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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 16)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 16)

Posted December 24th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Welp, dead site still. RIP. XD




Chapter 16


“Alright guys, you can get off.” Glare turned around to face his passengers. Saturo, Encounter, and Uchiho all unbuckled their seat belts and got up. Meanwhile, Kaze and Draco were both asleep. 

“Thanks Glare!” Saturo thanked his Master. Then he looked over at Draco. “Yo Draco, wake up, we’ve landed!”

But Draco stayed asleep.

“Draco? Come on, wake up!” Saturo exclaimed, moving closer to him.

“Looks like he’s really asleep,” Uchiho said as she walked towards the exit with her stuff to get off.

“Drat. Well, I did say I’ll wake him up, so…” Saturo then leaned over and shook Draco. “Draco! Wake u-”

“GAH!” Draco yelled, his eyes suddenly glowing cyan as he then bopped Saturo hard on the head.

“Ow!” Saturo’s hands quickly covered the area where he got hit. “Yeesh, Draco, that hurt!”

“Well you spooked me!” Draco replied.

“Agh…” Saturo rubbed his head. “Well, you’re awake now so let’s go.”

“Sure.” Draco grumbled tiredly as he and Saturo got off the ship.

Encounter followed behind them, and once the three of them made it out, they saw Uchiho looking around, amazed by how everything was glowing. But then she froze once she saw the very large skeletal dragon laying on the grass.

“Oh yeah. That’s Jagged,” Saturo then told her. 

“Hey Jagged!” Encounter greeted his dragon. “We’re back!”

Jagged casually stood up, walked towards Encounter, and stood about a foot away, observing the new person they’ve never seen.

Uchiho just kinda quietly stared at them, seemingly a bit too scared to actually say anything to Jagged.

This led to the two of them to just silently looking at each other for a minute or two.

“What, are you guys having a staring contest?” Emiliya then asked. Saturo looked over at her and saw that she was actually carrying the sleeping Kaze. He also noticed that Glare’s spaceship had disappeared, having left.

Uchiho had seemed to calm down enough to walk past Jagged and enter the house after Emiliya. Jagged snuffed, upset.

But right before Emiliya entered the house, she threw Kaze down on the front porch. Kaze face planted into the glowing wood. 

“Ouch,” Draco commented as he and Saturo watched to see if that woke Kaze up at all.

But surprisingly, Kaze didn’t wake up. He only moved around a bit, but continued to sleep on the floor. He really was a heavy sleeper.

“I ain’t taking him,” Draco said.

“Me either,” Uchiho said.

“Let’s just leave him there,” Saturo said. “Oh and Uchiho, you should ask Emiliya where your room will be.”

“Yeah, I’ll do that,” Uchiho said as she entered the house, as Emiliya had already gone inside. 

“There is only one extra room in front of mine, next to Saturo,” Emiliya said, standing in the hallway as Uchiho walked in. “And there’s you and Encounter.”

“Huh,” Uchiho said before thinking to herself. “That’s a problem.”

“One of you could just sleep on the couch,” Emiliya suggested. “Talk to each other and figure something out. I have stuff I want to do.” She then walked away, entering her room and closing the door.

“Huh,” Encounter said. He, Draco, Uchiho, and Saturo all were standing in the living room, while Kaze was still on the floor outside. “What a problem.”

“Well, what do you wanna do? Do you either of you care if you get the room or not?” Draco asked the two of them.

“I mean, it’d be nice to put my stuff somewhere besides the floor, but I suppose it isn’t necessary,” Uchiho answered before looking at Encounter.

Encounter shrugged. “The only thing I brought is a skeleton dragon. So I’m beat on this point.”

“So are you fine if you just sleep on the couch?” Uchiho asked.

“I don’t sleep much anyway, so yeah. You can have the room,” Encounter replied.

“Alright.” She nodded.

“Aw man I just realized, the last thing I ate today was breakfast,” Draco said as he was both tired AND hungry now.

“Oh, then let’s go prepare something for all of us to eat!” Saturo said, heading to the kitchen.

Draco and Uchiho followed after him.

“I feel like we should establish if anyone can actually cook before we start walking!” Encounter exclaimed.

“Who says we’re gonna actually cook? Sandwiches and microwaves are a thing!” Draco said as he and Saturo stepped into the kitchen, starting to look around for something to make and/or eat. Encounter and Uchiho walked into the kitchen and stood there as Saturo and Draco looked around the cabinets and fridge.

“Yeah, we just eat pizza rolls and stuff. We don’t have to cook!” Saturo took out a box of pizza rolls from the freezer.

As he was getting the pizza rolls ready, Draco was pulling out all sorts of things to put in a sandwich, cheese, meat, veggies, and two loaves of bread used for sub sandwiches. Draco also took out a large bag of chips. Normal kettle cooked to be exact.

“So do you guys want anything?” Draco asked without looking back, as he was preparing his sandwiches.

“I’ll just have some fruit or something,” Uchiho said as Encounter and her just watched Saturo and Draco speed around making food. They were moving a lot faster than normal, at least from what the two of them had seen.

“What about you Encounter? Do you want anything?” Draco asked as now he was swiftly constructing one of the sandwiches.

“Oh, no. I’m alright,” Encounter said quickly.

“Okay. I’m almost done anyway,” Draco said as he was finishing making the second sandwich. As he did, he handed Uchiho a plate of cut pears.

“Oh, thank you,” Uchiho said in a slightly nervous tone. She took the plate and a fork before taking a seat at the table and began eating.

By now, Draco was practically done making his food, and the pizza rolls Saturo had gotten out had just finished cooking.

“Alright, time to eat!” Draco exclaimed as he zipped over to the table with his food and sat down.

“That’s… a lot of food Draco…” Uchiho said, a slight bit concerned.

“Eh, it’s pretty normal for what Draco usually eats when he’s hungry.” Saturo sat down with his pizza rolls.

“It is? Okay…” Uchiho wasn’t entirely convinced. She watched Draco as he opened the bag of kettle cooked chips before he started eating.

Draco then began to chow down on his food at an incredible speed. It didn’t even seem like he stopped to chew for more than half a second before swallowing and taking a bite out of something again.

Uchiho was certainly surprised to say the least. And Encounter seemed to have an expression of ‘Huh. That is not what I expected.’

“…Wouldn’t it be better if you… used the efficiency of a blowtorch on oil-soaked dead grass in eating on something actually substantial?” Encounter asked slowly.

Draco just gave him a confused look, finally slowing down for a bit. “What? Is there something wrong with what I’m eating?”

“I mean… if you’re gonna eat so much, you could at least make it kinda seem like less,” Encounter replied. “Like, chips and sandwiches are all well and good, but why wouldn’t you eat something hefty… and filling…”

“Oh I would, but Glare hasn’t gone to the grocery store yet this month.” Draco replied.

“…oh right, you don’t hunt…” Encounter mumbled.

“You make it sound like that’s a bad thing,” Draco commented. As they were talking, Saturo was eating his pizza rolls quietly, and Uchiho ate her pears slowly.

“I’m only used to small/children dragons eating like you, and we didn’t really have grocery stores where I come from,” Encounter replied. “And no, it isn’t a bad thing really. It just seems like eating five pounds of sandwich is less effective than some roast hunk of animal.”

“I mean sure, it’d probably be more effective. But I’m not sure if Glare would be willing to buy more than one thing of a large hunk of roasted meat,” Draco went back to eating and finished. “There, all done.” He wiped his face and the table with a napkin to get all of the crumbs.

“…Man, I really wish I could introduce you to my friend…” Encounter chuckled. “He’d prolly like cooking for you…”

“Oh really? Most cooks find my appetite a bit daunting. So we don’t go out to eat often,” Draco said as he cleaned his spot at the table some more.

“His favorite thing to make is a fully sized life-like chocolate chest, with candy jewels decorating the outside and a massive amount of chocolate and jewel coins and candies on the inside. He made it for a party of twenty people and they barely finished it,” Encounter said.

That seemed to pique Draco’s interest. “By life size, are we talking jewelry box, dungeon loot or legendary artifact chest?” 

“No, yes, and yes,” Encounter said. “Respectively, there’s one bigger than the ‘legendary artifact chest’ rating, but that melted.”

“Really…” Draco seemed to be staring off into space with this information.

“It’s one of the few things he can do well, beaten by being able to beat almost everyone he meets up, and having complete lack of social skills.” Encounter laughed. “He used to beat me on a basis; and the dragon.”

“Wow. He must be really strong!” Draco exclaimed, seemingly more excited about this additional information than anything.

“Yeah, I like the guy. He isn’t gonna show up here, though. He’s got stuff to do back home, and doesn’t even know I’m here…-” Encounter cut off sharply, and frowned slightly for a second. Then he changed the topic entirely. “So, where are you all from?”

“Oh, I’m from Aerth,” Draco replied.

“I’m from a planet that… I don’t know the name of,” Saturo said, eating pizza rolls. 

“That… sounds worrying,” Uchiho said, finally speaking up after a few minutes of silence and eating pears. “And if they didn’t tell you on the trip, I’m from the Water Planet originally but was living on Ertin until now.”

“How does one live on a water planet… Can you like, breathe underwater?” Encounter asked.

“We lived in cities covered with giant glass domes,” Uchiho answered him.

“Oh. It woulda been cooler if you could breathe underwater honestly.” Encounter chuckled. “And Kaze is sleeping, but I’m guessing him and Saturo share origins, right?”

“Yeah, they’re from the same planet,” Draco said, as Saturo nodded while chewing food.

“Cool man!” Encounter chuckled. “How much do y’all train anyway? Uchi you don’t have to answer that one.”

“We train everyday. We have a schedule that we follow,” Saturo answered. “We study and train physically… It’s like school, but training is the funnest part.”

“Except for the parts when Kaze and Satu try to do a team attack without coordinating it and one ends up fried and the other ten meters away,” Draco commented. “And then it just leaves me trying to figure out how they do that over and over again.”

Encounter laughed. “I’m with you there. Seems like something you’d stop doing.”

“We have a lot to work on,” Saturo said. “Glare told me and Kaze that we’d have to figure things out mostly on our own because our powers are different from his, and it’s not his expertise.”

“Mine is kinda similar to Glare’s,” Draco said. “But Emiliya is the one that actually shares the same power, which probably explains why she’s so much stronger, along with her training for a few years before we did.”

“Well that’s that I guess- oh wait…” Encounter suddenly looked like he remembered something. “Emiliya, anyone know what’s up with her?”

“Not really, not much besides that she wasn’t exactly approving of us trying to get Glare to teach us at first. And still kinda isn’t now. But to a lesser degree apparently,” Draco said.

“It’s because we’re guys,” a voice said. Everyone turned towards the door and saw that Kaze had finally woken up. Pebbles was also standing on his right shoulder. 

“Where’s your proof of this claim?” Encounter asked.

Kaze walked into the kitchen, taking a seat beside Saturo. “She didn’t say no so that’s what I think.”

“She also said she doesn’t like you because you’re newbies,” Encounter pointed out. “And she seems to like me well enough.”

“Well yeah but… still.”

“And ‘because you’re guys’ is pretty broad,” Encounter added. “Because you’re guys could be pre-tweens, tweens, teens, adults, three year olds…”

Kaze sighed. “It may be just because we’re newbies…”

“I mean, she is far more experienced than we are. I’m sure if we were around her level we might have feelings sort’ve like that to someone at a lower level. Maybe not to the same degree but still,” Draco said.
“It could also be both,” Encounter said. “One’s just more hidden because she doesn’t wanna let on… of course that would be assuming Kaze knows what he’s talking about.”

“I don’t think I do. She’s a beautiful mystery to me,” Kaze said, his elbows on the table as his head leaned against his hands.

“Anyway, Uchi. You should go talk to Emiliya about getting your room set up.” Draco smiled.

“Right.” Uchiho nodded before putting her dishes in the sink and washing them. She was used to cleaning up after herself, so she did just that. After she was finished, she left the kitchen to head to Emiliya’s room. 

“Her room is the one at the end of the hall, to the right!” Saturo said loudly from the kitchen.

“Got it!” Uchiho said from the hall.

“I guess now we get ready to go to sleep,” Draco said as he stretched.

“Yeah. I’mma go get ready.” Kaze got up and left to his room, passing by Uchiho who was standing in front of Emiliya’s room’s door.

“Oh yeah that reminds me, don’t we have a break day tomorrow? Or was that just today? I kinda forgot amidst all the stuff that happened today,” Draco said from the kitchen.

“I don’t remember. I’ll ask Glare tomorrow.” Saturo shrugged.

“Then I’m just gonna go to bed. See you guys tomorrow,” Draco said, waving to Saturo and Encounter as he left to go to his room. 

Meanwhile, Uchiho was still standing in front of Emiliya’s door. 

“Uh… Emiliya? Are you in there?” Uchiho asked, knocking.

It took a few moments before Emiliya opened the door, revealing her face. “Yes, what do you need?”

“I was wondering if you could help me set up my room,” Uchiho replied, gesturing to her things.

Emiliya looked at her and blinked. “It’s already set. It’s there behind you, next to Draco’s room. Just uh, put your things inside.”

“Oh… okay. Thanks,” Uchiho said a bit sheepishly before taking her things over to the door.

“If you want, I can help you organize your stuff,” Emiliya offered with a sly smile.

“That’d… be nice.” Uchiho smiled. 

Emiliya checked to see where everyone was, Saturo and Encounter in the kitchen, and Kaze and Draco in their rooms, before walking out of her room, closing the door behind her. 

“Is something wrong? Why did you check on the others?” Uchiho asked, confused.

“Don’t worry about it.” Emiliya assured her with a wave of her hand.

“Alright…” Uchiho said as Emiliya walked over to her, next to the door to her room. Emiliya took out keys and unlocked the door, revealing a tidy room with a bed, two sets of drawers, and a mirror on the wall. And of course, all of it was glowing. 

“Here are the keys.” Emiliya handed the keys to Uchiho. “And I can get you a sleep mask if you’d like, since you’re not used to the brightness.”

“Thank you, and yes that’d be appreciated,” Uchiho replied, taking the keys.

Emiliya smiled, looking down at the bag Uchiho was carrying. “So, what did you bring?” 

“Oh, stuff like clothes, a jacket, a scarf. Some possessions of mine. A little money. Stuff like that. And my instrument too,” Uchiho replied.

“Oh, you play an instrument?” Emiliya asked as Uchiho walked into her new room.

“Yeah, it’s one that’s popular where I’m from on the Water Planet. It’s used for traditions and stuff,” Uchiho replied.

“Oh nice!” Emiliya beamed. “I’d like to listen to you play sometime!”

“I’ll let you know when I decide to practice then!” Uchiho smiled.

“Do you have any other hobbies?” Emiliya asked. She was organizing Uchiho’s clothes and putting them into drawers as the two of them talked.

“I like drawing too,” Uchiho answered. “I’m kind’ve an artsy person.”

“Oh really? I like drawing too!” Emiliya said.

“Woah really!?” Uchiho exclaimed, her eyes seemingly gaining an excited light to them.

“Yeah! I usually draw in my free time, when I’m not training or learning,” Emiliya replied with a smile.

“That’s so neat!” Uchiho said. “What do you normally draw?”

“Landscapes and stuff in space,” Emiliya said.

“Oh, I do more animals and portraits. And stuff like that,” Uchiho said.

“Those are still nice.” Emiliya then finished putting Uchiho’s clothes in drawers.

“Thanks for organizing, Emiliya,” Uchiho said with a smile.

“No problem. If you need anything, let me know.” Emiliya smiled back. “Oh, and you can call me Emi.”

“Oh, got it.” Uchiho nodded.

“Anyways, I have to go check on everyone else since Glare’s busy,” Emiliya said, getting up.  

“Right, see you later,” Uchiho said.

Emiliya then walked out of Uchiho’s room, leaving Uchiho on her own. 

Uchiho then took some of her belongings out of her tote bag. She set a picture of her, her sister Miyo, and some other people along with two adults with a background of white buildings with light that had been reflected through water, shimmering on them on her desk. She also put a little figure made of what looked like volcanic rock mixed with quartz crystals in the shape of some kind of aquatic reptilian like-creature. It looked sorta like a mix of a whale and a turtle.

She set her instrument against the wall next to her bed, before sitting down on it, thinking about what could happen tomorrow.

A/N: To be continued in the next cha- well book. There's just an epilogue after this is all XD

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