Uchiho said. “So did you all take a ship to get here?”

“Yeah, Glare flew us here in his ship, he’s hovering somewhere in the sky until Emi teleports us back on and we leave,” Draco answered.

“Oh, that’s neat,” Uchiho said before looking up at Emiliya, “So you’re the most experienced of Glares students, right? I mean, that’s what Draco told me. I don’t know anything about Encounter so I’m not gonna try and assume if he’s stronger or not.”

“Correct, I am the most experienced,” Emiliya replied with a nod.

“Do you look down to anyone?” Uchiho then asked.

“Look down?” Emiliya questioned, unsure of what Uchiho was trying to ask.

“I think she means, like, think people are less important than you, look down upon them,” Encounter said.

“Oh. No, I don’t really care.” Emiliya shook her head.

“So ‘technically’ you don’t look down at us?” Draco asked with air quotes while gesturing to Kaze and Saturo.

She shook her head once more. “You’re just newbies and annoy me, so I don’t like you, but that doesn’t make you less important.”

“That’s better I suppose,” Draco said, decently satisfied with her answer.

But Kaze knew that Emiliya only thought that because Glare told her to. In reality, he thought Emiliya did look down at them. She definitely thought they were less important.

“So you all have powers, right?” Uchiho then asked.

“Yes, everyone here has a special ability.” Emiliya nodded.

“What are they? Draco told me his already.” Uchiho asked the four of them, she was certainly very curious of this stuff.

“I have electricity, Kaze has wind, Encounter has magic, and Emiliya…” Saturo looked at her. “All I know is you can teleport.” 

“I use Light Powers,” Emiliya said.

“Sounds bright,” Encounter commented.

“It can be.” Emiliya grinned. 

“And Kaze can… use breezes I guess,” Draco said.

“He will attack you with a slight draft. Look out!” Encounter followed up on Draco’s comment, much to Kaze’s mild anger and embarrassment.

“Or heaven forbid, he blows some of your papers off your desk,” Draco said, grinning.

“Okay guys, can you stop making fun of me now?” Kaze growled.

“Okay okay, sorry. It’s just that you haven’t gotten many of the wind moves down yet, dude. I mean, breezes and floating really is all you can do right now.” Draco shrugged.

“I can fly pretty fast!” Kaze exclaimed.

“That’s just putting your breezes and floating together,” Saturo pointed out.

“And it’s not even that fast,” Encounter added.

“It’s unfair to compare me to Jagged,” Kaze said, glaring at Encounter.

“I’m not comparing you to the giant magic skeleton dragon, I’m comparing you to my casual jogging speed which kept up with both your flying and Satu’s running,” Encounter replied smugly.

“Wait, skeleton dragon?” Uchiho asked, mostly to herself as the conversation about Kaze’s abilities continued.

“But at least I can fly, none of you can! So my powers are special!” Kaze exclaimed.

“But I can fly though…” Encounter said.

“And I can propel myself through the air at like, fifty miles an hour by just using explosions from my hands,” Draco pointed out, looking down at his hands.

“Kaze you’re just… not able to defend yourself here,” Encounter said, trying to be polite.

“I’m going to defend him here by saying you’re all newbies,” Emiliya commented. “But Encounter…not as much as you all.”

“I’m gonna take that as a compliment and leave it alone,” Encounter commented.

“Yeah, best to do that.” Saturo nodded in agreement.

“Moving on to other things, how much longer is your sister gonna let you keep talking to us?” Draco asked Uchiho.

“Not sure, she said for just a bit but its been like, twelve minutes,” Uchiho replied.

“And where did that other guy go?” Saturo asked, looking around for Tango. 

“He left. Pay more attention to your surroundings,” Emiliya said to him.
“Dude he left like so long ago,” Encounter said as well. “What do you even mean.”

“Ahaha…” Saturo rubbed the back of his head. “Wasn’t paying attention…”

“That seems to be a habit of yours, Satu.” Draco smiled.

“Not as bad of a habit as Kaze not getting up in the morning.” Saturo laughed, and Kaze was annoyed that the topic went back to him.

“Anyway, I guess we might leave soon depending on when your sis comes to get you. So do you have any other questions? Anyone?” Draco asked to all of them, to see if they had any questions to ask her.

“I do.” A voice then said. 

All of them turned and saw that Uchiho’s sister, Miyo, had come outside. 

“Oh, and what is that… exactly?” Draco asked.

Miyo looked down at Draco, a serious expression on her face. Then she opened her mouth to speak. 

“Who is your Master?”

“Glare,” Encounter replied coolly. “Why, nervous much?”

“Wait… G-Glare?! As in Glare Relnitron?!” Miyo was shocked.

“Uhh… yes…” Encounter said unsteadily.

“Yeah, his name is Glare Relnitron…” Kaze added.

Miyo quickly turned to Uchiho. “I’ve changed my mind, you can go with these people if you want!”

“Huh?” Uchiho seemed… shocked to say the least. So did everyone else. Besides Encounter apparently. And Emiliya. 

“You heard me! If you want to go with them, you can!” Miyo exclaimed, a wide smile on her face.

“I… uh… okay.” Uchiho still seemed to be a bit shocked before she quickly ran inside for a few minutes.

She then came out with a sort of tote bag that presumably had stuff packed in it. She also brought her instrument in its carrying case.

“Well, I guess this is happening now,” Saturo commented.

“We should tell Glare first, right?” Draco looked at Emiliya.

“Probably.” She nodded. 

“I mean, it’d be good to have him know before just having me show up,” Uchiho said as she set her things down on the grass. 

“He said he doesn’t mind,” Emiliya said. 

“Did he talk in your head?” Draco asked. “I assume he did.”

“Your assumption is correct,” Emiliya answered. 

“Then it’s settled! Uchiho is coming with us, I guess!” Draco said, sounding pretty excited.

“I might want to tell Tango though, he’ll be wondering where I went,” Uchiho said, turning to her sister. “Hey Miyo, can you tell him if he asks?” Miyo nodded in response.

“Do we have an extra room?” Encounter then asked.

“We’ll figure things out later. Is everyone ready to go?” Emiliya asked, raising her hand.

“Make sure to learn everything you can!” Miyo told Uchiho.

“I will!” She said. 

Miyo smiled. “Take care of yourself! I’ll call you every once and awhile to check up on you too!” 

The two sisters hugged each other goodbye.

“Alright! Bye!” Uchiho waved to her sister, who waved in return.

“Huh, I guess she has a phone,” Draco said to Kaze and Saturo. “I wonder if it’ll work though… it may not be the galaxy-wide calling version.”

“I mean, I don’t really kno- WOAH!” Saturo was saying, before all of them suddenly appeared back in Glare’s spaceship. 

Uchiho looked around as the rest of them took their seats, in the same spots as last time.

“Woah… so this is his spaceship?” Uchiho then asked.

“Indeed it is. Have you been in one before?” Glare looked back with a smile. He was seated in the front, in the pilots seat. Emiliya had taken a seat beside him.

“I mean, yeah? But it was like the airplane equivalent. I’ve never been on one like this before,” Uchiho said as she sat down in the third row, behind Kaze and Encounter.

Glare chuckled. “Yeah, this one is different. It’s an older model too.”

“Oh, okay,” she said as she buckled in.

Glare then pushed a lever and the spaceship started moving. “We’re headed to the Light Planet now. Once we arrive, either me or Emiliya will get you and Encounter situated.”

“Sounds good.” Uchiho smiled as she looked out the window. The spaceship was ascending, leaving Ertin’s atmosphere.

She was excited to finally be able to explore and make new friends, and not have to stay at home all the time.

“Today was certainly eventful.” Draco sighed as he laid his head against the window, seemingly only now being sleepy.

“Sure was.” Saturo agreed, yawning.

“Funny how despite taking a three hour nap in another dimension, I don’t feel any more rested than this morning,” Draco said.

“I haven’t slept for like half a week,” Encounter commented.

“What, do you want a medal for most hours not asleep?” Draco asked tiredly as he yawned.

“Oo sounds great! While we’re at it, you can have a medal for being the only one to have gone to the Dream World and talked to a girl for three hours while your friends tried to desperately make sure you don’t die,” Encounter replied. “We’ll shorten it to ‘Person who found a girl in another dimension under threat of death.’”

“Eh.” Draco grumbled, clearly too tired to retort. “I’m too sleepy to give you any more snark Encounter.”

“Speaking of sleepy, Kaze fell asleep.” Saturo pointed out, pointing at Kaze who had fallen asleep in his seat.

“Well, unless he wakes up before we arrive, someone is gonna have to take him to his room,” Draco said with another yawn.

“Not it!” Saturo quickly exclaimed.

“Not… *YAWN* it…” Draco said in an even sleepier voice. His eyes were only half open as his face laid on the window. “Ehhh…”

“Wow, he is really tired,” Uchiho commented, looking at Draco.

“And you or Encounter are gonna have to carry Kaze!” Saturo grinned, pointing back at Encounter and Uchiho.

“Well I say not it for taking Draco if he falls asleep,” Uchiho said. “You and Encounter can carry him, unless Encounter can only carry Kaze for some reason.”

“Why is this a conversation that ended up happening?” Encounter asked.

“Because I don’t want to carry Kaze,” Saturo replied. “And trust me, he’s not easy to wake up.”

“Is it because you’re not strong enough?” Encounter asked. “Or are you just being ‘that guy’ right now?”

“I’m being that guy.” Saturo laughed.

“He’s-*YAWN*-manifesting his inner Kaze, you see,” Draco said groggily.

“I’ll start making a habit of having Jagged roar at anyone in here sleeping.” Encounter laughed. “No one will have to carry anyone then.”

“But there’s no fun in that!” Saturo said.

“What’s fun about having someone carry a hundred and forty pounds of laziness?” Draco asked in the background.

“And there’s no fun in watching people scream in terror being woken up by a giant skeleton dragons roar?” Encounter asked, after Draco.

“Ah, you guys don’t get it…” Saturo sighed before leaning in, motioning for Encounter and Draco to lean as well. The two of them leaned in to hear what Saturo had to say. “I was trying to have us all say ‘not it’ and then make Emiliya carry him. So then he’ll freak out when he wakes up!” Saturo whispered with a grin.

“Well it’s not like she’s said not it yet…” Encounter mumbled.

“She’s not even paying attention to us,” Saturo commented, looking back at Emiliya. She was just sitting there, in the co-pilot seat. And Glare was busy piloting the spaceship. “But it’s kinda too late for my plan.”

“How do you figure it’s too late?” Encounter asked quietly.

“I already said not it befo- wait, I could just say it again, right?” Saturo said.

“…Yes,” Encounter replied.

“My goodness, what an idea. Why didn’t I think of that?” Saturo said to himself, face palming. “Kaze is asleep! Someone will have to carry him, and NOT IT!” Saturo then said loudly.

“Not it!” Encounter followed up.

“Not it.” Draco did as well, yawning. 

When Saturo looked back at Uchiho, she realized what was going on. 

“Oh. Not it,” Uchiho said, raising a hand. 

Saturo smirked as he turned around, facing forward. Everyone else had said ‘not it’, so his plan could proceed smoothly. Depending on Emiliya’s reaction, of course.

“You have to carry Kaze, Emiliya!” Saturo then said. 

Emiliya turned her head and looked at him. She appeared to be confused. Clearly she wasn’t paying attention to what was going on behind her. 

“What?” Emiliya questioned. 

“He’s asleep, and we all said ‘not it’ to carrying him, so you have to!” Saturo said with a grin.

Emiliya was unfazed and just stared at Saturo for a bit. Then she sighed. “Sure, whatever.” 

“Yes!” Saturo exclaimed mentally as he pumped his fist.

“Well, now that that’s over with. I’m actually gonna sleep now,” Draco said as he then laid back against the window and closed his eyes.

“One of you two have to carry him. I said not it earlier,” Uchiho said in response to Draco going to sleep.

“Bet. Not it.” Encounter smirked.

“Draco can wake up though, unlike Kaze. So none of us have to carry him,” Saturo pointed out.

“If you wanna wake up the plasma man, be my guest,” Encounter replied.

“With pleasure.” Saturo did a playful bow with a grin. “Oh yeah, Glare? When are we going to arrive?”

“Soon. I’m going to drop you off in the front yard and then return the ship. So get ready,” Glare replied, looking out the front window since he was driving.

Glare’s spaceship continued to move through space, nearing the Light Planet, as everyone- except for Kaze and Draco since they were asleep- waited patiently for their arrival.

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter.... This book's almost finished.

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