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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 13)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 13)

Posted June 26th, 2021 by QuartzMaster

by UltimateOsaid
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Alrighty, here is the next chapter!



Chapter 13


“There’s the Water Planet,” Vivofit said. His spaceship was in the orbit of a blue planet that was completely covered in water. 

Somehow, despite the speed of light that the spaceship had gone in, no one was torn out of their seats. And Legion was still standing in his spot, perfectly fine. Even more to Kaze’s bafflement.

“So this is the planet you used to live on…” Draco said to Uchiho while looking out the window. “It sure is pretty.”

“Yeah.” She nodded.

“It’s gonna be impossible to find anything,” Mehrunes replied. “Well… for most of us at least.”

“Yeah uh…” Kaze looked back at Mehrunes. “Where’s the artifact at exactly on the planet?”

“I remember I asked it, but I don’t remember what it said,” Mehrunes replied.

“Then you should probably ask it again,” Kaze said to him. 

Mehrunes shrugged, and the book appeared in his hands again. “Where’s the artifact on this planet, again?”

Kaze looked down at the book as words generated.


It is located in a Skarn Temple, underwater. 


“Underwater?” Kaze asked. “How are we gonna reach it if it’s underwater?!”

“And what’s a Skarn?” Draco asked. He, Kaze, and Saturo were all looking back at Mehrunes and the book, while Encounter?who was beside Mehrunes? was looking at the book as well. 

Uchiho, on the other hand, seemed to be thinking of something else for some reason. Mehrunes narrowed his eyes at her for a moment before going back to the book, as Vivofit, Vulgon, and Legion were just watching all of them curiously.
“What all of them said,” Mehrunes commented, and more words generated.


The Skarn are leviathan-like creatures that inhabit the floors of the oceans of the Water Planet, and have been around for approximately five thousand years. They have an ability to shift forms to one more human-like, but not perfect. 


“So they’re… that,” Saturo said.

“What are you guys looking at? A book?” Vulgon called from the front. 

“Yes!” Mehrunes called back, before going back to addressing the people around him/the book. “Doesn’t sound too tricky, I can deal with water and giant monsters pretty well, so I don’t think this will be too awful.”

“I dunno…” Kaze was a bit skeptical. “We kinda need to breathe. And I’m assuming this temple is on the ocean floor…”

“I have a workaround for the whole breathing issue, but it’s more of a ME thing than an US thing…” Mehrunes said. “You use air or whatever, right Kaze? You might be able to displace water. Other than that, I dunno.”

“That sounds… I dunno. I have to try,” Kaze replied with a shrug.

“So…” Vivofit then said from the front. “Should I go down? I don’t know where you want to be dropped off at.”

Mehrunes addressed the book. “Is there a way to tell specifically where we need to go?”


The temple you are looking for is in the Ravaged Sea. Look for some Skarn there for directions.


“Ugh… Vivo! We need to be at the ‘Ravaged Sea’!” Mehrunes called. “Thanks, book.”

“Alright!” Vivofit plugged some directions into the spaceship computer before driving the spaceship down into the Water Planet’s atmosphere.

“Do we know how we’re gonna get around?” Encounter asked. 

Kaze shrugged.

“Maybe we can swim?” Saturo suggested. 

“The water levels on this planet are likely to be… very very very deep, and we’re looking for a temple,” Mehrunes replied. “Unless you can hold your breath for an hour, and deal with the pressure on just your body, that won’t be happening.”

“Then it’s impossible!” Saturo exclaimed. “We can’t do any of that.” 

“I could try to use my wind powers…” Kaze muttered. “I can try to move the water so we can get down to the ocean floor and just… walk. Then that’d fix our breathing and pressure problem.”

Mehrunes snickered. “Until all the air went bad, and then you’d suffocate without proper knowledge.”
“And you’re… not the best at using air,” Encounter said carefully. “It’s sort’ve a risk…”

“I’m not the best, but I can use it effectively enough. Besides, it’s the only choice we have,” Kaze replied, weighing his options.

“Well, either that or you have someone who can emit a giant amount of heat go out and essentially make a giant bubble of searing air,” Legion commented, still standing in the back. “But then only people who could handle the heat would be able to stand in it.”

“Yeah. So it literally is the only option we have,” Kaze said.

Mehrunes smirked. “What’s all this about ‘we.’ There’s plenty of options, if you know where to look.”

“Well, do you have any different ideas?” Saturo asked Mehrunes.

“I bet you’d like to know,” Mehrunes replied. “I’m not one for babysitting, myself. Figure it out on your own.” 

“Uhhh… I have no clue,” Saturo said. 

Mehrunes shrugged unhelpfully. 

“I’ll try and get us down there then,” Kaze concluded. Looking out the window, he could see a vast sea. The spaceship was floating a few feet above the water. Vivofit had driven the spaceship to the Ravaged Sea while they were talking.

“So, you guys are gonna go down to some temple and get something?” Vulgon questioned as he pressed a button which opened the side door of the ship.

“Looks like it…” Draco said.

“Well good luck then,” Vulgon replied. “We’ll wait for you up here, assuming that you don’t want us to leave without you.”

“Yeah, wait for us to get the artifact. Then we’ll come to you and you’ll take us to the next planet,” Kaze told him and Vivofit. 

Vivofit nodded. “Sounds good to me. Who’s going?” 

“Uhh… I know I am,” Kaze said, before he looked over at the others. “Who’s gonna come with me?”

“I am.” Saturo raised his hand.

“Yep,” Mehrunes said, nodding.

“I’m assuming you’re coming along?” Saturo said, looking at Draco.

“May as well unless someone thinks it’s unnecessary,” Draco replied.

“Well Mehrunes is coming, that’s for sure,” Kaze commented, standing at the door. “Encounter, you want to come?”

“Umm… no thanks, I’ll sit this one out,” Encounter replied nervously.

Kaze shrugged. “Alright. So just me, Satu, Draco, and Mehrunes.”

Saturo nodded. “Sounds good.” He then walked up next to Kaze, looking out at the ocean. He looked down at the water beneath them, biting his lip.

“Yeah, it looks and sounds pretty scary,” Kaze commented, looking down at the water as well. “Going all the way down to the ocean floor…” He then hopped out of the spaceship, floating above the water, thinking about how he was going to do this. 

Meanwhile, Saturo was watching from the ship, and Draco walked up next to him. Mehrunes just sat on the spaceship floor and observed. All three of them were waiting on Kaze, since he was their only way to get down to the ocean floor.

“Okay let’s see…” Kaze stretched out his hands, focusing on the water. The water then spread out, creating a small hole of air in it. Kaze then descended into the hole, expanding it downwards. He kept at it and soon he was beneath the water, as water enclosed above him. It didn’t reach him though, since he was practically surrounded by air in a spherical shape. 

“Wow, he did a thing! But now what do we do?” Mehrunes said from the background.

“Uhh…” Saturo scratched his head as he was looking at the area where Kaze was at before. He couldn’t see him anymore though, since he was underwater. 

Mehrunes then got up and walked up to the edge. “HEY! WHERE YOU GOIN?!”

Kaze looked up, having heard Mehrunes’ voice, although he couldn’t tell who or what it was that spoke. He rose back up to the surface, the air barrier moving along with him.

Then he appeared back into their view.

“It worked. I can do it!” Kaze exclaimed with a wide smile.

“Congrats. You haven’t failed. What about these two?” Mehrunes asked, pointing at Saturo and Draco.

Kaze looked over at them. “Okay, one of you come. One at a time, so I can figure it out.” 

“Draco, you go first,” Saturo immediately said, turning his head to Draco.

“That was a quick decision…” Draco remarked, before walking up to the edge, looking down at the barrier that Kaze was still in.

He then carefully dropped down. Once he precipitated into the barrier, he floated along with Kaze. Kaze smiled at him before he looked up at Saturo.

“Your turn!” He exclaimed.

Saturo, seeing that Draco was perfectly fine and not wet, nodded before he jumped. He fell into the barrier, but also floated along with Kaze and Draco. 

“This might actually work,” Saturo commented as he nodded, quite impressed. 

Mehrunes nodded. “Not bad by any means. Now the book said we should ask one of those Skarn for directions. So…”

“We’ll have to start looking for them immediately, best to get it done before Kaze gets too tired and can’t hold the barrier,” Legion said, standing next to Mehrunes, who slightly jumped when he spoke.

“Yeah- Wait, you’re coming too?” Kaze asked, looking up at Legion.

“The Water Planet has some nasty beasts,” Legion said. “There’s more predators than just Skarn.”

“I look forward to them,” Mehrunes retorted. “Now let’s find a Skarn and/or the temple.”

Legion nodded before taking in a really deep breath.

Then, the moment he stopped inhaling, he leapt out of the ship, over the barrier and straight into the water. It was as if he didn’t care about the barrier at all.

“Huh. Neat,” Mehrunes commented.

Kaze, Saturo and Draco were just confused.

Mehrunes then unsheathed his sword and smirked, glowing dimly green. “Right. See you on the other side.” He then casually walked off the ship and into the water, and slashed a plus symbol in the air, launching himself downwards ridiculously fast.

Kaze’s eyes widened. “Holy shoot. He just…” Then he shook his head and focused. “Alright, we have to keep up with them. You guys ready?” He asked Saturo and Draco.

Draco and Saturo simply nodded. 

“Alright…” Kaze then focused, and the air barrier slowly descended into the water. Saturo and Draco looked around at the wind barrier. When they looked at the water beneath them, they could slightly see Legion and Mehrunes swimming downward, both of them way ahead.

Well, ‘swimming’ wasn’t quite the right term. More rather they were controlling their sinking, simply falling in the water as if nothing was different. They only moved their limbs to avoid falling into a hole or ravine.

In spite of this, Kaze didn’t bother to move the barrier downward at a faster pace. He was afraid that if he did so, he would lose control. So he continued at the same pace, going around three times slower than Mehrunes and Legion. 

“We’re gonna arrive a bit after they do,” Kaze said to Saturo and Draco.

“I feel that ‘bit’ may be in heavy air quotes,” Draco commented.

Kaze chuckled. “I don’t want to go any faster than this. If I was alone, I could probably keep up with them. But with you two with me, I have to make sure you don’t drown.”

Saturo nodded. “Makes sense.”

As they moved at a slow pace, Legion and Mehrunes turned their heads to glance up at them before looking at each other, at which Mehrunes simply shrugged.

After a few moments, Mehrunes and Legion could see the ocean floor. There were many buildings around, most of them just ruins. 

The two of them then spontaneously shot down, since they found something, there was no reason to remain floating.

They reached the floor of the ocean in mere moments, making a distorted thud sound as they landed, which made a medium sized crater in the ocean rock and sand, launching some of said floor up into the surrounding water, which caught Kaze’s attention.

“They already made it to the ground,” Kaze commented.

“Yeesh, they must’ve shot down with a lot of force to make that impact while still going through so much water,” Draco said.

The rubble cleared to reveal Mehrunes and Legion who, of course, were perfectly fine. If anything, they were mostly bothered by the little rocks and sand on their clothes instead of the thunderous impact.

Looking up, they saw that Kaze and the others were still pretty far from the ground. They then started scanning their surroundings, probably looking out for any wildlife that could possibly pose a threat to them. But neither had their weapons raised or even in their hands.

They stood like that for a good few seconds before something in the distance caught their attention, making them look at the ruins. Kaze, Saturo and Draco hadn’t noticed anything yet, though.

Then something came into Mehrunes and Legion’s view. 

It was a creature.

It was about thirty feet long, with deep blue scales with patches of orange and brown spotting its head and hide besides its underbelly. Its eyes were red, and its razor-sharp teeth were visible. It was like a mix of a komodo dragon and a marine iguana, only giant, and with six crystal-like spikes coming out of its back. It was swimming towards Mehrunes and Legion, paying no attention to the air bubble above them.

Legion and Mehrunes still didn’t seem all that tensed about the scenario. They both just remained standing where they were. But Mehrunes had at least drawn his sword, in case this creature decided to attack them. 

As the creature got closer, it slowed down. It eventually stopped about ten feet away, where it looked at Mehrunes’ sword, cocking its head to the side.

Mehrunes’ sword glowed a bright green, as though it was a warning not to mess with him. On the other hand, Legion continued calmly watching the creature.

The creature stared at the sword. It then opened its mouth and began to make a series of distorted growl-like sounds. They were loud enough to be heard by Mehrunes and Legion, but they couldn’t understand if it was communication… or a warning.

Mehrunes shrugged, and pointed to his mouth and ears, made an ‘x’ with his hand, then pointed to the air pocket Kaze was making.

The creature looked up at Kaze, Saturo, and Draco. It then looked back at Mehrunes and nodded before it started to shrink. Its body seemed to melt and condense, until there was a boy in his teen years. He had messy orange hair and wide eyes, and a tail. His tail was about as long as he was tall, around five feet and ten inches, blue and scaly, and with a large red fin at the tip. The boy also wore a tank top and shorts that didn’t seem to stick to his skin as clothes normally would in water. Jutting out through his back, and the tank top, were six of the spikes, much smaller than before. He waved at Mehrunes, smiling.

Legion remained where he stood on the ocean floor, having not moved from where he was, watching the tailed boy.

By now, Kaze’s bubble had gotten pretty close to the ocean floor, and Saturo could faintly see the tailed boy, floating in the water near Mehrunes. 

“Uhh guys?” Saturo then asked, referring to the tailed boy. “What is that?”

Draco looked at the boy for a few seconds before his eyes lit up. 

“They have a tail with a fin, see? That must be a Skarn!” Draco exclaimed.

Kaze’s eyes lit up as well. “That’s great! We can ask them where to go then!” He then focused on the barrier and moved it towards the tailed boy. He was going to provide air so that they could communicate with the Skarn boy.

As the air bubble was slowly making its way towards the Skarn, Mehrunes noticed and pointed it out to the Skarn.

The Skarn looked up and then nodded at Mehrunes before he began to swim up towards the bubble. When he reached it, he popped only his head in, seemingly to open his mouth a bit before closing it once he entered.

“Kah Lagi, hak uh?” the Skarn said.

Kaze, Saturo, and Draco exchanged looks with each other before looking back at the Skarn.

“Uhhh… Sorry, I don’t think we understand,” Saturo said to the Skarn.

“I think he might’ve told us his name. Maybe,” Draco said, unsure.

“Oh, oh! You speak like this, I can speak like this too!” the Skarn exclaimed, his eyes lighting up. “My name is Lagi, what are your names?”

“Oh!” Kaze smiled once the Skarn spoke in a language he could understand. “Nice to meet you, Lagi! I’m Kaze, that’s Saturo, and that’s Draco.” He introduced himself and his friends.

“Kaze, Saturo, Draco…” Lagi said, pointing to each of them as he said their names. “Kaze, Saturo, Draco… kah run tu hak Shoal? I-I’m sorry, I got carried away by the question. Will you be my friends? Please?” He smiled a goofy smile.

Kaze chuckled. “Sure!”

“Why not?” Saturo added.

“Really? Thank you! Thank you! I can’t wait until Abyss hears, I have friends!” Lagi exclaimed.

“Abyss?” Draco questioned.

“Oh, Abyss is my mal-fin, my father. He’s the only other Skarn I’ve ever known,” Lagi answered. “He told me that someday I’d find a friend, it’s today! Today! Please, follow me so I can show you to him! It’s not too far away.”

“Uh, okay!” Kaze said. “But uh, we have to stay in this air bubble, and I can’t move it very fast…”

“Oh, I think I could help!” Lagi exclaimed. He ducked out of the air bubble before Kaze could respond. He backed away and turned back to the bubble, spreading out his hands. The bubble then suddenly doubled in size.

“Woah!” Saturo exclaimed, as he, Draco, and Kaze were surprised.

“It’s definitely more roomy in here now,” Draco commented.

Lagi then re-entered the bubble. “I can help pull it along, too. I can move the waters, with the… what was it called… I don’t remember, but it’s like, a rock that’s blue and shiny! Now come on, are you ready?”

“A rock?” Draco asked to himself, assuming it could be an Ultimate Crystal.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, we’re ready.” Kaze nodded.

“All right! Let’s go!” Lagi turned back out of the air bubble and swam a short way away before his skin began to shift. He grew in size until he was once more in his creature form. He then began to swim forwards before he stopped and looked back down to where Mehrunes and Legion were. He gestured with his tail, telling them to follow, before shooting forwards. The air bubble shot forwards along with him, trailing not far behind. 

“Sweet!” Kaze commented, a wide smile on his face. “Now we’re going much faster!”

They passed by more ruins, destroyed buildings of many sizes, until they saw a huge cliff face reaching up above them. Then they slowed down, eventually stopping. 

“Hmm…” Kaze looked around, through the air barrier. It wasn’t like glass, so he couldn’t clearly see what was out in front of him. “We need to get to a temple…”

Lagi swam back over to the bubble, already shrunken down to his human form. He stuck his head in. “I’m going to go call my father, okay? Just wait here.” Lagi pulled his head out and let loose a roar loud enough that it hurt Kaze, Draco, and Saturo’s ears, even from inside the bubble.

It wasn’t long before a Skarn, almost twice the size of Lagi, came into view from the air bubble, stopping in front of Lagi.

“Uhh…” Kaze just looked at the giant creature in silence. He didn’t know if he should be afraid or not.

The giant Skarn opened its mouth a little bit, closed it, and then opened it a little bit again. It repeated this a few times before Kaze noticed Lagi was talking to the giant Skarn. Lagi pointed back at Kaze, Saturo, and Draco. They could see the giant Skarn’s slitted eyes shift from Lagi to each of them, slowly moving from one to the next. It then looked back to Lagi and nodded. Lagi turned to the bubble and popped his head in again. “Abyss says that you are all welcome here as my friends! But, also wants to know why you’re here,” Lagi said.

Kaze nodded. “Yeah, sure. Do you have uh… anywhere with air? Cuz I’m getting pretty tired from keeping this bubble active.”

“I hope they do, cause we can’t hold our breath as long as Legion apparently can,” Draco said, pointing out at Legion who was still calmly standing under water. He and Mehrunes had followed and were just right behind them.

Lagi nodded. “I’ll speak with my father about moving to the temple, there’s air in there.” Lagi left the bubble and spoke once more to his father. Abyss nodded and began to swim towards a hole in the cliff behind him. As he did, he shifted to a human form, in which Kaze and the others were too far away to make out any details. Lagi followed him, entering the hole in the cliff.

“What about us?” Saturo asked.

“I think I’ll have to move the bubble this time,” Kaze said. He then focused once more, moving the bubble after Lagi and his father. Mehrunes and Legion followed after them too. 

They soon made it into the hole in the cliff, and could faintly see a building. It, unlike the ruins all around the area, didn’t look as if it was in poor condition. There wasn’t any large rubble, and the structure looked mostly whole. There was a large opening, the entrance, in the bottom where Lagi and his dad entered.

Kaze moved the air bubble towards that opening, and Mehrunes and Legion followed behind the bubble. When they made it through the opening, the bubble essentially vanished. They seemed to have passed through an invisible barrier. 

There was air inside the temple, despite it being surrounded by water. The interior was made of smoothly carved stone, with many artistic designs covering the walls. Well, mostly artistic. There were a fair amount of crude scribbles covering the ground. And there was also a stairway in the very back, and Kaze was curious to where it lead. 

Lagi was standing next to who Kaze, Saturo, and Draco instantly knew to be Lagi’s father. He was a full six inches taller than Lagi, bald on the top of his head, but with facial hair coming down from his ears, connecting with a stubby beard and mustache. He also had a tail, which was around his height.

Kaze, Saturo, and Draco looked around at the interior of the temple. At the same time, Legion and Mehrunes made it inside, and walked over to the three of them. 

All six of them then looked over at Lagi’s father, who seemed to be thinking as he scratched his beard. A part of Kaze told him that Lagi’s father didn’t look too pleased with their presence, despite how friendly he was acting.

Kaze gulped, preparing himself to explain everything.

To be continued in the next chapter....

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This is so cool. Abyss is

This is so cool. Abyss is such a villain name that I'll be surprised if the kids don't have to fight him.

Also Lagi is a super sweet kid I love him 


Good yard,

(Warmest regards)


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