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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 5)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 5)

Posted October 7th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 5


“Ugh…” Draco awoke, rubbing his head. “What happened…?” 

Looking around him, he saw that he wasn’t on the Light Planet anymore. He saw small glowing particles floating around in a colorful void. There were big clouds of colorful gas floating around as well. 

Draco looked down at the floor beneath him, realizing that he was standing on one of those gas clouds.

“Woah!” Draco exclaimed. “What is this place? It looks like a nebula or something! Quazaros, what is this place? What happened?”

“Folly’s comrade put you to sleep, and it seems that your consciousness has been transported to the Dream World…” Quazaros, Draco’s Ultimate Crystal, explained to Draco in his mind.

“Oh right. Folly,” Draco said angrily. “What else happened? Where are Kaze and Satu?”

“Currently in the Real World, they are running back home to inform Glare the news. They’re pretty scared,” Quazaros replied. “And your body is in a cave on the Light Planet. But it’s in the wilderness, miles away from civilization.” 

“Is there anything I can do right now? The last time I was here I got out by getting you, but now that’s not an option,” Draco said as he noticed the gas clouds were moving forwards. “I feel so powerless in here.”

“Unlike last time, this is not a test,” Quazaros said.

“I know,” Draco replied. “Is there nothing I can do right now within my ability to get out? I can only wait?”

“Yes, you can only wait until your body in the Real World wakes up,” Quazaros answered. 

“Well, unless it’s already happened, Folly might either kill me or have that guy put me back to sleep. I’m just gonna have to have faith that Kaze, Satu and Glare can find me. It’s ironic how this happens on the day he doesn’t put the badges on us.”

“Indeed…” Quazaros agreed. “Oh, I should also mention, you’re not the only one here…” 

“Wait… I’m not? Someone else is here?” Draco asked, looking around.

The colorful cloud he was standing on slowed down. There was another cloud in front of him, and on it was a girl. She had light brown hair that was put into a ponytail, green eyes and was wearing a yellow shirt and black pants. She also seemed to have a cyan scarf around her neck.

The two separate clouds that the two of them were riding on fused together to create one larger cloud. 

“Yes, you’re not alone,” Quazaros then said.

“I noticed,” Draco said a bit bluntly in his head.

“So… are you just gonna be standing there staring off into outer space…?” The girl then asked.

“Oh! Right, sorry. Who are you?” Draco asked.

“More importantly, who are you? What’s your name?” The girl asked.

“My name is Draco.” 

“Never heard a name like that before. So what brings you here to the Dream World?”

“Kidnapping probably,” Draco replied.

“Wait, what?! You were kidnapped?!” She exclaimed.

“I think? Regardless I didn’t decide to come here. And now I’m stuck for who knows how long,” Draco replied.

“That’s odd, I wonder how they sent you here…” she said, thinking to herself.

“Well anyway, I should look around, see if there’s some way to get out, Quazaros hasn’t told me anything about that yet,” Draco said before looking down from the cloud of gas to see if there was any ground or other clouds to land on.

But all he saw was a black void. It was like they were in space, only there were no stars.

“I don’t think you’re gonna be able to do that. Clearly you don’t know how to make portals here, so anyway out would be one you don’t know how to access,” the girl informed him.

“Ah. Well crap,” Draco said. “Now what should I do?”

“I guess wait,” She said. “If you want, I can take you somewhere that’s less floaty and more solid.”

“That’d be nice,” Draco told her.

She nodded before closing her eyes and concentrating.

Then, the cloud suddenly flew upwards and away from the others. It was then that Draco realized just how large this place was. The horizon seemed to go on forever.

He then saw the void below reveal itself to actually just be a giant canyon. He saw that there were floating islands made of teal and dark green rock, with orange grass and red pine trees around them, all of which seemed to have phased into existence.

“Woah…” Draco was fascinated by what was happening around him.

The two of them then landed on one of the larger islands which was surrounded by smaller floating chunks of teal rock like the stuff that made up the island’s base.

There was a small grove of the red pine trees in the center of the island, with a glowing violet river flowing into a pond like a waterfall.

“This place is pretty,” Draco commented as they both got off the cloud.

“This will be a better place to wait till you wake up than a cloud,” The girl said as she then sat down under one of the pine trees.

“Yeah, I hope Kaze and Saturo are able to get Glare to help out,” Draco said, sitting next to the violet river.

“Who are those people?” The girl asked.

“Kaze and Saturo are my friends, Glare is my Ultimate Crystal teacher,” Draco replied.

“Oh… so Quazaros is the name of your crystal then?” She asked.

“Yeah.” Draco nodded. “Got him about five-ish months ago or so. At least in Light Planet months.”

“So you haven’t been an Ultimate for very long, huh?” she asked.

“Not really. Glare said we still have some of the basics to cover.”

“Interesting…” She said.

After that, they just sat there to themselves in silence, deciding that their conversation was over, for now.

Draco looked out at his surroundings to take in the scenery of this part of the Dream World, while he thought of where Kaze and Saturo were right now.


“*HUFF* *HUFF*” Kaze and Saturo were panting once they finally arrived back at Glare’s house. They stood out on the front porch for a few moments to catch their breaths. Then they charged into the house. 

“Glare!” Kaze yelled as he and Saturo appeared in the living room. “Glare, where are you!?” 

Glare was sitting down on one of the couches in the room, reading a book. When the two of them came barging in, he looked up at them. “What’s the matter?” 

Kaze and Saturo turned towards him, still catching their breaths. 

“Draco got kidnapped!” Kaze exclaimed. “Folly came and kidnapped him!” 

Glare raised his eyebrows. “Oh, that’s not good.” He thought to himself for a few moments before he closed the book he was reading. “This means that Draco is in danger.”

“Yeah! Can you help us find him!? You’re strong, aren’t you!?” Saturo said. 

“That may be true.” Glare stood up calmly. “However, this is the perfect opportunity for a lesson.”

Kaze and Saturo looked up at Glare in confusion as he looked down at them.

“I’ve never given you any actual lessons except for the basic daily routines. This is a great opportunity to give you a mission…” Glare explained. “Kaze, Saturo. You two must work together to rescue your friend Draco before Folly kills him. That will be your first mission.” 

Kaze and Saturo looked at Glare in silence. 

“What are you waiting for? You don’t have any time to waste. Go rescue him quickly!” Glare then exclaimed. 

“B-but we don’t know where he is!” Saturo said.

“Neither do I,” Glare replied. “You’ll have to find him somehow.”

“Won’t you help us!?” Kaze asked.

Glare shook his head. “I’m afraid not. If I help you, you won’t learn. This is your mission, not mine.” 

Kaze thought about it. “This is our mission… me and Saturo have to save Draco! But where is he?! And even if we find him, Folly is strong, I’m not sure if I can beat him!” 

“Good luck with your mission.” Glare then walked down the hallway, leaving Kaze and Saturo alone in the living room. “I have some work I need to get done, so don’t come to me for help. I’m going to be very busy.”

Glare then disappeared into his own room, closing and locking the door behind him. 

Saturo looked over at Kaze. “What are we gonna do!?” 

Kaze thought to himself. “First of all, we gotta calm down. Remember, we can’t think straight when we’re panicking.” 

“R-right.” Saturo closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. Kaze did so as well. They took a few moments to clear their minds. After the two of them had calmed down, they opened their eyes. 

“Okay. So Draco got kidnapped…” Kaze thought out loud. “The first thing we have to do is find out where he was taken.”


“But even if we do find him, I’m not sure we’ll be able to beat Folly. So we should get some help. Let’s ask Emi!” Kaze said. 

“Yeah! She’s pretty strong, if we have her, we could save Draco!” Saturo smiled. 

“Yeah! Let’s go ask her right now!” Kaze walked down the hallway, looking for Emiliya. Saturo followed behind him. 

Kaze looked in the kitchen, but it was empty. He and Saturo looked all over the place, but no one seemed to be there. They didn’t even see Pebbles or Fireball around.  

“Maybe she’s in her room?” Saturo then suggested.

Kaze nodded. He then approached Emiliya’s room and knocked on the door. To his surprise, Emiliya actually opened it. She usually ignored him, but she opened the door this time. 

“What do you want, newbie?” Emiliya questioned a bit coldly. “I’m kinda busy at the moment.”

“O-oh, uh, well Draco got kidnapped by Folly,” Kaze said, “and we want your help to-”


“…” Kaze and Saturo stared at Emiliya’s expressionless face silently. She refused to help them right from the start. Before they could even explain themselves.

“I didn’t want you newbies here in the first place, so why would I help you if this means less newbies have to live in the same house as me?” Emiliya said. “Sorry Kaze, you’re on your own.” 

“But we need you!” Kaze exclaimed. 

“Yeah! We can’t fight Folly alone!” Saturo added.

Emiliya just shook her head. “I’m not gonna help you. I could care less if you three die. I was just being nice because Glare told me to. So just leave me alone!” She then slammed her door. 

Kaze and Saturo exchanged looks with each other quietly. Their plan to get Emiliya to help them had failed. They had to carry out their mission without her help and power. 

Kaze sighed. “Well, she’s not gonna help us.” 

Saturo remained silent, seeing that Kaze seemed a little down. 

“We’re gonna have to find Draco ourselves.” Kaze turned and walked down to the living room. 

“Are you okay, Kaze?” Saturo then asked as he followed behind.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” Despite saying he was fine, Kaze was in fact the opposite. He liked Emiliya. She had been pretty nice to him these past few months, and just now he found out that she was just doing that because Glare told her to, not because she actually wanted to be nice.

But he didn’t care about his feelings now, his friend Draco had been kidnapped and would possibly die if he didn’t do anything about it. So he tossed his feelings aside for the time being. 

“Let’s go Saturo. We’re going back to the spot where Draco got kidnapped to look for any possible clues,” Kaze then said. 

“Back to the spot he got kidnapped?” Saturo asked. “You sure that’s gonna get us somewhere?” 

“No. But what choice do we have?” Kaze retorted. 

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Let’s not waste more time than we have already!” Saturo exclaimed.

“Mhm. Let’s go quickly.” 


“We probably shouldn’t overuse the teleporting device,” Filato said, looking down at the teleporting device in his hands. He had used this device to teleport him and Ki back into Bright City so that they could carry out their mission. 

“But nyusing it decreases the risk of us getting caught, so I’m going to!” Ki said with a smile. She and Filato were walking through the streets, heading to a specific orphanage. 

“Okay, then let’s use yours since you’ve got a newer model that has better battery life,” Filato said. 

Nyo, the subjects get teleported. We don’t, unless it’s an emergency,” Ki replied to Filato assuringly.

“Oh. That’s how you roll? Alright then.” Filato agreed.

The two of them then reached the orphanage, and entered the glowing building. Filato saw that all the adults had been put asleep. 

“So… how exactly do you recruit?” Filato asked Ki. 

Ki grinned. She then entered the cafeteria, and all the children that were there looked over and saw her. 

“She’s back!” a child exclaimed. 

All of the children then rushed over to her, seemingly happy and excited that she was here. 

“Slow down, kiddies! I can onl-nya take five of nyu at a time to the very fun place, remember?” Ki told the children with a positive attitude. 

Filato watched as Ki took five of the children out of the cafeteria, to take them back to the cave and put in capsules to be transported. Filato knew that they had to take very few or else it’d be very suspicious that these children all disappeared randomly. 

“Heh.” Filato chuckled as he saw that the rest of the children were sad that they had to wait to go to the very fun place Ki had offered to take them to. “Sorry guys, not all of you can go. There’s not enough space in our ship.”


Filato then waved goodbye before he went out of the room. When he made it into the main hall, he saw that Ki had put the five children she took to sleep.

“You’ve got a nice method,” Filato commented. “Makes everything flow smoother.”

“Mhm, it does-nya!” Ki smiled. She then used the teleporting device she had to teleport the children to the cave. “Now we go back on our ownya!”


A/N: To be continued in the next chapter...


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