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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 7)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 7)

Posted October 16th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Well then, here's the next chapter!


Chapter 7


“How far do you think they went?” Saturo asked. 

“I dunno.” Kaze shrugged. 

He and Saturo had stopped running, flying in Kaze’s case, and were now walking through glowy grass. They had left the forest and were in an open area, leaving them with nowhere to hide. 

Filato was still tailing them as well, but he kept his distance since there were no trees to hide behind. 

“Do you think we’re going the right way?” Saturo asked Kaze as they continued walking. 

“Honestly, I’m not sure anymore. What if they’re leading us somewhere else?” Kaze replied. 

“Nah, we were trying to get to our cave.” 

Kaze and Saturo looked back and saw that Filato was casually approaching them with his hands in his pocket. 

“Wait, what? You were behind us?” Saturo asked.

“Yep.” Filato smiled. “I was tailing you guys. I presume you’re trying to save your friend Draco?” 

“Uh, yeah. That’s exactly what we’re trying to do,” Kaze said. Then he flew over at a pretty fast speed and landed in front of Filato. “Where’d you take him?!” 

“Woah, you tryna threaten me?” Filato chuckled. 

“Answer the question!” Kaze growled. 

“Why should I? What’re you gonna do to me?” Filato asked with a grin.

“Uhh… I’ll beat you up!” Kaze said. 

Filato looked at him for a few seconds. Then he burst into laughter.

“Ha! You beat me up?” Filato laughed. “Alright. I’ll choose the latter.” 

Kaze then sent a punch at Filato’s face, but he blocked it with his arm. 

“Not bad, I expected worse,” Filato said. He then spun around suddenly and kicked Kaze in the chest, knocking him back and into the ground. 

“Hey!” Saturo exclaimed. “Don’t hurt my friend!” 

“You gonna stop me?” Filato asked with a grin. 

“Yes, I am!” Saturo charged up his fists with electricity, before he hit the ground below him. Bolts of lightning rose from the ground, hitting Filato. 

“Ouch.” Filato only got hit by one bolt, and jumped to the side, dodging the rest. Before he could do anything else, Kaze flew right at him, knocking him into the ground. 

As Kaze attempted to push Filato into the grass and drag him through the dirt, like he saw Folly do to Draco one time. But Filato kicked him in the stomach and knocked him into the air. 

Kaze took no time to stop himself and shoot a large beam of wind down at Filato. At the same time, Saturo was shooting lightning out of his hands at Filato. 

Filato saw both attacks coming. With a quick swing from his right arm, he directed their attacks at each other, Kaze’s wind beam seemingly bouncing off of an invisible barrier that was in front of Filato, and Saturo’s lightning moving right through the beam of wind. 

Saturo ended up being blown away, and Kaze was electrocuted. 

“Agh!” It burnt Kaze a bit, causing him to lose control of his flight. He slowly fell down to the ground. 

Filato smirked as he jumped up towards Kaze. Then he kicked him, hard. Kaze was knocked right into Saturo, and the two of them crashed into the ground from the force. 

“Oww… that stings…” Kaze was still bothered by the electricity that hit him earlier. 

“Can you get off me now?” Saturo asked.

“Oh, sorry.” Kaze then got up, helping Saturo up as he did. The two of them then turned to face Filato.

But he wasn’t where he used to be. 

“Have you guys ever actually fought before? Because people don’t usually pay attention to anything else except their opponent.” Filato lectured them from behind. 

“We have fought, yes!” Saturo said.

“Your actions in this fight say othe-” Filato started. But then Kaze punched him in the gut. “Oof!” 

But then he grabbed Kaze’s wrist and grinned. 

“Okay, maybe you’re not that bad.” 

Then he pushed against Kaze’s face with his palm, knocking him back once more. Saturo tried to punch him, but he dodged it with a spin and kicked Saturo next to Kaze. 

“Or maybe you’re good, but I’m just better.” Filato grinned as he looked down at his hand. “Maybe my DNA just gives me an advantage.”

“Your DNA?” Saturo asked, getting up. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Filato smiled. “Don’t worry about it. Play with me some more, I hardly get to have this much fun.” 

Kaze was slightly irritated. “This is fun for you?! We’re not playing with you, we’re fighting you!”

“Really? Cuz I’m having fun, and you’re not really damaging me,” Filato said. “But that’s mostly because I can see your attacks coming.” 

Kaze opened his mouth to speak but then closed it. “That makes sense… I need to put more power to my attacks and be sneaky and tactical!” 

But then Kaze and Saturo noticed that Filato wasn’t looking at them anymore. He was looking up at the sky. 

“Uhh, what are you looking at?” Saturo asked. 

Filato bit his lip as he looked up. “Something entered the atmosphere, and it’s headed right towards us.” 

“Huh?” Kaze questioned. 

Then, Kaze and Saturo were able to see something in the sky. It looked like some sort of meteor or comet. And it was headed right towards them. Like, specifically aimed at them.

Kaze and Saturo watched it in awe, not moving a single muscle as it got closer. 

“Look out!” Filato then tackled them out of the way just as the meteor was about to crash into them. 

The two of them then got back to their senses afterwards. They looked over at the small crater the meteor had crashed… and discovered that it wasn’t a meteor, not a comet.

Inside the crater was a boy. And he looked like he threw on the first thing he saw when he woke up. It was just a white T-shirt and jeans with burn marks and holes all over, which he promptly dusted off after he stood up like he did this daily.

His hair was jet black, short, and he looked perfectly fine despite crashing from the sky, minus the burns in his clothes. He was a decent height, about six foot, and was glowing very very slightly purple.

His face was soft, and could be described as ‘average’. The other thing that stood out was that around one eye he had a large scar, as well as scars on his arms, legs, and some places on his chest, if you looked through the holes. He wasn’t particularly muscular, but he still looked like he could lift something if he needed to.

Kaze and Saturo blinked a few times, having quite a hard time believing that this boy had just crashed from space like a meteor. Then Kaze made eye contact with the boy. His eyes were brown, but slightly different shades.

“Did you just… fall out of the sky…?” Kaze questioned.

“Yep!” The boy said cheerfully, like it wasn’t odd at all. “That’s probably the second time. Actually, I’m gonna guess it’s more.” The boy started to think about it like this was pertinent information.

“Second time!?” Kaze and Saturo exclaimed. Filato was just standing next to them silently, scratching his chin as he examined this boy who crashed from space.

“No, probably more,” he reiterated, seeming more confident in the answer this time.

Kaze and Saturo were awestruck. 

“How do you even do that?!” “You can fly through space?!” “Does the crashing hurt?” Kaze and Saturo spat out so many questions.

“Magic, yes, a little bit,” the boy replied casually to each question.

“Woah… you know magic?” Saturo asked. 

“Yes I do! It’s from another system, if I’m not mistaken,” the boy said. “And that would mean so am I… so I’m from another system. Wait, do you NOT know magic? I thought that was normal.”

“I mean, it is…-ish,” Kaze replied. “We just call them powers.”

“But they’re the same thing, right?” Saturo asked.

“I mean… basically.” Filato shrugged. 

“Oh, neat!” The boy said, smiling. “What school of magic do you guys use? What book is it from?”

“Uhh…” Kaze and Saturo exchanged looks with each other. “We don’t have a school or book… we just have these things called Ultimate Crystals that give us powers.”

“Oh… like an enchantment?” The boy asked.

“Uh… no?” Kaze replied. “It’s just a crystal that we absorb and it gives us powers.”

“Oh… I don’t get it at all.” The boy smiled. His eyes flickered as he looked around at the glowing ground, and his smile faded a bit. “So uhh… you guys fighting?”

“How’d you know?” Kaze asked.

“Well, because you two have minor… general cuts and bruises kind of thing, and the ground and/or grass here has been disturbed… well, besides my crater.” the boy said.

“Oh… yeah, we were fighting.” Saturo nodded.

“Why?” the boy asked. “You seem to be getting along now. Is it like… sparring?”

“Well, no. He kidnapped one of our friends.” Kaze pointed at Filato. “We were fighting him so he would tell us where he took him.”

“Oh. OH! Well that’s not cool at all,” the boy said, surprised. “That’s. Wow, that’s worse than I expected. And you’re losing no less. Here I thought you all were cool and… you… I don’t think I caught your name, sorry… is a kidnapper.”

Filato waved at the boy. “I’m Filato. Nice to meet ya.” He greeted him casually.

“It’s nice to meet you too! I’m… I’m Encounter,” the boy (Encounter) retorted, equally casual. “For as nice as you are, it’s kinda a shame you’ve committed a crime and kidnapped someone and then fought the people trying to get him back! What about you two, who are you?” Encounter said to Kaze and Saturo.

“I’m Kaze, and this is Saturo,” Kaze said.

“Nice to meet you all!” Encounter said cheerily. “…so uhh… what happens now?”

“We’re trying to save our friend Draco!” Saturo exclaimed.

“Save you say? Is he gonna die if you don’t rescue him?!” Encounter asked.


“Oh! I’ll help!” Encounter said. “Sorry Filato, not really with the whole kidnapping and murder thing… kinda a crime, and awful…”

Filato just shrugged as he continued to smile. “I was just helping out a friend. It’s no biggie.”

“I feel like I’m missing part of the story that’s important to understand the conflict here, it doesn’t quite feel like simply kidnapping and murder,” Encounter commented. “Eh, I’m sure it’ll be fine. Good to know you won’t take it personally, at least.”

“Like I said, no biggie.” Filato smiled.

“M’kay, cool,” Encounter said, then addressing the other two boys. “Hey, Saturo and Kaze. You gonna be able to hold your own this time?”

“Uh, I’m not sure,” Kaze replied. “I don’t think fighting is gonna get us anywhere… he won’t tell us where Draco is.”

Encounter shrugged. “But he won’t let you leave to go find him, so to you, he becomes an obstacle to your objective, y’know?”

“Nah, I never said I wouldn’t let them leave,” Filato said.

“Oh! Then what’s the problem here?” Encounter asked. “Or, are you gonna turn around and say something like ‘they can leave, but I don’t want them to find their friend’ or something? This whole problem is just really… confusing.”

“Nahhh. I was just playing with them since they were following me,” Filato answered casually. 

Encounter looked confused. “Huh. Seems legit.”

“Yep. I’m not after anyone in particular. Just doing what I gotta do and helping out a friend,” Filato said. He looked over at Kaze and Saturo. “Sorry guys. I don’t mean any harm.”

Kaze and Saturo just nodded slowly, looking unsure.

“Oof. I guess I read the situation wrong, shoulda seen that.” Encounter scratched his head awkwardly. “Oh well. Guess it happened! You guys gonna go find your friend now?”

“We would, but like, we have no clue where he is,” Kaze said as Saturo nodded. “We followed him thinking that’d get us somewhere. But we’re honestly not sure.”

“Why wouldn’t you like… use tracking magic… or sense him… or something like that?” Encounter asked.

“Uhhh… we don’t know how to do any of that,” Saturo said.

“Oh. That seems less than ideal,” Encounter commented. “Do you have any ideas?”

“Uhh…” Kaze looked over at Filato. “Convince him to take us there?”

“Nope. Sorry, that’s not happening.” Filato shook his head. 

Kaze then looked back at Encounter. “Nope. No ideas.”

“I dunno why you’d think that might have worked even a little bit without some kind of truth serum.” Encounter chuckled. “But I think I can help! If you want.”

“Really!? That’d be great!” Saturo and Kaze exclaimed.

Encounter then had a book appear in his hand and started to flip through it, looking for something. 

Kaze, Saturo, and Filato watched him curiously. 

“Oo! That one might work…!” Encounter exclaimed, but like he mumble exclaimed, so it kinda sounded like ‘oo, that wun mght wrk.’ instead. “Hey Satu, you mind if I put a spell on you that lets you see life signatures?”

“Uh, sure, why not?” Saturo replied.

Encounter walked over to Saturo, and started to say something that sounded like a completely different language. A blood red rune appeared in the air, about as big as a dime, and placed itself on Saturo’s forehead. It glowed slightly, then went dark, leaving a little mark that could barely be seen.

“Did it work?” Encounter asked. “Should look kinda like red mist if there’s someone alive there.”

Saturo blinked as he looked around at the three of them. “Y-yeah, it worked… It feels… different. But it’s cool!”

“Well that’s good!” Encounter said. “You should be able to see him if you concentrate on him specifically. Like, think about his personality and stuff, I guess.”

“Okay…” Saturo focused as he scanned the terrain around him. He did this for a few minutes, and then shook his head. “He’s not here.”

“It is an absolutely huge planet, I guess,” Encounter said. “I suppose he could even be off-planet. It’s really hard to tell.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Saturo nodded. Filato was just smiling as he stood there.

“So then what do we do?” Kaze asked.

Encounter was flipping through his book again. “That’s a good question… we probably need to have a better range, if that other spell didn’t work then he’s probably not nearby here…”

“Mhm.” Filato nodded with a grin.

“Will you answer one question for me, Filato? If not that’s fine,” Encounter asked politely. “Is Draco still on this planet?”

“I mean, yeah. I can’t teleport off-planet. I’d tire myself out, because it’s a very far distance,” Filato answered. 

“It is very far. Didn’t know how your teleportation worked, y’know man?” Encounter replied. “So we don’t have to worry about off planet then, as far as we know. So we just have to cover a lot of ground very quickly, or find a direct way to Draco. Since we have neither, and parts of both, we should probably put them together. Search in a cone radius in the general location we need to go.”

“That sounds… like an actual plan for once,” Saturo said, glaring at Kaze.

“If you guys have a general direction, that would be great. Otherwise, this spell actually makes the general direction you need to go in. The further away the less accurate, of course,” Encounter said. “And Saturo has the spell on him, that’ll last exactly a day, so while we could split up it would be more difficult. I think… I was never the best at strategy…”

“Well I’ll give you the general direction then,” Filato said, pointing down at the forest behind them. “It’s that way.” 

“B-but we were following you earlier and were going that way!” Kaze said, pointing at a totally different direction. 

Filato smiled as he shrugged. “Who said we were going back to where Draco was?” 

“Oh that’s funny. You were following him but he wasn’t actually involved with his friend’s thing with Draco, so you weren’t going the right way.” Encounter chuckled. “No wonder you can’t see him, Satu.”

“Yeah…” Saturo said. “So then we should go that way!” 

“Yes. Good luck.” Filato saluted them with a smile. “I’ll be going, to continue doing my stuff.”

“Yes, you have fun with that I guess!” Encounter replied cheerily.

Filato smiled before he then vanished from sight, having teleported away. That left Kaze and Saturo with Encounter.

“Well. We should get moving. Our timer probably isn’t long to do this,” Encounter said.

“Yeah, we need to move pretty fast and get to Draco ASAP,” Kaze said as he began walking towards the right direction.

“I’m betting that guy’s friend won’t be so apt to talk things through, will he?” Encounter asked, walking in that direction as well, like he’s done this before.

“Nope. He wants to kill Draco,” Saturo commented as by now all three of them were walking.

“Seems like they’ve got issues.” Encounter chuckled. “Did Draco steal his nice fluffy slippers?”

“Maybe? We really don’t have a clue what’s up with him and why he’s trying to kill him,” Saturo said. “He thinks Draco is ‘Broshi’ and I think he had a history with this Broshi guy.”

“Broshi sounds like the shortened name of a dinosaur,” Encounter commented.

“Who knows, maybe he is a dinosaur,” Kaze said. “After all, I’ve already seen someone that had the features of a cat…”

“Huh. Sounds like a catgirl,” Encounter replied casually.

“How’d you know it was a girl?” Kaze asked.

“Oh. I forgot this is a different system. I come from a planet that has more than half its population that are various ‘monsters’. So it’s actually pretty normal to me, like if a stony dragon popped up out of the ground right now and tried to sell us rings,” Encounter replied. “It’s typically uncommon for there to be ‘catguys’, so I just assumed it was a girl.”

“Oh. That makes sense,” Kaze said.

“Yeah, it’s a cool place. Now that they’re not warring,” Encounter said. “I’m gonna have to get used to this place I guess. It’s pretty weird comparably.”

“Cuz it’s glowing?” Saturo asked.

“No, there’s a lot more planets in the system. I meant the system,” Encounter replied.

“Ohh. Well then, what brought you here to the Elemental System?” Saturo questioned him.

“Oh. Well I… came here looking for a friend,” Encounter replied shyly. “He disappeared and I managed to track him to this system, where it went cold. So I’ll probably be around for a while.”

“Oh. You’re also looking for someone, huh?” Kaze smiled. “Is that a mere coincidence that both of us are looking for a friend?”

“Yeah, I don’t see how it wouldn’t be,” Encounter replied.

“Ha, yeah, you’re right.” Kaze chuckled. He then looked forward at the forest that they had entered. “We should probably move faster. I can fly and Saturo is a pretty fast runner. Can you keep up?”

“I got a lot of magic on me, I’ve been doing it for a long time. I should be able to keep pace with you guys pretty well, and if I can’t, I can feel the magic on Satu, so I’ll find you anyway,” Encounter replied with a smile.

“Oh alright! Well then, see you hopefully at the place where Draco is!” Kaze exclaimed before he took off into the air, flying in the direction that Filato had pointed at.

“See ya!” Saturo waved before he ran in the same direction.

“Yikes,” Encounter said, to no one in particular, before he started to run as well, steadily speeding up as he ran.

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter....

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