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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 4)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 4)

Posted October 4th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Here's the next chapter! I kinda rushed some of the chapters because of reader demand so... just know that XD



Chapter 4


“AWW YEAH!” Saturo exclaimed, raising his hand up at the sky. “We’re going to Bright City!”

Draco smiled at his friend. “Well with that amount of volume, you’re certainly letting them know we’re coming.” 

He, Saturo, and Kaze were walking through the glowing forest, their destination being Bright City, the Capital of the Light Planet.

“Yep!” Kaze said excitedly. “What should we do first once we arrive?”

“Well it’s still a bit early in the morning, so maybe we’ll just do some walking around. Then maybe we’ll go check out the giant arcade place they have near downtown,” Draco said, pulling out a map Glare had given them so they knew what was where. 

“What?! No breakfast?!” Saturo said.

“If you wanted breakfast then you shouldn’t have stayed up till one in the morning playing video games last night,” Draco said to Satu.

“Yeah!” Kaze added. “How did you even wake up so early and still have energy?”

“Uhhh, I have my ways…!” Saturo replied nervously.

“You trying to be all mysterious doesn’t really change that your sleeping schedule is all kinds of screwed up,” Draco said.

“Well…! Yeah, it is screwed up. You’re right,” Saturo replied, unable to argue with Draco’s claim.

“Anyway, we can probably start heading to downtown once we get into the city proper,” Draco said as they could see Bright City up ahead through the trees.

“And then we can get breakfast?” Saturo asked with wide eyes.

“Hmm, maybe it can be that Kaze and I go play games while you get food. That way it’ll be a switcharound,” Draco suggested.

“Oh, I like that idea!” Kaze grinned. 

“So do I. I’d rather have food right now than video games,” Saturo said, rubbing his stomach.

“Then we’ll do that. I’ll just have to give you a few Ultims before we go to the arcade,” Draco said. 

“Sounds good to me!” Saturo beamed, happy with his prerogative.

The three of them then finally reached the city. Draco looked down at the map Glare gave him once they entered the city.

“Alright, so now we just need to head down that road for a while and we’ll eventually reach downtown,” Draco said, pointing to a road at their right that went on for a good while. 

“Can I get the Ultims for my breakfast now?” Saturo questioned.

“I suppose so, here,” Draco said before handing Satu around 15 Ultims.

Saturo smiled, putting the money in his pocket. “Thanks Draco.”

“Just make sure you don’t buy more than you need,” Draco said to him.

“Okay, no problem!” Saturo said back.

“Anyway, there’s a breakfast place along the road we’ll be walking on, so you can stay with us for a bit until we get there,” Draco said as the three of them started heading down the street.

As they were walking, Kaze spotted something in the distance. It was a giant golden dome that seemed to be in the middle of the city. 

“Woah guys, what is that?” Kaze asked. 

“Probably the capital building or something,” Draco said, looking at the map.

“Oh right.” Kaze gazed at the building for a few more moments. He wondered what was in there. “Maybe I’ll be able to explore it one day…” 

“Hey, there’s a restaurant!” Saturo then exclaimed, pointing at a building right beside him. “See ya guys later!” Saturo then ran off into the building, Ultims in his hand. 

Draco and Kaze then continued walking. 

“So we’re gonna go to an arcade?” Kaze asked his friend.

“That was our plan for our first stop,” Draco replied.

“Then let’s go!” Kaze exclaimed.

Kaze and Draco then walked through the city. Draco looked down at the map to see where the arcade was, so that he and Kaze could find their way to it.

But as they were walking, someone noticed them from behind. It was a boy who was around their age. He had red eyes and wavy pink hair that was streaked with shades of crimson. It was long enough that it reached shoulder length. He also had black shorts on, and his shirt was plain and was mostly dark and revealing, as most of his torso was visible. He also had a pair of goggles above his head. 

The boy gazed at Draco and Kaze. Then his eyes widened. 

“Hold up, that was Broshi,” He told himself. He then looked over at the building in front of him, which was an orphanage. “Hey Folly! I found him!” 

Folly ran out of the orphanage rapidly once he heard what this boy had said. 

“Where!?” Folly exclaimed. 

The boy pointed at Draco and Kaze, who were walking away to get to the arcade. After awhile, they blended in with the crowd, so the boy stopped pointing. 

Folly saw them. “Finally! It took me so long to find him!” 

“Technically I found hi-” The boy started.

“Shut it, Filato!” Folly snapped at him. He then looked back at Draco and Kaze. “Let’s kidnap Broshi. I don’t want to deal with his friends again, I want him alone.” 

“Well then go get him.” 

“No. Not in public. We’ll get in trouble,” Folly said. “I’ll need your help.” 

“So you want to just ditch the mission the organization gave us?” Filato asked, gesturing towards the orphanage in front of them. 

“…Yeah, we could. We can do it later. First I want you to help me capture Broshi,” Folly said. 

“Alriggghhht. I’ll help ya.” Filato agreed. “Where should I take him?”

“Hmmm…” Folly thought about it. “Let’s take him to her cave, since that’s far from the public.”

“Alright.” Filato cracked his knuckles. “Let’s get moving then.” 

Folly nodded. The two of them then quickly walked over to Draco and Kaze, who were both looking at the map to pinpoint the exact location of the arcade. Folly and Filato had to go around the other people who were walking through the city. They had to be careful since they were in public. 

Filato made it to Draco and Kaze first.

“Hey, wussup!” Filato waved at Draco and Kaze, while Folly wasn’t visible to them as he was behind people.

Draco and Kaze then looked up from the map, seeing Filato greeting them. 

“Ummm… hi?” Draco said.

“How ya doing, Broshi?” Filato asked with a smile. 

Kaze and Draco then looked at each other, realizing what he said.

“I guess we’re in this situation again,” Draco said before looking at Filato, “Are you sure you’re talking to the right person? Cause that’s not my name.”

Filato cocked a brow. “You aren’t Broshi? You sure do look like him. Like… exactly like him. And you feel like him.” He scratched his hair.

“Feel?” Draco and Kaze looked confused.

“Anyway, my name is Draco Ferrostell Saurashido. I have never had anything to do with the name Broshi in my entire life. I don’t know who exactly you’re looking for, but I’m not them,” Draco said, Kaze nodding as he did. 

“Based on what you just told me, you’re definitely Broshi. Did you just change your name to Draco?” Filato questioned.

“I’m not even old enough to do that,” Draco said.

“That’s legal terms. We ain’t talking legal terms.” Filato raised a finger.

“What, do you think I broke the law?!” Draco exclaimed. “I don’t get why you don’t believe me, I have no reason to lie about my name.”

“Maybe you just lost your memory and became a new person.” Filato shrugged. 

“You are being way too difficult about this, I’m not this Broshi person you’re talking about. What do I have to do to convince you I’m not?!” Draco asked.

“Don’t worry about it, Draco.” Filato put his hand out. “We just want a little something from you.”

“Wait… we?” Kaze asked. 

Folly then emerged from the crowd, a smirk on his face. 

“F-Folly!” Kaze was startled and backed off a bit. 

Draco, on the other hand, didn’t look surprised. “I should’ve known this had something to do with you from the moment this guy said Broshi. I don’t get or know what you have against this Broshi person, but for the LAST TIME, I’m not them!”

“Nonsense! You are Broshi! And I still have business with you!” Folly exclaimed.

“And why’s that, huh?! Just because I look like whoever this person is?! And we ‘feel’ the same?! Where did you get your logical reasoning from, an insane asylum?!” Draco yelled.

Due to Draco raising his voice, the people around them started to look at them weirdly. 

Folly then looked over at Filato and nodded. 

“Alright.” Filato then raised his hand and waved it in front of Draco’s face. Draco’s eyes suddenly shut and he fell over, only for Filato to catch him. 

“H-hey! What are you doing?!” Kaze exclaimed. 

“Sorry about this. We’ll catch you later.” Filato saluted him by touching two fingers to his forehead and quickly jerking them back off, before he and Folly suddenly disappeared. The map that Draco was holding fell to the ground. 

Kaze panicked. “They just kidnapped Draco! Oh my gosh, what do I do!?” 

He looked around at the people who were watching. 

“Help! They just kidnapped my friend!” Kaze yelled. 

“Sorry kid.” A man who was in front of Kaze shrugged. “They disappeared. We can’t really help you.” 

Knowing that no one could help, Kaze was devastated. He violently turned and ran back the way he came from, to inform Saturo of the news. He pushed past people since he was in a hurry. 

Then he spotted Saturo walking down the street, eating a fruit tart while carrying a decently large glowing bag that had more treats in it. Kaze rushed towards him.

“Saturo! Folly returned with someone and kidnapped Draco!” Kaze exclaimed. 

Saturo, who had a smile on his face as he was snacking, stopped walking. 

“Wait, what!?” he then said. “Draco got kidnapped!?”

“Yeah! We have to do something!” Kaze said. “But I don’t know what! I don’t know where they took him either!”

“Let’s go tell Glare! He’ll be able to help!” Saturo suggested. 

“Let’s go quickly!” Kaze yelled. 

The two of them then ran back in the direction to Glare’s place.



A girl with long black hair that was worn in pigtails dropped a device, sad that she had lost in the game she was playing. She proceeded to kick it, and the device slid across the floor of the cave like a hockey puck, hitting a child’s arm.

The girl got up and went to grab it. She looked down at the five children that were asleep as she picked up her device. 

“Oh yeah… I should get nyu kiddies moving.” The girl put the device back in her pocket. She then lifted all five of the children up without touching them, and pushed them all into large capsules, as if she were storing them. 

After all the children were successfully stored, she then put the capsules into a spaceship. 

Then, beside the spaceship, Folly appeared. 

“We’re back,” Folly said, walking forward. Filato appeared behind him, carrying Draco in his arms. 

The girl looked over at them. “Who’s that-nya?”

“Broshi,” Folly said. “I have business with him, so we can not carry out our mission. Would you mind stepping in for us?”

“Hmmm…” The girl scratched her cat-like ears that were on her head. “Nya, I don’t mind!” 

“Great!” Folly beamed. He turned to Filato. “When’s he gonna wake up?”

“Oh. About that…” Filato said nervously. “I kinda… overdid it when putting him to sleep. He’ll be sleeping for a few hours.”

“What!?” Folly exclaimed. 

“Maybe more.” Filato shrugged as he set Draco down on the cave floor. “He was yelling and was pretty mad when I put him to sleep, so maybe that will do something. Cuz I didn’t give him time to calm down.”

“Whatever.” Folly growled. “I’ll wait for him to wake up, THEN I’ll fight him to the death.”

“Alright,” Filato replied. He then turned to the girl from before. “Can I join you, Ki? I don’t wanna sit and wait with Folly for Broshi to wake up so he can get revenge or whatever he’s trying to do.”

“As long as nyu don’t get in my way,” Ki replied. 

“Sounds easy enough.” Filato shrugged. “Aight, Folly, good luck. We’re gonna go carry out the mission while you deal with your personal problems.”

Folly just ignored him as he was sitting down in front of Draco, leaning against the cave wall. 

“Not gonna answer? Alright.” Filato didn’t seem to care as he and Ki walked away towards the exit of the cave. 

Meanwhile, Folly looked down at Draco’s face. 

“I’ll kill you, Broshi…” he growled. “I’ll just wait for you to wake up so I can feel good doing it.”

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter... 
Hope you enjoyed!

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