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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 15)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 15)

Posted June 29th, 2021 by QuartzMaster

by UltimateOsaid
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 15


It had been a while, though Kaze wasn’t sure exactly how long. He was sitting in his seat, almost dozing off, when he bolted at Vivofit’s voice. “We’re about to enter the atmosphere!” He called.

Kaze shifted in his seat and unbuckled himself. He walked up to the front of the ship where Vivofit and Vulgon sat. From the front window, he could see a bright planet. It looked small? he could make out and see many different buildings from where he was. In fact, it seemed like not a single part of this planet was bare. 

As they lowered into the atmosphere, Kaze thought to himself. 

“This planet is pretty small compared to others… more like a moon.” 

He was about to comment on its size out loud, but found himself too distracted by everything that was on the surface of this planet.

There were markets, with hundreds, even thousands of different species roaming about. Some creatures were so… weird looking and grossed out Kaze. Some of them were really cool-looking. Vivofit flew his ship into a docking station, but didn’t park the ship. He left the ship floating, around ten feet above the ground. 

“Well, here we are,” Vulgon commented. He and Vivofit looked back at their passengers.

Kaze nodded. “Okay, let’s go get the artifact.” He turned around to the others. “Who’s coming with me this time?” 

He saw that Legion had let go of Lagi, but Lagi looked… sick. His face was pale and his eyes looked glassy as he hung his head

“Guys… I don’t…” Lagi put his hands on the back of Mehrunes’ seat to help him stand. “Not right…” He promptly puked on the floor, and then collapsed in it.

Everyone just looked at Lagi and the puddle of puke beside him. Vivofit and Vulgon exchanged looks with each other. 

“You’re cleaning that,” Vulgon told Vivo. 

“What?! Why me?!” Vivofit exclaimed.

As they argued, Lagi remained lying on the floor. It looked like he was barely breathing, only taking in shallow, far-between breaths.

“Uhh, is he alright?” Saturo asked, still in his seat along with Draco and Uchiho. 

“It’s probably just an extreme motion sickness reaction,” Mehrunes commented. “You could contribute it to his BEING IN WATER ALMOST ALL HIS LIFE, but I suppose it could be anything.”

“That does make sense,” Saturo said. “But uh… is he gonna be okay?” They were all eyeing the boy on the floor, who squirmed slightly in discomfort.

“If it’s what I said, yeah he’ll get over it. We probably should ground him though. If it’s something different, I have no sweet clue!” Mehrunes replied.

“Well… we’ll let whoever stays in the ship help him,” Kaze said. “The artifact won’t get itself. Who’s coming with me?”

“I’ll come with again,” Mehrunes said. “More useful than Encounter again, because I doubt these people would much appreciate a skeleton dragon.”

Encounter receded. “I’ll stay back again. I don’t like freak shows, personally.”

Kaze shrugged. “I’m good if only Mehrunes comes along. It’s kinda crowded here, so I think just us two would be better so none of us get lost.”

“That… actually sounds like a good idea,” Saturo said, nodding with a soft smile. “I’m good with that. What do you think, Draco?” He turned to him.

“Makes the most sense ease wise. Having a smaller group looking for it will also help hide you better in case someone else shows up wanting to take it besides Glare or someone we know,” Draco replied.

“Great, then me and Mehrunes shall go!” Kaze exclaimed. He turned around to Vulgon and Vivofit to ask them to open the door, seeing that they were still arguing about who’ll clean up Lagi’s barf. “Uhh, I can just take it out with me,” Kaze said.

“Really?” Vulgon raised an eyebrow. “Thank God! Please do so!”

“Alright, but can you uh, open the door for us?” 

Vulgon pressed a button and the spaceship’s side doors opened up. Kaze smiled as he walked up to the edge, using his air powers to pick up Lagi’s barf as he did, curling it into a small ball. 

Mehrunes casually got out of his seat and joined Kaze. Kaze looked out at what was beneath the spaceship, seeing more spaceships of many kinds since they were floating above a docking station. 

Kaze glanced over at Mehrunes and nodded before proceeding to hop out of the spaceship. He fell, and slowed his fall once he reached the ground, landing with ease. 

“C’mon Mehrunes.” Kaze then looked up at the spaceship.

“I’m standing next to you,” Mehrunes retorted, startlingly. Kaze looked over his shoulder and saw Mehrunes standing next to him.

“Oh. You teleported, huh?” Kaze asked, the barf ball floating beside him.

“Always, didn’t want to break anything.” Mehrunes smirked.

Kaze chuckled. “Alright! So after I get rid of this…” He looked over at the barf ball. “Then we can search for the artifact.”

He looked around for any trash cans, but the nearest one was at the edge of the docking sight. He looked around to see if anyone was watching, and casually threw the ball of barf under Vivofit’s hovering ship, before swishing his hands together. “Okay! Now we can go.”

As they left the docking sight, Kaze was taken aback by the noise on the planet. It was so loud here! And not to mention so many smells. He wasn’t even in the market, or plaza, or whatever was near him, yet but it sounded like one huge super mall.

From the sky (he could still see space from here) was a light show, and pictures flashed of different people, like holograms. He heard cheering coming from whatever was emitting that light show? some sort of stadium.

The pictures changed, and in hundreds of different languages and writings, it said “Welcome to the Freakshow! Show starts in 10 minutes.” Of course, not all said minutes. On the announcements he could read, there were different measurements of times, like ‘tiks’ or ‘tillins.’

“…” Kaze looked at his surroundings silently. “So uh… Ringmaster, right? I assume they’d be part of that Freakshow thing?”

“I would guess so.” Mehrunes scanned absentmindedly. “There’s a lot of… entities here, it would seem. We should go to the show, it sounds like where a ringmaster would be.”

Kaze nodded. “Alright. Kinda far though. Are we gonna walk the whole way? It starts in ten minutes, and I doubt we would get there in tim- Nope, nine minutes now.”

“It seems to be a galactic gathering sort of place. There’s bound to be redundant and ridiculous rules about something or another,” Mehrunes replied. “Although… I agree, we won’t make it. Any ideas, smart guy?”

“You can teleport. And there’s only two of us,” Kaze suggested with a grin.

Mehrunes smirked. “You’re getting better. Sure, we can do that.”

“Sweet! So how do you do it?” Kaze asked. “I mean like, teleport me along with you?”

“Physical contact, and thinking about it,” Mehrunes replied with a smirk. “Don’t worry about it. All you need to know is I’m gonna grab your arm or something, then we’ll end up somewhere else. Okay?”

“Alright, sounds easy enough for me,” Kaze said with a shrug. Mehrunes grabbed Kaze’s hand, and in an instant they had teleported into this massive stadium. Mehrunes let his hand drop, and they looked around, amazed at the size of it.

All around them, in bleacher seats, were different species, all here to watch this show. There were even more here than Kaze had seen in the markets.

“Wow. Wonder if we had to pay or not, assuming we have this planet’s currency,” Kaze commented. He and Mehrunes walked up to the front, where the stage was, and stood to watch. Other people came to stand with them, eagerly awaiting the show to begin. 

“If there’s an issue, I’ll deal with it,” Mehrunes replied. “Most take gems… and short after violence, as a payment of sorts.”

“Oh, then we don’t have to worry about that,” Kaze said, relieved. He was almost startled as the light flashed again and a loud ‘blip’ sound alerted everyone to the screens in the stadium. “Welcome to the Freakshow! Show starts in 5 minutes,” the screens said. It sounded like carnival music was playing in the background. Kaze could only barely hear it over the sounds of hundreds of creatures chattering.

“So uhh…” Kaze then said, trying to converse to pass time. “It’s called the Freakshow. I wonder why.”

“They’re going to show us interesting or disgusting creatures or actions in an attempt to put us in a fabricated state of awe, or make us feel better about ourselves,” Mehrunes replied. “It’s called a ‘freakshow’ because typically, no one wants to do things to get them here, or have the deformities or special somethings or others to do it.”

“Hm.” Kaze thought aloud. “I’m not sure if I should be excited or scared.”

Someone beside them leaned over. They looked wide, and have purple and yellow skin. To Kaze, it looked like some sort of alien pig who stood on two legs, but they had a trunk and large tusks, and long floppy ears. “Oh, you should be super excited! I’ve seen the Freakshow once before. It’s incredible! And you shouldn’t think they’re all disgusting. Some of them are so cute!” 

“Uhhh… I dunno…” Kaze was unsure, scratching his head. This whole planet was weirding him out, due to all of the weird looking creatures. This place was what he thought about when he thought alien planet.

Suddenly, another ‘blip’ sounded. Kaze looked up at the screen - one minute. “This place is too alien for anything to be cute,” he said to the person.

They shook their head. “Oh, you should see the Ringmaster! He’s dreamy.”

“I really, really doubt that,” Kaze replied.

Mehrunes nudged Kaze with his elbow. “Shut it, it’s a matter of perspective and opinion.”

“Oh, yeah right.” Kaze looked back at the person. “Where I come from, things are nothing like this. So I don’t think I’ll find anything… you know… cool.”

The person shrugged, and held their hands together. “Well, I think they’re really cute! And look! It’s almost time!” they bounced up and down in excitement. The clock now read thirty seconds.

Kaze rubbed his head and took a deep breath, preparing himself for a possibly very weird show. The clock counted down, blipping at fifteen seconds, and suddenly, the timer read zero… From the stage, three pillars began to rise. Everyone in the audience cheered. Well, Kaze and Mehrunes kept quiet. They stared ahead and the middle pillar stopped. The screens all showed a view of the pillar from the top.

The floor of it opened, and out came something that looked like an imp, but very tall. They were wearing a colorful, feathery suit. A devil-like tail snaked out behind them, flicking about in excitement. They had two yellow, nubby horns on the top of their head, two pointed ears with gages, and an eye in the middle of their forehead. They wore a gleaming smile with pointed white teeth, and raised their arms in the air.

They reached into their suit pocket, and pulled out a few things that looked like trash. They put their thumb to the palm of their hand, and snapped it out. The trash disappeared in a puff of pink smoke, and they held a microphone in their hand. “Ladies and ladies!” They called. The crowd cheered. The Ringmaster looked around with a wide smile.

“Uhh…” Kaze turned to Mehrunes for a second. “Are all the aliens here ladies? Are we the only guys?”

“I suppose it’s possible. I think… He’s… just flirting,” Mehrunes retorted.

“Oh.” Kaze nodded. “Well, we found the person we need to talk to after this is over.”

The Ringmaster spoke again. “I see some lovely faces here tonight.” They smiled at the crowd. “Show us your smiles!” The camera turned to the crowd, and people pushed to be in the shot. They were cheering and excited.

The Ringmaster grinned wide. “How beautiful you all are!” They spun in their feathered suit and held a hand out to one of the pillars that had risen from the ground - it stood bare, without anyone on it. The camera flicked to it and it opened, just as the Ringmasters pillar had.

A furry beast, suited and tied, came from the pillar. They had five long tails, no ears, and a skull for a head. “I’d like to welcome my friend, Pierone!” The Ringmaster waited as Pierone let out a jagged howl, opening his bony jaws. A blue light shot from their mouth and the crowd whooped and cheered.

The Ringmaster turned their attention to the other pillar, and the camera moved to it as it opened up. Out came someone who looked godly. They had pure white skin, gold jewels on their swollen head, and six arms. They seemed to float above the pillar as they smiled at the crowd. Ribbons were flying all around them. They had a cloud around their waist, and a golden ring behind their back, floating in place.

“And let’s not forget the lovely Pharaoh!” everyone was cheering for Pharaoh. They smiled, and a golden light shone around them.

The Ringmaster turned to the crowd again, smirking. “Let’s get this show on the road, now, shall we?”

“Yes please,” Kaze commented. Mehrunes smirked at that.

The crowd cheered on the Ringmaster, eager for them to start. They smirked. “Let us begin!”

To be continued in the next chapter.... 

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