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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 18)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 18)

Posted July 2nd, 2021 by QuartzMaster

by UltimateOsaid
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 18


“Alright, we’ve arrived at the planet,” Vulgon said to the passengers. “So now uh… brace yourselves.” 

“Brace ourselves?” Saturo questioned. Everyone was sitting down, fastened up, except for Legion and Lagi who were in the back. Vivofit drove the spaceship down into the atmosphere of planet Miyat. 

Vulgon, ignoring Saturo’s question, turned to Vivofit. 

“Okay Vivo, you got this?” Vulgon said.

Vivofit nodded. “It’ll be fine. You’ll see.”

“That’s what people call ‘famous last words,’” Mehrunes commented. 

“Last words, huh?” Kaze chuckled. 

“No, no, don’t worry guys,” Vivofit said, his hands on the steering wheel. “We’ll land and you can get off and find whatever it is you’re searching for.”

“I distinctly recall hearing something about your landing,” Mehrunes replied. “So I stand by my case.”

“Whaaaaat?” Vivofit chuckled, waving his hand. “Noooo. I can land just fiiiiine.” 

Mehrunes glared at Vivo. “Then if something goes wrong I’m taking your head. Shouldn’t be an issue, since it’s fine.” 

Vivofit laughed nervously. “Haha… well, then uh, hold on tight.”

As he said that, Legion checked his grip on Lagi, seeming to tighten it just a bit.

“Gotta make sure you don’t go out the window like a cannonball,” Legion said, giving Lagi a little pat on the head.

“Why would I be going out the window? Vivofit seems to know what he’s doing,” Lagi said.

This seemed to make Legion snicker a bit.

“Was there a joke? I don’t remember telling one…” Lagi muttered to himself.

“You’re lucky you’re too innocent to understand what the concern is.” Legion smiled as he gave Lagi another pat.

“I still don’t understand, but okay!” Lagi said as he smiled.

“So, how much time before we ‘land’ Vivo?” Legion then asked.

“Hold on…” Vivofit scanned the terrain below as the spaceship descended towards the ground. Once he spotted a limestone temple, assuming it was the one where they needed to go to, he positioned the spaceship to face it. 

“Alright, prepare for landing,” Vulgon then said. Vivofit seemed focused as the spaceship sped down at the limestone temple. Even though they got closer, the spaceship did not slow down.

For once, Legion actually tensed up a bit.

“I swear…” Mehrunes mumbled the rest of what he was saying, and no one else heard him.

“Uhh, Vivo, why are we not slowing down?” Saturo questioned. The distance between the spaceship and the limestone temple was decreasing exponentially. “VIVO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”


Their spaceship crashed right through the roof of the limestone temple, before it continued to crash through each floor of the temple. 

Luckily, those who were seated didn’t immediately go flying due to Legion placing his feet in front of the benches, which somehow stopped all momentum.

It was still incredibly shaky though as they went through floor after floor. All of this happened within seconds, until finally, the spaceship crashed on the final floor and stopped. 

“…………” There was silence in the spaceship as everyone looked around. 

Vivofit then turned to look back at his passengers. “We have landed. You can go get the thing you’re after,” He said with a thumbs up.

The silence continued a bit as everyone looked at Vivofit, before immediately glaring at him angrily, minus Legion and Lagi. Vivofit laughed nervously, starting to sweat a bit.

The others were angry enough that Draco’s irises had changed color and seemed angry, Uchiho looked visibly concerned, Satu was unconsciously releasing small amounts of electricity around him, and steam was coming off of Kaze. And Mehrunes looked scary, to say the least, with how angry he was. Encounter seemed to be the calmest.

“Uhhhh…” Vivofit just looked back and forth at each of them. 

“What do you mean, ‘uhhh’?!” Kaze asked. “YOU JUST FREAKING CRASHED YOUR SHIP!”

“HOW IS YOUR ONLY RESPONSE TO CAREENING THROUGH TWELVE LAYERS OF LIMESTONE ONLY ‘uhhhh…’!?” Draco yelled angrily, his irises glowing bright enough to almost hide his eyes entirely. Vivofit just chuckled nervously in response.

Mehrunes stood up, practically demanding the attention with his action. “Is anyone actually hurt?”

“Thanks to me they definitely weren’t,” Legion commented.

“Even without Legion, you’d all be fine,” Vulgon said, putting on a pair of goggles. “Because seatbelts exist.”

“I don’t think I asked for your input,” Mehrunes replied to Vulgon, calmly. “Vivo, you’re awful lucky no one is hurt, because I already wanted to pop that smug little head off those stupid shoulders of yours.”

“Haha…” Vivofit just continued laughing nervously. “Yeah, everyone’s alright, of course.”

Lagi then raised his hand from the back of the ship, still being held by Legion.

“What is it Lagi?” Legion asked.

“Okay, um, two things,” Lagi started. “One, uh… okay uh, why are you all mad at him? That was fun! And two, when can we do it again? Three, my stomach hurts again.”

“You’re being held by the equivalent of a brick wall who’s suspended in space-time, so of course you don’t get it,” Mehrunes replied.

“Anyway, Encounter we need two buckets, one with water. One with nothing,” Legion said.

“I’m not exactly sure why I let this happen,” Encounter commented, summoning a duo of buckets. One with water. “Mehrunes, don’t stab him yet.”

“FINE!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

Legion then took the two buckets, giving Lagi the one with nothing in it before setting him down.

“Please try to get it all in there,” Legion said.

Lagi was too busy puking to hear Legion, but he still got it in the bucket. When he seemed to be done, he lifted his head out of the bucket, only to shove his face back in and puke some more.

Legion simply lightly patted him on the back as he did. Everyone else watched.

Lagi just sat there, hunched over the smelly bucket for a few seconds before pushing the bucket away and gesturing for the one with water.

Legion moved it over to him, letting him drink it before grabbing Draco and taking him and the puke bucket over to the ship door.

“Uhh…” Draco was confused as Legion opened the hatch.

“I need you to vaporize this,” Legion said, gesturing to the bucket.

“Oh. Okay?” Draco replied.

Draco charged up some plasma as Legion tossed the bucket up into the air outside of the ship. Draco then shot a beam of plasma out at the bucket, completely destroying it and the contents inside.

“That’s a bit overkill,” Encounter commented.

“Did you really lose anything though? It’s something you conjured anyway.” Legion shrugged as he closed the door. 

“Anyways, we should probably go get what we came for,” Kaze then said, standing up. “Who’s gonna come along this time?”

“Always,” Mehrunes replied.

“Well this place is a temple and has a lot of traps and stuff,” Vulgon said, “I would suggest multiple people go this time.” 

“Yeah.” Vivofit then got up, picking up a toolbox as he did. “While you guys do that, me and Vulgon will do repairs.”

“Alright,” Draco said, doing stretches.

“So who else is going besides me, Kaze, and Mehrunes?” Saturo asked, getting up as well.

Lagi stood up. “Me.”

“That’s four.” Kaze counted. “Draco, Encounter?”

“I JUST said alright. I’m going,” Draco replied.

“Never liked temples, or dungeons,” Encounter stated.

Kaze shrugged. “We have enough people, and Mehrunes, so that’ll do.” Meanwhile, Vivofit opened the ship’s side door, and he and Vulgon hopped on out. Kaze, Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes, and Lagi exited the spaceship as well, leaving Legion, Encounter, and Uchiho inside. 

Kaze and Saturo were also holding onto artifacts, the amulet being with Kaze and the axe with Saturo. 

“Oh, wow,” Saturo then said. Looking around, he saw that they were inside a dome-like structure that was mostly empty, except for the rubble around the spaceship that came from the hole above it. It was also quite dark, but they could still see.

“Okay, so we have to find the artifact somehow,” Kaze then said, looking over at the others. Due to the emptiness of the room they were in, his voice reverberated.  

“Isn’t there a book?” Lagi asked.

“Yeah, it’s with Mehrunes,” Saturo said, nodding his head at Mehrunes. 

“With is more of a technicality, but yes. And I would ask it if I cared enough,” Mehrunes replied.

“Then care enough to ask it, we can find it better that way!” Lagi said.

“Bulletproof logic.” Mehrunes then took out the book, which he then addressed. “So where exactly is the artifact here?”


It is three rooms from here. Go straight to get to it.


“Oh, so it’s just over that way.” Kaze pointed at a path that was right in front of them, around ten meters away.

“Great, then let’s go!” Saturo exclaimed, as all of them began walking towards the path.


Glare scanned the room he was in. It was another trap, so he was going to deactivate them so he could continue. This was the last room he had to go through to reach the artifact - he was close. 

“Hmm. There are spikes on the ceiling.” Glare observed. “They seem to be emitting heat…” 

He looked at the floor he was standing on, which seemed normal to him. Looking back up at the ceiling, he wondered how he should deal with this trap. There were no doors other than the one he came in through, so how was he supposed to pass this room? 

“There’s a trap door in the ceiling somewhere.” Glare then heard a voice he recognized speak. 

He turned his head and spotted Dakure, with Gagger and Tenker right behind him. Gagger and Tenker had their hands on the handles of their blades, ready to unsheathe them. 

“Looks like we came just in time.” Dakure smirked. 

Glare narrowed his eyes. He knew what was about to come. 

“Hand over the artifact you have with you,” Dakure instructed. 

Glare shook his head, but didn’t prepare himself for a fight. He was in a trap room after all, he didn’t want to trigger anything that could potentially hurt him. Instead he looked into Dakure’s eyes, and kept eye contact with him. 

Gagger and Tenker then drew their swords, holding them with both their hands as they watched Glare carefully. Dakure remained in his spot, smirking with a hand pointed outward, waiting for Glare to hand him the artifact. 

Glare looked at Dakure’s hand for a moment, then looked back at him. 

“I won’t voluntarily help you get a step closer to your goal,” Glare stated, keeping eye contact with Dakure. 

Dakure smiled. “Then I will take the artifact from you.” He raised his hand and Gagger suddenly leapt up to the ceiling of spikes, slashing at it with his sword, shooting a large wave of darkness. 

The ceiling collapsed, plummeting down onto Glare, Dakure, and Tenker. Glare jumped back, dodging a chunk of the ceiling. He saw that chunk hit the floor in front of him, and from the corner of his eyes, he saw Dakure. 

Dakure came from right around the chunk just as it hit the floor, his fist emitting a bright red aura. In seconds, Dakure was right in front of Glare, sending a powerful punch at him. Glare saw it coming and blocked it using both his hands. 

Glare then suddenly jumped up as Tenker shot a wave of darkness at him from the back. He swiftly landed on rubble behind Tenker, patting his pocket where he had the artifact to make sure it was still there. 

And it was. Glare was relieved that it hadn’t been stolen. 

“Do you really think you can win?” Dakure then spoke as Gagger and Tenker landed beside him. 

“I don’t think I can win,” Glare replied. “I know I have to. Or else you’ll get yourself power that I doubt you can control…” 

Dakure tilted his head as he grinned. But before he could respond, they heard a crashing sound being continuously made, increasing in volume each time. This alarmed all four of them. 

“What the heck is that?” Gagger questioned. 

“I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound good,” Tenker commented. 

“It’s probably just a trap going off,” Dakure said. Glare, however, thought otherwise. He had sensed around for any other life forms when he had gotten here, and he didn’t sense anything. Someone else had triggered this, but Glare wondered… who? Were they someone else that was working with Dakure? Were they after the artifact as well? 

All of them pondered about this for awhile. Glare then looked up at the ceiling, which Gagger had destroyed, seeing a hole that was the exit of this room. As Dakure, Gagger, and Tenker were distracted, Glare swiftly hopped up to the hole, leaving the room in seconds. 

“Yo, he’s getting away!” Gagger then exclaimed.

“I’ll go after him,” Dakure said, a serious expression written on his face. “We’re clearly not the only one’s after the artifact.” 

“So should we go after the other people who are after it?” Gagger asked, sheathing his sword. 

Dakure nodded. “Yes. Get that artifact, use all means to do so. I’ll get that artifact from Glare.” 

Gagger gave him a thumbs up and Tenker nodded. Once Dakure disappeared through the exit hole, they looked at each other and grinned. They knew what to do.

To be continued in the next chapter...

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