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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 1)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 1)

Posted January 15th, 2020 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Alright, well it's been awhile, and Ava #1 said I shall post, so I shall post. Enjoy.


Chapter 1


“Can anyone tell me what the definition of energy is?” Glare questioned. 

He looked down at his students with a smile as he pointed at the word ‘energy’ that was written on the white board. Kaze, Saturo, and Draco were seated on the glowing grass outside, each with a notebook and a pen. This was their lesson for the day. They had them every day out in the outdoor classroom, unless Glare told them otherwise. 

“Which form of energy exactly, sir?” Draco asked.

“Any form. What is the basic definition of energy?” 

“An intangible resource used up or gained when something interacts with something else? Like pushing something?” Draco said.

“That is correct, but give me an even simpler definition,” Glare said. Kaze and Saturo just sat there, waiting for Glare to write on the board so they could just copy. 

“It’s like fuel? It keeps us ‘running’ so to speak?” Draco said again.

“That is correct too.” Glare then turned and starting writing on the board. “I’m going to go with this definition. Energy is…” he then wrote it on the board. “The capacity for doing work.”

Kaze and Saturo took notes. Draco did as well.

“There are a lot of different types of energy, such as kinetic, potential, thermal, electric, nuclear, chemical, etcetera,” Glare said. “But we’re not going to talk about those kinds of energy today.”

“Are we talking about the kind that comes from stuff like my Sparking Spirit?” Draco asked.

“Yes! It’s the same energy that your body creates,” Glare explained. “But you’re using it for more than simple movements.”

“What’re we using it for then?” Saturo asked.

“Well, for my Sparking Spirit, I’m using it to augment my abilities, think of it like… forcing your body to release more adrenaline to make your muscles more powerful and stuff,” Draco said. 

“And that would normally be unhealthy, but all of you possess Ultimate Crystals,” Glare added. “And Ultimate Crystals, when you absorb them, have the power to modify your body in any way, shape, or form. That’s how it can give people who don’t naturally have powers, powers.”

“Granted, that doesn’t mean my technique isn’t unsafe,” Draco said.

“Of course.” Glare nodded. “The crystals don’t normally modify your body all at once. They do it slowly, evolving you step by step.” 

“Wait… the crystal changes my body when I absorb it, right?” Kaze asked, raising his hand. “Does my body return to normal after I unabsorb it?”

“Good question!” Glare smiled. “The answer is no. Your body will stay the same, but will pause on evolving until you absorb your crystal again.”

“That’s probably why most people after getting their crystal usually don’t un-absorb it a lot,” Draco commented.

“Yeah, I haven’t.” Kaze chuckled.

“Yes. Anyway, back to energy…” Glare then said. “As I said, the energy you use for powers comes from the same source as the energy you use for normal movement. You get it from eating food. But a lot of powers, such as Saturo’s electricity and Draco’s plasma, require a lot of energy and would tire you out quickly. That’s when you can draw energy from your Ultimate Crystals.” 

“So we can draw out unlimited energy from our crystals?!” Saturo exclaimed in question. 

“Yes and no,” Glare replied. “Drawing energy takes energy, you see. And how much it takes depends on how much you’re drawing.”

“That… sounds inefficient,” Draco commented.

“It may sound inefficient, but it’s actually useful,” Glare said. “Like for example… let’s say you have five energy units.” He started to write on the board again. “You use those five energy units to draw out energy from the Ultimate Crystal, and get ten energy units, thus doubling the amount you used in the first place!”

“Then that would mean however that you only get big boosts of energy by giving a larger initial number then,” Draco said. “Kinda resembles gambling in a way.”

“Yes, it’s kind of like gambling. Except the outcome will always be a win.” Glare smiled.

“Well that’s only if you can make sure you can get the doubled amount of energy before your opponent beats you. Because if you’re giving away a large amount of energy to get double back, you’re probably gonna be tired, right? Or something like that,” Draco said.

“That would vary, depending on the person and situation,” Glare answered.

“Wait…” Kaze raised his hand once more. “So can I like, use a thousand energy units to get two thousand and have a heck a lot of energy?”

“Nnnno,” Glare said, shaking his head. “First off, you don’t have that much energy. And even if you did, doubling a thousand… it’s too much energy for your body to handle.”

“That’s kinda why the downside to Sparking Spirit is what it is,” Draco said to Kaze. “I’m multiplying all of my energy by a given number, and making my body have to hold that amount.”

“Wait, so that means that Emiliya has a lot of energy… remember when we tried Sparking Spirit on her?” Saturo asked, turning to Draco.

“I mean, she could handle ten times her base energy before giving up. Probably because she’s trained more than us,” Draco replied.

“Wait, when did you try that on Emiliya?” Kaze inquired, a look of confusion on his face.

“It happened when you were knocked out a few days ago, after you ran away from the house because you were upset,” Draco explained.


“Anyway,” Glare said. “Yes, Emiliya could handle the energy multiplier because she trained a lot. The more you physically train, the more energy capacity your body can handle.”

“That’s what I thought. The most I’ve tried to handle is only times three,” Draco said.

“Yes, you’ve got to train more to handle more,” Glare replied. “Otherwise, that will be all for today’s lesson. Any questions?”

“Yeah, I have a question,” Encounter said, walking in from who-knows-where-ville. “All of this seems to be about ultimate-related energy. So where do I get one of those gems in the first place?”

“Ah. Ultimate Crystals can be found all over the galaxy, but they only form here in the Ultimates Galaxy,” Glare answered, looking over at him. “There are millions, but there is a specific one meant for you. Finding it is the difficult part. It’s like finding a single needle in a giant planet made of hay.”

“Ah…” Encounter said thoughtfully. “So, do you just have to get lucky to find it then?”

Glare nodded. “That, or the crystal will talk to you when you’re close. There are radars that can track which planet the crystal is on that make the process easier, but they’re expensive.”

“Right, okay,” Encounter said. 

“I can help you find one in my free time. If you’re interested, I’ll let you know when I’m available,” Glare said with a smile.

“Oh, thanks!” Encounter smiled. “That sounds like a good idea.”

“Yes. Now, any other questions?” Glare asked, turning towards his students. 

“Are we doing any training today? And what kind?” Draco asked.

“Yes, but I won’t be teaching you today.” Glare smiled.

“Is it Emiliya?” Draco asked.

“No, she won’t be teaching you either,” Glare answered.

“Huh?” Kaze asked. “Who’s gonna teach us then?”

“Someone else. I’ll bring my ship out here in an hour and I’ll drop you off to train with him,” Glare said.

“Are just the three of us going?” Draco asked. “Or are Encounter and Uchi coming along, too?”

“They can if they want to,” Glare replied. “Emiliya won’t be coming though. She has things to do.”

“Okay, I’ll go ask if Uchiho wants to come with,” Draco said, getting up.

“I’ll come too, if that’s alright,” Encounter said.

“Yes, and yes.” Glare smiled. “In a about an hour from now. So you can rest and or prepare.”

“Sounds good to me!” Saturo said, before he noticed Draco was about to leave the outdoor classroom to go inside. “Oh, Draco, can you return my notebook while you go ask Uchiho?”

“Uh, sure Satu,” Draco said, taking his notebook.

“Can you return mine, too?” Kaze asked.

“I guess.” Draco took his as well and then headed inside. 

Glare also headed inside. “In an hour from now!” He told Kaze, Saturo, and Encounter. Afterwards, he disappeared into the house. 

Saturo and Kaze had gotten up and were standing beside Encounter, right in front of the house’s porch. 

“Yo,” Encounter said.

“Sup,” Kaze replied.

“Wanna go prepare?” Encounter asked.

“I mean, sure. How should we prepare though?” Kaze asked back.

“We could do some light training. Or actually PACK FOOD AND WATER.” Encounter chuckled.

“I’ve got my food packed. Just gotta get water.” Saturo patted his backpack that had not been there before.

“Scared noises; alright what about water.”

“You got me covered.” Saturo grinned. “And I won’t drink too much this time.”

“Alright, fair enough,” Encounter said. “So how about some light training, like a warmup. We can wait for Draco and Uchi too.”

“Sure, that sounds good.” Kaze did some stretches. “A free for all or 1 v 1?”

Encounter shrugged. “I’m good with either. You could also try your luck against me as a team. I wanted to gauge your power anyway.”

“Nah, I’ll take you on my own.” Kaze grinned. “I wanna see how much better I got since the last time we sparred.”

Encounter snarked. “Alriiight…”

As they spoke, Draco and Uchiho came outside from the house.

“Aye, you came right on time guys!” Saturo said to them, as he was eating from a party sized bag of spicy chips. “Kaze and Encounter are gonna spar!”

“Oh. Really?” Draco said, a bit surprised that Kaze was gonna go by himself.

“Apparently,” Encounter said with a chuckle. “Maybe I’ll actually try this time, hah.”

“So we’ll just watch then,” Uchiho said as Draco and her sat down over by where Saturo was. 

Meanwhile, Kaze and Encounter distanced themselves from their audience. Kaze grinned as he then started floating two feet up in the air.

“I’ve been practicing, so I think I’m a little better than before,” Kaze said with a grin.

“The last time you sparred was two days ago,” Draco commented, a tad skeptical.

“Yeah. And in those two days, I trained quite a lot,” Kaze replied. 

“Well, we’ll see how much better you’ve gotten I suppose,” Uchiho said.

“You sure will!” Kaze said confidently, as he then generated two wind balls in both of his hands. “Now, let’s do this Encounter!”

“Bring it,” Encounter said slyly, emanating a slight deep blue glow, mumbling. 

Kaze made the first move, throwing the wind balls at Encounter.

Encounter finished the slight mumbling of his spell, and his deep blue glow, along with him, vanished from sight completely. Moments later, he appeared a few feet behind Kaze, launching a sort of glowing projectile at his back. 

Although Kaze didn’t see the attack coming, his wind changed the direction of the attack, causing it to miss. Then he turned around and shot a beam of wind at Encounter.

Encounter leapt to one side to avoid Kaze’s attack, and started another spell, his legs and fingers emitting a bright and deep purple glow.

Kaze pushed his hand forward, causing Encounter to lose his balance as he was thrown a few feet back.

Encounter fumbled with his spell, and gave up, preferring to land on his feet than finish. Encounter then stomped his foot and a bright orange rune circle jutted out around him menacingly.

“This is going well,” Encounter commented.

“I told you, I’ve been practicing!” Kaze replied. He positioned his hands out in front of him, aiming them at Encounter. Then he extended his hands out to the side, generating a ball of wind, only it was a lot bigger than last time. 

Kaze then proceeded to shoot a large beam of wind, which shot at Encounter at a pretty decent speed.

The bright orange runic circle around Encounter flared, and he smiled as a massive stream of fire burst from around him and flew directly into the wind beam, pushing against it.

“Can you put out my fire, though?” Encounter asked.

“Ehe… no… pretty sure air can’t put out fires,” Kaze replied, attempting to push against the fire.

“Tch tch.” Encounter stepped behind the orange circle on the ground, and started to glow purple again. He just watched Kaze struggle against the fire as he cast his other spell.

Kaze thought to himself on how he would fight this. He saw that Encounter was surrounded by a circle of fire. The flames were pretty tall, shielding Encounter like a wall. 

Kaze then figured something out. He flew up higher into the air, before he redirected the wind beam to hit Encounter from above.

Encounter looked up, the flames vanishing moments after Kaze redirected. He shrugged, and stayed still to finish his spell. Sure, he would get hit, but afterwards he was practically assured to win. He just had an air of assured confidence from Kaze’s view.

Once the wind beam hit him, Encounter was pushed into the ground. Encounter didn’t bother to flinch, and simply finished his spell on the ground, with a smirk. He glowed a slight purple, and then Kaze glowed a darker slight purple, and then all at once the glows went away.

“Pushing me to the ground doesn’t do anything for you, Kaze.” Encounter laughed.

“Yeah, I know.” Kaze nodded. “But it slows you down a bit.”

“Not enough that I didn’t manage to cast,” Encounter replied, as he stood up. “So your point is mute, and the only advantage you have is blows.”

“Oh. Darn.” 

Encounter smiled, and his hands glowed light blue as he quickly cast a spell, sending out a flurry of magic, blue projectiles, that appeared to fly out from his hand and seek Kaze.

“Shoot.” Kaze thought to himself. Without thinking, he flew up higher into the air, getting away from the projectiles since he didn’t want to get hit.

The projectiles started to swerve around like flies, chasing after him through the air. Meanwhile, Encounter was casting another spell, glowing a dark brown throughout his arms.

On the other hand, Kaze landed on the ground a few feet away from Encounter, sticking his hands together. A green aura appeared around him and he swiftly shot all the projectiles at Encounter before they could hit him.

Encounter crashed his hands together, and below Kaze, unnervingly, hands made of the ground clasped his ankles and pulled at his upper leg, trying to pull him down to the ground. Additionally, Encounter swung his hand with neutral white runes across his palm, the projectiles bouncing back once again.

Kaze could tell that he wasn’t in a very good situation. He tried to escape, but the hands that Encounter made had a strong grip. And the projectiles were making their way towards him. 

Kaze decided to ignore the hands for now and focused on the projectiles. He inhaled some air, taking a deep breath, before he shot out a wind beam from his mouth, pushing the projectiles back.

Encounter smiled. “No, YOU have them!” he simply made the swiping motion with his hand, and they instantly redirected. They were his projectiles, and he could reflect things very fast too. Kaze was fighting a losing battle.

Encounter’s arm then glowed a similar brown to before, and he dropped to his knees and thrust his hand into the ground, up to his shoulder. A moderate sized armlike a normal one but longjutted up from where Kaze was trapped by arms, and behind him, grabbed the back of his shirt. Encounter janked his arm, and the long arm that was grabbing Kaze yanked on his shirt to pull him downwards.

Kaze fell backwards, and the other shorter hands grasped at him to keep him held down. Moments later, the projectiles all hit on or nearby Kaze, exploding slightly into puffs of magic that made Kaze want to sneeze. So now, trapped by arms and in a cloud of magic dust, Kaze couldn’t really do anything.

“Do ya give up?” Encounter asked.

“Yep… you win this time,” Kaze answered. 

The arms let go of Kaze, and Encounter had already walked over, offering to help Kaze up by extending his hand.

Kaze took his hand, and Encounter pulled him up to his feet. 

“Woo! That was a good sparring match,” Kaze commented, smiling. “I’ve got to work on… ah…” Kaze suddenly felt the need to sneeze. “Ah… ITCHOO!”

“Excuse you,” Encounter said with a smile. “You did better! You got sloppy when you were under too much pressure, but other than that you did pretty well.”

“Yeah, you sure did,” Saturo commented from the side lines, still eating chips. “You weren’t kidding when you said you’ve been practicing.”

“You did do much better than last time.” Draco nodded from next to Uchiho.

Kaze smiled, clearly happy that his friends were praising him. 

“I just wish Emiliya saw that,” Kaze then said, as he was walking over to Saturo, Draco, and Uchiho. 

“I mean, knowing her, she wouldn’t be as impressed as us,” Draco said.

“Yeah. She’d still call you a newbie,” Saturo added. “Heck, she called Encounter a newbie and he beat you, so that’d make you even newbier.”

Kaze just sighed. There it was again, the term that he disliked. He was sick of being a newbie. He’d practiced a lot just so he could get stronger and no longer be referred to as a ‘newbie’. But that still seemed to be far away. 

“It depends on scale, though,” Encounter defended Kaze. “Compared you folks, I’m sure he’s pretty decent, not a newbie. And if I was using my specialty, he’d be insignificant. You’re looking at it in a poor way.”

“We’re just commenting, Encounter. It’s not like we mean to make him feel bad,” Draco said.

“Yeah. In truth, me and Draco are no better than him. You’re a different story, you have a different background than us,” Saturo added, munching on chips.

Encounter glanced at Kaze. “Yeah, I know. I’m more worried about how Kaze feels about it, though.”

“It’s fine,” Kaze said with a wave of his hand. “I’ll just work harder.”

Encounter nodded. “Aight. If you say so.”

Draco and Saturo seemed unsure of Kaze’s response. They had noticed that Kaze’s mood changed every time the word ‘newbie’ was said, so to them, it wasn’t fine.

“We’ll have to talk to him later,” Draco whispered to Saturo quietly.

Saturo nodded, finally finishing his chips and crumbling the bag up into a ball.

“So, do you wanna try sparring with Encounter, Satu? You can go before me if you want,” Draco said.

“Nah, I’mma pass this time,” Saturo said, sticking the crumbled bag in his pocket. “We’re gonna have to train later with that other person Glare mentioned, so I’m gonna save my energy.”

“Okay, then I’ll give it a try,” Draco said, taking off his jacket and laying it on the ground. He then swiftly stood up before walking towards Encounter.

“I feel like a carnival game.” Encounter chuckled.

“Might have to do with the magic part.” Draco smiled.

The two of them then moved away from the others, like Kaze and Encounter did earlier.

“Ready?” Draco asked with an excited smile as he got into a fighting stance.

“Not even a little. Bring it!” Encounter laughed.

They both steeled themselves as the match began.

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter... 

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Huh, this is interesting. It

Huh, this is interesting. It would be nice if you could find a way to 'show' more of the stuff about the Sparking Spirits and how they work, rather than 'tell' it all through dialogue, but I can definitely see the world building you've done. I just have one question; 

“Scared noises; alright what about water.” << what. is this?

"Champion, I can take a beating, I'll rise again." - Barns Courtney

Posted by The KP Mom on Thu, 01/16/2020 - 01:01
&ldquo;We could do some
“We could do some light training. Or actually PACK FOOD AND WATER.” Encounter chuckled.
“I’ve got my food packed. Just gotta get water.” Saturo patted his backpack that had not been there before.
“Scared noises; alright what about water.”
“You got me covered.” Saturo grinned. “And I won’t drink too much this time.”
The "Scared Noises" is just something that Encounter is saying, kinda like his humor. He saying it cuz of Saturo, and what happened last time with him and food. Also the backpack that suddenly appeared, or something like that. 
For the Sparking Spirit stuff, that will be shown in the future :) 
Posted by QuartzMaster on Thu, 01/16/2020 - 02:51

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