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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 6)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 6)

Posted October 10th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Here's the next chapter. 


Chapter 6


“Okay, so I wasn’t with you when Draco got kidnapped… where exactly were you?” Saturo questioned.

He and Kaze were back in Bright City, looking for the area where Draco got kidnapped. Kaze was there before, so Saturo was just following him through the city. 

“I don’t remember exactly…” Kaze was struggling to find out he was when Draco was kidnapped. He had panicked, so he couldn’t remember the location. 

“What? You’re the one who came up with this idea! If you don’t remember, then why did you suggest it?!” Saturo yelled.

“I don’t know! I thought I would recognize the area!” Kaze remarked.

“Well you clearly don’t!” Saturo yelled. 

Kaze looked around carefully. He didn’t know where exactly Draco was kidnapped, but he did recognize some of the buildings around. Kaze’s eyes were then fixed on a specific building. 

“What are you looking at?” Saturo then asked.

He looked over at what Kaze was looking at. It was an orphanage. 

“I remember walking by this,” Kaze said. “So that means… Draco was kidnapped near here.”

“Okay. And?” 

“Uhh… we know where he got kidnapped?” Kaze replied.

“Yeah, and what do we do now? What’s your plan!?” 

“I don’t freaking know!” Kaze exclaimed.

Saturo sighed as he face palmed. He was disappointed in Kaze, since he hadn’t thought ahead on what they would do once they found the area where Draco got kidnapped. 

But as Saturo was facepalming, Kaze saw two people come out of the orphanage… It was Filato and Ki. 

Kaze didn’t know who Ki was, but he did recognize Filato. He instantly looked away before Filato would recognize him. 

Saturo noticed that something was going on. “Who’s that?”

“That’s Folly’s friend! The one who put Draco to sleep and helped kidnap him!” Kaze exclaimed quietly.  

Filato and Ki walked down the street. Saturo and Kaze watched them for a few seconds before Kaze began to follow them, hiding himself in the crowd as he did. 

Saturo had caught on to Kaze’s new plan: Follow Filato. 

Luckily, both Ki and Filato stood out from the crowd since they looked different. And Filato’s bright colored hair made him easy to spot. So Kaze and Saturo were able to keep following him. 

The continued to follow them through the city, which took them to the eastern side of the city. Ki and Filato seemed to be heading out of the city. Kaze and Saturo hid behind a building’s wall, since it wasn’t as crowded anymore. 

“They’re… heading out of the city. That means Draco’s not in the city,” Kaze realized, as Ki and Filato were walking out of the city and into another glowing forest. 

“How’re we gonna follow them?” Saturo questioned. “We can’t blend with the crowd like before!” 

Just then, both Ki and Filato leaped right out of the city at a pretty fast speed, leaving Kaze and Saturo’s sights. 

“Oh shoot, they’re getting away!” Kaze exclaimed. 

“Let’s follow them quickly!” Saturo elicited electricity from his body. 

Kaze nodded. He then raised himself off of the ground with the wind, and took off in the same direction that Filato and Ki went towards, flying after them. 

He could see them sprinting through the forest, and he was able to keep up since he didn’t have obstacles in his path. 

Kaze continued to follow them, but he lost track of them once he made to a large lake. 

“Huh? Where’d they go?” Kaze thought. He looked down at the forest and scanned it. But neither Ki or Filato were in sight. They had just vanished. 

“That’s odd…” Kaze then descended to the ground beside the lake to get a better view of what was below. 

He regarded his surroundings. The lake wasn’t very big, only about fifty meters wide. Kaze decided to ignore the lake and gazed upon the trees in the forest in search for either Ki or Filato. 

“Who are nyu looking for?” Kaze then heard a voice coming from his right. He turned and spotted Ki. 

“Oh shoot!” Kaze exclaimed mentally. “Uhh, I’m just looking for a friend…” 

Kaze then noticed that Ki had cat-like ears and a tail. He’d never seen anything like this before and found himself looking at Ki’s unique feature. 

“Hey, it’s rude to stare!” Ki told him. 

“O-oh, sorry!” Kaze apologized. 

Ki tilted her head to the right, smiling as she examined Kaze. 

“Why were nyu following us?” Ki then asked him.

“Huh? W-what do you mean? I wasn’t following you!” Kaze answered. “I was just… looking around at this cool forest!”

Ki giggled. “Nyu are a terrible liar.” 

Kaze sighed. “Okay, okay, I was following you, I admit it.” He raised his hands, surrendering. “I just wanted to find my friend.” 

“Following us won’t lead nyu to nyor friend,” Ki replied. “It’ll only lead nyu to trouble.” 

Kaze stayed silent as he cocked an eyebrow. 

Ki smiled. “Don’t follow us! Okay?” 


Ki gave him a thumbs up, before she then jumped up over the lake and continued the way she was going. 

Kaze just stood there and watched as she disappeared from sight. 

Saturo then arrived. 

“Kaze! Why’d you stop?” Saturo asked, noticing that Kaze was just standing there.

“The girl caught me. She also said not to follow them…” Kaze informed his friend. He then looked up at the direction that Ki had went. “But we’re going to anyway. We have to save Draco.”

“Yeah, we do. Think she’ll lead us to him?” Saturo asked.

Kaze shrugged. “I honestly have no clue, but what choice do we have? Let’s just keep following them.” 

“Okay, same direction?” Saturo asked.

Kaze nodded. Saturo then took off in a spring in the same direction, his body surrounded in electricity. Kaze flew off the ground and flew beside Saturo, so that they don’t lose each other.

But Kaze didn’t notice Filato hiding behind a tree back next to the lake. 

“Wow, he couldn’t even find me,” Filato chuckled. “This dude won’t be that tough to handle.”

He cracked his knuckles with a grin before taking off behind Saturo and Kaze, jumping from tree to tree stealthily as he followed them. 

And neither Kaze or Saturo knew he was coming. 


Draco sat silently as he admired his surroundings… he hadn’t seen a world such as this one, with teal ground, red pine trees, and the violet water. It made him wonder what else the Dream World had to offer. 

It could of course be assumed that it would have stuff that people had dreamed about, explaining its size and scope.

He continued looking out at the skyline of floating multicolored islands, as he didn’t have much else to do. He didn’t have any items besides his clothes, the items he had brought to Bright City in his pockets, as his backpack was back at Glare’s house. He also had his Ultimate Crystal Quazaros.

That left him to make a decision on how he would pass time: he could look out at his surroundings, attempting to do a little training on this medium sized island without a teacher, or talk to this girl whom he’s barely only known for an hour. But talking would be hard due to the fact that he barely knew ANYTHING about this person. And he was often nervous around strangers, so there was little chance that he would start a conversation.

He came to the conclusion that he would do a tiny bit of practice away from the girl.

He moved a few meters over so that there was a good seventy feet between them before focusing and making spheres of plasma in his hands. He made them float around him, as he was practicing controlling their movements more precisely, with some minor success.

He kept at this for a while, testing to see how many spheres of plasma he could keep under control. So far it was about six.

As Draco continued to practice, the girl was watching him curiously. 

He didn’t pay much attention to her though, as he had to be careful and stay focused with the plasma, because if they went flying randomly, it could make something explode. 

“So…” The girl then said. “What exactly is your power?”

Draco stopped moving and made the plasma fade away before turning to face her.

“My power is plasma,” he replied.

“Well that’s interesting. I’ve only ever seen people use water and stuff,” she said.

“Really? Interesting,” Draco said. “I wonder why.”

“Well, the people I know with powers never seemed to need other ones where we lived, so water was just the most practical.”

“That makes sense I suppose,” Draco said.

“So what exactly were you trying to do? You were just kinda spinning and moving your arms around slowly with the plasma orbiting you,” she said.

“Well Glare told me that one of the most important parts about using plasma is making sure you can only just shoot off random volatile bursts and beams of the stuff, as he said, it’s easily one of the most destructive of the elemental powers,” Draco replied.

“Wow, thanks for the lesson,” the girl said. “I know something about plasma now.”

“You’re welcome… I guess…?” Draco replied before deciding to practice the Sparking Spirit move he had shown Satu and Emi. Maybe he could try to get better used to the times three part. Maybe.

He then made a sphere of plasma in his hand and tossed it upwards before reaching up at it.

“Sparking Spirit!” he yelled out before pulling his arm back down towards him, causing the sphere to plummet down, sparking red with bolts of red energy.

Then, before he absorbed it, he called out the word triple.

He then was enveloped in a burning and heavy feeling aura, like it’s pressure had amplified the gravity on him. But he also felt full of energy and felt significantly more powerful. He also felt a noticeable ache on his entire body. 

“GRH! Man this thing hurts.” Draco growled.

The girl’s eyes widened. “What was that?! What’d you do!?”

“I used a move I thought up. It multiplies all of my abilities. Speed, power, durability. But it comes with the downside of that too much of it can put me out of commission, and that I have to be careful with the multipliers, as Glare told me that if you multiply your energy too much past your body’s limits, terrible things can happen,” Draco explained as small dust clouds blew around him and small pieces of rock and leaves levitated and flew out away from him.


“Right now I can only do three times my base. And it really aches after a while, so I’m trying to get my body to acclimate to it…” Draco growled as now he was sweating quite a bit due to the heat of the aura.

“So you’re trying to get stronger?” The girl asked.

“You could call it that,” Draco said. “I’m just trying to improve. To be better than I was yesterday, when I was better than the day before that.”

“Why do you try to improve?” the girl questioned. 

“Well, if I have the ability to train and improve and be better, then there’s no reason why I shouldn’t. If I don’t, then I’m just showing how much I actually can improve,” Draco replied.

“That’s your motivation?” 


The girl nodded to herself. “Interesting…” She then looked back at Draco, a hand at her chin. “So what do you do when you’re not trying to improve yourself?”

“Spend time with my friends, my cat, eat, sleep. Stuff like that. I also read a lot of books,” Draco replied as he was still testing how long he could keep the sparking spirit up. It felt slightly less painful than the last time he had done a times three.

“Oh! You have a cat?” The girl then asked.

“Yeah, an orange one named Fireball. He’s about six months old. Still a bit small,” Draco replied.

“Awww, that’s nice.” 

“Yeah, everyone loves him where we live. I’d argue he’s the most popular living thing in the house!” Draco laughed. 

The girl giggled. “That sounds believable.”

“Granted, it may be a tie between him and Pebbles, Emiliya’s hamster,” Draco said, thinking, kinda forgetting about the Sparking Spirit, making it sort of fade away.

“Emiliya? Is that another one of your friends?” The girl asked.

“Yeah, she was Glares only student before me, Kaze and Satu showed up. Kaze has a crush on her, and he’s bad at hiding it. She’s a bit blunt at times, and is still kinda getting used to us being around even after a few months. But she isn’t too mean or anything,” Draco answered.

“Oh. So you’re all students and are training under Glare?” 

“Yeah, the four of us. We all have different powers from what I can tell. Kaze picked wind, Satu picked electricity, and I’m not sure what power Emiliya has exactly…”

“Hm. How come you don’t know what her power is?”

“I’ve never really gotten to see her use it much, mainly she either just watches us train with Glare, supervises us sparring with each other, or she trains with Glare when we’re all eating or sleeping or something,” Draco replied.

“I guess you’ll just have to keep a close eye,” The girl said.

“Yeah. I’m sure I’ll find out at some point. I doubt she can hide whatever her power is forever, intentionally or not.”

“Yeah.” The girl agreed.

“So where are you from?” Draco asked.

“Oh, I was originally born on the Water Planet. But I moved somewhere else,” she replied.

“That explains why the only powers you’ve seen are water I suppose…” Draco thought to himself. “So what do you do in your free time?”

“Hmm… I guess what I do the most is playing music.”

“Music?” Draco asked.

“Yeah, I play an instrument,” she replied.

“Which one?” 

“Hmmm… I’m not sure if I can show you… I’m unsure if I’ll be able to summon it when I’m here,” she said.

“You can summon it? Do you have a crystal or something?” Draco asked.

“No, actually. I was taught to do it,” she replied. She then closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath, focusing.

She held her hands out a bit, as if she was anticipating holding something.

Then, a shimmer of golden light appeared in front of her above her arms, and it grew into an about three and a half foot long board-like shape that floated down into her hands.

The light then faded away to reveal she was holding a small scale version of a koto. It wasn’t exactly just a koto only shrunk down, it was more like a lyre compared to a harp. It was shaped a bit differently to make it easier to hold.

“Oh, so that’s what you play?” 

“Yeah. It’s a popular instrument where I’m from. It’s been used in some traditions and other events,” she said.

“Huh, really? That sounds pretty interesting,” Draco said. Then he realized that he didn’t know what this girl’s name was. “Oh yeah, you never told me your name. What was it?”

“Oh right! I didn’t tell you.” The girl smiled. “My name is-” 

She was suddenly interrupted by the loud sound of the island shaking. Draco and the girl stumbled and fell to the ground. 

“Oh no… it’s not safe, we should move somewhere else,” the girl then said. 

“Yeah… let’s do that.” Draco nodded as he got up.

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter... 

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just so you know, i've been

just so you know, i've been following this story! it's great, and i don't know HOW you can write this much so quickly.


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What can I say, I'm a fast

What can I say, I'm a fast writer xD


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