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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 10)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 10)

Posted June 19th, 2021 by QuartzMaster

by UltimateOsaid
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 10


Kaze exhaled as he looked down at the forest. Saturo stood beside him. They had gone at least a few miles away from Stare’s cottage, standing up on a giant rock that was part of a mountain. 

Saturo wondered how Kaze felt now. Kaze had calmed down quite quickly, it was something he usually did, but Saturo still thought that Kaze was bothered. 

“I miss home,” Saturo then said. 

Kaze looked over at his friend. 

“Well I don’t,” Kaze said. “Home was boring, you know? School and stuff. Being out here, as if I’m on my own… I like it. It makes me feel like an adult, caring for myself instead of having someone else doing that for me.” 

“But if you think about it… Glare kinda is our legal guardian, since he’s our master,” Saturo commented.

“He’s hardly ever around though. So my point still stands,” Kaze remarked.

“I mean…” Saturo thought about it. “I guess.”

“No one’s around to nag me to go to sleep,” Kaze commented. “Which is something amazing. I don’t have a bedtime.” He then grinned at Satu. “And you don’t have anyone forcing you to eat nothing but healthy foods.”

Saturo chuckled. “Yeah. I guess I like that.”

Kaze smiled as he looked out at the wildlife in front of him. Saturo noticed that Kaze was smiling. 

“I still miss home, though,” Saturo then said. “And my parents.”

“Oh yeah.” Kaze felt a little regret. He was the one who had brought Saturo along into Lime’s spaceship. “…I’ll get us home. Eventually.”


“Yeah.” Kaze looked up at the sky. “I just need to get stronger and gain more knowledge. Then I’ll figure out which planet is ours.” 

“I don’t know how you plan to do that… but okay,” Saturo said. “Do your best. I’ll do the same.”

“We’ll do our best together, then.” Kaze smiled. 

“Yeah.” Saturo smiled as well.

The two of them stood there in silence for a few moments, the sound of nature reverberating around them.

“What do you think Glare’s doing right now?” Kaze then asked.

“Glare? I have no clue…” Saturo shrugged. “I don’t think it really matters. We’ll be staying here with Stare for a while until Glare comes back to pick us up.”

“He’s going after the artifacts,” Kaze said. “Trying to get them before Dakure. I’m just wondering… how many does Dakure already have? And how many artifacts are there in total? And does Glare have some too?”

“Uhh…” Saturo wondered the same thing. But he believed that none of that was his business, so he should stay out of it. “I don’t know. It doesn’t matter to us anyway. It’s not our problem.”

“Hm.” Kaze looked at Saturo. “I guess.” He still wanted to engage with the artifact escapade, but he didn’t have any way to do so. So he remained silent, looking up at the blue sky above him.


A few minutes after Kaze and Saturo had left for their walk, Stare had entered his cottage, telling the others who were still outside that he had some work to do. The others had nodded in response, but remained outside.

“So, how long have you two known each other exactly?” Draco then asked, looking over at Mehrunes and Encounter.

Encounter glanced at Mehrunes, who shrugged in response. “Umm… at least four years, I think,” Encounter said deflatedly.

“You’re not entirely sure?” Uchiho pondered, raising an eyebrow.

Mehrunes shrugged again. “Nope. It’s probably more than that really. Just hard to tell. Don’t keep track.”

“I see. I take it you’re pretty good with a sword?” Draco asked, pointing at the sheathed sword on Mehrunes’ back.

“Yeah, I’d say so,” Mehrunes replied with a nod.

“And you can teleport or do something similar to teleporting?” Uchiho asked.

“You folks ask a lot of questions,” Mehrunes discerned. “Yes. Yes I can teleport.”

“We’re just curious,” Draco reassured him.

Mehrunes just sighed. “Yeah. Curiosity.”

Draco nodded, thinking to himself. “I guess I should’ve expected that the guy who nearly crippled me by doing just a reflex would be suspicious of me and Uchi asking about his abilities… Even though we have no malicious intentions.” 

Encounter smiled, a little nervously at that. “Mehrunes does do some pretty cool things… so it’s alright that you’re curious. Probably. Let’s hope.”

“Yeah,” Draco said, a bit nervously as well. “Anyway, I guess I’ll go practice some of my hand to hand moves over there by the rocks and trees. Since I can’t think of much else to do at the moment.” 

Since the others didn’t stop him, Draco walked about ten yards away from them. He then got into his fighting stance, his legs being planted solidly while his arms were held up in front of him, his hands half opened. He took in a deep breath and focused, causing his irises to change to a cyan color. He noticed his energy rose a bit as he did.

Draco then began sending out kicks and different hand blows in different patterns, at different angles, exhaling with each attack he sent out.

So far he was working into getting his blood pumping.

As he got more into his practice, he started picking up the pace of his attacks and increasing the variety.

“Hah! Hm! Rah!” Draco exclaimed as he sent out the blows. He was going fast enough that each attack made a little whooshing noise. Even though he was starting to sweat a good amount, he just looked happy.

Mehrunes watched silently. It looked like he wanted to make a comment, but he didn’t. He just appeared to be thinking that Draco was insane.

Draco just kept practicing, not paying attention to the others. Now he was practicing evasive maneuvers, rolls, sidesteps, crouches, etc. He was also jumping off of and over trees. He also swiftly climbed and ran up the different sized trees and rocks around him, all in one continuous go. 

Draco looked like he was having an absolute blast doing all of this.

“Woo!” Draco exclaimed as he repeatedly jumped from branch to branch in between two trees, getting higher and higher as he climbed the branches.

“Now he’s really starting to get into it.” Uchiho smiled, speaking mainly to Encounter.

Encounter chuckled. “I guess so.” 

By now, Draco had reached the top of the trees. He was about twelve yards off the ground, and was just looking out at his surroundings. He could see quite far from up there.

“He’s ridiculous,” Mehrunes mumbled, loud enough for Encounter and Uchiho to hear.

“What do you mean?” Uchiho asked, looking over at Mehrunes. At the same time, Draco was leaping off of the tree top, returning to the ground while using bursts of plasma from his hands to slow his fall.

Mehrunes shook his head. “He is. I can get a certain amount of psych, but this is training, and that’s ridiculous.”

Uchiho looked up at Encounter with a confused expression.

“He doesn’t find Draco’s excitement to be endearing, because he grew up on battle. He gets the glory-but not the fun in fighting. So he views this as… ridiculous,” Encounter explained. “Him and I have a lot of… conflicting ideals… you get used to it.”

“I see…” Uchiho said, scratching her head a little.

As they were talking, Draco had begun practicing with plasma, shooting different sized spheres and shapes of it into the air.

He appeared to be testing the different ways he could fire out plasma and the rate at which he could do it.

He was firing spheres, small rays, and even plasma in the shape of slashes or blades.

“Alright, now to test my precision,” Draco said to himself as he then dug around the large rocks around him until he had found and made a pile of small rocks.

He then started tossing the small rocks up into the air and trying to blast them with plasma, trying to be as accurate as possible.

The results were mixed. He was able to hit a good amount of them, but there were a few that he missed.

“Alright so I still need more practice. Good to know,” Draco commented to himself as he looked at the rocks he had missed. “Maybe now I’ll work on handling my energy.”

Draco then moved the small rocks aside and took off his jacket before taking a deep breath, closing his eyes as he did, making sure to focus on sensing energy.

He then exhaled and opened his eyes, beginning to charge up his energy at a higher rate than before.

This caused a blue flame-like aura to manifest around him, the force of it caused his shirt to billow frantically like it was caught in a strong gust of wind.

Encounter glanced over to where Mehrunes was standing, and discovered that he wasn’t standing there anymore. Mehrunes, was in fact, on the roof of Stare’s cottage, talking to a book secretively. But none of them knew this.

“Ah… that’s never a good sign,” Encounter mumbled to himself, looking back over at Draco. “I’m sure it’ll be fine, I don’t wanna look for him…”

“Aight… ‘book of elements’.” Mehrunes whispered apprehensively, from the roof of Stare’s cottage. “Are these the people who that crazy lady was talking about?”

He waited for words to generate on a page. 


Yes… yes, they are.


“Fancy lettering. Nice,” Mehrunes whispered. “Any ideas what my next move should be with them?”


That is your choice. 


“Fantastic. Can you at least tell me a little about Kaze?” Mehrunes asked quietly.


What do you want to know?


“I dunno… useful tidbits, like a little about his past, where he’s from, and how he generally behaves would help.”


Very well… Kaze Vensika: a boy who lived on Planet Hindro his whole life, until he left his planet on accident. He was a normal school boy on an isolated planet. He… seems like a daredevil.


“Daredevil, eh? Respectable, or stupid. Saturo, what about him?” Mehrunes asked again.


Saturo Kanshiro is of the same origin. He was dragged along with Kaze in the accident that led them to stray away from their home planet. He tends to be a curious boy who is sarcastic at times. 


“And a tad too nice,” Mehrunes commented under his breath. “What about Draco?”


Draco Saurashido is of different origin. He comes from the planet Aerth. A planet of people who like to spar. He is quite enthusiastic and works hard to achieve his goals. 


“Right… that all will probably come in handy. Thanks,” Mehrunes said quietly.


With pleasure. 


Mehrunes then put the book away and glanced down to see that Draco was still training. Uchiho and Encounter were still watching him as well.

By now he had charged up enough energy that his aura was five times bigger, and was causing the small rocks from before to float. His spiky brown hair was wavering and pointing upwards in the wind it was generating. His irises were also glowing brighter.

“Looks like he’s improved a bit since he last tried just making as much energy as possible,” Uchiho said to Encounter.

“I didn’t make a habit of watching him, maybe I should,” Encounter replied.

“Maybe.” Uchiho shrugged.

Draco was still building energy, but something seemed to change… his left eye was glowing a good bit more than before, and the right was getting a bit dimmer for some reason.

Draco also looked like he was focusing extremely hard to get this much energy, as he was gritting his teeth and clenching his fists.

“Grrrr…” Draco was growling to himself as he tried to build up more energy. His aura was starting to burn the grass and tear tiny chunks of the ground out and into the air.

He felt like he was approaching something. A ceiling of sorts. And he just couldn’t quite get through it.

He strained a bit more and then, in one big release, the aura faded away. The energy quickly left Draco’s body as he then fell to the ground on his knees, panting and sweating, his irises back to being brown and not glowing.

“Darn… I was close… whew…” Draco said as he caught his breath. He then got up, grabbed his jacket, and walked over to Uchiho and Encounter. Mehrunes quickly teleported back to them as well.

“I’m gonna take a little break, I’m kinda tired,” Draco said to them as he then sat under a nearby tree.

“Alrighty then,” Encounter replied.

“Guess we should think of something to pass the time,” Uchiho said, sitting down as well near Draco.

“What would we do, though?” Encounter asked, as Mehrunes was off wandering around the immediate area.

“That’s the problem, we don’t exactly have much at our disposal to use. I really only brought my koto and some clothes and stuff since we’ll be here a bit,” Uchiho replied.

“Yeah. I suppose- by the way, how does that work?” Encounter asked, referring to the koto.

“What? You mean how can it cause stuff like healing?” She asked.

“Yeah! It’s pretty neat,” Encounter replied.

“Hmm… well I always thought it had something to do with these,” She said, pulling out the koto and showing Encounter the back of it. There several odd symbols carved into it. “Back where I used to live it was used for ceremonies and stuff so it must get the power from something.”

“I think you might be right…” Encounter replied. “Kinda looks like enchantment… or something. Mehrunes actually majorly uses enchantment, he might be able to help! Or offer insight…”

“Maybe, you two know a lot more about non-crystal related magic stuff than I do,” She said.

“Hey Mehrunes! C’mere!” Encounter yelled at Mehrunes, who was just meandering. “I need something from you!”

Mehrunes disappeared from where he was standing and appeared next to Encounter, having teleported, making Encounter jump a little.

“What?” Mehrunes asked.

“Uchiho’s koto has some symbols on it, I thought you might be able to take anything from it,” Encounter replied as Uchiho then held up her koto, showing Mehrunes the symbols on its back.

Mehrunes looked, looked away, did a double take, and suddenly took more interest.

“Yeah, that sure looks like enchantment. I also recognize a few of those runes…” Mehrunes said, then looking at Uchiho. “You use it to heal, right?”

“That’s what it’s mainly used for, yes.” She nodded.

Mehrunes looked at the instrument again. “Well, it’s enchanted, and I only recognize a few runes so I can’t exactly tell you what it means. I CAN tell you that I’m intrigued by this, and you. Is there something specific you wanted here?”

“We were just wondering what lets it have healing properties,” Uchiho replied. “So we decided to ask you.”

“Right. Makes sense, I guess,” Mehrunes replied. “That would probably do it.”

“So what do the runes you can read say?” Uchiho asked.

“I can really only read the more basic ones, like they used that kind of magic, looks like ours, for the actual power and these other runes for the binding or something. It’s basically ‘heal, slow, guard, and slumber’ and that’s all I can really get,” Mehrunes replied. “There’s a lot of meaning. I probably could figure it out, but it’d take a while.”

“Well, you can look at it if you want. I don’t need to use it right now since no one is physically injured right now,” she said. “And it’d be nice to know what exactly it means.”

Mehrunes shook his head. “I will look at it, but some other time.”

“Alright.” Uchiho shrugged as she took her koto back from Mehrunes. “Just tell me when you want to look at it.”

“M’kay,” Mehrunes replied. 


“Dakure has four of the artifacts,” Glare thought to himself. He was driving his spaceship through the void of space, going at light speed. “I have two back at my lab… that means there are four more out there.” 

Glare could try and find out where the other four artifacts were, but he knew it would take time. It could even take months. The artifacts were spread out throughout the galaxy. Finding them was a real challenge, for both Glare and Dakure. 

Glare had to decide what he was going to do. He could either chase after Dakure some more, and have to deal with his old students Gagger and Tenker, or he could search for the other artifacts. If he could get just one he would be able to stop Dakure, since Dakure needed all ten artifacts in order to summon the legendary creature. But Glare already had two of the artifacts, so he needed not to find another. 

“Dakure is probably heading towards my lab… he must know I have the artifacts hidden there,” Glare thought to himself. 

Glare then figured out what he was going to do. 

He was going to head back to his laboratory and stop Dakure from getting the two artifacts Glare had stored there. Glare was positive that Dakure would know where his lab was, since Gagger and Tenker were with him.

Glare’s grip on the steering wheel tightened. He knew that things weren’t going to go well. 

Glare then pressed some buttons, using the spaceship computer for calling. He dialed in a number and waited.

“Yeah, Master?” Emiliya’s voice came out of the computer. 

“Emiliya. Dakure is headed towards the lab right now. He’s after the artifacts,” Glare said. “He left before me, since I didn’t have my spaceship. Hold him off for as long as you can, I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“W-what? Oh- Okay, I’ll do my best!” Emiliya exclaimed.

Glare then hung up. 

“I shouldn’t have shown Gagger and Tenker the lab’s security system…” Glare thought to himself in regret. “Now they’ll get past it… It’s up to Emiliya to hold them off until I get there.”







To be continued in the next chapter...

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