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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 17)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 17)

Posted July 2nd, 2021 by QuartzMaster

by UltimateOsaid
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 17


“This planet is weird,” Vulgon commented, looking out the window of the spaceship. Draco, Uchiho, and Saturo sat silently. Lagi was still unconscious, and Saturo was making sure that he was still breathing every once and awhile.

“You’ve said that four times now,” Legion said. 

“Because it is!” Vulgon exclaimed. 

“Isn’t that kinda racist?” Vivofit pondered out loud. “You calling this planet weird just because it’s inhabited by all sorts of different creatures?”

“I don’t mean it in a racist way, I’m just saying… this planet is weird.” 

“And what you’re saying happens to be racist, without you meaning.” Encounter laughed. “But no, seriously, I get what you mean. It is pretty strange.”

“It is!” Vulgon said, looking back at Encounter. “The computer says it’s also known as the Freakshow planet. Because there’s some circus thing that people go to.”

“It’s not even a planet, it’s too small to be considered one.” Vivofit pointed out.

“Shut up, Vivo. That’s not the topic,” Vulgon said to him. 

Vivofit rolled his eyes. “Many people come to this moon specifically for the Freakshow. I’m honestly curious about what it’s like.”

“Yeah, it’s probably pretty interesting,” Encounter replied. “And Mehrunes and Kaze have to talk to a Ringmaster or something, so they’ll probably end up seeing it.”

“I guess we can ask them what it was like when they’re back,” Saturo commented, finally joining the conversation.

“Definitely sounds interesting if so many come to see it,” Draco said, also joining the conversation. 

“But they’re all aliens,” Vulgon said. “I’m not sure if I would trust their opinions.”

“Okay now that is racist,” Legion said, crossing his arms as he stood in the back of the ship.

“Yeah, Vulgon, don’t be racist. Respect their interests!” Vivofit exclaimed. 

Vulgon rolled his eyes. “When are those two getting back?”

“Who’s changing the topic now?” Vivofit commented with a smirk. 

“Oh shut uuuuup.” Vulgon pushed him playfully, in which Vivo chuckled. “Seriously though, when are they coming back?” 

“With Mehrunes, you never know when they show back up,” Encounter replied. “It’s not really a question we can answer.” 

“Although I could try and sense Kaze’s energy…” Saturo suggested. 

Encounter shrugged. “If you want!”

“Okay, lemme try.” Saturo closed his eyes and focused. He knew how Kaze’s energy felt, so he thought he would be able to find it amongst the crowd of other living beings’ energy. 

Though, Saturo was unable to sense Kaze’s energy.

“Nope… He’s still pretty far,” Saturo then said, opening his eyes.

“Yeah, thought so.” Encounter chuckled.

Saturo then noticed that Lagi had begun to shift about on the floor, muttering something.

“Oh, Lagi’s up?” Vulgon noticed Lagi’s slight movements and pointed him out.

Lagi had placed one hand on his head and one on his stomach. He was gripping his hair, his face seemed crumpled up in pain. “Nut… bim… kah bim…” he groaned.

“Are you okay, Lagi?” Saturo asked him.

“Biiim…” Lagi groaned. He curled up in a ball, holding his legs close to the rest of his body.

“He seems fine,” Vulgon commented. “Not hurt or anything.”

“Yo Lagi.” Saturo poked him with the end of the axe he was carrying, the artifact. “Are you alright?”

Lagi let out a long sigh. “N-no… I feel sick.” He was still curled up in a ball, but he shook his head.

“Oh, the spaceship ride really made you sick, huh?” Saturo questioned. “Well, I don’t think we have anything that could help with that…” He glanced at Encounter. “Or do we?”

“Water… I need a drink,” Lagi said, uncurling. He was now laying on his stomach, his tail flopped between his legs.

“Yeah, Encounter, could you…” Saturo said, looking over at Encounter, knowing that he had a spell that could help.

“Right, water,” Encounter replied, quickly making his bucket of water that Saturo is so keen on him doing. “You keep having me do this, I’m gonna get in a lot more practice I suppose.”

“Alright, here Lagi, water.” Saturo brought the bucket to Lagi.

Lagi held his arms up, reaching for the bucket. His hands opened and closed, waiting to grab onto something, until eventually, he had a grasp on the bucket. He brought the bucket down to his head before he raised his head and dunked it into the bucket.

He then left his face in it for… a good amount of time. Around two minutes actually. Everyone just kind of stared at him. He took his head out of the water and took a few deep breaths before slowly shifting to a sitting position. He then picked the bucket back up and began to drink from it, leaning his head further back the longer he drank until he dropped the bucket on the ground, empty.

“…did you just drink the whole thing?” Saturo asked, eyes wide.

“Yeah, it helps me feel better,” Lagi said. “Was that too much water or something?”

“Uh… yeah. I couldn’t even drink a third of it and I got sick last time,” Saturo commented.

“Wait…” Draco commented in the background. “When did you drink from a bucket? WHY did you drink from a bucket?” 

“Ahah…” Saturo rubbed the back of his head as he looked over at Draco. “When I was running a lot to try and find you to rescue you. I got thirsty, there was no water, so Encounter gave me a bucket.”

“Okay…” Draco said.

“Yeah, and-” Saturo was saying, but he was interrupted by a loud thud. Something had hit the roof of the spaceship, shaking it a little. “What was that?”

“I think it was a loud sound. Might have come from up,” Lagi said, pointing to the roof of the ship.

“Good deduction, Lagi.” Uchiho smiled a bit.

“I hope whatever that was didn’t damage the ship too much,” Draco said.

“It didn’t,” Vulgon said. “This ship is more durable than you think, because of someone.” He glared at Vivofit. 

As he did, Legion opened the door of the ship, probably to go see what landed on top. He could see Kaze and Mehrunes, and in front of them a nearly seven foot tall, dark gray impish person with a single eye on their forehead. 

“Yeah, thanks again!” Legion heard Kaze say, before he and Mehrunes disappeared, reappearing inside the spaceship. 

Legion just calmly looked up at the imp-like person, waiting to see what they’d do. They stood on the ship for a moment before looking at the door, spotting Legion. They blushed, embarrassed to be spotted, it seemed. They waved at Legion.

Legion simply nodded at them. Still quiet.

The impish creature looked around. “Uhm, sorry, do you want me off the ship?” They asked sheepishly.

“Well we’re gonna be leaving pretty soon, you should move unless you wanna leave the planet on the back of a spaceship,” Legion replied.

“Oh, yeah.” They walked off the edge, wings extended to slow their fall. “Uhm… sorry about that!” They called up to Legion.

“It’s fine. Thanks for bringing Mehrunes and Kaze back,” Legion said.

They smiled. “No problem. Tell Mehrunes ‘thanks for killing me,’ would’ja? He’s a very gentle killer.”

“Sure. He probably won’t care much but I’ll let him know,” Legion said casually, heading back to the ship door, closing it after he made it back inside. “Hey, Meh. The person who landed on the top of the ship wanted me to tell you that they say thanks for killing them. They say you’re apparently very gentle at it.”

This left most of the group confused.

“Noted,” Mehrunes replied. Kaze chuckled.

“Hold on, what?” Saturo raised an eyebrow, looking over at Mehrunes with a confused and worried expression on his face.

“What, what?” Mehrunes asked.

“You killed someone!? And they’re thanking you for it?!” Saturo questioned. “That… doesn’t make sense!”

“Well they weren’t that dead looking when they told me what to thank Meh for.” Legion shrugged.

Mehrunes shrugged as well. “Long story short, killed them, got the stupid artifact, then they came back. It’s not that complicated.”

“Alright then…” Draco said. 

“So, we heading to planet Miyat now?” Vivofit asked, getting ready to move the spaceship.

“Pretty sure, yeah. Yo Mehrunes, can you double check with the book?” Kaze asked. 

Mehrunes casually took the book out and flipped it open. “Which planet do we need to go to now, and where is the artifact located on it?”


Miyat. It is located in a dungeon below a limestone temple.


“Oh, yep,” Kaze said, seeing the text that generated in the book. “Planet Miyat, in a dungeon below a limestone temple.” 

“Got it, let’s get moving then.” Vulgon nodded. He and Vivofit started to press some buttons, preparing for takeoff.

“Should Legion carry me again?” Lagi asked as everyone else began to sit down and strap into their seats.

“Probably,” Vivofit answered without looking back.

“Legion?” Lagi asked, turning to him.

Legion scooped him up and put him under one of his arms again.

“Okay, I’m ready!” Lagi called out.

“Alright, then we’re off!”


“Ugh…” John laid down on a bed, sighing to himself. “So bored…” He stared up at the ceiling of the spaceship he was in: a spaceship he had found in the garage of his home on Hindro. 

He had found it three days after Kaze and Saturo left the planet in Lime’s ship. John had seen the ship leave the atmosphere from his bedroom. He was shocked, of course, but did not know that Kaze and Saturo were inside. Later on he had figured out that they had left the planet then, when he didn’t see them around the next day. Three days later, he uncovered a black spaceship that was designed for battle, as it was equipped with all sorts of weapons. 

Seeing a spaceship in his own garage left him awestruck. 

“What the heck?” John exclaimed. He rubbed his eyes to make sure this was real. He touched the side of the spaceship. It was real alright. But why was it in John’s garage? And how come John’s mother didn’t notice it before? 

“Mom’s not home.” John thought to himself. He would be unable to ask her about this, assuming she knew about it. 

After giving it some more thought, he decided to take a look at the interior of the ship. So he headed on inside. 

The inside was like a small apartment in the back, and a battle station in the front, with many buttons and controls that left John curious. He looked around for a few more moments, taking all of this in. But the same question kept running in his mind that he demanded an answer to.

Why was this spaceship in his garage? John knew that there was more out there in space, since his Mother had told him when he was younger that their planet was just one tiny planet in a vast universe. So John wasn’t very surprised that spaceships existed: he was just wondering why there was one in his garage. 

“I should turn it on.” He eventually decided. Going to the front of the ship, where there was a pilot’s seat in front of the front glass, he spotted the obvious power button. Slowly and steadily, just in case something were to go wrong, he pressed it. 

“Welcome, General Ceno.” A robotic voice suddenly spoke as lights turned on in the spaceship. 

“General Ceno?” John’s jaws dropped. Who was General Ceno? They had his last name. 

“Identifying voice…” The voice said. “Voice recognized: Welcome, John Ceno.” 

John was surprised. How did this computer in this spaceship know his voice? And who was General Ceno? Did that last name have something to do with why this spaceship was in his garage? 

“Who is General Ceno?” John questioned aloud. 

“General Anthony Ceno, your father,” the robotic voice answered him. “He left you this spaceship so that you could leave this planet when you were older.” 

“Oh… wow…” John never knew his Father. He had left when John was just a baby, so he hardly knew who he was. His Mother did not tell him anything besides his name and that he left. 

But he had apparently left John a spaceship. John had used it, and with the help of the artificial intelligence in the ship’s computer, he was able to leave Hindro. 

Many months later, John had accomplished a lot, gaining powers, special abilities, and an Ultimate Crystal. But now he lay in the spaceship, bored and lonely. 

“Let’s see what my bros Kaze and Satu are up to…” John then decided. He closed his eyes, using his ability to see through someone else’s eyes. He chose Kaze. Through Kaze’s eyes, he could see many people that he did not know, all inside a spaceship. 

But then he saw a book, and text written inside. 

“Miyat?” John questioned. “What’s that?” 

“It is a planet filled with ruins,” the computer answered him. “Would you like to go there?” 

“Heck yeah, why not?” John shrugged. He was curious about what Kaze was up to, and what exactly was located in a dungeon below a limestone temple. This gave him something to do, which excited him. 

He got up and went to the front of the ship, buckling himself up in the pilots seat. He grinned, excited for another encounter with Kaze and Saturo.


Dakure slammed his hand on the table. “Curses!” He was upset. Glare had gotten the artifact on Ertin before he could even find out that it was there. 

“Yo, we should just move on to the next,” Gagger commented, chilling at a table attached to the wall of the spaceship they were in. 

“We will.” Dakure growled. “And I’ll find Glare and take the artifact he took… and if he doesn’t have them, I will find a way.” 

Tenker nodded. “Do you know where another artifact is?” 

“Yes. On an uninhabited planet called Miyat with temples and traps. Those will slow Glare down until we get there…” Dakure said. 

“Great, then let’s hurry up and get there.” Gagger got up to drive the spaceship. 

“Glare must be there already,” Dakure said, standing behind Gagger. Tenker stood beside him, looking out at the outer space in front of them.

“So once we get there, we’ll steal the artifact from him,” Tenker said, as their spaceship took off into light speed. “Sounds like a plan.” 


Glare was in fact on Planet Miyat, already in search for the artifact. In his hurry to find them all, he had made a mistake as to bring the artifact he found on Ertin with him. 

“This one’s hidden well…” Glare thought to himself as he walked through the dungeon. So far he had deactivated seven traps, with still a dozen left to go. He knew that the artifact was at the end of the dungeon - he could feel its energy. 

“I must be quick.” 

Glare knew that Dakure was on his way, both of them had the same source of information for finding the location of this specific artifact. Once he had at least two artifacts, he planned on hiding them somewhere where Dakure would never find them. 

He just had to get it now, before Dakure arrives.






To be continued in the next chapter.... 


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