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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 2)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 2)

Posted September 27th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Here's the next chapter! Hehe! XD


Chapter 2


Draco lunged forward, his irises glowing blue as his hands were covered in cyan plasma fire, ready to attack Emiliya while Kaze and Saturo could think of a followup attack.

He threw burning kicks and punches at Emiliya, but not wildly enough that he wouldn’t be able to block or dodge if he needed too.

As he expected, Emiliya just weaved out of the way of the attacks. But she had yet to counter. So Draco just kept attacking to put pressure on her.

Then she finally countered, attacking Draco with a stick that had generated in her hands. She did have a sword but didn’t use it since it was dangerous. 

Seeing this, Draco hastily switched to a defensive stance, blocking the strikes as best as he could with his arms.

“Agh! C’mon guys! What's the hold up over there?!” Draco thought as Kaze and Saturo still hadn’t actively participated in the fight yet.

He’d look back at them or talk, but he was too busy dealing with Emiliya to do so. 

Just then, a shockwave of electricity approached Emiliya and Draco from the back. Emiliya jumped up, and Draco did as well. Emiliya avoided the shockwave with a backflip. She landed behind Saturo, and Saturo sent a barrage of punches at her at high speed, something he had learned to do with his electric powers.

Emiliya dodged Saturo’s attacks, and tried to hit him in the face with her stick. But Saturo ducked under the attack swiftly, and kicked off of the ground, launching himself backwards. 

As he was, Draco was using bursts from his hands to launch into the air over to Saturo and Emiliya to assist him.

Meanwhile, Kaze was just standing there. 

“Okay, Kaze, you gotta attack her… she’s stronger than you anyway, so you don’t need to hold back…” Kaze was talking to himself in his mind. “Oh yeah! Use a wind beam on her!” 

Kaze then generated a ball of wind in his hands, which looked like air that was moving quick enough to be visible. He then shot the beam of wind right at Emiliya’s back. 

Emiliya naturally dodged it, doing so with a sidestep. The wind beam hit Saturo right in the face.

“OW!” Saturo fell back. “KAZE! YOU HIT ME!”

“Oh shoot, sorry!” Kaze exclaimed. 

“It's fine! Just focus!” Draco shouted to them before shooting a barrage of plasma blasts at Emiliya, probably in an attempt to make her move so Saturo could get up without being hit.

Emiliya pushed off of the ground and jumped over ten feet high, dodging the attack. She then landed back to where Kaze was. 

Kaze was watching her in awe. He hadn’t really seen her using her powers since she’d usually just supervise them. 

“KAZE, MOVE!” Kaze then heard Saturo yelling at him.

“Huh?” Kaze blinked. Then he got kicked in the face by Emilia and went flying into the ground.

“Kaze! I know your power is wind and all, but can you PLEASE get your head out of the clouds?!” Draco yelled as he then landed in front of Emilyia and they basically resumed what they were doing at the beginning of the exercise of striking at each other and blocking.

“Okay, okay! My bad!” Kaze flew up onto his feet. 

Now they were essentially back to where they began, with Saturo and Kaze being outside of the back and forth between Draco and Emiliya. They had essentially made no progress whatsoever.

“Hey you two, you’re not doing anything,” Emiliya then said to Kaze and Saturo as she dodged Draco’s attacks. “If you’re gonna keep that up, I’ll start attacking you.” 

“This is a TEAM exercise after all guys,” Draco commented to them a bit angrily as he hastily blocked Emiliya’s strikes.

Saturo nodded and surrounded himself in sparks of electricity, but Kaze stood there imagining Emiliya attacking him.

As Kaze stood there, Saturo leaped into the scene and attempted to hit Emiliya. Both Saturo and Draco were now sending punches and kicks at Emiliya, and Emiliya would either block or dodge them. 

“Oh, shoot, I should do something.” Kaze then noticed that he wasn’t doing anything except daydream about Emiliya. 

He then stuck his hand out at the three of his peers, attempting to launch Emiliya into the ground. 

But he got distracted by her again for a split second.

“OOF!” Kaze was then pulled back into reality once he heard Draco get smashed into the ground instead, seemingly from an attack from above that didn’t exist. Which was from him.

This caused a sort of awkward pause as Emiliya and Saturo just stopped to look at the face planted Draco.

“Ugggh… What happened? Emiliya must be faster than I thought…” Draco groaned as he sat up, rubbing the back of his head.

“Oh thank gosh.” Kaze was relieved that they didn’t think it was him who did that.

Granted, both Saturo and Emiliya looked quite confused. 

But then Saturo took advantage of the situation and hit Emiliya straight on with an electric blast. Emiliya couldn’t dodge since Saturo was only two feet away, so she was hit by the electricity. 

Emiliya jumped back, lightning bolts coursing through her. But it didn’t seem to hurt her too much. 

“Ow.” Emiliya did look bothered. She did get hit by a whole lot of electricity after all. But she didn’t seem to take any actual damage. 

“OH HE DID NOT JUST HURT HER!” Kaze was bothered seeing Emiliya even slightly hurt. He stuck out his hand at Saturo and Saturo fell into the ground just like Draco had before.

“Ow!” Saturo face planted into the ground. He then got up slightly after, rubbing his head. “Yikes, look out for that attack, Draco! Never stand still, she’s fast!” 

“Seems like it,” Draco said, looking over at Kaze. “What’s taking you so long?! HELP!”

“Oh, uh, I-I’m doing a special attack! It takes time to charge!” Kaze made up something on the spot. 

Draco and Saturo gave him a skeptical look.

“You’re not even moving,” Draco said.

“I-I’m doing something with the wind!” Kaze then made it slightly windy and charged up another wind ball in his hand.

“That’s the same thing you ALWAYS do!” Saturo yelled.

“W-what? No, this one is gonna be bigger and strong-” Kaze then was distracted once he saw Emiliya, her hair moving due to the wind. He immediately blushed and looked away. “GOSH DARN IT!” 

“Oh my god…” Draco said, realization on his face before it was immediately replaced with anger. “HAVE YOU BEEN DISTRACTED LIKE THAT THIS WHOLE TIME?!”

“H-huh? Been like what? What do you mean?” Kaze asked. He was scared, probably because Emiliya was there at the scene. She also looked confused.

“Satu, do you realize what this means!? It might’ve been Kaze who threw us into the ground earlier!” Draco said to Saturo. “I mean, it makes sense with how his reaction speed has been off this whole fight!”

“Wait, WHAT?” Saturo exclaimed, looking over at Kaze, looking quite upset. 

“What?! No, no! It wasn’t me!” Kaze put his hands out in front of him in defense. Then, in an attempt to prove that it wasn’t him, he shoved himself into the ground with the wind. “Ow!”

By now, Emiliya was even more confused.

Draco and Saturo looked back at her and she just shrugged. 

“Uh, yeah, totally was me,” she said with sarcasm.

“Okay then. Prove it,” Draco said. “Hit him from here without moving. Like what happened when we got slammed into the ground.”

“Sure, I guess.” Emiliya then lifted her hand up, pointing it at Kaze. Then she slammed Kaze into the ground. Not once. Not twice. But ten times. 

“Ow…” Kaze laid there, pretty injured. 

“Hmmm… I dunno what you think Satu, but that looks like those were a lot stronger than when she ‘hit’ us into the ground earlier, don’t you think?” Draco asked him.

“Yeah… maybe she was holding back,” Saturo said.

“Maybe… But if it was her, it still doesn’t explain why Kaze did seemingly ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!” Draco exclaimed.

“His power is wind. Air is invisible, so you never know, he may have been doing something this whole time,” Emiliya said. 

“Such as what? Make a mild breeze?” Draco said.

Emiliya shrugged. “How should I know? It’s him doing the stuff. You’re asking the wrong person.” 

Draco then turned to Kaze. “Alright then, Kaze. Explain what you’ve been apparently doing for the past two minutes me and Satu were fighting Emiliya.”

“I was uh… making a barrier of wind,” Kaze said.

“Okay, okay… where?” Draco asked.

Kaze then desperately made a barrier of wind around Emiliya. Normally it would take him a much longer time to make a barrier of wind, but since he was desperate, he was able to make one in seconds.

“Around her.” He pointed.

“Okay… and please explain why you would put a shield AROUND THE PERSON WE’RE TRYING TO HIT?!” Draco shouted as by now both him and Saturo were standing and looking either skeptical or upset.

“It gives you time to make an attack! And keeps her from attacking you guys!” Kaze exclaimed. 

“Really? Your barrier didn’t seem to really do anything. Like it wasn’t even there to begin with. Heck, the only successful attack we’ve gotten so far was when Saturo shocked Emiliya after they both stopped to look at me on the floor. Which, keep in mind, was supposedly Emiliya’s doing. Yet both of them were confused as to what happened,” Draco said.

Kaze was starting to panic mentally. More than he already has. Seemingly nothing was convincing Draco. And he didn’t want to admit his faults since that would include admitting he liked Emiliya.

He thought about what his choices were. He could just give up and tell them all the truth… but then Emiliya would know for sure that he liked her. And he couldn’t have that. He also had another choice, which was to escape.

So he chose choice two: get the heck out of there. 

“You’re getting it all wrong!” Kaze told all of them as he lifted off of the ground. 

“Then why are you floating away?” Draco asked. It was quite clear he had this whole thing figured out. And he also had a look on his face that could only be summed up as mildly angry and disappointed.

But Kaze didn’t reply, as he had already flew off into the distance. 

“Hey, you’re not allowed to leave the house without permission.” Emiliya then sliced her way out of the wind barrier with her sword. “You guys wait here, I’ll go grab him.” 

She then teleported off, leaving sparkly yellow particle effects behind.

It was then silent for a few moments.

“Uhh… Draco…” Saturo then said, turning to Draco. “You know, I’m gonna be honest, but I don’t think all of that was necessary… If you knew it was Kaze all along, you didn’t have to make it super obvious. And Emiliya was there, and you know how he is around her…”

“Well I don’t think it was necessary for him and Emiliya to go so far as to try and lie to us when he could simply apologize and say it was an accident,” Draco replied with his arms crossed. “Besides, if she seriously can’t tell that Kaze has a crush on her by this point, then I don’t even know what to think of her.”

“It wasn’t obvious. The only thing that was obvious was that Kaze was distracted by something, but it’s not clear what,” Saturo said. “And I’m sure she was just being sarcastic and going with it. She doesn’t like to involve herself with us unless Glare tells her to anyway.”

“He blushed right in front of us and her for cripes sake, Satu!” Draco exclaimed. “And yes, she was obviously being sarcastic. Which just makes it even worse that he still tried to keep lying. He’s being way too immature about this.”

“I’m not saying I don’t agree with you…” Saturo scratched his head. “I just don’t want Kaze to hate me for it. That’s why I stayed silent.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. It’s fine,” Draco said calmly. “You’re his best friend and all.”

“I’m just worried about him now. He kinda flew off to who knows where.” Saturo looked up at the horizon, where Kaze had disappeared. “Why’d he fly that far?”

“Probably to try and get as far away from the three of us as possible, not that it’s gonna stop Emiliya one bit,” Draco replied.

“Yeah. She could just teleport to him.” Saturo nodded. 

“Anyway, I think we can say the exercise is over for the time being. I didn’t even get to test the new technique I thought of…” Draco said as his irises stopped glowing and returned to their normal brown color.

“Oh yeah. That sucks,” Saturo said. “I think we’re gonna have to talk to Kaze and get him figured out. Otherwise this’ll just repeat itself in the future.”

“Yeah, it’s gonna end badly if he daydreams about her in an actual fight. Even if it’s unlikely to happen, it could end badly if he does,” Draco said.

“Should we wait for Emiliya to get him or should we go after him?” Saturo asked.

“If we go after them, we’ll most likely get in big trouble with Glare.”

“Oh yeah. We’re not allowed to leave without permission.” Saturo scratched his head. “Yeah, it’s better if we wait and then talk to Kaze later.”

“I guess we could just do some sparring one-on-one. Or just do some exercise. Maybe I could practice the technique I thought of some more,” Draco said to him.

“Oh yeah! Let’s just do some sparring then,” Saturo replied with a smile.

“Alright!” Draco smiled as his irises glowed. He and Saturo leapt away from each other, making a good amount of open space between them. They both got into different fighting stances Glare had taught them to use due to their powers. “Alright Satu! Hit me with your best shot!”

Saturo nodded and charged up electricity, and as he was, Draco made his hands glow cyan, in preparation for the attack. 

There was energy back in the air as the new training battle began.

A/N: Fun chapter, huh? XD
Otherwise, to be continued in the next chapter... 

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Agh, their powers are so

Agh, their powers are so cool!! And I love this romance, Kaze getting stupid is so realistic yet also adorable


Spero quod via tua est directa et quod tuum onus est levis.

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