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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 12)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 12)

Posted June 24th, 2021 by QuartzMaster

by UltimateOsaid
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Here's the next chapter! Shout out to Snow for being amazing and somehow catching up in just a day or two. cool




Chapter 12


Saturo was sleeping peacefully on his mattress when Kaze suddenly shook him.

“Saturo! Wake up, we have things to do!” Kaze exclaimed.

Saturo groaned. “Why are you awake this early? What time is it even?” He looked over at the wall, which had a clock on it. “…IT’S FOUR A.M!”

Kaze laughed. “Yeah, I’m aware of that. We got no time to lose! Stare isn’t here, so we have to leave quickly before he comes back!” 

Saturo rubbed his eyes as he sat up. “You even checked if Stare was present or not?” 

“Mhm.” Kaze nodded with a grin. “The coast is clear. We just have to go wake up Draco and Uchiho now and then we can go.” 

Saturo was astonished as he got up to his feet. Kaze didn’t bother to wait for him though, and had already gone into the other room where Draco and Uchiho were sleeping. 

“Yo Draco! Uchiho! Wake up, we got things to do today!” Kaze exclaimed as he floated into the room.

“…Since when do you get up before us?” Draco asked sleepily, one of his eyebrows raised skeptically.

“Since now.” Kaze smirked. “Anyway, me, Mehrunes, and Encounter will be waiting outside for you guys. Come quick!” He didn’t bother to explain what was happening to him as he floated out of the room and cottage.

This just made Draco and Uchiho look at each other in tired confusion as they then got out of bed and went outside, along with Saturo who was yawning.

Once the three of them made it outside, they saw Kaze, Mehrunes, and Encounter gathered around a tree. 

“When you guys were asleep last night, they came up with a plan to find the artifacts,” Saturo explained to Draco. 

“I already don’t like where this is going,” Draco grumbled tiredly.

Saturo chuckled and patted Draco on the back. “This is the best way to teach Kaze his lesson. Besides, Mehrunes and Encounter will be with us. Together we can work as a team and no one will get hurt.”

“Lesson, huh?” Draco seemed a bit more interested.

Saturo nodded. “Yeah. Then Kaze will know what it’s really like. And the rest of us get to go on a little adventure too. So it’s not that bad.”

“Then I assume you woke us up this early to avoid Stare?” Uchiho asked as she rubbed her eyes sleepily.

“That’s what Kaze did, yeah.” Saturo nodded once more. 

“So what exactly is the plan of actually getting to said artifacts?” Draco asked.

Saturo pointed up at Kaze, Mehrunes, and Encounter, who were waiting patiently by a tree. 

“Let’s go over and see,” Saturo then said, as he, Draco, and Uchiho walked over to the others. 

Kaze waited until they were close enough. Then he started talking.

“Alright! Everyone is here!” He said. “So, all we need is a spaceship right now and then we can travel to the planets that the artifacts are on.”

“We got that lined up, we just need to go to town,” Encounter replied, as Mehrunes took out some stones and laid them on the ground. “Mehrunes asked the book again for help.”

“Book?” Draco inquired, as he and Uchiho looked confused.

“He has a magic book that answers his questions,” Encounter said. “It was super surreal but then I got used to it.”

“I’m still not used to it though,” Kaze commented. “But it gave us the locations of the artifacts.”

“Indeed,” Mehrunes said, as there were six stones in front of him. “Everyone needs to take a stone, they’re enchanted.”

“What do they do?” Saturo asked.

“When active, it completely nullifies an attack, then shatters,” Mehrunes replied. “They were hard to make, so don’t waste them.”

Everyone nodded as they each took a stone.

“Any objections?” Mehrunes said.

Everyone was silent.

“Good. Then we’re going to town to get a ride,” Mehrunes said. 

“Can you teleport us all or are we gonna have to ride Jagged?” Kaze asked Mehrunes.

“We’re riding Jagged. Teleporting takes more energy,” Mehrunes replied flatly. “I know you’re excited but teleporting all of you would be hard on me, so.”

“Ah well, that’s reasonable,” Kaze said. 

Encounter then whistled for Jagged, and the skeletal dragon flew over from somewhere and landed behind them. 

Jagged looked at all of them and nodded, letting them all climb into him. Kaze, Saturo, Draco, and Uchiho were riding in Jagged’s rib cage again, and Mehrunes and Encounter were sitting up on Jagged’s head.

In no time, Jagged was in the air. At a fast pace, they flew across mountains, heading towards the nearest town that Mehrunes had found the night before. He and Encounter had done a lot of preparation to make sure things would run smoothly. 

And they figured out that they had to find a spaceship to give them a ride, since their space traveling skill wouldn’t help the others, as they can only ‘planet hop’ themselves. So Mehrunes had asked the book what the easiest way to find a ride was, and the book informed him about a guild that was nearby where they could find people that would give them a ride. 

Accordingly, Jagged was flying to that guild, and because he was quite swift, they arrived at the town in no time. 

Jagged landed in an empty area in the town. Some people where around, but they didn’t look too surprised to see a skeletal dragon. It was as if it was perfectly normal.

“The people don’t look surprised to see us casually dropping in on Jagged,” Kaze commented, noticing that the residents of this town were just minding their own business.

“Yeah, must be everyday people drop in on skeleton dragons,” Mehrunes replied sarcastically. “People have things to do, and we’re riding on it so they don’t have to worry about an untamed dragon. We might be a footnote in their day, but as far as they’re concerned they’re just gonna stay out of whatever our business is to them. Like almost everyone seems to think is appropriate.”

“That sounds pretty reasonable to me,” Saturo commented, as everyone got off/out of Jagged. 

“Alright, well. Where do we go now?” Kaze asked, looking over at Mehrunes.

Mehrunes simply pointed over at a building not too far away. “And from there, we can find someone with a spaceship to give us a ride.”  

“Well great. Let’s go then!” Kaze exclaimed.

The six of them all walked over towards the building. Once they made it to the front entrance, they noticed there was a sign above the door that read “Pegasus Heel.” 

“Pegasus Heel?” Saturo questioned as all of them were looking up at the sign. 

“Seems a bit random to name a building after part of a flying horse’s foot. But it’s no big deal,” Draco commented.

“Oh, that’s just the name of our guild!” A young lady said, appearing at the door with a bright smile. “Are you interested in joining?”

Kaze looked up at her in confusion. “Guild? What’s that?” 

“It’s a sort of association or gathering place. Usually where people of similar talents work together or take jobs requested by people wanting a sort of task completed,” Draco replied. “There can be guilds on several things, blacksmithing, bounty hunting, exploration, etc.”

“Yeah! What he said!” The young lady said. “We do bounty hunting.”

“Bounty hunting?” Kaze asked. “So you guys do like… missions and stuff for money?”

The young lady nodded. “Pretty much!”

“That’s close enough to suit us, I’d say,” Mehrunes said.

“As long as one of them accepts to just fly us somewhere and get paid for it,” Uchiho said.

“Honestly, I don’t see why anyone would turn a job like that down, unless it was flying somewhere really dangerous,” Draco commented.

“Oh, you guys are looking for a ride?” The young lady asked.

“Yeah.” Kaze nodded.

“Someone around should be willing to give you one. Come on inside!” She moved out of the doorway to let them in. 

And so they walked into the building. Inside, they saw many seats and tables scattered around what seemed to be a bar. There were also some stairs at the end of the room that probably led to somewhere. 

“Hmm…” The young lady was looking around at the people seated inside. There were just five people. There was a bearded large man, a middle aged woman, and three teenage boys. The man and the woman were sitting in the middle of the room chatting, while two of the teenage boys were in the corner. The third teenage boy was on the opposite side, and he was abnormally huge for someone of his apparent age. He looked like he was over six feet tall, and he had a very broad and developed musculature. There was also a giant hammer beside him, that seemed to catch Encounter and Mehrunes’ attention for a moment. “Oh. The people that give rides aren’t here currently…”

“Really? That sucks. Guess we’ll have to wait,” Draco said.

“Who you got there, Acura?” The bearded man then asked, sipping on a soft drink.

The young lady, Acura, smiled at him. “Just a group wanting a ride.”

The woman sitting beside the bearded man spoke up. “A ride you say? Shame. Chrysler isn’t around at the moment.”

“Chrysler?” Saturo spoke up. “Is he the only one that has a spaceship?”

Before any of them could respond, the boy with the giant hammer spoke up from across the room. 

“We wouldn’t be good at our jobs if we didn’t have ships. It’s just that he’s the only one who works here that doesn’t have a ship specifically for combat. And also knows how to land,” The boy said, his voice deep yet clear.

The bearded man chuckled, holding out his drink. “Yeah, if you’re real desperate for a ride, Vivo over there can help you. But be warned, it’s not gonna be very smooth.”

“Hey! I do drive smoothly!” One of the teenage boys with short brown hair, Vivo, protested. 

“We never said it was your driving that wasn’t smooth, Vivo.” The boy with the giant hammer smiled.

“Yeah.” The teenage boy sitting beside Vivo chuckled. “Your landing is just terrible.”

This conversation definitely caught the group’s attention. In a slightly worrying way.

“Eh?” Kaze turned to the others. “He’s all we got. Might as well use him.”

Saturo, Draco, and Uchiho seemed unsure to say the least. Mehrunes and Encounter looked like they didn’t really care.

“I mean… I guess. According to everyone here, he just can’t land that well. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem,” Saturo said with a shrug.

Draco and Uchiho still looked unsure, but didn’t comment.

“Yeah, it won’t be a problem,” The guy sitting beside Vivo commented. “We can give you a ride. Just gonna cost you.”

“How much?” Draco asked.

“Depends on where you’re going,” Vivo said. He and the guy sitting with him stood up and walked over to them. “So, where do you need to go?” 

“Multiple places,” Kaze answered. “First, the Water Planet.”

“Oh, that ain’t too far away,” the guy with Vivo said. He had the same exact haircut as Vivo. His hair was a lighter brown than Vivo’s. “That’ll just cost you, like, fifty Ultims.”

“Hmmm…” Draco then went through his bag. “Should be in here somewhere…”

Mehrunes rolled his eyes. “We also have destinations on Ertin, Planet 1027 CXE, and Mayit. Probably for moderate durations.”

“Oh.” Vivo then scratched his hair. “Two of those planets uh… Aren’t in the Elemental System. That would cost you more.”

“I understand that, obviously,” Mehrunes replied. “Do you take non-‘ultim’ payments?”

“Depends. We’ll accept Ertin Credits, since we can just exchange them for Ultims,” the guy with Vivo said.

“Don’t have much of those either, myself,” Mehrunes said, glancing at Draco. “How about gold, or gems?”

“Those could work,” Vivo said, nodding. “Yeah, I could accept those.”

“I hope so, I don’t want to foot the cost of this whole thing,” Draco commented, seemingly a tad irritated he wasn’t informed that it would possibly cost so much.

Mehrunes glanced at him disapprovingly which Draco simply replied silently with a slight scowl. 

“How much?” Mehrunes asked, looking back at Vivo.

Vivo shrugged. “I don’t know where those other two planets are, so I guess you can pay afterwards. Because the distance is how I price it.”

“Right, sounds good,” Mehrunes said.

“So you got what you came for?” The young lady from before, Acura, asked with a smile. 

“It’s probably close enough for mister pushy,” Mehrunes said, motioning at Kaze. “So sure.”

“Mister Pushy?” The guy with Vivo asked, looking at Kaze with a chuckle. “That your name?”

“What? No! My name’s Kaze,” Kaze said, shaking his head.

Mehrunes smirked.

“Oh. Well I’m Vulgon. And this is Vivofit,” the guy replied with a grin. 

“I go by Vivo for short,” Vivofit said, raising a hand. 

“Cool,” Mehrunes replied.

“And you guys are…?” Vulgon questioned.

Encounter spoke up. “That’s Mehrunes, and he’s not particularly fond about socializing, excuse him. I’m Encounter, that’s Draco and Uchiho, Kaze is over there and that’s Saturo.” Encounter pointed as he spoke.

“Ah okay.” Vivofit nodded and smiled. “Nice to meet you all.”

“You guys want to go right now?” Vulgon then said. 

“I guess so.” Kaze shrugged. “Where’s your ship?”

“Out the back door. Just follow us,” Vulgon said. He and Vivofit turned and headed out the back door. Kaze, Saturo, Draco, Uchiho, Mehrunes, and Encounter followed them. 

On their way out, the guy with the hammer called out.

They turned to see he was following behind them.

“Since you all are going outside the Elemental System, I should come with you to help in case anything goes horribly wrong,” he said, placing his hammer onto his back.

“Aight man.” Mehrunes shrugged.

“But also to make sure you don’t get too hurt,” he added, glancing over at Vivofit. 

“Ha…” Vivofit rubbed the back of his head. “Actually, there won’t be enough room for you in my ship… Sorry Legion.”

“Thanks for the offer, though,” Vulgon added with a grin.

“Vivo, Vulgon. You two both know that I know how large your current ship is. And even with these six, there’s still room,” the teenager named Legion said. His voice had a tone of intimidation. More than it already had at least.

“So you just wanna tag along? Because you have nothing better to do?” Vulgon asked, unintimidated by Legion’s voice.  

“My schedule is free for the next three days,” Legion said simply, unfazed by Vulgon’s unintimidated state. It seemed that they knew each other for quite awhile so they were used to each other.

Vivofit, on the other hand, seemed a tad more skittish than earlier. 

“Ehhhh I dunno man…” Vivofit said, thinking to himself.

“I fail to see the problem of him coming with,” Draco said as some of the others seemed to be thinking as well.

“It wouldn’t hurt to have someone else come along to help guard,” Uchiho commented.

“He could also help find and retrieve the artifacts,” Kaze added. “So I think it’d actually be better to have him tag along!”

“Seems to be a pretty clear consensus,” Legion said to Vivofit with a slight smile.

Vivofit rolled his eyes. “Fineee. You can tag along.”

Legion seemed pleased as the group then continued walking to the ship. They then walked out of the guild and were outside, and there was a fairly small spaceship parked there. 

“Well everyone, meet Keiko,” Vivofit then said, pointing at his ship. 

There were a few noticeable scratches and dents on said ship’s exterior.

“Well ‘Keiko’ doesn’t seem to be in the greatest condition,” Saturo commented. 

“Nah, she’s just fine,” Vulgon said, opening the side door of the spaceship. “Hop on everyone.”

All nine of them hopped into the spaceship. Vivofit sat in the pilot’s seat, with Vulgon beside him as his co-pilot. Right behind them were four seats, where Kaze, Saturo, Draco, and Uchiho sat. Those were all the seats available, but Vivofit then pressed a button and two more seats appeared in the back. 

“One of you are gonna have to stand,” Vulgon said, looking back at them as he pressed a few more buttons. “You can do it, Legion. You’ll be fine.”

“Course I will be,” Legion said as Mehrunes and Encounter casually sat in the two seats, while he remained standing.

The lighting of the ship and outdoors really brought attention to the sheer size difference between Legion and anyone else on the ship. 

He looked even taller than when he was inside the building, 

“Maybe he was leaning against the wall?” Kaze thought. “Cuz dang he’s… very big.”

It was clear that he was closer to seven feet tall than six, and his body structure looked more solid than any wall he’d ever seen.

“I think his bicep is bigger than my head…” Kaze thought. “Good thing he came along. Getting these artifacts should be a piece of cake!” 

“Alright, everyone ready?” Vivofit then asked. “We’re gonna go to the Water Planet first, since it’s the closest to the Rock Planet.”

“Sounds good,” Legion said as everyone else made sure they were strapped in. Of course, he just remained standing. 

“Yep. We’re all good,” Kaze said assuringly. 

“Aight, then we’re off!” Vulgon exclaimed as Vivofit pushed a lever. Vivo’s spaceship proceeded to leave the ground and shoot off into space, swiftly leaving the Rock Planet’s atmosphere.

Everyone else was pushed into the back of their seats.

Legion, scarily enough, didn’t even seem bothered.

“WHAT IS HE?!” Kaze exclaimed mentally. Even Saturo, Draco, Uchiho, and Encounter seemed surprised. Mehrunes, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care much. And Vivofit and Vulgon already knew Legion so they weren’t surprised. 

Soon, they had made it into space, leaving the gigantic Rock Planet, which was the largest planet in the Elemental System. 

Vivofit smiled as he activated light speed, causing the spaceship to accelerate dramatically into the speed of light, heading towards where the Water Planet would be.

To be continued in the next chapter....!

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