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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 14)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 14)

Posted June 28th, 2021 by QuartzMaster

by UltimateOsaid
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Here's the next chapter! Now you can see more of Abyss, who despite his name, isn't really a villain, is he? ;)




Chapter 14


“So…” Lagi’s father, Abyss, then spoke. “You are Kaze, Saturo, and Draco?” His voice was deep, but still seemed friendly. 

Kaze slowly nodded. “Y-yeah. And that’s Mehrunes and Legion back there.” He pointed back at the two of them. 

Mehrunes just sheathed his sword, and water sprayed off him like he was repellent. “Yo.” 

Legion simply nodded at Abyss, not caring about his drenched clothes.

Abyss just nodded at the two of them. He didn’t seem to trust them for some reason. 

“So,” Abyss then spoke again. “What brings you all to the Ravaged Sea? What business do you have here?”

“We uhh…” Kaze said, slightly nervous. He was intimidated by Abyss, since he knew that he could turn into a giant monster that could easily kill him. “We’re looking for an Electric Artifact.”

Abyss’ eyes widened once Kaze mentioned ‘Electric Artifact.’

“Electric Artifact?” Abyss questioned. “How do you know that it’s here?” He was even more suspicious of them now.

Mehrunes walked forward defensively. “What’s it to you?”

Legion also looked more serious now, standing tall and crossing his arms, his giant hammer hung onto his back.

“I guard it,” Abyss replied sternly. “It’s my duty to guard it. I’ve been entrusted to do so by the Master of Electricity.”

Mehrunes stepped in front of everyone else. “Cool. All the artifacts are being hunted down by some guy who wants to steal some legendary creature’s infinite power. And you haven’t heard because I don’t care why. He knows where all of them are, and we’re trying to get to them first so they move around and he doesn’t know where they are anymore.”

Abyss squinted his eyes at Mehrunes. “Someone is after them, you say?”

“Those are the words that I have said,” Mehrunes replied. “And I doubt even with your status that you’re going to hold him off for very long, no offence.”

Abyss then looked down at Lagi, as if he were mentally asking him why he brought these people here. Lagi looked back up at him and shrugged.

“We don’t mean any harm,” Saturo then spoke up. “We just want to stop the guy from getting all of them.” 

“He’s also quite dangerous,” Kaze said, speaking from his personal experience with Dakure. “If you give us the artifact, then you won’t have to worry about him coming to this temple and causing you trouble.”

Abyss scratched his chin. “That is a good point…” He then nodded. “What do you plan to do if I decide to give you the artifact?”

“Uhhh,” Kaze thought to himself out loud. “Hold onto it so that the guy can’t summon the legendary creature and steal its energy.”

“Either that or we can give it to a higher ranked ultimate that’s trustworthy,” Draco added. “Like one of Veteran or maybe even Champion rank.”

Abyss nodded after a few moments of thinking. “Very well. I’ll lend you the artifact.” He then clapped his hands together, causing them to glow a bright blue color. 

An axe that was four feet long appeared floating in front of them. There were lightning bolt symbols on it. 

“I got it,” Saturo said as he grabbed the axe. Once he had touched it, he could feel energy surging through his body. Saturo’s eyes widened, as he didn’t expect this to happen. 

“Thank you very much, sir,” Kaze then said to Abyss. 

Abyss nodded at him. Everyone then just kind of stood there awkwardly in silence. 

“We should probably get moving now,” Legion said, nodding to Abyss before heading to the exit of the temple.

“W-wait!” Lagi called out. He looked up at Abyss. “Could I go with them? Please?”

“Go with them?” Abyss narrowed his eyes at Lagi.

“W-well… yeah! I want to have friends, I want to see more than just our world. These people… they could take me places, they could show me more, they can be the friends you’ve told me would come some day! Please, I want to go with them.”

Abyss pondered as he looked over at Kaze and the others. 

“Alright,” Abyss then said, nodding. “You can go with them. It’d probably be safer for you.”

Lagi nodded relentlessly at Abyss before turning to Kaze and the others. “H-hey, could I come along with you all? Please?”

Saturo shrugged. “As long as we can ride you back to the spaceship.” He chuckled.

“Sure!” Lagi exclaimed. He started to walk towards the group, which was slowly edging towards the exit the whole time. He stopped and turned towards Abyss. “Abyss… hak-goh-bil, kah Shoal. Kah ali hak, kah mal-fin.”

Abyss nodded. “Hak-goh-bil, kah Shoal. Kah ali hak, kah mal-inf.”

A tear started to form in Lagi’s eye before he wiped it away. “All right, we can go now.”

Kaze nodded. He stepped forward towards the exit, where there was a barrier, and began forming another air bubble. After it had finished forming, he looked back at Draco and Saturo and pointed at it. “Let’s go.”

Draco and Saturo stepped into the bubble along with Kaze, and the bubble moved out into the water. After they had made it out far enough, Legion and Mehrunes stepped out and swam after them. Lagi walked backwards into the water, waving at Abyss before he swam after everyone else.


“Got any idea when they’ll be back?” Vulgon questioned, stretching his feet. He looked back at Uchiho and Encounter. “Anyone?”

“No clue,” Encounter replied.

“Ditto,” Uchiho said.

“You wanna go check?” Vivofit asked Encounter.

“Like, just look at the water and see if you see any bubbles or anything,” Vulgon added, pointing at the side door of the spaceship that was still open.

“I’m sure they’re fine. Just taking a while,” Uchiho said calmly. 

“Well. Yeah,” Vulgon said. “Just where are they?”

“Looking for artifacts I would assume,” Encounter replied. “You just nervous because Mehrunes was the one who was gonna pay you, or…?”

“Yeah, I kinda need my clients.” Vulgon nodded. “They said there were other planets they wanted to go to too, so they need to come back.”

Encounter restrained himself from laughing. “Alright, well, the one you have to worry about LEAST is Mehrunes. If something went wrong and he couldn’t handle it, he’d be first out.” 

“So…” Vivofit said. “He just runs away?”

“You’d think that, but say it to his face and you won’t have one anymore.” Encounter chuckled. “From his point of view, it’s stupid to fight a losing battle. So he doesn’t.”

“He’s right about that, though,” Vulgon said, nodding. “Why bother trying if you’re gonna end up in loss?”

Encounter shrugged. “Some people agree. Other people just like to hope. Why NOT fight? Perseverance is a blessing for some and they even manage to turn fights around sometimes. It’s really a matter of who you are and what you believe in.”

“That sounds reasonable,” Vivofit commented.

Vulgon frowned, but shrugged. “Guess so.”

Then, outside of the ship, Kaze flew out of the water, the air bubble disappearing as he, Saturo, and Draco landed inside of the spaceship. 

“Yo guys, we’re back!” Kaze exclaimed. 

“Oh sweet.” Vulgon grinned. “You got what you came for?”

“Yep!” Saturo said, showing off the axe he was holding. “We also uh, brought someone with us.”

“Brought someone?” Vivofit questioned, as Mehrunes and Legion jumped out of the water and into the ship as well. 

“Yeah, uhh… hang on a second.” Kaze then walked over to the edge and looked down into the water, after Mehrunes and Legion moved out of the way. “Hey, Lagi! Come on in!!”

Hearing Kaze’s call, Lagi jumped out of the water in his reptilian form, towering over the ship and spraying water about, before he then changed into his human one midair. Afterwards, he landed inside the ship, smiling, before realizing his landing was less than accurate as he nearly stumbled off the edge of the ship’s exit platform.

But before Lagi could fall off, Kaze grabbed his arm and pulled him into the ship. 

“Woah, thanks! So, uh, what is this?” Lagi asked, looking around the interior of the spaceship.

“Vivo’s spaceship,” Kaze said, as he pointed out at the interior of the spaceship. “That’s Vivofit and Vulgon over there, by the way. And that’s Uchiho and Encounter.” He introduced everyone else.

“Okay… okay… now what’s a spaceship? Also, hi everyone else!” Lagi said, waving and looking at everyone. They all waved back with a smile.

“Well… have you ever seen like, a boat or a ship out here on the water?” Draco asked Lagi.

“Nope, never,” Lagi answered, shaking his head.

“Really? Huh,” Draco said, decently surprised that Lagi had never seen a boat on a planet covered in water. “Guess people don’t come out here often.”

“No, not really,” Lagi said, looking around the ship some more. “So, what is it though? What does it do?”

“It’s transportation. It flies and can fly through space,” Vulgon said coolly from the front.

“Okay, what’s space?” Lagi asked.

“Uhhh… what lies beyond the planet?” Vulgon said, unsure.

“So like… everything in the lan-sor?” Lagi asked. “Is that what space is?”

“I have no clue what this ‘lan-sor’ is,” Vulgon replied. 

“You know, when Rar goes down and Ara comes up, all the other stars come out and shine!” Lagi tried to explain. 

Vulgon still looked confused. In fact, everyone in the spaceship seemed confused and didn’t know what Lagi was talking about. 

“Do you mean the sun and moons and stuff?” Draco asked.

“Probably,” Lagi answered.

Probably, eh?” Mehrunes said. “Seems less than legit, but okay.”

“So, where are you all going? To get the rest of the artifacts?” Lagi asked.

“Yes,” Mehrunes said. “Speaking of, we should get back on that.”

“Yeah, what planet’s next?” Vulgon asked, pressing a button which closed the side door.

“Ertin, right?” Kaze asked, looking over at Mehrunes to make sure. Mehrunes just nodded.

“Where’s Ertin?” Lagi asked.

“Somewhere in space,” Vivofit answered, getting his spaceship ready for take off. “In the Elemental System.”

“Ah.” Lagi nodded. “I have no idea what that is.”

“You’ll learn eventually,” Vulgon said to him. “Otherwise, do you guys know where on Ertin we need to go?”

“Uhhh… no,” Kaze said, looking back at Mehrunes once more. “Ask the book!”

“You need me to carry you as well?” Mehrunes said sarcastically, taking out the book. “Where on Ertin is the artifact?”

Words generated on the pages.


It is no longer there. Glare Relnitron has taken it.


“Fantastic,” Mehrunes commented. “What about… Planet 1027 CXE? Is that one still there?”


Yes, it is. 


“Okay… guess we’re going there. Where’s it on that planet?”


It is with a Ringmaster.


“Thank you, invaluable information like always,” Mehrunes said, closing the book. “Got that? Planet 1027 CXE, with a circus ringmaster.”

“That’s kinda precise,” Saturo commented. “So we just have to look for a circus there.”

“Sounds easy enough,” Kaze said, as Vivofit positioned the spaceship to face upwards.

“Yo guys, I suggest taking your seats now, unless you’re Legion,” Vulgon then commented as Vivofit’s hand reached for a lever.

“Wait, what about me?” Lagi asked, looking at the seats.

“Yeaaaaaah uhhhh…” Vulgon glanced back, seeing that all the seats were taken. “I dunno, try to squeeze or something.”

“Or like, have Legion hold you. Either or,” Draco said.

“Well, uh, Legion? I think you’re gonna have to hold me,” Lagi said.

“Very well.” Legion shrugged before scooping up Lagi with one arm. Holding him decently tight.

“Alright, I’m ready!” Lagi said.

Vivofit then pushed the lever forward, and the spaceship shot off into space at an extreme speed. 

Despite only being held by one of Legion’s arms, Lagi was surprisingly unaffected by the speed, even Lagi seemed surprised. 

In a matter of seconds, the spaceship was moving at light speed, and Lagi could see that the stars looked like lines as the spaceship zipped past them. Lagi’s eyes widened as he watched in amazement. 

“Alright…” Vivofit then activated navigation on the spaceship computer, setting the destination to Planet 1027 CXE. “Okay, this one’s kinda far, so just hang on tight for awhile.”

Most of everyone nodded, and waited patiently for their arrival.

To be continued in the next chapter. . . . . . . .

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He stopped and turned

He stopped and turned towards Abyss. “Abyss… hak-goh-bil, kah Shoal. Kah ali hak, kah mal-fin.”

Abyss nodded. “Hak-goh-bil, kah Shoal. Kah ali hak, kah mal-inf.”


This works, and I can't believe it. The only reason you can get away with not translating or explaining what Abyss and Lagi said to one another is because Lagi is visibly moved by it. Because you transmit the emotion, the reader has to guess at what they said. What's made clear by the interaction is that Lagi and Abyss are very close.


It is with a Ringmaster.


“Thank you, invaluable information like always,” Mehrunes said, closing the book. “Got that? Planet 1027 CXE, with a circus ringmaster.”


Somehow I have a feeling that this is NOT a circus ringmaster at all. Maybe that's just my Tolkien background speaking.



Good yard,

(Warmest regards)


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