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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 3)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 3)

Posted October 1st, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 3


“Why the frick would he expose me in front of everyone like that!?” Kaze exclaimed. He was mad at Draco for exposing him in front of Emiliya. 

Currently, Kaze was flying through the sky. He had already passed the glowing forest and was above an empty field of glowing grass. He was aware that he was breaking Glare’s rule of leaving without permission, but he didn’t care. 

All he cared about at the moment was getting away from his peers. That and hiding his secret crush on Emiliya. He didn’t want anyone to know about it, especially Emiliya. 

It was too late though. He had visibly blushed in front of them all. Kaze clenched his teeth as his flying speed increased. 

He continued ranting in his head as he flew, paying no attention to what was in his path. 

“He didn’t have to expose me like that! That son of a-” Since he was flying, he thought his path would be obstacle-free. 

But that was clearly not the case as he then crashed right into a mountain. 

“Ugh…” Kaze rubbed his head as he got up into a sitting position. He saw that his crash had made a small hole in the side of the mountain. “Shoot!” He then started to regret not watching where he was going as he had a mild headache. 

“Dude, did you just crash into a giant mountain that was clearly visible?” Kaze then heard Emiliya’s voice as she generated right in front of him. “Expected of a newbie like you.”

Kaze looked up at her as he continued to rub his head. “Yeah, okay, I wasn’t paying attention!” 

“So you were thinking about what had happened. I don’t get what you were trying to do, but it was stupid,” Emiliya said. “Oh, and you also broke a rule. You’re not allowed to leave without permission. So if you come back with me now, before Glare gets back, I’ll be merciful and refrain from tattle-tailing on you.”

Kaze didn’t want to go back. Not while he was still mad. 

So he shook his head. “No, I’m not going back.” 

Emiliya just shrugged. “Alright, if you chose not to, you’ll get in trouble.”

“I don’t care!” Kaze yelled.

“Fine, then you’re coming back.”

“No I’m not!”

“Wasn’t a question.” Emiliya then grabbed his arm and teleported, taking Kaze with her. 

The two of them then appeared right in front of Glare’s house, where Saturo and Draco were sparring. 

When they noticed Emiliya and Kaze however, they stopped and looked at them.

“Oh hey, they’re back,” Saturo pointed out. 

“Yeah. Good to know she was able to get him so quickly,” Draco said with a little smile.

“He’s just a newbie.” Emiliya tossed Kaze onto the ground, and he just laid there on his back. “He also crashed into a mountain, so he might have a slight concussion. Take him to his room or something.”

“Right,” Draco said as Saturo nodded.

Emiliya stood there and watched as Draco and Saturo helped Kaze up and took him into the house. 

They made it to Kaze’s room and set him down on his bed. Kaze laid there, a hand on his head. 

“I hope he didn’t hit it too hard,” Draco said from next to Saturo.

“Yeah…” Saturo said. “Well, he needs rest for now, so you wanna go continue sparring?”

“Yeah, maybe I’ll show you and Emiliya the thing I thought up! I bet it’ll surprise you Satu!” Draco said.

“Ha, we’ll have to see then!” Saturo said. 

The two of them left Kaze to rest in his room and went back outside to do some more sparring. 

“Hey Emiliya, let’s continue without Kaze!” Saturo said as he and Draco left the house. 

“Sure,” Emiliya replied. “What do you want to do this time?”

“I really wanted to test the technique idea I got from reading one of the manga I got!” Draco said excitedly.

“Oh really? Well try it out then,” Emiliya said.

“Alright.” Draco nodded as he backed away from Emiliya and Saturo and focused his power.

He then made a sphere of plasma in his right hand. It didn’t look any different than any other one he had made.

Draco focused and put energy into the sphere, making it slowly grow larger and glow brighter.

After a few moments of charging it, he then used both of his hands to start putting pressure on it, making it slowly condense into a deep blue glowing sphere of plasma.

“Alright… almost ready,” Draco said as he held the sphere in his hand.

He then shot the sphere into the air above him.

Saturo and Emiliya watched as it flew into the air.

“What’re you even trying to do?” Emiliya questioned.

Draco then reached his right arm out towards the sky at the sphere.

“Sparking!” he then exclaimed as the sphere suddenly stopped flying upwards and turned red. The sphere also had small red bolts of electricity surging through it.

Draco then pulled his hand towards himself in a swift motion, causing the sphere to fly down towards him, glowing a brighter red as it did.

Then, right before it would’ve hit him, he moved his arms out wide.

“Spirit!” Draco exclaimed as the sphere then was absorbed into his chest. He was then enveloped in a sudden flash of red light.

Shortly after, the red light burst into a furious burning red aura around Draco, causing clouds of dust to blow around him, with small bolts of red lighting surging across him.

Draco then looked at Emiliya and Saturo, with a wincing smile on his face.

“Well. This is it. Sparking Spirit,” Draco said to them, his aura raging.

“Huh. That doubled your power,” Emiliya commented. “But why’d you call it Sparking Spirit? Because it sparked up your spirit or something?”

“Well, it doubles other things too. But yeah, that’s why I called it that. Fills me up with surging energy!” Draco said.

“Nice. That’ll be pretty useful for you.” Emiliya smiled slyly. 

“But wow, you can double your power?!” Saturo exclaimed. “That’s pretty cool!”

“Doubles almost everything I use in a fight actually! Makes me faster, tougher, boosts my reaction time! The main downside however-” Draco said before he suddenly staggered a bit and winced. He was sweating quite a lot. “Is that it drains my stamina pretty quickly. And it kinda stings when it’s in effect. Oh, and there’s one more thing I should tell you two! I can change the modifier by stating or thinking of the multiplier I want before I absorb it. But the most I can even come close to handling right now is the base one here, which doubles things, and the stage above that triples.” 

“Wow! That’s still pretty impressive! Nice job, Draco!” Saturo said.

“Thanks!” Draco said before he took in a deep breath and exhaled. As he did, the aura dissipated. He had deactivated it as it would not be necessary to keep it on unless he was fighting.

It was then quiet for a few moments.

“Oh, something else I can do with it is make it that I can have other people absorb it and get the boost instead. But I have to be more careful with those as unless they’ve trained to handle stuff like it, they probably can’t endure too big of a multiplier,” Draco said.

“Oh yeah. That’s true.” Saturo nodded.

“For example, just the base one that doubles things would be pretty intense for you Satu. But since she’s a lot stronger, Emiliya could probably handle it easy,” Draco said.

“Correct,” Emiliya said.

“Which, if anything, just makes me curious what the highest multiplier you can handle is…” Draco said to Emiliya, a hand on his chin, thinking.

“Oh. You want to know?” Emiliya smiled.

“Yeah!” Draco exclaimed. “How about you Satu? Do you wanna know too?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty curious too, actually.” Saturo nodded with a grin.

“Okay then… Let’s start off with… a times three. Sound good?” Draco asked Emiliya, ready to make a Sparking Spirit.

“Alright,” Emiliya said, stretching her hands out in front of her.

Draco then made a sphere of plasma, charged it up and tossed into the air. The events proceeded the same as before, until the point when Draco would’ve brought it back down.

“Sparking Spirit!” Draco said as the sphere changed to red like before.

But instead of moving his arm back towards him, he waved it and pointed his hand at Emiliya.

The sphere then shot down towards her.

Then, right before she would absorb it, Draco called out the word triple, as opposed to before when he said Spirit.

Emiliya was enveloped in the same flash of red energy as Draco and erupted with an even larger and more ingest red aura. The ground was even shaking a little bit. The bolts of red electricity were also a bit more intense, and the red glow was a bit more vivid than before.

The force of it generated quite a bit of wind. Enough to almost knock Saturo and Draco over. 

“Woah!” Saturo exclaimed.

Then, Emiliya stood there in a yellow aura, with an orange mix between it and the red. Her figure was also outlined in red.

Emiliya looked down at herself. “Neat.” 

“How do you feel?” Draco asked a bit loudly so he could be heard over the wind.

“Stronger, but overall normal,” Emiliya replied.

“Huh. So you don’t feel much strain at all? Wow,” Draco said, quite impressed.

“Yeah, I honestly don’t feel anything,” Emiliya added.

“Dang. Wanna try a bigger multiplier?” Draco asked.

“Why not?” Emiliya smiled.

“Okay…” Draco said as he then made a new Sparking Spirit. 

The scene replayed again, basically the same. Only now Draco said quintuple, meaning it was times five.

This time the flash was enormous, along with her aura. It was basically impossible for Draco and Saturo to not get knocked over and pushed a few meters away by the force. It was so intense that it made the stuff already glowing around them look like it was glowing red as well. The red lighting was more wild now, seemingly threatening to lunge out and shock one of them if they got too close.

The ground was also shaking more, and even small pieces of rock were floating in the air.

Needless to say, Draco and Saturo were pretty shocked.

“Oh dang, this is pretty sweet.” Emiliya smirked as she looked at herself. 

“How do you feel now?!” Draco practically had to yell at her.

“I feel like I could single handedly beat Gagger in an arm wrestling match. Which feels pretty good,” Emiliya replied with a smile.

“So you still don’t feel any strain?!” Draco yelled.

“I mean, it’s not that much, yeah,” Emiliya said. “It is there though.”

“Sheesh. I wonder how high we have to go before we find a limit,” Draco said.

“I wonder as well.” Emiliya smiled.

“Well. I guess we’ll just skip the other single digits and go straight to ten then,” Draco said before they repeated the process again. Only this time Draco said times ten before Emiliya absorbed it.

That flash itself was intense enough that Draco and Saturo got blown back into the ground. And the aura was nearly the only thing they could see besides the large clouds of dust. The electricity was crazy. One even nearly connected with them, but instead it simply hit the ground, burning the grass to ashes. They couldn’t even hear anything over the wind, and the ground shook like a mini earthquake.

Emiliya looked focused, her hands clapped together. She seemed to be strained this time.

Draco didn’t even bother trying to ask her how she felt. He doubted they would even be able to hear each other. Instead, he and Saturo covered their ears.

But then the aura decreased, as if Emiliya was controlling it. Shortly after, it disappeared entirely. And everything went back to normal. 

Emiliya then breathed out. “That was intense. I haven’t gone that high before.”

“Well, regardless. I’m gonna have to practice a lot to get close to that. It’s gonna take a while…” Draco said.

“Yep. Probably years of training. But if you get stronger normally, it’ll get harder. Because your base is bigger, which means that after you use any multiplier, the end result is higher,” Emiliya said. She stuck her hand out at the burnt grass, and it slowly grew back like it never was burnt in the first place.

“Yeah…” Draco said. “So now what should we do?”

“I dunno, whatever you want, I guess. I’m gonna go check on Pebbles.” Emiliya teleported into the house, leaving Saturo and Draco outside.

“Okay, I have to comment, Emiliya is stronger than I thought,” Saturo then commented.

“Clearly.” Draco nodded. “We’ve got light years of progress to make.”

“Yeah. We sure do.” Saturo sighed. “No wonder she calls us newbies… because we are newbies compared to her.”

“Yeah…” Draco said. “Buuuuut that just means we need to train hard to get better!”

“I advise not to compare yourselves with those who are way ahead of you,” Glare’s voice suddenly said. Saturo and Draco turned and saw that Glare had returned. Glare waited until they looked at him before he continued. “You should not compare yourselves with Emiliya, your powers, backgrounds, and limits are different. Instead compare yourselves to your past selves.”

“Well we’re still gonna do that of course,” Draco said to him. 

“Good.” Glare smiled. He looked around. “Where is Kaze?”

“He’s resting in his room. Got knocked out earlier. Big hit on the head,” Draco replied. 

“Oh, I should check on him,” Glare said. “But I do have to say, you three have been doing quite well with training! So since you’re getting decent results, I’ve decided to give you all a break.”

“Really? Wow,” Draco commented.

“Indeed, you’ve worked pretty hard, so I’ll give you the rest of today and tomorrow off. You can spend it as you please,” Glare told them, as he headed into the house.

“Sweet!” Saturo beamed as he and Draco followed Glare inside. “So we can play video games?!”

“If you chose to.” Glare smiled, closing the door behind them.

“Heck yeah!” Saturo exclaimed, hopping onto the couch and turning on the game console that Glare had gotten for them, after they kept asking for it repeatedly. 

While Saturo was getting it all set up, Draco sat down next to him, holding Fireball and petting him.

Meanwhile, Glare went to check on Kaze. Entering his room, he saw he was lying on his bed. Awake. 

“Are you alright?” Glare asked him.

Kaze looked up and saw his master. “Yeah… I’m fine now.” 

He had thought to himself and even spoke to his Ultimate Crystal Galex about what had happened with his peers. And he decided to apologize to Saturo and Draco, since he didn’t want to stay mad at them forever. 

Glare smiled. “That is good to hear. You have a break now, by the way. For the rest of today and all of tomorrow.”

“Really!?” Kaze immediately got up from his bed. 

“Yes. And you can spend it as you please,” Glare said. “It’s only for today and tomorrow, so spend it wisely.”

“Okay!” Excited, Kaze ran out of his room. He made it to the living room where he saw Saturo playing video games and Draco watching while petting Fireball. “Oh hey guys.”

“Hey Kaze,” Draco said, smiling at him before looking back at the TV to watch Satu play what seemed to be a platforming game.

“Uhhh… sorry about earlier…” Kaze said awkwardly, scratching his head. “We can forget about it and leave it in the past, right?”

“Course we can,” Draco said. “As long as it doesn’t keep happening, I suppose.”

“Well I assure you it won’t happen again!” Kaze said.

“Alright,” Draco said before looking at Saturo, who was busy pressing buttons on the controller he was holding. “What’s your answer Satu?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Same as you.” Saturo turned and smiled at Kaze. “It’s no biggie, bro!” 

Kaze smiled back. Then he looked at the TV, before looking back at Saturo. “Are you planning on using this rare break on video games?”

“It was the first thing he thought of when Glare said we had a break so… probably,” Draco said. “Plus, this is like, the second time he’s actually let us turn it on after buying it, so may as well make the most of it.”

“Yeah!” Saturo nodded.

“Well, I guess that’s reasonable. We could spend today playing video games, but we should do something else tomorrow,” Kaze said. He wanted to go out and explore, meet new people. 

“Yeah, we’ll have to discuss it with Glare first though. We’ll have to see whether or not he’ll have us wear the badges that used GPS like last time,” Draco said as Fireball purred in his lap.

“I think you’re old enough to take care of yourselves now,” Glare said, appearing in the living room. “So you can do whatever you want in your break. If you want to leave the house, you can! As long as you are back after tomorrow to continue your training.”

Kaze was quite happy with what he just heard.

“Okay, then we should probably plan where we’re going. To make the most of our time,” Draco said.

“Yeah, where would we go?” Saturo asked, his eyes fixed onto the TV but his ears focused on the conversation.

“Maybe we could go to Bright City. We never really got to explore it much,” Draco suggested.

“Oh, that’s a great idea!” Glare said. 

“Yeah, that sounds pretty fun actually.” Kaze smiled.

“Well then I guess I can spend some time later looking at things to do there,” Draco said.

“So we’re going there tomorrow?” Saturo asked.

“Seems like it. Right Kaze?” Draco asked.

“Yeah!” Kaze said. “We’ll go explore Bright City tomorrow! I wonder if we’ll find anything cool…”

“I mean, it’s the capital of the Light Planet. There’s gonna be at least something that’ll be cool or fascinating to us,” Draco said. “Plus, we can always use it as an opportunity to spend a bit of the Ultims I have to get something small.”

“Oh yeah! Then it’ll definitely be a fun break!” Saturo said, imagining all sorts of sweets he could get.

Draco seemed to notice this before saying. “Although, we’ll probably only buy food when we need to have lunch. Snacks would be unnecessary. We could buy more physical things.”


Glare chuckled. He hadn’t left and was watching them talk. “Make sure to wake up early so you can spend the whole day having fun.”

“Alright!” Kaze said, even though he didn’t like waking up early. He then looked over at the TV, seeing that Saturo had already completed over twenty levels. “Hey Satu, give me a turn!” 

“Wait what? It’s my turn!” Draco said to him.

“No, it’s mine! You never said you wanted a turn!” Kaze said, taking a seat on the couch beside Saturo as Glare turned and left them.

“Since when was that a rule?! I got here second! Therefore I go next!” Draco said.

“Well, I haven’t died yet so technically it’s still my turn,” Saturo pointed out.

“Oh yeah, he’s right.” Kaze laughed.

“Granted at this rate we won’t get to play cuz he’ll beat the whole game,” Draco said as he petted Fireball.

He and Kaze sat there and watched as Saturo speed ran through the game, wondering what they’ll discover in Bright City the next day.

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter... 

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