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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 9)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 2: The First Mission: (Chapter 9)

Posted October 29th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Here's the next chapter! And thanks to Jill for the little encouragment :)


Chapter 9


Draco found himself smiling as Uchiho was playing her instrument. 

“She’s really good at this, it’s amazing!”

He then noticed that she seemed to be humming slightly. It was like there were lyrics she just wasn’t singing.

He didn’t really mind though, he was just enjoying her music.

He continued listening, but then looked down at himself and saw that he had some bruises on his arms and legs. “Probably from the Sparking Spirit,” He thought to himself. The bruises still stung a bit, but it didn’t bother him too much.

Uchiho noticed this and then changed the song up a bit, changing the tempo and rhythm and what strings she used.

Then, the koto started glowing a soft golden color, which surprised Draco. The glow then spread and filled the whole cave.

“Woah…” Draco said to himself before he felt a fuzzy yet pleasant feeling across his body, and saw the bruises were fading away.

“Holy crap! She can heal with music?! That’s so cool!” Draco exclaimed in his mind.

After the bruises had vanished, Uchiho smiled to herself and returned to the non power infused/magical song she was playing before.

Draco then smiled a bit and went back to listening to Uchiho play. 

They stayed like that for a while, simply enjoying the other’s company.


“Okay, is something wrong with your spell or are we just really, really, really far away still?” Saturo questioned Encounter as the two of them, as well as Kaze, were walking through a rocky area now. There was a glowing mountain in front of them, as they had left the forest long ago. 

“Uhh… The spell should work fine,” Encounter replied, a little embarrassed. “I think it’s range depends on the skill of the caster and the affinity of who bears it… so it’s range probably isn’t huge, like twenty-five miles… or something around there.”

“So that means we’re still far…” Kaze muttered. “How the heck are we supposed to find him when he’s too far away?!”

“I have more powerful spells that would help find people! It’s just… most of them need me to know the person, have something of theirs, etcetera, and it would also dent my ability to actually help save him.” Encounter smiled sadly. “So… we keep walking and looking… I guess. Unless you have a better idea…”

“Well, you know Kaze and ideas,” Saturo commented. “They’re always incomplete. So, yeah.”

“I would be mad that you said that, but I’m not cuz you’re actually right,” Kaze said back. “But I promise you, one of these days, I will have a brilliant idea that will actually work.” 

“Sureeee.” Saturo agreed sarcastically.

“Statistically speaking, he’s gotta get one right at least once,” Encounter commented. “Even if it’s after hundreds…”

“But since we’re talking about Kaze specifically, it’s unlikely,” Saturo replied.

“Glad to see how much you believe in my ideas,” Kaze commented.

“You have a real dynamic don’tcha?” Encounter chuckled.

“Maybe I do!” Kaze replied.

“A crush that doesn’t like you and friends that make fun of you constantly,” Encounter mused. “Attract a crowd there?”

“No, I don’t see how that would attract a crowd…” Kaze shook his head.

“No, like, attract a crowd as in a specific type of person.” Encounter chuckled. “It’s a saying. I’m using it to say you hang out with people who, like, tease you.”

“Oh.” Kaze understood after Encounter had explained to him what he meant. 

Encounter sighed with a smile. “Still no better ideas on how to find Draco, then?”

“Nooope.” Kaze shook his head once again. 

But as Encounter was about to respond to him, the three of them heard the voice of someone else. 

“-knock your shell off-...” 

They only heard part of it since Encounter was saying ‘well heck’ before he was interrupted. Then the three of them were silent as they looked around for the source of the voice. 

But they didn’t see anything. 

“Um, is someone there?” Saturo then asked. Saturo was still under Encounter’s spell, so he could see life. But he didn’t see anything. 

“Oh, yes! Someone is there,” a voice replied to them. It sounded like a guy, and he seemed to be very close due to the voice’s volume.

“And who might be that someone who is there?” Encounter asked politely.

“Who knows. You can’t see me so you can’t figure that out,” the voice replied, seemingly from right in front of them. 

“Which is why I asked the one we can’t see who they might be, because they probably know who the person who is there, being them, is!” Encounter replied confidently, after thinking for a moment.

“Well, uh, yeah… that sounds about right,” the voice replied, this time coming from behind them. Kaze and Saturo looked behind them with confused expressions on their faces. Encounter remained in his position and was thinking.

Encounter thought for a little more before responding. “So then, the person who we can’t see, but is there, knows who they are and might know who we are, so then that person who is there is actually not someone I know, but someone these two know, as they have kept their identity hidden because if they saw them they would know who it is, but if they don’t they wouldn’t know. Right?”

The voice was silent for a while. Then it responded.

“That made no freaking sense… But okay.”

Encounter chuckled. “I mean, you’re someone Kaze and Saturo know and that’s why you won’t let us see you. Cuz then they’d recognize you.”

“What? That’s not why I can’t be seen. Why the frick would I care if they’d recognize me or not? I’m hiding because my time is now,” the voice replied. “So I don’t care if little buggy can see me or not.”

“Wait… little buggy?” Kaze looked at Saturo. Saturo was suspicious. 

There was only one person who called him little buggy.

“And I’m confused again- what is wrong with you two that this keeps happening?” Encounter chuckled. 

“I don’t know… but hold up, mysterious voice…” Kaze said. “Did you say little buggy?” 

“Uhh… yeah. Are you deaf?” The voice replied. “That should give away who I am, you dolts.” 

“You’re… John Ceno?” Saturo asked. 

Then, the source of the voice became visible to them. In front of them they spotted a tall, muscular boy with light brown hair and blue eyes, dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. 

“About time you found out.” John smiled at them.

Kaze and Saturo stared at their classmate from their home planet for awhile. 

“WAIT, JOHN!? WHAT’RE YOU DOING HERE ON THE LIGHT PLANET!?” Kaze and Saturo then suddenly exclaimed. 

“I came after you two,” John replied with a smirk. 

“How’d you find us!?” Kaze asked.

“Was easy. I have a special ability to see through anyone’s eyes, as long as I’ve seen them in person before,” John replied. “And so that’s how I found out your location. I’ve been stalking you for a while.” 

“Stalking us?!” Saturo said. The thought of John seeing through his eyes whenever he wanted disturbed him. This was the guy that bullied him anyway.

“Yep. Stalking you.” John nodded with a smirk. “I know about Draco, Glare, and Emiliya. I’ve seen quite a lot.” 

“…” Kaze and Saturo exchanged looks with each other, both of them had dozens of thoughts running through their heads. 

“But no worries dudes,” John assured them. “I’m your friend. And now that I’ve finally tracked you down, I have to ask… why are you walking out here in the wild?”

“Our friend Draco got kidnapped,” Kaze then told him. “We’re going to rescue him.” 

John nodded. “And this is…? I saw him crash from the sky, through your eyes, but I don’t know who he is. I can only see, not hear or feel.”

“Oh, well this is Encounter. He’s helping us rescue Draco.” Kaze introduced him.

“Hello!” Encounter said cheerily.

John nodded at him, like a greeting. “Sup fam.”

“Not much mate. Tryina make sure Draco dun die to death. You?” Encounter said, basically completely changing how he talked.

“I was just stalkin’ these kiddos,” John replied, pointing at Kaze and Saturo with his hand. 

“Oh!” Kaze then suddenly thought of something. “Hold up John… how’d you get off of our planet?” 

John then looked over at him. “Spaceship. How else?”

“But you left on purpose, right?” 

“Uhh… yeah? Why?”

“Oh my gosh! We’ve wanted to go home for a long time! This is great! If you got off the planet, you can get us back!” Kaze was suddenly filled with happiness. He would be able to see his family, video games, and house again. 

Even Saturo realized what this meant and found himself smiling.

“Uhhh… actually… I don’t know what our world is called, so even the GPS won’t get you back,” John told them. 

“Huh? You can’t figure out where the spaceship was before…?” Kaze asked. 

“Nope.” John shook his head. “Sorry.” 

Kaze felt his chance suddenly shatter. He wouldn’t be going home. Saturo felt this as well. 

“O-oh…” Kaze looked down at the glowing ground beneath him. Saturo patted him on the back as Encounter was trying to figure out what was happening around him. 

And John was just standing there, neither frowning or smiling.

“Huh.” Encounter scratched his head. “So you’re all from the same place and don’t know what it’s called? How is that even possible?”

“It’s confusing,” John told him. “It has something to do with the government on our planet. It’s like they isolated our planet from the whole galaxy… and astronomy, at least in terms of planets, is all faked.”

“Really? How’d you find out?” Saturo asked him. 

He turned to him. “Remember when Lime crashed into our school? The FBI came and wiped out everyone’s memories. But I fled and they didn’t get to wipe mine out. And so I did some research, but then they found out… and tried to stop me. And that’s when I fled the planet, pretty much,” John explained.

“Oh. Dang.” Kaze imagined all of what John said in his head. It surprised him. “What the heck is going on on our planet…” 

John shrugged. “Does it really matter? We’re not there anymore.”

“I mean, I guess…” Kaze still wanted to go home despite what the government was doing. And Saturo really missed his parents.

“Looks like it matters at least a little,” Encounter replied, with a weak smile.

“But what really matters right now is us saving Draco!” Saturo said. “We need a plan!”

“We have a plan. It’s not really a good plan, but we have one,” Encounter pointed out.

“Oh, what’s your plan?” John questioned.

Encounter chuckled. “Walk in the general direction Draco is and use magic to see him when we get close. Not a very effective plan.”

“Yeah… I’ll help you out then, since you’re very needy,” John said. “Remember how I said I have a special ability? I’ve actually seen Draco in person before-”

“Wait, you did?! When?” Kaze asked.

“When you guys met him on Ertin. But then you left to find your crystals and I lost track of you,” John answered him. 

“Oh.” Kaze nodded and wondered. “Just what has John been doing ever since Lime crashed into our school?” 

“Anyway, that means I can see through Draco’s eyes!” John exclaimed. “And I can track him down, and it’ll be easier since we have a general direction and since he’s on the same planet!” 

“Wait, really?! T-that’s… great!” Kaze exclaimed. “Do that right now!”

John nodded. He then closed his eyes and seemed to focus. He focused for a bit before he opened his eyes and looked over at everyone else.

“It’s not working…” He said.

“Huh? How come?” Saturo questioned. 

“Well, Filato did put Draco to sleep before kidnapping him…” Kaze thought out loud.

“That’s probably why then. He’s still asleep, so I can’t see through his eyes,” John concluded. “Well. That idea won’t work out then. You’ll have to figure out something else.”

“Which, we got nothing,” Saturo pointed out. “We’ll just have to keep going in a straight line in the direction that we were told Draco was in.”

“That’s a very crappy plan,” John commented.

“It’s better than no plan!” Encounter retorted.

“Well a good plan would be better than a crappy one too! So brainstorm another plan. Cuz this one ain’t gonna work out very well,” John said. 

“He’s right though… we’ve been running for a long time and haven’t gotten even close. We need a new plan,” Kaze said.

“Okay… so what’s the new plan gonna be then?” Saturo asked.

“I’m not usually a plan guy. So I dun have much,” Encounter replied.

The four of them were then silent as they tried to think of a plan. 

But they were in a difficult situation. Even though they knew which direction Draco was at, he was far away. They wouldn’t be able to run to his location. 

“Okay, okay…” John then said. “We have nothing really. Let’s just stick with the crappy plan.”

“Yeah…” Kaze scratched the back of his head with a sigh. “Let’s just do that…” 

“But, I will suggest we get a better, faster way of transportation,” John suggested.

“That’d be a great idea.” Saturo nodded. “But we have nothing we could ride…”

Kaze and Saturo then looked over at Encounter. Encounter gave them a look that said ‘what?’.

“So…” Kaze then said to him. 

“So…?” Encounter said, before suddenly his face lit up. “Oh! You want me to find something we can ride on…”

“I mean, yeah. You can use magic, right? Can’t you like, summon something?” Saturo questioned.

“Yeah! Yeah I can summon something we can ride. The easiest thing would be my pet, if that’s alright.” Encounter smiled, a little embarrassed.

“Can your pet carry at least three of us?” John asked.

“Yeah! He’s pretty big,” Encounter said. “He could probably carry five people, really.”

“Well then that’ll do, there’s only four of us,” Kaze said. 

Encounter nodded and turned around, walking a small bit away before he took a small knife and sketched a small circle into the ground. Kaze, Saturo, and John just watched him curiously, since he was doing something that wasn’t normal for them.

Encounter then mumbled something under his breath, and dropped a small bit of dust in the middle of the circle. He started to recite something in his strange language.

Then, a massive bone-white circle ejected out far enough that Kaze, Saturo, and John were even standing in it a good ways, and the ground cracked dramatically just in front of Encounter. An absolutely massive bone-claw ripped through the ground, followed by a second a little further away.

A huge skull exploded out of the ground, and a massive figure flew up out of the ground, landing shortly after on suddenly-untouched ground, minus the small circle Encounter drew.

Not that anyone noticed, as a huge skeletal dragon stood in front of Encounter, who looked completely casual.

“It’s good to see you, Jagged!” Encounter said to the dragon, scratching its chin, to which it showed a reaction of gratitude.

It certainly looked like it could carry four people. And probably could carry twice that, maybe even ten. It was almost three times as tall as Encounter when it was standing up fully, and it’s huge skeletal wings compressed into almost nothing, but were huge in their own respect.

Kaze, Saturo, and John stared at the dragon for a few seconds. 

“Holy crap!” John then exclaimed. “A real dragon!”

“This is so awesome…” Saturo commented.

“Is it a male or female?” Kaze asked Encounter. “Or does it not matter since it’s a… skeleton dragon.”

“As far as I know, I have no freaking clue. Doesn’t seem to care either way.” Encounter smiled. “I just call em Jagged most of the time, and I haven’t got an objection from them. Being a skeleton and such, doesn’t really have a gender anymore I guess.”

“Huh, that makes sense,” Kaze commented. “So, can we ride them?”

“Why else would I have summoned them when we needed something to ride?” Encounter chuckled. “Of course we can ride them.”

“Yeah but I mean like, how are we supposed to get on?” Kaze asked. “Cuz I can fly, but Satu and John can’t.”

“You fly using wind right? Just like… move them on him too,” Encounter replied simply. “I feel like that’s the simplest answer.”

“Shoot, why haven’t I tried that before?” Kaze said. He then focused on the air around Saturo and John, and they were then lifted up into the air. Kaze then set the two of them onto Jagged’s back, flying as he did. Soon, all three of them were sitting on Jagged’s spinal cord. 

Encounter just casually leapt up onto Jagged’s back like he did it every day, which he very well might of, and positioned himself on the back, near the front. He then turned around like a flight attendant.

“So for your safety on the massive bone dragon, please hold on very tight because this is not slow!” Encounter said cheerily. “If you need a rope, speak now or accept that you’ll just fall.”

“We’ll just hold onto it’s rib cage,” John said, as he held on tight.

“That is basically what I said first. Some people have weak hands and can’t hold on to massive dragon ribs,” Encounter said, tapping Jagged shortly after.

Jagged turned his massive head around, just to where they could see Encounter, and Encounter pointed in the direction the four of them were needing to go. Jagged turned back around as Encounter sat down, and they extended their massive bony wings in preparation.

“Oh snap, here it comes…” Saturo commented, as he and Kaze held on tight.

Jagged’s wings glowed a slight white color, and they leapt up and forward with surprising force, getting themselves a good bit off the ground before they even moved their wings, which they did shortly after to raise itself and its passengers higher above the ground.

“Holy…!” Kaze didn’t expect this. Neither did Saturo or John. All of them just held on tightly since they didn’t want to fall off.

They were also moving very very fast. For a dragon with skeleton wings, it flew very effectively. It was like riding an airplane, only the passengers had to hold on.

This was a great way of transportation, at this rate they would be able to reach Draco’s location in no time!

“This is awesome! Now we can finally find Draco and save him!” Kaze exclaimed mentally, holding onto the skeleton dragon tightly as it flew fast towards their destination.




A/N: To be continued in the next chapter... 

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