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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 8)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 8)

Posted October 24th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Well, this place is pretty much dead. But I'll keep uploading for now, since some of you are interested to see where this is gonna go.



Chapter 8


Draco stopped as he caught his breath. The girl was right in front of him, at the entrance of the small cave that they had went to for shelter. It turned out that the shaking of the island was caused by powerful thunder, which was followed by a downpour. They decided to seek shelter in this cave made of teal rock so they wouldn’t get wet. 

“Okay… so now can you tell me your name?” Draco asked as he caught some of his breath.

“Yeah…” She breathed. “It’s Uchiho.”

“Good to know,” Draco said as he finally stopped breathing heavily. “So, do we just wait here till the storm blows over?”

“Yes, this one looks especially vicious. I’ve only seen this much rain from storms on the Water Planet.” She nodded as they both sat down inside the cave.

“Man, then those storms must be terrifying,” Draco said.

“It is if you’re above water,” Uchiho replied. “We lived below so it didn’t bother us that much.”

“You lived under water? I thought you were one of the people who lived on the cities they built above the water!” Draco said, intrigued by her response.

“Well, the Water Planet is covered entirely of water. Cities are only in the more shallow parts,” Uchiho said. “I lived in underwater cities, in glass domes.”

“Oh… That sounds really cool!” Draco said.

“It’s alright, I suppose,” Uchiho replied, seemingly unresponsive to Draco’s fascination on how she used to live. “I prefer the normal urban lifestyle, to be honest. Because we didn’t have basic technology like phones or computers back in my old home.”

“I suppose it would be hard to get dependable electricity and internet and other things like that under water,” Draco said. “Oh, that reminds me, you moved from the Water Planet, where did you move to?”

“Ertin. I live with my sister,” Uchiho said.

“Ertin huh? Sounds nice,” Draco said. “I met Kaze and Saturo on Ertin.”

“Oh really? That’s nice, means you’ve been there,” Uchiho replied. “Say, what planet are you from?”

“I’m from Aerth. But right now I’m living on the Light Planet at Glare’s house,” Draco answered.

“I see. Why’d you leave Aerth?”

“…for family reasons…” Draco replied after a slight pause.

Uchiho raised her eyebrows. “Oh okay. Sorry I asked.”

“It’s fine, it just makes me a bit uncomfortable is all. You’re fine,” Draco said.

“You don’t want to talk about it? Sometimes talking about it helps. Or so I’ve heard.”

“I dunno. Maybe…” Draco said, thinking.

“I mean, I left my home for family reasons too…” Uchiho said quietly.

“Really?” Draco asked.

“Yeah. More like clan issues actually…” Uchiho said. “Our clan doesn’t get along very well with the nearby clans…”

“Clans?” Draco said.

“Well, it’s more of a tribe, actually. But yeah.” Uchiho nodded.

“So you and your sister moved because of it? What about the other members?” Draco asked.

“Lot’s of them moved.”

“So there are still some on the Water Planet? I wonder why your clan was unpopular with the other ones. You at least don’t seem like a bad person.”

Uchiho just shrugged silently.

“Hm…” Draco thought to himself. “I suppose… I could tell you about why I left Aerth.”

Uchiho widened her eyes as she looked at Draco, showing that she was listening.

“On Aerth, I didn’t have much family, only five I can name. But only really four members who I had met in person that I remember. My mom, My older brother Cetus, and my two grandparents, who I haven't seen in a few years. There’s also my father. But he vanished before I was even a year old. And I was never told where he went,” Draco started.

“Really? I wonder why he left…” Uchiho commented.

“So do I, but the main reason why I left Aerth, was because of my mother. I lived with her in as my brother had gone off to college, to anyone else who lived outside of the house, she’d seem like a normal person. But she was nothing but terrible when it came to me and my brother. And when he left, not only did I lose his support as one of the only positive people in my life…” Draco sniffed, as his eyes started getting wet. “But it also meant that mother intensified her distaste and abuse towards me.”

“Oh my… that’s terrible…” 

“Anyway, one day, really the only other person I knew that my mom had yet to forbid me from seeing, was this boy named Arthur. He decided to gift me a spare book his father had in his office, as they had two of them and wanted to give it away. That book was about Ultimates and the galaxy. Something my mom had never told me about, and something we hadn’t yet reached talking about in school. The idea of them fascinated me, I wanted to be one. So I could just get away from the home that I lived in,” Draco said, a slight smile on his face. “But the book also said that the crystals were next to impossible to find on Aerth. And I didn’t have the resources or legal age to leave the planet.”

“So then how’d you leave?” Uchiho questioned.

“That’s where my brother Cetus comes in. By now he had graduated from where he had gone to college when I was nine. And decided to help me get off the planet and away from mom. But that meant he… had to do it sneakily. He snuck me onto a supply ship headed to Ertin. From what I know, he didn’t get caught but… I still feel bad that I could’ve almost ruined his education and career if he got caught trying to sneak me on. Not to mention that if we did, mother would probably never let me leave the house again… But, I got off of Aerth. And got to Ertin, got off the ship successfully with Fireball, who was still a little kitten back then. That’s when I met Kaze and Saturo. And the rest has been some of the best months of my life…” Draco said.

“Well at least you got away… I can’t imagine being in your situation,” Uchiho said. “Must’ve been so stressful…”

“Yeah… But I’m happier now. I get to have friends, and Glare has taught me all the things my terrible mother never could. And I get to meet interesting and nice people like you!” Draco said happily, his eyes still a little wet.

Uchiho smiled at him. “Yeah!”

The two of them then noticed that the rain had significantly died down. And the Sun was starting to peak out from the clouds, causing the red pine trees and orange grass to gleam in a beautiful and almost glowing fashion.

“Good to see the storm is over,” Draco said, feeling more relaxed somehow.

“Yeah. It’s calmer now.” Uchiho nodded with a smile. “So, do you think you’ll be waking up any time soon?”

“I’m not sure. I guess it depends on how Satu and Kaze are doing. So far it seems Folly hasn’t wanted to kill me yet, as I’m still here. So he must be waiting for me to be awake or something,” Draco said.

“I guess so. What do you want to do as you wait?” 

“Not entirely sure. Although, I don’t know what all CAN be done here,” Draco answered.

“Anything really. But we have no control over it, so nothing really.” Uchiho shrugged. 

“Ah,” Draco said.

“Yeah… there’s not much to do.” Uchiho laid down, seemingly pretty bored.

“I could try doing some training again…” Draco thought before he remembered something. “I know! You could play your instrument to pass the time!”

“Oh yeah!” Uchiho summoned her instrument once again. She then started playing it, and Draco sat there as he listened.

The sound it made was like a harp and guitar fused together. In other words, it sounded really nice. At least Draco thought so. 

Draco just sat there silently and listened as Uchiho kept on playing music. It made him feel at ease, he liked it. 


Kaze had flown for about ten miles or so before he stopped to rest, and to check up on his friend. He flew down to his friend Saturo, who seemed to be pretty tired. 

“*HUFF*” Saturo was breathing pretty heavily. “I still don’t see Draco… we’re not there yet.” 

Encounter, who wasn’t too far behind Saturo, then sprinted up to them as well, however he looked more or less fine, minus a scratch on his arm that was bleeding some.

Saturo and Kaze noticed this. 

“Hey, you aren’t tired?” Kaze questioned Encounter once he made it to them.

“No, not really,” Encounter replied. “I wasn’t even moving as fast as I could. You guys need a break?”

“Yeah… we’re not used to doing stuff like this.” Saturo wiped some sweat off his face. It took more energy for him to run, while Kaze didn’t use too much since he was flying. 

“Yeah. Flying isn’t too bad for me but it still takes some energy,” Kaze commented. 

“Ah. That makes sense, I guess,” Encounter said distractedly, examining his cut arm. “Do you need some water there Satu? You’re sweating a whole lot.”

“Yeah, that’d be great…” Saturo said as he was breathing pretty hard. “Didn’t occur to me to bring some water on this mission.”

Encounter had done his magic thing again, and had produced a bucket of water from thin air, and casually held it out to Saturo. “Oh you’re on a mission?”

“Yeah, to save Draco,” Kaze said as Saturo stared at the bucket of water in awe.

“Ah, so that’s a mission. Didn’t realize, I thought it was just personal,” Encounter replied. “It also could be, you were on a mission, and then your friend got kidnapped. But it’s cool that you get missions, I guess… and explains a little about why you have no idea what you’re doing and are unprepared. First mission?”

“Yes, our very first.” Kaze nodded. Saturo was drinking water in the meantime.

“Well you aren’t doing terribly well, no offence.” Encounter smiled. 

“We kinda got that already,” Kaze replied with a little laugh. 

“You probably should have made a plan before you started. Usually that’s important to do,” Encounter said. “And the Filato guy was only helping his friend GET Draco, so following him was probably folly, but hey. That’s the way things go sometimes. Are you seriously still drinking?” Encounter suddenly looked at Saturo, who was STILL drinking water.

Saturo took one last sip before he looked up at him. “Hey, I was thirsty! And besides, the last time I drank water was like three hours ago.”

“And then you ran like, ten miles. Fair enough I guess.” Encounter shrugged.

“Yeah.” Saturo then went back to drinking water.

“So like… how long of a break are we gonna take?” Encounter asked.

“Maybe a few minutes,” Kaze said, sitting down to rest a bit. 

“Alright,” Encounter said.

The three of them rested silently for awhile. Saturo had stopped drinking water, less than half the bucket was gone. 

“So… who’s the person giving you missions?” Encounter asked, trying to make conversation.

“Glare, our master,” Kaze answered.

“Ah. Cool,” Encounter replied. “Any peers?”

“Saturo and Draco. Emiliya is there too but…” Kaze said. “She doesn’t really like us.”

“Why’s that?” Encounter asked.

“I don’t really know. She didn’t want us to be trained by Glare in the first place.” Kaze shrugged. 

“Any reason given or implied?” Encounter asked.

“Us being newbies?” 

“No, definitely not, in my opinion. Newbie would not be a reason to reject being a peer, and actually most people would be excited for that, because it’s someone you’re better than and can help teach lessons to.” Encounter expressed his opinion. “You guys being newbies is accurate, but not a reason she’d reject you.”

“Well then that means there’s some other reason we don’t know,” Kaze said. 

“Yeah… I hope so,” Encounter commented. 

“Yeah…” Kaze scratched his hair. 

They were then all quiet for a few moments.

“Oh yeah, Kaze also likes Emi,” Saturo suddenly said.

“SATURO!?” Kaze exclaimed, looking over at his friend.

“OOF MAN, YOU GOT BETRAYED!” Encounter laughed.

Saturo smirked as Kaze looked embarrassed.

“How obvious is it when they’re in the same room? Is it painfully?” Encounter asked while chuckling.

“Yep!” Saturo laughed. “But Emi hasn’t noticed because she doesn’t care.”

“Ooo! That’s gotta sting!” Encounter smirked. “Do you already have embarrassing stories to tell? Is it just painful to watch? Mate, you got a crush on someone who doesn’t even want you around. That’s brutal.”

“Yeah… I don’t know how to… you know… get her to like me.” Kaze sighed.

“Man, I can probably help!” Encounter chuckled. “And of course I mean, in general, like you newbs. At the very least I could probably figure out why she DOESN’T like you. No promises I’ll set up a date though, Kaze.”

“So you can help? That’d be nice,” Kaze said. He felt slightly better knowing someone would be able to help him win Emiliya somehow. 

“I’m pretty good at reading people and situations, even if I can’t really do anything about it,” Encounter said casually. “It comes in handy when you can anticipate how someone’s gonna attack you. Doing it constantly is just a side effect.”

“That’s pretty interesting,” Saturo commented. 

“It’s interesting until it becomes an invasion of privacy, which is why I said might be able to help,” Encounter agreed. “Some people want help but don’t know how to ask or express themselves, and some people want you to back off so they can deal with it themselves.”

“That sounds about right.” Kaze nodded. “But thinking about it, I would probably need help with this…”

Encounter shrugged. “People are really interesting. It takes effort, time and a lot of times skill to figure someone out. It’s something you have to learn, but there’s no harm in getting help learning something.”

“I guess so…” Kaze replied.

Encounter smiled. “You really gotta get a friend who doesn’t blurt out who you’re crushing on though.” He joked.

“Yeahhh.” Kaze glared at Saturo, who just smirked. 

“We’ve been sitting here talking for a good bit. You folks good to go?” Encounter then asked.

“Oh yeah! Let’s keep moving now,” Kaze said, getting up and stretching. 

“I’m mostly worried about Satu, considering how much water he drank,” Encounter commented.

“Urgh!” Saturo held his stomach once he got up. “Okay I regret drinking all that water… my stomach feels… terrible…”

“I believe they call that something. I can’t really remember what though,” Encounter said. “I don’t really remember how to help, but I think food might help some.”

“Really?” Saturo asked. “If that’s so…” 

He then raised his hand up, and a bag of spicy chips suddenly appeared. He then proceeded to open it and eat some of the chips.

“Uhh…” Encounter said. “Cool. Why chips though?”

“They’re his favorite snack,” Kaze informed him as Saturo suddenly finished the entire bag. 

“Why not something more substantial?” Encounter asked. “Ahh whatever, I don’t really care that much.”

“Yeah, let’s just keep moving.” Kaze nodded.

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter.... 

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I feel so bad because I've

I feel so bad because I've said I want to read this multiple times but with exams coming up in January and seasonal depression I haven't been able to commit to anything, really :((((
But I just want to say a few words of encouragement- I think it's absolutely wonderful that you're so devoted to the ultimates - I've seen you posting these since you've joined and honestly from the occasional chapter I read out of context here and there you've improved SO SO much and I'm so proud of you for that!!
It's great that you're working on an edited/rewritten version, because it's only going to get better with time. I know it's discouraging to put out many chapters and get hardly any reads but that's just the state of Kidpub rn, not because your work is bad. Please continue writing!! I can't wait to see your books published some day <333

Good luck with your work!!

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